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Good morning and a very very Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!  I want to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful scalloped tea jar. Congratulations goes to-


Please email me your shipping details so your jar can be on it’s way!


Hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing Mother’s day. Let’s face it, being a mother is not always easy….it will try you and push you to limits we didn’t know possible. There are no paid leaves or coffee breaks, its a 24/7 gig. And there is no such a thing as retiring from this job….oh no, it is with you till the very end:) And the worrying surely does not magically stop at 18, it just evolves to a different type of worry:)

It will and can be difficult, frustrating, anxiety inducing, BUT it can also be the most gratifying and fulfilling job there is, period. To know you created these wonderful (most of the time) human beings, to know that their accomplishments and successes are yours to celebrate with them is as good as it gets. To see them soar and achieve their dreams, well….that is just kind of the ultimate and to me better than any raise or promotion that a “traditional job” could ever offer.

I was lucky to have been given the ultimate role model, my own mom. This woman is a saint, the epitome of a true lady and what a devoted, kindhearted, selfless mother should be. I continue to aspire to be just like her (OK maybe with a little less worrying thrown in) and she is most definitely  my “career role model”. So thanks Mom, you are and continue to be the ultimate mother and I feel very very have you.

I am so happy that my son came home from college, so its going to be such a treat to have everyone in my nest!! It was very cold, rainy and stormy yesterday but looks like the rain is gone, so bring on the sun. Having my little family together is most certainly the  best Mother’s Day gift ever! Cheers to motherhood……

1 MY MINT JULEPS READY FOR THE DERBY. So here is how we celebrated the most exciting 2 minutes in sports….why not go the traditional route?  I must say these mint juleps are super functional, I use them for all my brushes, toothbrush, mini vases, the list goes on!  I also added my pretty linen monogrammed napkins, definitely brought out the Southern in me:)

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many beautiful things to share this week with a healthy dose of cuteness. And my faves this week……

And my fave this week is this adorable shot, reminds me so much of my boys when they were young and brings back great memories..what cutie pies!!

3. THE NEW SITE NEARLY DONE! I know, I know you have heard this before. Believe me, you have no idea how frustrating its been for me to be “almost there” but still have many outstanding issues. The last developer turned out to be a bust and while aspects of the current site I really like, the functionality has room for improvement. I hired someone new and for the last 8-9 weeks we have been working fast and furious.

I know many do not get my emails announcing a new post despite subscribing and resubscribing many times, too many to count have been upset over the inability to pin…all this plus so much more will soon be changing! On top of that I was not happy with the current shop site, the pictures were too small and there was no zoom in. There were many pictures that were not very clear and some descriptions were missing. Well, that too is going to change here is a sneak  peek. People, there is light at the end of the tunnel!




New site-

And much better pics for the belljars-

Larger, clearer pictures  and check out that ginger jar pin it button!

And you can soon zoom in …

My blog list will be reinstated on the side of the blog page-

4. A FANTASTIC NEW RECIPE FOR A FAVORITE SALAD. This all started with our many many weekends spent traveling for my sons lacrosse tournaments. When we needed to have lunch or dinner in an unfamiliar town/city,  one sure thing was good ol Cheesecake factory,  it was a reliable choice for meals on the road. Unfortunately my iPhone died as I was making this a few days ago but here a few pics-

My absolute favorite item there is the Sante Fe salad, the dressing is as good as chocolate! I was excited to find this copy cat recipe which I must say is nearly a carbon copy of’s that good. So of course i have to share it with you. When I make the dressing, I make 2 or 3 times the amount and freeze some for future use. Super tasty and incredibly satisfying.S


Four heads of romaine lettuce ( I like mine almost shredded)

6 thin chicken breasts

2 cobs of corn cooked and kernels cut off

1 can black beans

About 1/2 cup of shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

Tomato to your liking

Tortilla strips (I buy the bag sold in the salad/nuts area)

OPTIONAL – Diced fresh avocado


2 bunches cilantro

fresh lemon juice from one lemon

1/2 cup olive oil

1 TBSP brown sugar ( I have used without and you really do not taste the difference)

1/4 peanut butter (I used only one -two TBSP)

Use a food processor to mix all dressing ingredients togehter until thickened and smooth. For chicken, I get a baking pan drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper chicken and drizzle oil on other side, cook at about 350 for about 15-20 min (until golden). I shred the chicken once cool and add all remaining ingredients plus chicken to large bowl. Dress salad to your liking when ready to serve. Bon appetit!

