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Hello friends. Yes, the much anticipated and most glamorous horse race on earth is just less than 2 weeks away, May 6th.  It is always something to talk about, and behold whether you are lucky enough to go to the Derby,  watch it on TV or host a party just because…’s the Derby for Pete’s sake and a heck of an excuse for a party:) We went to one a few years ago and it was one of the most fun, beautiful parties I have ever attended.

There is no denying a Derby themed party is loads of fun and elegance personified. Plus the fashion, the hats and glamour make it an event that everyone wants to be a part of. Today’s post is dedicated to all things Derby! One of the great things I love about being an American is that we find an excuse to celebrate just about anything….Some great ideas here along with some fantastic resources that you will just adore. Hope you enjoy……

So first lets take a look at some very stylish derby parties…..

Brit and Co

This is an occasion where everyone can get in on the fun

What is a Derby without hats!


My gorgeous ginger jars at a mega Derby party by Stizel-Weller

Celebrate and Decorate

Garden and Gun

Gun n Garden

Celebrate and Decorate

And in case you want a tried and true Southern Mint Julep recipe, here you go-

Lest this finds you wanting or “needing” to throw a Derby party, I am not leaving you without a few great resources-

Naturally I need to share my stylish equestrian mint juleps with you, so love these for any occasions but they are particularly amazing for a Derby event! Click here to see

And this stately thoroughbred and glass wine bucket from Vagabond house has been a long time favorite-

How about these fabulous pewter equestrian saddle napkin rings that just came back, what a great starting point for any table!

These fabulous items below are from a new great company Foxhall Ltd. which has all kinds of fun and unique Derby/equestrian themed items, love the bottle openers and place card holders. All are hand cast and hand painted. Lovely old world quality…. Visit Foxhall Ltd by clicking here

These gorgeous plates are part of their collection

And how about Derby themed cookies..these are almost too cute to eat! Love this take on fancy hats. Click here to see them over at Treatsbuy Terri

Or these from Ali Bee’s Bake Shop, click here for info

And these gorgeous cookies are from Cousin Cookies-

Now the hats would have to be a whole other post…it is a chance to really show your crazy side (if one exists) clearly it does for these Derby notables. Some of these would make Lady Gaga’s getups look like a Girl Scout…

Race fans in fancy hats mingle on the grounds ahead of the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, May 5, 2012. REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT HORSE RACING) – RTR31N73

A woman wears a hat before the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 2, 2015, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

I see this and sorry but first that comes to mind is giant napkin in a mega sized napkin ring..anyone else?

Ahhh such a fun idea for a party, kind of has me in the mood to throw one. Love the pomp and circumstance surrounding this epic event. And the hats are another world unto themselves.

How about you? Do you follow the Derby, throw or attend a Derby party? Do tell! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……

PS We re still up to our ears in porcelain orders, so we are extending it until later this afternoon. Click here to see if you missed it-




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Tina, the last photo of the woman with the lavendar suit and hat does indeed look like she has a giant napkin and napkin ring on her head. One can’t help but wonder how heavy is that hat, and how can she move about without knocking into someone or something? I can easily envision one ill timed turn wiping out a tray of beverages or a lovely food display. Perhaps this ensemble would be best for someone who doesn’t enjoy anyone too close?.MM

What a gorgeous post. We love all things Derby. My husbands brother is a veterinarian who services many past and future Derby runners so we go almost every year. This year we have a wedding to attend so sadly will miss it. It is quite a spectacle and as you said a great excuse to dress up, throw on a crazy hat and have fun. Love all these wonderful pictures and ideas!

I am always stunned by dog lovers that get excited over horse racing. How is that animal lovers do not see the abuse to the horse? What a horrible thing to celebrate.

Love your Derby post!

Always had a Garden Party themed Kentucky Derby croquet party. A whiteboard was set up in flights of 6 (because of the limitation of mallets) with a final playoff flight from the winner of each group.
Each player was given a horses name………my french friend was Gigi, her husband from Holland, The Flying Dutchman, & etc. Not all wished to play, so we had a spectators cheering section. We had 4 flights of 6 players.
Ladies were asked to wear hats, then the best hat was by paper ballots. Gift given for most votes
All decorations were Derby themed. Large, second hand trophy with a few scratches, for croquet winner name , inscribed annually on metal plate attached to the wooden base of trophy. It is a generic trophy with an arch of leaves across the top, which works for us and was purchased for $20.00. But big and impressive.

