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Hello friends, well with spring finally arriving….it has many of us giddy about the idea of spring and summer planting, and getting out and reconnecting with nature. I know I am counting down the minutes until I hit my favorite nursery and start filling my planters with beautiful greenery, flowers and ivy. Can hardly wait…… my recently arrived container came in the nick of time!


Some pictures taken from the warehouse as soon as things started getting unloaded, we couldn’t help ourselves-

And a look at these exquisite planters in action-


Last week, we got our container in filled with the newest beautiful style of the Provence metal planters along with some chinoiserise tole. As of today, Tuesday all presale orders have shipped and as we always do we hold an arrival sale which offers special pricing (lower than it will be when it goes online).

On top of that there is a liquidation of sorts on the older styles that we only have a few left of (bottom of post). So if you have a patio or pool, a front door spruce up in mind, this just might be your lucky day:) And many of these pieces are exquisite for the indoors too! If you know the prices of metal Provence planters you will know they can go into the thousands, so these today are an exceptional deal unlike I am sure any you can find.

Please read over the rules first……


  • There are two ways you can order for this sale- you can call or email your order in- call 800-804-9565 (advised) or email [email protected]
  • Our office is open 9:30-5:30 EST
  • This offer is on for 2 days only and will end Wednesday at midnight
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER REQUEST- you must include your name, number and address and be sure you can pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • Please refer to item number only and size/color if applicable
  • Every item shown with the exception of one or two are all in stock, ready to ship.
  • If we do not have the quantity of planters you need, we are getting another shipment in 3 weeks and will honor this arrival sale pricing
  • These are metal planters painted with weatherproof paint, however I always recommend applying an extra sealant
  • These also can be easily repainted over
  • There are four drainage holes on the bottom, you can put a liner in or plant directly into the planter
  • Any order over $700 will receive an extra 10% off
  • Shipping is extra, in some cases for orders for several planters,  we may recommend freight shipping depending on where you are located
  • All sales are final
  • REFERRALS- If you refer someone new to our site who makes  a purchase for this arrival sale you will receive a shop credit towards a current order or a future order (10% of their purchase)
  • Wholesale inquires? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Questions? Please be sure you have read all the above first. You can reach us at 9:30-5:30 EST at 800-804-9565




SMALL 18″ X 18″ plus 3″ finial

MEDIUM-20″ x 20″ plus 3″ finial

LARGE-22″ x 22″ plus 3″ finial

EXTRA LARGE- 24″ X 24″ plus 3″ finial


ITEM 1 One of two of our newest styles planters, this is a stunner so classically elegant, anything with a trellis excites me and just love the florette detailing. It has four drainage holes and four elegant finals set on 4 beautiful feet. I have some  set aside to send to PB, offered in three beautiful neutral colors-

Medium $390.00

Large $410.00


Ivory- available in medium and large

Black- medium , large and extra large

Medium $390.00

Large $410.00

Extra large $445.00

Pale blue/gray- medium

Medium $390.00


Pale taupe- large

Large $410.00



ITEM 2  Our second gorgeous style, just love it and have a few set aside for my pool area. Gorgeous trellis design with circle border, complete with drainage holes and four finials.

Ivory- med and large

Medium $390.00

Large $410.00

Extra large $445.00

Black- med and large


Medium $390.00

Large $410.00

Extra large $445.00

Pale blue/gray- medium and large


Large $410.00

Extra large $445.00


ITEM 3 Our classic paneled planter is a beauty with vertical “slat” detailing and four finials. Limited numbers of these but have a lot more coming in about 3-4 weeks

Ivory- medium and large

Medium $380.00

Large $390.00


Black- extra large

Extra large- $440.00

Pale blue/gray- medium and large

Medium $380.00

Large $390.00


ITEM 4. We don’t have much left of our beautiful new trellis/gold leaf bathroom pieces but what is left is up for grabs.

4A Wastepaper basket (only have a few pale blue left)



4B Tissue holder (limited numbers of pale blue, black and ivory) measures 6″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″



4C Planters (have black, pale blue or ivory) measures 9″ x 10″ x 10″ $85.00 I have one being used for a double orchid arrangement, going to be pretty! This also will make a fabulous stylish wine bucket for the summer, simply line with a plastic bag, fill with ice and your favorite bottles!


