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Hello and happy Sunday to you! I first want to announce the winner from the recent giveaway for two months of Enchanted Home goodies, congratulations goes to-


Please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize and provide your shipping address.

Hope you are enjoying a great summer weekend. The weather has been mixed this weekend and we have had periods of both rain and sun, and then today it’s only going to get into the 70’s, perhaps a little peek into fall? We are invited to the Hamptons today so will make the most of it and looking forward to the day. I will not lie, I do love summer but a little part of me is excited about fall.

I was in the city yesterday and caught many store windows with their newly arrived fall fashions and it gave me a little “jolt”.  Fall as I say often,  is my most favorite season though summer has it’s perks:) OK onto my Seven on Sunday……




1 ORNAMENTS IN AUGUST No,  I have not lost my mind but believe it or not I am busy finishing up my ornaments order, which is going into production this week. My first batch will arrive in late Sept/early Oct for all you early birds. I will hold a presale sometime in early Sept so stay tuned.

In addition to bringing back our best selling jars and pagodas, we are adding some very exciting new ornaments to the mix, so stay tuned:) We will be adding the cutest Staffordshire dog ornaments, new ginger jar styles and of course the super popular darling foo dog is coming back!

Just a reminder of some of the pretties that will be on their way soon and we will have our first presale fingers crossed third or fourth week of September with ornaments arriving early October and then another batch mid Nov. So we have you covered with the ornaments and yes we are bringing back the super popular ginger jar gift toppers!

And the darling ginger jar gift toppers-

On the subject of holiday, a quickie poll. Do you think I should get the matching tissue to the new holiday papers and small gift tags? Please weigh in, the amounts I need to order of everything are huge so I want to know what the general population says-

2. ONE GORGEOUS HOME Spotted this tranquil beauty over at Traditional Home magazine, what a beautiful and welcoming home. Love the soft palette, it feels just how I like a home to feel. Soft palette with soothing colors, elegant and inviting. Also take note of the well done window treatments, soft pretty panels, my favorite look, in fact going to do a post soon window treatments as that is something lots want to know about. Well done! Click here to see the entire article.


3. A FANTASTIC TUNA RECIPE With our newly (4 months) adopted healthier eating around here, I am always on the lookout for healthy and satisfying recipes. I like to share them here as I know many of you enjoy eating healthy and want new ideas. There was a restaurant years ago called Friend of a Farmer that had the best tuna, I remember it had dill and cottage cheese. It was SO good.

So I was thrilled to find this recipe and immediately made it. It was delish. I made it with a side salad (no bread) and it made a wonderful and satisfying lunch. It will now become a regular around here.  Found over at Simply Recipes, click here for all the details.

Dill tuna-

  • 1 (5 or 6 ounce) can of albacore solid white tuna fish (drained, if packed in water, drain it, and add a teaspoon of good quality olive oil to the tuna)
  • 1/3 cup of cottage cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons of mayonaise (I omitted this and you would never know)
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion (I used a scallion instead)
  • 1 celery stalk, finely chopped (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1 Tbsp of capers
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice (I used much more lemon juice)
  • Pinch or two of dill (I used this generously as I love dried dill in almost anything)
  • 2 Tbsp minced fresh parsley (did not put parsley)
  • 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

4 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PATRICIA ALTSHUL! Not only is she incredibly stylish but what an entertaining figure to both her fans and  her guests:) We actually spoke on the phone and she was as sweet  as a southern praline.

A true lady, so gracious and warm and I love that she is unapologetic for her envy provoking lifestyle. Hey, anyone who can hang out in their opulent home in custom caftans drinking butler prepared martinis is a woman after my own heart!! Loved and enjoyed this article on a day in the life of Patricia Altshul. Click here to read the entire article.

5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never a shortage of beautiful and inspiring Instagram favorites to share with you on any given week. This weeks are no exception-

6. A NEW PATTERN OF CHINA I AM IN LOVE WITH. I need a new china set like I need a new ginger jar, I simply don’t. And truth is I am on a self imposed embargo against buying anything more for the house (porcelains are exempt)!

