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Hello and happy Sunday. Just back from PB and had such a great time, so many highlights that I cannot wait to share with you next week (and this might be my best Bluff Diaries ever)! Back to the grind:)  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It’s rainy and cool….certainly not the glorious weather we  had in PB. But I  know in due time spring will be here and I am counting down the minutes. Hope you have a great week and now it’s time for a little relaxation, don’t you say?



1 MAJOR TOLE EXCITEMENT! I was doing a little happy dance when I got these progress pictures back… I mean seriously how beautiful are these planters! Also the tray tables are almost done and this order will soon be on it’s way in time for an early April delivery, just in time for spring planting. I already have my planters chosen for PB:)

And some floral excitement too:)  Check out my new official  favorite florals in our large trellis and floral bowl, whether pink or white….think these are just stunning and just made one up for my center hall table, best part of course is no maintenance.  Click here for all florals

2 ONE DELICIOUS AND EASY GUACAMOLE RECIPE I can’t believe I had never made guacamole all these years until this weekend. Well,  there is no stopping me now. This was sooooooo good. I could easily make a meal of this.

Here is how I made it-


4 avocados, juice of 1 lime, 1/2 onion (chopped small), 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, sea salt and pepper, coriander (to taste), half of a very ripe tomato (cut small), 3-4 tortilla shells


I cut the avocados in half and lightly mashed them with a fork, added the cilantro, salt and pepper then tomato. I then squeezed the lemon juice (to taste) and seasoned with salt and pepper

For the tortillas, I put them in a skillet with a teeny bit of olive oil and cooed them for 1-2 minutes just until they are semi hard. Then I cut them in small triangles and served while hot….YUM!



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of stunning pictures to share with you…..just love this weekend’s batch! So much beauty to be found, and alwayts happy to share newly discovered accounts as well….



4. THREE HEROES TO BE INSPIRED BY.  Not a day goes by that I am still not thinking about the horrific massacre that occurred on Feb 14th and to see the outcry and  demand for change is giving me hope that we will lessen the chances of this happening again. To hear about the deputies who WERE WAITING OUTSIDE as these kids and teachers were being massacred outraged me.  I just can’t imagine being one of those parents and hearing this….that their kids were not even fully protected by those we trust to protect.

But not everyone was such a coward that day, there were three exceptional heroes, real men who put their lives on the front line to save the children. Sadly all lost their lives doing so but what remarkable men. This story highlighted what they did so well, definitely worth the read.  I hope their legacy will not only be to remember them for the heroes they were, but for being the catalyst for change to protect America’s children.


5. A MOST BEAUTIFUL BLUE AND WHITE REHEARSAL DINNER I had such a great time getting to live vicariously through this mother of the groom planning out the rehearsal dinner they were hosting in Florida. She knew she wanted to use my blue and white pieces and hired me to help her plan this out, she along with her florist went to work to  fill them with flowers in the blues, purples and greens. And needless to say the effect was just incredible.

She was such a joy to work with and I was so happy to hear it was such a success. Imagine the thrill in getting these pictures back….so spectacular! Susan thank you so much for letting me share these with my readers who I know like me, will be in all their blue and white glory getting to see them.

6. Are you a Series watcher/binge watcher? I never was, but we did really enjoy Suits and Billions. We had heard so much talk about Homeland over time and one night I turned it on thinking my husband might enjoy it. We………we watched it and couldn’t stop. It was so fascinating, had so  many twists and turns, took you all over world, and allowed the viewer to step inside those secretive walls of  the CIA. It was addicting!

The cast is so talented, led by Clare Danes who is brilliant as Carrie. We watched all the seasons and now are caught up to continue every Sunday night. My next “project” has just begun, into 5 shows of the first season of The Crown which I am loving so far.  And you? Any suggestions? Never thought I would join the growing ranks of being a binge watcher:)


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY I was at CVS the other day and needed Advil, so I wandered on over and what should have taken less than 1 minute to pick up and move on took more like 4 drawn out minutes. Who knew there are now so many variations of Advil!!!!

Ridiculous, there was regular Advil, extra strength Advil, Advil for migraines, Advil for allergies and it went on. I almost felt my knees buckling over the choices and trying to remember which my husband prefers. I mean, come on……essentially these all have to do the same thing, right? And this type of required brain power does not stop with Advil, I feel like it is with everything now…..too many choices is not a good thing. Surely I cannot be alone. Your thoughts on the matter?


That is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. Until next time……

PS Last day to take advantage of special savings, 20% off ALL planters and that includes the tole and porcelain planters, even the Provence planters! Click here to visit the shop.