ITEM 5. We do  have a few wastepaper baskets from our last shipment which coordinate with the tissues above

5A Black chinoiserie with gold pierced border (we have 2) measures 13.5″



5B. Scalloped blue/ivory chinoiserie wastepaper basket measures 12″


5C. Scalloped black/gold chinoiserie wastepaper basket, measures 12″



ITEM 6 Our magnificent tray table is one of those items that you need to see to believe…it is EXQUISITE! Pictures cannot even do justice to how gorgeous these are! Perfect as an end table, nightstand or occasional table. With or without the tray, this is one magnificent piece. The tray comes off and can be used separately. All beautiful hand painted. Ivory in stock now, black coming in 3-4 weeks (you can preorder the black)

$335.00 for tray base/table and tray

Measures 24.5″ tall by 24″ wide (tray is 24″ x 2″)

Ivory (available now)

Black (arriving in 3-4 weeks)


CLOSEOUTS- Like a bargain? These below are steals! If we have the size/color you need, you can’t beat these prices, we are down to the last few of these-



ITEM 7. These were part of a large special order, we have four left, this is called Mayflower Blue and really is a gorgeous color.I could see these with big boxwood balls and white flowers and ivy flowing out of the base.  We have four medium, normally they are $435.00 each, today they are $320.00 OR $600 for a pair! Medium measures 20″ x 20″.

ITEM 8. Our original style Provence metal planter offered in a few colors/sizes-

Ivory- we have 3 small left and 4 medium

Small- $330.00

Medium- $350.00

ITEM 9.  Our original style Provence large metal planter in black, we have one left. Normally $455.00 today this beauty is $360.00.

ITEM 10. Our original style Provence metal planter in pale blue, we have 2 small, 1 medium and 1 large

Small- $330.00

Medium- $350.00

Large- $360.00



One lucky chinoiserie tole loving reader is going to win this fabulous planter, perfect for spring planting! Your choice of color. Simply leave a comment here telling us your favorite new item on this post and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Thursday.


Want to place an order?  Simply email or call us (calling is easier) If you email your order request, remember you must include-

 your full name, address and phone number

You must pay your invoice within 12 hours or it will be canceled as we cannot hold items for arrival sales


[email protected]

Thank you for stopping in, love seeing all these beautiful new items just in time for spring! I know I will be busy over the coming weeks plotting and planting, as soon as I am assured there will be no more cold snaps! We waited a long time to do this. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope the sun is shining! Until next time…..

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All the planters are really beautiful but I especially like the blue ones. Thinking about which one I can’t live without.

Love all your stuff. Simply beautiful! My favorite from this group is the blue wastebasket.

I have always been a fan of tray tables but the one in ivory makes me swoon. This is the first time that I have seen on in this color and it’s a beaut! This would grace any room beautifully.

My favorite item is the tray table in black. l think it is just the right little side table, for my black wing chair. Perfection!

Oh soooo Pretty!!! Love everything especially all styles of the gorgeous planters!!

I have such Spring fever looking at these beautiful planters. Can’t wait to start planting!

I love the planters! Would you consider or is it possible to offer them in white? If so, I know I would buy several as the other colors don’t coordinate with my outdoor decor. Thank you for your beautiful website- it’s always a pleasure to peruse and purchase!

I love everything in the light blue/gold vines pattern! Especially the small planter.

The tables are beautiful, but the giveaway planter in blue is my favorite item from this post. You always do a great job, Tina!

My favorite are the tray tables. They can “walk” around the house wherever they are needed. Perfect piece because tray is detachable.

The planters are stunning, but the tole planters are pulling at my heart! Just so pretty.

Tina, your wastepaper basket and tissue paper holders are all so lovely. The ones in black are a stand-out in my opinion. Every
bathroom looks nice with a touch of black and these two items fit the bill.

All of it so beautiful, but so in love with the ivory tray table! I can think of so many rooms I could use it in, so pretty and unique!

The table and tray…. Oh, I have to have this one! We are moving into a new home, and this might be my little gift to myself!

Hi Tina, I think all your things are fabulous, but I really love the planters.
Happy spring.

The black tray table is scrumptious. It’s my favorite! Everything is beautiful!!!!

The tray tables are wonderful–love the black one. And, the giveaway planter. Can see it filled with orchids!

Love planter #2 with the circle border,I will be saving up for these beauties.

I seriously love it all Tina! With the weather slowing warming up, I can just see those Planters flanking my front door and garage door.

All the items are beautiful–I especially like the planters and the black tissue box would look lovely in our guest bath.

It is hard to choose just one favorite! The footed planters are lovely and probably very versatile too.

The black planter boxes with the florette design are STUNNING! Filled with boxwoods…♥️ Just need to decide on which size will be the best!

Love all of the items! I just ordered the planter. I especially enjoy seeing the photos of sweet Teddy at the end of your blogs?

Hi Tina! I love the new tray tables you are getting – just beautiful! You have such great taste and imagination.

CHINOISERIE. I kept asking myself. What does this word mean? What is it? Then, I discovered your beautiful site and blog, and I fell in love! Even though the word, Chinoiserie, looked french to me, I had to pull out the french skills that I have learned over the last 3 years to figure out how to pronounce it! Now that I know, It has opened the doors to an abundance breath taking blue and white items that keep me inspired. Since not all chinoiserie are blue and white, I have have broaden my horizon into all of the other beautiful colors. I look forward to adding items to our new house that we are building in Charlotte!