5. MY TALENTED CUSTOMERS AND EDESIGN CLIENTS. I love getting in your pictures and got a few recant ones that I just had to share, they are so pretty and will soon be added to the new site.

Look at a few recent pictures from customers, this is a gorgeous blue and white vignette-

And what a stunning party/party platter-

On the design front, here is a great before and after, amazing what reupholstery can do with the right other pieces in place!

These are a few in progress shots from a few design clients, loving the way these spaces are coming out-

And in another customers beautiful living room, we are starting to put all the finish touches together, look forward to showing you the rest of this fabulous room soon!


6. MY MOTHERS DAY PLEDGE. In honor of Mother Day, I  have to end this with a bang.  I laughed at this because this is “so me” and most certainly my own mom:) A keeper and one to be shared!


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is all about committing yourself to things, obligations, invitations and such. Until I was around 40 I felt like I had to to do it all. I said yes to most things and thrived on going, going, going all the time and did. I remember if someone called me at home I (remember those days when we actually used our home phones for real calls not solicitors? And if someone found me home they were shocked.

But something really strange happened at around 50, I suddenly LOVED being home. I couldn’t get enough of being home. And when we did go out especially for late nights,I find myself fantasizing about getting home into my snugly bed by 10pm. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

Even this month we have gotten three fantastic invites to three amazing events/parties including a extended bday weekend on an island  and I am a little torn as I am saying no and really don’t want to go yet a part of me feels a tinge of guilt or that I might have regrets. We have about 5 or 6 weddings and several other things over the next several months so I don’t want to feel over committed. A far cry from how i used to be that is for sure!

Wondering how  common this might be? Do I have company out there? One of the most liberating things about turning 50 is just owning how you feel and doing what you want to do without looking back or making apologies for it. When I do say yes and commit, I always end up having a great time, guess it’s quality over quantity.  Thinking this also has to do with working full time…..I appreciate my down time and not having to adhere to a overly booked schedule on weekends.  What say you?


That wraps up my Seven on Sunday and this Mother’s Day edition. I want to wish every single mother out there, a most relaxing wonderful day spent doing exactly as you please, and basking in the adoration of those you love and who love you back.

We ALL deserve a day to ourselves, certainly motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job out there. I always say there is Father’s Day, then the longest holiday, 363 Kid’s Days (isn’t every day a holiday for them 🙂 So our designated day is well, well deserved. Enjoy and thank you for stopping in! Until next time….


One day chinoiserie tole and Provence planter arrival sale

Bluff Diaries

Decorating with Buffalo Checks

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Lord & Taylor







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Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Happy Mother’s Day, Tina!! Enjoy having all your boys home! xoxo

Susan on

Great post as always, love all the customer pictures and your mint julep setup is just beautiful. Tina, hope you have a great Mother’s Day, you are a giver to all those around you including your many readers so I hope you get to do something really special today (even if it’s nothing, sometimes that’s the best gift of all)! Have a beautiful day.

Todd on

HMD! Enjoy your day.

Vicki on

It took me until my 60’s to realize that I really didn’t want to “do it all” anymore. Plus, I certainly didn’t want to “run it all” anymore. Someone else’s turn!
As an Event Planner for many years, I was never able to relax & just enjoy the Party.
I now am very picky about where I share my time., and love going to events of my choosing as a guest with no worries.
Snuggling up at 10pm or earlier, suits me fine these days!

Kathi holbert on

I supppse I really like to be invited but I don’t want to go! I prefer gatherings of 6 to 8 people max when I do go. Definitely has changed with age!

