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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a  fantastic weekend. Having a good one here, was in the city, had dinner with friends and we also saw The Post. For me, though the story is interesting, the movie fell a bit flat, if it had been 30 minutes I would have liked it more, too many stagnant moments in the film for my taste but  interesting to see the “back story” and chain of events that led up to Watergate and  that pivotal time in our nation’s history. Today at long last is my day of relaxation, so need this day:) Moving along…….


1 A  CURE FOR ANXIETY? This certainly caught my interest, I suffer from anxiety mostly in the form of severe claustrophobia but all bets are off when it comes to worrying about my kids too:) And then I have major anxiety about the cleanliness of restaurants and hotel rooms, about getting stuck in a tunnel, yes I could go on.

Despite how bad it might sound,  for me it is situational and not an every day condition I have to deal with. I only take meds to fly other than that, I wing it but I am going to try the oil, this article really piqued my interest and I have nothing to lose.  Its safe to say I suffer from anxiety and always open to new ways of treating it. Definitely worth looking into  if you too suffer from any kind of anxiety.  Read on, click here to see the article.


2. BLUE AND WHITE SPRING BUNNIES AND EGGS So….remember the adorable blue and white bunnies and eggs? So many of you commented how much you loved them. When I got my samples in on Thurs, they were love at first sight, even  better in person.

There however is a but, a big but……….. I cannot get them before Easter, the production time plus the time to send them is simply not going to work in terms of getting them before Easter, trust me I have tried!  I have invested in the artist fees and sample fees so tempted to go through with the order anyway. And now that I have seen them in person, even more so.

But I  really need your input about what you think of my not getting these until realistically late April/early May? I feel like they are really special and not necessarily an item you would only use at Easter but maybe that’s me? Love to know your thoughts, because this is a decision I need to make by Monday-


Here is another sample egg that just got out of production- *the blue will be the same blue as above

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So many beautiful ones to share this week, and found some wonderful new accounts as well. A little bit of everything from beautiful stationery to heavenly flowers to cherubic babies:) Feast your eyes on the beauty…..


4. SOME GREAT FASHION DOCUMENTARIES If you are like me, and love documentaries, you just may love these…..watched a bunch while I was sick a week or so ago and each and everyone was fabulously entertaining!

5. MY OFFICIAL FAVORITE PAJAMAS. I live for the minute I get home and change into my “comfy clothes”….it’s the best time of the day! I am a serious pajama connoisseur and have tried so many differnt brands.

I have come to the conclusion that far and away, these super cozy, ultra soft pajamas from Eberjay are the best out there. I  have them in two colors and just ordered the pale pink……they are luxuriously soft and considering we spent about a third of our day in them, more than worth it! Click here for more info.

6. MY INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL NEW FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS. Oh how I love these brand new arrivals……I love fresh flowers as much as anyone but must say these faux orchids are really sensational, they are so lifelike I cannot tell you how many people they have fooled.

Sometimes I am even tempted to go water them. All of these beautiful new additions will be added to the site hopefully by next week, but if you need information sooner you can always call us at 800-804-9565.


And though the pictures are lovely this video shows you just how realistic they really are! Click on arrow to see-


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Do you like to cook? Hate it? I used to love to cook but now only do maybe once or twice a week. It is partly  because I work full time and because we have an empty nest except for one son who just mewed back until he moves to his new apt.

I must say certain days I miss it. I loved when my kids would make special requests and I would gather all my ingredients and pretend I  was on a cooking show.Now its easy peasy meals with an occasional “big meal” thrown in. Curious how many of you cook and how often-


That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Speaking of cooking I am going to make something good today, the weather is supposed to change and we are expecting rain/a little snow later, a perfect day to stay in and whip up something yummy. Wishing you a wonderful end to your week, until next time……


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Gone but not forgetten

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Good morning, Miss Tina. It’s lucky we don’t travel together because I suffer from all sorts of crazy anxieties as well. As always, love your Instagram picks. Is it weird that I am totally fascinated by the pic of the cake and miniature people and construction equipment? The orchids are breathtaking! Have a great week, Tina.

Another wonderful post. I LOVE those bunnies and eggs and you must get them, I am sure (myself included) that people will buy them after Easter, they are pretty enough to leave out year round.
The orchids are breathtaking and could have fooled me!
Going to forward the anxiety article to my sister who suffers horribly. Have a great Tina.

I don’t care when the bunnies come in, I want them!! The orchids are fantastic! I think they are the best I’ve ever seen. Oh what fun!!!!!!

I love your blog & I love the orchids – can you purchase the orchids alone – love blue & white but I would need a complete makeover & I love what I have – so the containers are not correct for my personal use.

