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Hi everyone,  and happy Friday! As I periodically do I share with you life through my iPhone. It is amazing how it can capture life’s happenings, can’t imagine life without it! But before I start,  here is the winner of the wicker serving pieces, congratulations goes to-


Please email or call us ( or 1-800-804-9565)  to provide your shipping info so your pieces can be on their way


We are continuing to add products to the new site, which by the way I so love. Isn’t it greatly improved! I am very pleased. About 30 new porcelain items were just added last night so please do check back, lots of goodies!

Now, onto life in the last week or two (except the party pictures) because that is being reserved for a special post! Here we go…..

For someone who never liked purple, I have come a long long way:)


Beautiful dinner party with a view..and what a view it is, nothing like the water


Someone bought these gorgeous candles and gave them out as favors, love this combination


Pretty flowers going out to someone, notice my pretty custom monogram from Arabella June that I had made into gift stickers


Love my fish tacos..healthy and good!

Love seeing everything outside in full blooming plus the blue and white is the crowning touch


How pretty are these napkins I had made for our wine tasting birthday dinner for my husband last week!


Gorgeous new cocktail napkins going out to a lucky customer


Love this pretty alfresco seating at a favorite local Greek restaurant, Kyma

Gorgeous monogrammed napkins on their way out…

So enjoy seeing my little garden bloom with ripeness

Nothing like shopping at Whole Foods and walking out with a basket of white hydrangeas

Few things as pleasurable as taking a day off and having lunch with a treasured friend and a glass of Rose (or two)!

So many of my favorite things on a sofa in my office

Lets end with a bang, cutest dog on the internet in my opinion! Love you Teddy:)

Well there you have the pretty and uplifting from my week, and trust me there were plenty of moments that “did not make the cut” here lol. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful end to your week and a fabulous holiday weekend. I still cannot believe it’s the July 4th holiday weekend, summer is going by way too fast! Until next time….

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franki on

Like!! franki

Patti on

Teddy , your beautiful home and hydrangeas… the perfect ensemble!

Sherry on

I always love pics of Teddy he is a beautiful member of the family.

Dianne Estes on

You know how to do it right???

Robbin on

The menu for the birthday dinner for your husband looks divine!!! Happy Birthday Michael!!! As always your photos are gorgeous!! You live quite the life! Thanks for sharing :)! Blessings from Missouri, Tina!

Megan Bobbitt on

Tina…..wanted to let you know that when I am using my iPad, the shop icon doesn’t work properly. Your sponsors names are over the picture of shop item…..wierd.
I just went in and used our regular laptop computer and the site worked properly there. Don’t always have access to the laptop so hopefully this is a temporary glitch.
Your blog comes through fine…..its just when I try to shop.
Have a great day! Megan

Katie Clooney on

We have the same iPhones, I think – why are your pics so much better than mine? Love the menu and cocktail napkins. Another question, if I change my initials to your initials can I have all your old stuff? Just asking. My fave photos are of course sweet Teddy. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend.

Marsha on

OMG, you do everything ! Now, I find out you are growing tomatoes !!!!
I’m moving to the hill country in August to be near my little 4-year old grandson, Colt, and my daughter. So happy.
Would love to talk to you, Tina. I miss our conversations on line. Sending love…..

Linda Murray on

Can not see new items in the shop, it is showing sponsors over a items, not working correctly.

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