Marie Taylor on

Happy Mothers Day Tina!
Marie Taylor

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, dear Tina. What a great tribute to your wonderful Mom! She sounds like a very special lady. That salad looks positively delish. Cheesecake Factory is a sure bet in our family, as well. We just had lunch at one in NC.
Love the Skinny Menu cuz then I can make up the calories with a huge piece of cheesecake! Love those pillows on the sofas and window seat! I always enjoy seeing you customer pics. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day – glad you have the sunshine. We’re getting the rain but that’s ok because I’ve got a lot to do. Enjoy your week, dear friend.

Deanna on

Happy Mother’s Day Tina! I love knowing I’m not the only one who has decided home is where I am happiest. And isn’t that a wonderful reason to make home as pretty and comfortable as we please? Enjoy your day… One of my chickadees is on her honeymoon, so it will be a slightly quieter Mother’s Day (2 out of 3 kids ain’t bad). Thank you for the beauty this morning.

Jane on

Where did you get that saying? I love it and want to print it out and post it for my kids to see everyday 🙂

Peggy Ekena on

Happy Mother’s Day Tina. The new site looks fantastic! I hope that I will finally receive your blog in my email, once again. I love that we will be able to zoom in on items and the photos are so much bigger and clearer. I will also enjoy being able to pin some of your photos too.

I think your ideas of being too social and enjoying home are just a natural progression of becoming older and wiser. I am 64 years young, and enjoy going out for dinner or the theater, but like to get home at a “reasonable” hour. I no longer want to have large parties, but enjoy havin two couples over so we can really enjoy each other.

My husband of 42 years knows me so well and we are preparing for the end of an evening, he always tells me, “Go get your pj’s on, take your contacts out, and wash your face.” I really look forward to that ritual and spending time with him.

Enjoy the changes and consider them blessings.

Donna on

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your previous post of gift wrapping candles for orders has stuck in my mind!…….gorgeous!

Please add those single flowers to your gift wrapping papers and bags……..for decoration. They are stunning.

Bring on the buffalo checks, PB diaries and etc…… excited. on

Happy Mothers Day Tina, Enjoy the day with your sons…let them spoil you .🌷

Martha on

Hi Tina, I sure hope I am the Martha that won the jar. My mailing address is Martha Mercer
4621 Curraghmore Road
Charlotte, N C. 28210
Thank you and Happy Mothers Day.

franki on

A treat!!! franki

Maria on

Hope you are enjoying your Mothers Day, your julep cups are wonderful always with such great style!

Love the saying, it could not be said any other’s very much what a mother is!

Looking forward to next weeks postings and blog!

Christine on

I will make my comments brief …
Just look above and read Peggy Ekena’s words . She and I share the same thoughts , the same sentiments, we are even the same age , married the same length of time …
Well said Peggy . Thank you !
Happy Mother’s Day to all .

Debbie H. on

I feel the same way you do, as I’ve gotten older, (50s) I enjoy my down time, I work, and many of my friends don’t. I can’t attend everything I’m invited to but try to meet friends for lunch, dinner and/or birthdays. I hate to admit it but, I also like to be in bed by 9:30-10:00 just to unwind. I try to read in the summer months. Hope you’ve had a great Mother’s Day! 🙂

Barbara on

Would like a copy of that saying as well. Love it!! Need it!! Thank you!’

Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

Cathy on

I just love all the pillows you have done for your clients. Do you think you would ever offer pillows for sale in your online shop?

Love your blog and all the beauty you bring to the internet!

Eve on

Happy Mother’s Day! You are so lucky to still have your Mom. I lost mine many years ago. I wish she was still here to see how my son’s have grown. She would have loved my 5 Grandchildren. I talk to them about my Mom–I want them to know what a wonderful and caring woman she was. I am sure she is looking down on us and smiling.

Sherry M on

Love the new changes! I have already pinned. One of my mottos since I turned fifty is, I have become of age, therefore I go where I want to, do what I want to, say no to anything that doesn’t make my heart sing, AND I will never direct another wedding! No apologies! I started working part time at sixteen, at age 23, I began a 32 year career of teaching school. I deserve every minute of down time savoring The Enchanted Home!!

Teresa Floyd on

Where are you located?
Where would I find a tablecloth similar to
the one for your luncheon?
Love reading about you.

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