But when I saw this new pattern from Royal Crown Derby (a favorite) they were just calling my name, begging to come “home”. The shape alone is so gorgeous. I am using serious restraint but had to share in case you have not seen this new pattern and just in case you might be in the market for new china! What a thing of beauty, called Paradis from Royal Limoges. I would have such fun designing gorgeous monogrammed napkins to match this pattern:)

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So true story- the other day I was in a coffee shop and there was a fairly long line. In front of me were a few younger people (in their 20’s) and directly in front of me was a woman maybe in her early 60’s. I guess she was anxious for her coffee but she was one of those people who stays close behind you in line. I have to admit I have a “thing” with people doing this, I don’t like when people stand too close. So a minute or two goes by and one of the young girls turns around angrily and says  “you are invading my private space, you should always be at least a foot away from the person in front of you” and turns around, THEN she turns around again and feeling very self important, turns around and with her hands shows the lady what “1 foot” should look like when she stands behind people!!! Now when I was her age I wouldn’t dare talk to “an older”person this way- what happened to respect, kindness and courtesy! I felt bad for the lady, she did not mean any harm,  though theoretically the younger girl was right in that you should not stand on top of a perfect stranger. I felt so embarrassed for the lady who just got “schooled” and  who was  taken aback and seemed a little shaken. She didn’t really say anything but gently moved a few inches back.

A few days ago,  read a story about a California high school that sent 5 kids home for the day because they would not remove their t shirts that had pictures of the American flag on it which they wore on Cinco de Mayo. They were told this was “insensitive to Mexican Americans”.

We have a friend who is a doctor and he told me about a patient who asked him if he is installing a third bathroom, next to the “women” and “men” bathrooms for transgender patients. He was totally taken off guard and proceeded to tell her no. Has everything become too politically correct? Are people taking all this too far? I think there are times where it is crossing a line…. I mean, where do we stop if we keep going like this? I am sensitive of course to anything involving race or religion but read and hear stories every day that make me think it is just crossing the line. Would love to know your thoughts on political correctness in general. Remember it’s OK to agree to disagree, variety is the spice of life:)


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Anything interest you or get your attention? Hope you have a wonderful day and great end to you weekend. I am looking forward to a relaxing day in the Hamptons, but will be sure to bring my sweater!! We need to take full advantage of these fleeting summer weeks whether its 90 or 65! We will be talking fall decorating before you  know it:)  Thanks for stopping in, until next time……

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That china is just beautiful. I, too, have too much china, but wow, that is a keeper.

I adore the yorkie in sneakers. My little girl, Dixie, would wear them about 2 hot seconds and would be flipping them all over the room!!

Another great post Tina. Love the ornaments holiday wrap and hope you will bring tissue and gift tags, makes it so easy! I am doing a blue/white theme this year with a touch of green, so your line is perfect for my theme this year. Everything I have bought from you is even better in person.

Oh yes, things have gotten really carried away in our country. My husband is French and has his whole family still in France, if you would hear what they think of us Americans and our “political correctness”. Let’s just say we are the butt of many jokes in this vein. It is sad and the entitlement of the younger generation is seriously out of control. Respect does not exist anymore.

I am trying the tuna fish today! I love anything with dill, never would have thought to pair it with tuna but sounds tasty. Love your blog.

The younger woman in the coffee shop could have made her point more effectively if she’d avoided rudeness herself. There are courteous ways of indicating someone is in your space. I’m somewhat troubled as to the tone of the narrative, however: the older customer was possibly “anxious for her coffee,” yet the younger one was “feeling very self important.” The younger customer was verbally heavy-handed, and the older customer was physically heavy-handed. I feel it was easier to notice the louder side of the interaction at the expense of physical violation. I am 55 and would be ashamed if I felt my age, absent other infirmities, made me feel entitled to a higher level of deference from people. We who are older (ahem, “experience enriched”) have an obligation and privilege to treat people well in order to make the point about the importance of courtesy.

“Political correctness” is such an unfortunate term. If we referred to the ideals as what they are, such as “universal respect” or “unbiased consideration” perhaps they’d be more palatable. I do feel we have a long way to go, but that there’s plenty of kindness between all sorts of people to serve as a starting point.