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Good morning, Tina. The amount of choices we have is overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it? The best way to discern differences is to read the ingredients. Many of these products branded for different uses are really the same ingredient. However, when buying Lotrimin for my sports-loving son, I was a bit surprised to find that the spray and cream were different active ingredients. I pulled out my phone to Google info re each, but not all elderly have that option, and I think they are the segment of our population that is the most affected.

Those tole planters, be still my heart! Wow my patio needs those. Always enjoy these posts to start my Sunday mornings and thank you for sharing the guacamole, our family loves it so would like to try your recipe, have not used coriander. Inspiring and tragic story about those teachers. Those “law enforcement” officials who stood outside should never have the chance to work again ever. Have a good day Tina, love seeing Teddy’s smiling face at the end of every post.

That rehersal dinner with the blue and white and flowers is breathtaking.

Thanks for sharing the guac recipe, interesting way to do the chips, going to try that.

Yes way way way too many choices today. Who needs to expend more brain power on such simple choices!

Love all your tole and new flowers, keep on doing what you do:-)

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the over the top number of choices in groceries these days. It’s truly ridiculous and some of the varieties are not even appetizing. Many times after I have spent 10 minutes finding the correct version I still end up with some other special variety in my cart as they are all askew from people sorting through them trying to find the “original”. So if you pick up two cans of something you might end up with one that doesn’t match the other. In frustration, I started ordering my groceries online and then pick them up at our local grocery. I feel sorry for the store managers having to make room for all of these things on their shelves. It is literally everything in multi varieties from candy to Kleenex!!! If a store opens that sells the original of everything, I am there!

So wonderful to see Teddy each week bidding us “Good-bye” until next visit. Thanks for still sharing his sweet face.

I so love your postings, especially 7 on Sunday. I look forward to it every Sunday. I make a cup of tea and sit and relax for a few minutes. While my life is not as grand, I truly appreciate you sharing your style and all the beauty in your world.

Has anyone bought lightbulbs lately? You need to be an electrical engineer to decide which you need!!!

So many good shows to binge on. If you like spy thrillers, The Night Manager on Amazon is an adaptation from John le Carre and is amazing. Another fun one I just finished is DaVinci’s Demons on Starz. Hoping spring comes to your area soon. Here in Houston, we are seeing spring blooms!

Good Morning, loved your post today and always love Seven on Sunday. Beautiful pictures and so fun to look at each one of them. The dinner with the blue and white porcelain was simply beautiful. The mother-of-the groom has exquisite taste and the green tablecloths so complimented the vases and flowers. I can only hope they used those flowers at the wedding the next day so all could enjoy. Have a great day, raining here today.

Guacamole? YES! Thanks for sharing the recipe and your customers beautiful party, that was one gorgeous room with all those porcelains and flowers.
Yes way too many choices in today’s world. I am almost 50 and want to simplify not make everything harder!

We do Binge watch. Loved Homeland and The Crown. Have been watching Victoria and love it too. Also, This Is Us is one of best series

Suggestion for another series to binge watch if you like The Crown. Look into a series “Victoria” currently season 2 is on PBS but begin with season 1. It’s beautifully done and you learn a lot about the royals with the story of Victoria and Albert. Enjoy

Morning Tina we love Homeland too, lots of great series out there, not enough time!
Love your customers party pictures, wow what a beautiful color scheme. The planters you are bringing in are so gorgeous, I need to go measure so I can find out where I can use them, just beautiful The shooting still has me feeling so melancholy and I just hope America does not let it’s guard down when it comes to gun control overhaul. We MUST change our laws! Love your blog.

Oh, my goodness, I feel like I’ve seen every series ever, LOL! Did you not watch Downton Abbey?! An absolute must 🙂 And there’s a great Australian series called A Place to Call Home. Then there’s Mad Men, The Knick, The Americans… And Stranger Things was adorable. One of our absolute favorites, though, is a series from Spain (with subtitles) on Netflix called Velvet; takes place in the 1950’s. So romantic, funny, poignant – just wonderful…

Certain medications don’t react well to others or to certain conditions, so it’s nice to have choices. With regard to TV binge watching, I’ve found Victoria on Masterpiece PBS absolutely riveting. The sets and costumes are as brilliant as the plot and story line. Highly recommend

I love your blog and enjoy all the beautiful pictures and your home, but I have to say that the pictures of Teddy at the end just make me smile every single time. I miss him, and I know you miss him dearly. Look at that face, what a doll. Hugs and Kisses,


You know, because I have not walked a mile in these deputies shoes, it is hard for me to point my finger at them, because when we do that we have 3 fingers pointing back at us. Having said that, I can also understand how people are outraged. More ill feelings just brews more hate. I have compassion for the families who lost children as well as those men who did not go inside. Maybe we all need to just wait and find out all the facts. It is all just heartbreaking

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