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Hello and happy Sunday. Congratulations to the winner of the silver planter-

Kinzie Wyche

Please contact us at [email protected] to claim your prize!

First off Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! Wishing all you dads a wonderful day spent with those you love, hopefully getting to do just as you please. To my own Dad, don’t think I need to tell you how much I love and admire you, every day I think about how very lucky I am to have you as my dad, mentor, role model and fellow adventure seeker! Though we are not together today we will be soon and I cannot wait!

We were supposed to be in Vienna, Austria this weekend into next week for a wedding. I was really disappointed that we had to cancel for a few different reasons. But making the best of it and forging ahead. Crazy that we are already in mid June. Will you think I have lost my marbles if I tell you that we are in the throes of some seriously beautiful new holiday items? Yes, it’s true! I really learned the hard way the importance of planning for seasons at least 1-2 seasons ahead of time. It’s been a really busy busy week over here.

We have lots of exciting things in the works, that I cannot wait to share with you. Anywho, here we go with my Seven on Sunday………


1 ONE TALENTED CALLIGRAPHER Found this calligrapher via Instagram,  she was one of my followers and I quickly became one of hers. In fact one of her recent jobs was inspired by one of my blue and white vignettes! Her work is so fabulous, really appeals to my aesthetic in a  big way. Click here to see more of her work. Look how gorgeous!


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of gorgeousness to share with you! I just love this weeks round up which really showcases how beautiful our world can be:) This week there is a heavy concentration of blue and white….just couldn’t help myself-

But my most favorite this week is this one becuase if I had a cafe, this is exactly how I imagine it looking except for one tiny detail, the chairs would be blue and white-


3 SHOP NEWS  You can imagine how exciting it was to get both the silver and the bunnies containers in the same week! I am in love with each and every piece. To me blue and white bunnies are year round! We just finished getting out all the presale orders and for 2 days and we will have an arrival sale on both the giftwrap and the bunnies/eggs this coming week.

There are many things happening here behind the scenes, things you will love I promise! It is a little too soon to share about them right now but I assure you, they are going to be amazing and will be seasonal items for the upcoming fall/holiday seasons (crazy as that might sound).

One thing I can share is a sneak peek at some of the holiday papers! Would love to know your three favorites…..makes me actually excited for Christmas:)


Also when I introduce new items that are coming in, we generally offer them up for a 2 day presale. For the really popular items they will also be added to a newer section on the shop site “presale offers” here you can preorder various items which will guarantee you that specific item when they come in. So when you go to the shop on the left are all of the categories, the first one says “presale offers” here you would click to see the updated list of items available to preorder, click here to see.

Some of the items that many ask about are below.



We also have a section called Last Call where things are priced rockbottom and there are only a few left. We were sold of the few items there and just added a bunch of great new items yesterday that are priced to go and fast! Click here to view

4. A FAVORITE NEW SALAD DRESSING. This is so easy and extremely tasty….best part very low in the calories too. All you do is mix all the ingredients together in a carafe or Mason jar and you have a dressing that you will not only love but that keeps in the fridge for at least a few weeks. Easy peasy! Found at Dishing Delish, click here.

5. KEEPING MY WHITE PARTY VIBES ALIVE. I was on such a high after our white party last weekend, you know that feeling when it’s all over and you so badly want to hang onto that high! I cannot wait to sit down and work on the post and share a bunch of pictures with you, still smiling from that fun night! Part one is almost done and I will share it this coming week.

Thankfully due to my very long lasting white flowers and 36″ oversized balloons I was able to keep the party magic alive in my house well after the party:) I sprinkled a little white magic around the house much to the curiosity of my husband who could not understand why I could not part with these massive balloons lol. Take a look-

I call these the souvenir from a great party… and leftovers, yum!

6. A TRIP TO THE NORTH FORK. So yesterday I was moping, sad that we had to cancel our trip to attend a wedding in Vienna, Austria. We had too many things going on here, obligations (work) plus furniture being delivered to PB. So our sons went and I will enjoy the trip through their eyes.

In the meantime, took a little day trip to the North Fork which is a beautiful area of Long Island, that gives me the same vibes as PB. It is farm and wine country and things move a little slower out there. I love hitting the farm stands, the little flower stands, on occasion,  the wineries…it’s a beautiful way to spend a day. So I went out there and got lots of fresh produce and the most beautiful peonies….they really put a smile on my face!

And my loot  safely back at home which are the perfect ingredients for an impromptu Fathers Day dinner later today-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY I have been on a purging binge lately. Feeling like I want to streamline and get rid of a lot of the stuff I do not wear/need/use any more. I tend to do this in cycles (and no that does not include my blue and white)! It feels so good to clean out or reorganize a specific drawer, closet or even room! I have decided I work best doing it in small stages, it just feels more realistic to me. And you how to do you approach major cleaning/organizing/overhauling? Any tips….I am all ears!



Anything here pique your interest? It is so nice to have the sun shining today with warm temps, validation that summer is here to stay at least for a few months:) I am going to try to enjoy it as much as possible and look forward to a small al fresco dinner later today. I hope all the dads out there are treated extra good and enjoy a wonderful and relaxing day.  Cheers to summer and all the special dads in our lives!

PS In honor of Father’s Day, we are offering 20% SITE WIDE today only! (only exclusion is presales) Click here to go to shop…..

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Tina, all of the new wrapping papers are beautiful! Do you know when you will start carrying the blue and white ribbon? I cannot find it anywhere! I love your PB Home!

I want to have a party just to use the calligrapher!! Also, think I might try the salad dressing on our Father’s Day salad today….looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Must say not as enthusiastic about Christmas right now….but love the papers.

Good morning Tina!
For an organizing tip I highly recommend reading a wonderful book: The Happiness Project. You’ll love it!

I was looking for your post earlier today, think you posted later than usual….it is my “go to” when I settle down with my coffee! LOVE the holiday papers, nice to know I don’t have to go on a wild goose hunt for pretty papers.
The dressing looks and sounds good and easy, I will definitely be trying it. Beautiful work by the calligrapher too. So looking forward to your party post, even the “day after” is very beautiful!

Beautiful post as always, love your north fork pictures, those peonies! Great Christmas wrapping too..cannot wait for the bunnies sale. Thanks for the gift of your blog and happy Fathers Day to all the dads in your life.

Beautiful Christmas papers, Tina! I have a little left from last year’s order from you and look forward to your new papers this year!! Looking forward to pictures of the big party…have a great Father’s Day with your hubby!

So sorry you didn’t get to go to Vienna. We were there last summer and loved it! I’m sure your boys were delighted to fill in for you. Your party decor looks lovely and your trip to North Fork delightful. Happy Sunday.

Hi Tina, LOVE the giftwrap! So so pretty and with so few pretty papers out there, this is much needed! I am an organizational freak and very OCD about how things are organized in my home, much to my kids dismay. I feel that by doing a little every day, and keeping things that way, it avoids anything getting too messy or disorganized. Your farm outing looked like such fun!

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