As school begins and summer activities wind down, it is nice to think about cooler temperatures and even Christmas. I can’t wait for the new Christmas ornaments, especially the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments.

The home featured in the Traditional Home Magazine is just gorgeous. All the neutrals make the home seem so calm and inviting. I’m not normally a fan of green, but that bedroom decorated in a muted green is beautiful. I love the open concept floor design for the great room and kitchen. When a kitchen is that great, you want everyone to see it.

Now, on to Patricia Artshul. What a pampered life she lives! I know she can’t be as shallow as this article makes her seem. I would hope that she would use her money to support any number of causes and not just spoil herself. She certainly lives in a very nice bubble.

Looking forward to Christmas and all the beautiful ornaments. A girl can never have too much china.

There is a difference between “political correctness” and common civility and respect. The latter is what’s lacking.

Thank you for your last comment and your poll. Lately it seems that no matter how hard we try not to be political we are forced to take one side or another. I am 73 years old and have lived long enough to remember many tough times in the history of this country but NEVER anything like this! I feel as if l am living on the Mysterious Island of Dr Moreau, you know, in an experiment that has suddenly gone very , very bad and I pray we can get a handle on it before it destroys us. Anyway, thank you for keeping civility, refinement and class alive because it too is under attack and in danger of extinction. You are a bastion of hope for so many of us!! xoxo

I can not wait for the new fall decor, especially hope you can include solid white tulipieres, and the silver candlestick table lamps.

Love this blog. Am looking forward to the Staffordshire ornaments and also all the gift size ornaments. Last year I missed out on getting some as you were sold out when I ordered. Will keep looking for your sale. I agree with everything you wrote about the country and political correctness. We seem to be heading for real trouble in this country. So sad!!!!!

Really enjoy your blog a much! Agree everything in our country is just over the top in terms of this “political correctness” which sadly mostly is due to the entitlement of the younger generation. However it starts with what goes on at home and values are eroding fast
Unlike Europe where traditions are largely upheld, this has almost disappeared here. We switched our 3 kids from public to private for this reason, it was a good decision.
Love your line of products- the Christmas items are so beautiful. Makes me kind of excited for the holidays?

I loved what was said on instagram about being positive. I totally agree with the writer.

My feelings Re “PC” is that the veneer of civilization has been totally stripped from society! How sad. However, I still feel there are many young people who are very conscientious of good manners. Hopefully, they can set an example for those that are lacking.

The pendulum always swings wildly until it rests where it beongs….. Little inconveniences like a person standing too close in line use to be handled with some restraint, or at least class and respect. Decorum is gone I am afraid. Importantly, consideration given to transgender individuals should be a right, plain and simple. They don’t want a special bathroom either, nor should they be forced to use one. I’m no expert on LGBTQ issues so I did some reading on the subject. I want to be an ally for equality that includes education and action. We have another generation coming of age and in some ways they are handling things better then previous generations, but in other ways they have lost some of the graciousness along the way, and we know grace goes a long way in life….Pendulums

All of the things you mentioned above about society are appalling to me and am glad to see there are still(by the poll) more that still think so.
The incident with the coffee shop made me also think about the bullying problem that we have today. And that is what a lot of this comes down to. While some may call it “my rights”, offensive, my space or what ever it’s teally billing. Pushing someone out of the way (here it was literally) to your own way.
What we need to do as a county is to stop the bullying! We think of schools and school children when we honk of bullying but it goes much further than that, as in this coffee shop. We need to stand up for ourselves and FOR OTHERS!
While we can be the example and show them that things can be handled in a kinder. matter than bullying we need to stand up people like this women and tell the file she is out of line. With kindness, tell her that that kind of talk is not tolerable and needs to be miles from anyone. That a few minutes being uncomfortable is not a justifiable reason to lash out at someone. Let her be the one that’s embarrassed. With kindness, let her experience her own medicine. While we need to be peacable people, we also need to stand up against bullies and stand up for humankind. When we stand by we are as bad as the bully. Just as my daughter practices in her classroom, if you laugh at someone bullied you are guilty also. She also with kindness makes the bully feel embarrassed not the bullied. Pretty soon the bullying stops because they no longer have the upper hand. In society, if we did this instead of the usual, “ I don’t want to get involved” all this “politically correct” bullying would stop.
I should probably stop right there, lol, but for example how trump is calling out the fake news reporters. He won’t answer their questions.he calls them out for what they are. Pretty. SOON they will get tired of it and hopefully stop bullying people on their broadcasts.