How adorable would the bunnies be in a baby’s room and also centerpiece for baby shower

Love your beautiful work!
Thank you for always having a photo of Teddy at the end. I have loved and lost many dogs….beloved friends and faithful protectors. I must admit that I scroll to the bottom to see Teddy first and then revert to the top of your post. Somehow, I believe that he comforts us all.

Hi Tina – long time reader, rarely comment but need to pipe in. I highly recommend essential oils to help with anxiety! Mine is also situational & I’ve been using a certain brand for 13 years & became a distributor for them a year & a half ago because I love them so much. Everyone’s body is different & responds to different oils but Bergamot & Frankincense have helped me SO much in very stressful situations & also dealing with grief. Plus the oils smell amazing & are so uplifting. I’m diffusing lime & orange this rainy morning at the beach but it smells like sunshine & tropical drinks in here! All the best – Laurie
(If you have questions re. oils I’m here to help!)

Please tell me you are getting the bunnies and eggs. I would keep them year round, they are not only for Easter and so unique. I agree with the above reader who said they could be great for a nursery or shower centerpieces.
The orchids are incredible. I have never seen such realistic ones, great job Tina on sourcing so many beautiful and affordable items for your devoted following:-)
Keep on doing what you do because I love it! I am a newer reader and so happy my friend told me about your site.

Love your thoughts! Thought u might find interesting since you seem to be dog person( as I am) that tea tree essential oil may be extremely toxic to dogs ( worth checking out)

Good morning, Tina
The bunnies and eggs are all year round they will look amazing at breakfast, lunch and dinner table, will definitely be conversation pieces, all year round! Can’t wait!

Darn and double darn! I was so hoping to get a couple of the blue and white bunnies for Easter, they are just darling! Will you be offering a discount for a pre-order? There are no bunnies, like them, out in the stores because I’ve been looking. So disappointed. Have a good week.

Good Morning Tina, thank you for your post today. I love the bunnies and I have a blue and white collection I leave out all year long. They are so pretty and I have them on my breakfast room table and window area. Please order them so I can add to my collection. The orchids are beautiful and you cannot tell they are artificial, so realistic, who needs live ones! Love all the pictures, but the one of the baby sleeping is precious. Also love the construction site cake, so cute. Keep posting pictures of your sweet Teddy, love seeing each of them. Have a great day and a big hello from Virginia.

I was telling you about my new favorite pajamas they are Milk Jersey by Barefoot Dreams.

I also use essential oils daily: on diffusers, my wrists, my hair. They have helped me with sleeping, migraines and pain.

Happy Sunday!

Regarding the bunnies and eggs, as you indicated, it’s really a business decision that hinges on meeting several conditions: If you have adequate pre-orders; if it’s not a financial difficulty to tie up working capitol in inventory that may sit for a year; if you have warehouse space; if by ordering now you will anchor a small niche market and be well-positioned for next spring, etc. It’s hard when your growing business is your “baby” to be pragmatic and avoid making emotional decisions. Polling your customers is a good first step to weigh the results vis-a-vis financial and space considerations. It appears your business and decision-making instincts have served you well so far!

Those adorable Bunnies and Eggs would be lovely in a baby nursery, a sweet decor for a baby shower, in a girl’s bathroom…how about a basket of eggs in a powder room or on the kitchen table? So not just for Easter! The Tiramisu under construction is hilarious! Happy Sunday.

I have two porcelain bunnies. Mine sit out all year! Sometimes on the tub surround, sometimes on the bow-front chest in the hall. Go for it!! Teddy will never be forgotten. When you were struggling with Teddy, our guy was having trouble and I thought we were on the same journey. My heart was breaking for you. We have a 14 1/2 yr old Golden. Everyday is a gift, but I know soon it will be gone. My husband calls them “angels on earth”!

On this rainy Sunday I so thoroughly enjoyed being whisked away to Paris and the world of fashion!! THANKS!! franki


Love bunnies year round. I too love being reminded of Teddy in every post. It is like he is still here. The pics always warm my heart. Thanks.

Love seeing pictures of Teddy at the end of your blogs?. We also had Golden’s, they leave a special spot in your heart .

I especially love the standing bunnies. I use bunnies in my decor year round. I have a soft spot for them. Please order them!

Love the orchids. They look real no one could tell the difference. All tropical flowers or well in faux. They kind of look unreal anyway.

Happy Monday, Tina! I am sooooo stealing that macarons tower idea you showed from IG. That’s a keeper. I emailed you some time back about a mini interview about your kitchen and am not sure if it ended up in spam. My audience loves your kitchen’s design, and I get emails all the time asking me about specifics. I’m working on a post with the story of its evolution. Let me know if you didn’t get the email! Thanks!

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