Wonderful post. I’m coveting the porches and millwork on the house in first picture. Regarding the napkin hat …i wonder how long she was able to wear it without a cervical collar or decapitating someone else 🙂

I am a huge fan of the Derby and all things horse racing. Something to consider when giving a Derby party is to also have it be a small fundraiser for thoroughbred retirement facilities such as Old Friends. Might as well help the horses while having fun!

After seeing your Derby ideas, I should share with you a wonderful millinery showing I attended here in Lexington, Kentucky. L D Carey and MILANSTYLE.COM-the hats are beautiful quality, unique and perfect for derby parties, etc. I bought 3 for derby activities 🙂

Here in California, I don’t hear anything about it. Looks like a great reason for a party though!

I’m a Louisvillian , born and raised on horse racing, bourbon and fabulous KY recipes. You’re pics are great and since your such a “foodie ” consider featuring a Kentucky Derby inspired menu. I make a layered Derby Cheese Torte for pretty much any event and don’t forget Green Benedictine, country ham on biscuits, hot browns, Henry Bain Sauce for beef tenderloin (my family version is outstanding), Jezebel sauce over cream cheese, …..oh the fun you will have!
PS I met you last year at the Franklin Showhouse and have been a fan ever since.

Not a fan of horse racing in any form. It is cruel and many, many horses are abused, drugged and all too often killed. I also don’t like it when the jockeys use a whip on the horses. There are a lot of other things to celebrate that don’t include harming animals for human’s so-called enjoyment.

What a fun post Tina. I just love the trophy cups as flower vases and the adorable place card holders. Think I’m goin’ shopping!

Oh you went straight to my heart on this post. Kentucky girl born and raised and there is nothing better than Derby in the Bluegrass! It’s a tradition that needs to be experienced at least once in your life and truly is a magical week in the state. Thank you for this post but I have to say I’m truly homesick!

I love this post especially since we were just invited to a Derby party. I went right out and found a hat, though maybe one a little understated compared to some of the hats in the pics (I wish I were so daring). Your posts always make me smile and when I get a package from your shop I get a huge smile! Thank you for an always uplifting, thoughtful and fun blog. Have a wonderful Friday…

When I was in jr. high we visited Kentucky and I’ve never forgotten the gorgeous horse farms that we saw! My sister in law has actually built one here that would hold it’s own. More than that…My entire life I’ve always wanted one of those fabulous painted jockey statues in my yard! Lo and behold I finally realized my grandmother had one in her yard! Of course I know I could go and find one myself but it would be a lot more special to me to inherit hers! I’m hoping that doesn’t happen for several more years but just had to tell you that! ( apparently I’m up late and telling all! lol!) anyway, beautiful post and so glad I’m catching up on them! Hope you are doing well!

These are pretty images, Tina, but none as pretty as I saw at your beautiful home on Wed. Have a great weekend, dear friend.

I am a Kentuckian, born and bred. My father was a Hall of Fame trainer who was equally an “equinatarian”. Cruelty was not in his vocabulary as he loved his charges second only to his children. He once scratched a Derby favorite because he was a little sore the day before the race. It was always, horse first, and racing second. I do not believe racing is a cruel sport, at least in my many years of observations. My father would never have participated in cruelty. He was a sportsman of the highest integrity. There is also much oversight in thoroughbred racing.

In 1993, I went to my first Kentucky Derby. My father was running a horse named Sea Hero. He was 71 years old and his owner was around 84 or 85. Both were icons of thoroughbred racing but our horse was not featured on the broadcast as he was not a favorite. My mother had bronchitis and was ill at home in Versailles, KY so I sat in the box with my father and the horse owners. Who would have ever dreamed that Sea Hero would bring us the roses at the very end of their careers? It was the BEST DAY EVER and I will cherish the memory forever. I haven’t attended another Derby because who can top the winner’s circle?

My takeaway from that day and many other memories is that my father remained equally humble before success and after. That’s what made his owners love him. Happy Derby 2017!!!

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