I like the tables , they are portable, as well. All the painted toil pieces have my heart. The planters are so chic

Love so many things, but I really love the large trellis planter in ivory. Perfection!

My favorite item is the tray table in black chinoiserie. It would look PERFECT in my house. I have a black chinoiserie desk that it would

I love the tray table, especially the black! Can picture it beside my guest room bed as a nightstand. Everything is just gorgeous!

Tina, would you ever consider a post or two on the lovely plants/topiaries, etc. that you put in your beautiful containers? I know your winters are harsh and wonder how the plants you choose hold up from one season to the next and which are the sturdiest, etc. Thanks!

Everything is beautiful! If forced to decide, I would choose the classic paneled planter, as my favorite item, with the black tole tray table running a close second. 🙂

The tray tables are my favorite items. The price is very fair and would be very useful in so many areas.

I love the #1 planter in taupe, also the tray tables. Perfect little side table.

Each time it’s sooooo hard land on my favorite!!! Everything is beyond lovely and makes my heart flutter.
My favorite new item: the trash bins! How elegant and darling!❤️

My favorite item is the black lattice and floral planter. Stunning anywhere!!!!! Soooo classic too!

I love the tray tables…so easy to incorporate one in every room!!! I think the black ones make statement!!

. Original style Provence metal planter in pale blue, any size would make my patio sensational. I have been replacing my potted plants this year (root bound) and lack 2 pots. My thought were a manicured look of tall boxwoods with colorful annuals placed at the bottom…maybe English Ivy cascading ….got the picture. I really never win anything, but I keep in trying. Persistence is my middle name!!! Love these planters in any color!!!

I just love that stunning tray table! I think the ivory will look perfect in my bedroom.

Spring has sprung and what a nice way to start with planting in the beautiful planters!

I love the tray table-so versatile. Perfect to use for entertaining, but love to put my coffee on, while reading the latest The Enchanted Home!

The Toile designs on the tray table, waste baskets, planters and tissue holders are Fabulous!!!

Very hard to name a favorite but the Provence planters both 1 and 2 styles are sensational and the prices AMAZING. There is a place in Palm Beach where they are like $2500, and yours are every bit as pretty.
Waiting for my husband to get home so he can tell me what size, you will be hearing from me tomorrow.

Your waste baskets make me want to redo my bath starting with any one of those as inspiration!

The Provence planters are a classic! They were used at Versailles to hold the orange trees during the summer months. Love them!

I adore all of it but my absolute favorite is the scalloped blue/ivory wastebasket!
Just gorgeous!

Oh my goodness! The finial planter steals my heart!! The beautiful pictures are awesome showing the topiaries inside along with the white flowers. I would dearly love the chinoiserie planter in the giveaway. The white one with the gold is enchanting and would fit in with my blue and white color scheme. Thanks as always for posting such gorgeous and inspiring pictures! I look forward to each of your posts with all of the terrific ideas which I try to incorporate in my own home.

Well, my most favorite thing on here is sweet Teddy of course but if I had to pick something for sale I would choose the new flurette and trellis planter. They are absolutely gorgeous as is EVERTHING else posted? we are completely gutting a 100 year old home and I would love a pair of these next to my front door!!

These planters are stunning!! I’ve never seen them in powder blue, how cute!!! That would be perfect in my garden. I’ve become somewhat of an expert on Provence planters after discovering them on The Enchanted Home insta account. I searched every single online source for a beautiful planter for $100 or less. They exist but they are junk & look so unattractive that they’re not worthy of a space in my yard. I concluded that The Enchanted Home offers the MOST BEAUTIFUL planters with the best designs & colors at the best price. These are a fantastic value. Here’s the thing, when you settle for a cheaper product even though you don’t think it’s very attractive you will always regret that purchase. Conversely, if you get something beautiful and you’re delighted with it every day then you got your money’s worth. Go search & compare but trust me prettier planters at better prices simply don’t exist. Too many middle men are involved in the import process. These are winners and I’ll figure out a way to bring two of these beauties home. Now I need to decide on black or light blue. I “should” get black but the blue is so charming & unique!!!! xoxo

Wow! All the items are beautiful, but that tray table has to come to Mama soon! It is definitely exquisite! Thanks so much for bringing us so many gorgeous pieces!

So hard to choose – they are exquisite!
Can’t wait to see the pale blue/gray color planters!

Would love to have the black and gold chinoiserie pieces! Tina, I recently put the blue and white toile tea caddy lamp in my husband’s waiting room. Patients love it! Congratulations on your beautiful planters…. one day!

I love these chinoiserie planters so much! I have long admired the bathroom on the Blog that has two of these containers on the cabinet with sconces ,above, on each side. I hav3 two chests, so would need four! One of these would be a start

Have to love the TRAY TABLES ? (what with the option of a complete table and/or tray).

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