Your poll had me thinking about something I’ve noticed lately. We seem to have lost our sense of grace. What happened to our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of those around us and attempt to see the world from their perspective. If you feel your personal space is being invaded then move a bit, don’t attack the person you feel has encroached. And never, never reprimand another person so publicly. It’s rude, it’s wrong, it’s unnecessary and shows your lack of grace.

That was a very rude, spoiled young lady. If she treats an older lady that way, you can only imagine how she treats her parents and peers that she feels are not to her standard. Shame on her!!! I like my personal space but would never speak to someone in that manner. I may move a little myself, instead.
What a beautiful, serene home. I love every inch of it!

Whatever happened to courtesy. Whatever happened to character, Whatever happened to respect for our elders. When did it become okay to be rude. Is social media the cause because people say anything on it and now they say it to your face. It’s sickening to see our society lose any and all grace.

Two things caught my eye in this post.. One: Patricia Altshul… My feeling about her Is: if you have it, use, flaunt it and live your life the way you want; that’s true confidence. Second item is the one instagram about being positive… Agree completely.. Just because someone is positive doesn’t mean you’re automatically a doormat.. I like that attitude.

Political correctness has run amok… . It’s insane.. People should stop looking at others’ behavior and start looking at their own..
I love your posts, Tina.. They make my day.

Love your posts as always Tina, so much beauty and inspiration! Thanks so much for the Instagrams of Interest share, such an honour. Can’t wait for the new Christmas arrivals x

Love seeing cute Teddy! That girl in the coffee shop was horrid. I see a lot of this “you owe me” with younger adults. It is such a “me generation” and its nauseating! I have three kids, 12, 14 and 16 and am doing my very best to make sure they know that is not OK!
Great post as always- love love the Christmas products that are forthcoming. You must be so excited. That house you shared is beautiful, and I too love the colors, they are so soothing. Tina, hope you had a nice Sunday.

Political bullying,rudeness,is overwhelming.. I’ve seen it coming a long time. We have lost so much of our country. I owe it to radical teachers and allowing everything to be off limits. All started with taking prayer,pledge of alligance and all of our unique American traditions out of schools and public places. Also,this one world stupidity is only allowing our enemies to infiltrate and make everything worse. Love your posts

OK love this post for many reasons. Adore your Christmas items, the paper, the ornaments, all kit and kaboodle.

The Instagrams are always so much fun to see and I make a tuna very similar but add scallions which is really good and extremely low cal. Even got my 10 year old twins to like it!

Onto the whole “PC” nonsense. I am only 46 but think the whole thing has gone crazy and so out of control. I am so tired of everyone thinking they have a cause to fight for, I agree about when it comes to religion and race there should be zero tolerance but for some of these others, it has gone “cray cray”. We need to go back to how things were 20 years ago. Our country has gone mad. Even our politicians are nuts!

I think manners are on the decline, in general. To me, the important thing is being considerate and polite to everyone in all situations- which is just good manners. This is in contrast to “political correctness” which really was invented to further the agenda of certain politicians. I see good manners as something that should apply to everyone whereas “political correctness” often involves special accommodations for the few.

I watched Southern Charm for the first time recently–Season 1 Episode 1. I thought it was impossible to outdo the Kardashians for crass. This show is NOTHING like wealthy people in the Deep South behave today and gives Southerners a bad name. Really rich people I know don’t go around proclaiming how rich they are–money is NOT talked about in general conversation–it is considered very rude to do so.
If you have money you don’t need to tell people–they know. It is considered bad form to talk about what you have. This show is called a reality show but it is NOT reality, and I found all the people in it very tacky.

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