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Good morning friends, busy busy days over here. So many exciting things to share with you. A few times a year I update you on shop happenings with The Enchanted Home and this time around, there is A LOT to tell you about!

I feel the holiday energy starting to creep in ever so slowly. Make no mistake it is very exciting, and I love every minute of it but it also requires stellar time management skills and it’s a lot of balls in the air right now. My favorite part is the creating and watching things come to life….the creative process is exhilarating!

Most of the things I design are done because I see them in my head but cannot find them despite my searching high and low, which leads me to attempting to create them.  A recent example would be the silver mini table lamps, the blue and white porcelain pumpkins and pleated lamp shades. Most of the time, luckily I am successful so that is a thrill in itself:) But make no mistake, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into this behind the scenes but the perseverance generally pays off.

There are many exciting things going on right now and I am here today to tell you about most of them, there are a few that I cannot quite share but promise as soon as I can, you will be the first to  know:) Consider this a type of “Enchanted Home newsletter”.

I decided to do this post because we get a lot of calls and emails especially lately about holiday related items, papers, ornaments, pumpkins, all the new silver items, porcelains,etc…

For any retailer/shop who is interested in carrying our product line, we now offer wholesale which we are very excited about! You can visit our wholesale site by clicking here or call us for info at 800-804-9565,

So I am breaking it down by category in terms of what is new and upcoming so you are fully up to date! I have included several mini polls and to thank you for participating, I am hosting a giveaway.

Forwarning– this is a long post with a ton of pictures and lots of information so sit down, take a coffee (or wine) break depending on what time you are reading this:)




PORCELAINS  My blue and white never gets old, and my heart is a flutter every single time a new container comes in! Our October container is due here either Wed or Thurs and we will begin to ship all presale orders immediately as well as hold our usual 1-2 day arrival sale (next week). In this container are a number of all time best sellers as well as some new  beautiful new pieces.

Then we have another one just setting sail this week, and this one is  loaded with almost all new pieces/stlyles that you will not want to miss,  and we will hold a presale in about 2 weeks on this container. Then in Dec getting  one  final container which is the last one for 2018, and on both of these, I kept in mind that for the holidays there are an awful lot of porcelain lovers out there:)

A lot of our customers are regular customers who buy a lot of porcelain and are “serial collectors” like myself. A few times people have asked if we had a frequent buyers club to accumulate points for some kind of discount off a future order,etc…..I have thought about it here and there and wondering what you think?

Thoughts on offering some kind of a frequent buyer “club” with porcelains. Would love your thoughts!



CHINOISERIE TOLE  Feast your eyes on all the new incoming beauties here. Getting a new shipment in about 4 weeks which will have a select number of Provence planters (some for special order) and the long awaited new arrival dog beds (they are spectacular).

We are also getting in stunning new planters,  lots of wastepaper baskets and tissue holders which are always so popular, so that we are well stocked for your holiday home plus a small shipment of the chinoiserie mirrors. Then we have our beautiful new pagoda lanterns and new colors of wastepaper baskets and tissue holders.  So yes LOTS coming in and I am really excited about all of it. We will have a 2 day presale on this shipment within 2 weeks. Here is what is coming……

So excited over these fabulous new style pierced rim quatrefoil planters, think these will become bestsellers-

And if your dog has been super good this year, maybe just maybe his/her holiday wishes will come true with a pagoda dog bed!!! This almost makes me want to get another dog:) Would love your assessment on pricing for these dog beds (which include the cushion) These are approx

And another new item are these fabulous pagoda lanterns- ooh la la!

Adding this fabulous mossy green to the line of wastepaper baskets/tissues-


SILVER Silver and the holidays go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows:) Nothing like the gleam of silver for the holidays. My tabletop silver lamps have been a major hit and we have sold out the last 3 shipments. We are getting in one more shipment of the chargers and mini table lamps before the holidays (within 2-3 weeks).

I am happy to announce the addition of a new style which is gorgeous. In that shipment will be all new serving pieces, more of the super popular chargers and a bunch of fabulous new silver planters. All with the holidays and entertaining in mind.

The shipment will be here in about 2-3 weeks. Plus getting back our best selling center piece/serving/punch bowl and our super popular silver chargers. A peek below of what is coming in-


These most elegant chargers are coming back-

Both styles of the mini table lamps will soon be here-

Getting in all of our sold out elegant serving pieces within 2 weeks just in time for holiday entertaining!

Lost of beautiful new planters are coming in again, perfect for elegant holiday arrangments!

Brand new and GORGEOUS new style of the silver mini lamps, coming in just in time for all your holiday tables!

Would love your opinion on the new style mini lamp above-


PORCELAIN PUMPKINS!  Talk about a labor of love. Dreamed these up a long time ago but they were a long time in the. making, getting the designs, shapes and colors just right. But finally they are done and en route!  I kept finding painted fiberglass and plastic pumpkins but I wanted porcelain pumpkins so this is how it all began.

The gorgeous collection of blue and white porcelain pumpkins are exactly what I had dreamed up long ago. Hope to have them here in 1-2 weeks just in time for the height of fall and going into Thanksgiving. These are exquisite, I got my samples and it was love at first sight.

My hope is that every year I will introduce an addition 2-3 pumpkins to add to the collection. I am already starting to think about the new designs that will work beautifully with initial trio. How gorgeous are they! I would like to what you think about adding a few every year so that you can continue to collect these beauties-

You can preorder your set here-


GIFT WRAP  Yes, it’s in production and the first shipment should be here around end of mid November then we will get another shipment early Dec. I just love the papers (5 new styles)  and we are doing matching tissue and will offer reams of all patterns.

And yes we  are bringing back the small ginger jar gift toppers (in 3 styles) and doing pagodas too! This time there will be plenty to go around. Many have also asked about ribbon, we will also have ribbon- blue and white gingham, red and white gingham and satin ribbons in navy, white, red and mossy green.

We will, as we always do hold a presale on the giftwrap sometime in the next 1-2 weeks, you will have the chance to buy it at a lower price than what it will be when it arrives plus be guaranteed your order, some patterns sell out fast. Be on the lookout for that sale in a few weeks….well worth the wait:)


We will also get this back in from last year as it was a top seller-

I truly love them all but am having a love affair with the newest below that no one has seen until today, imagine this with a rich navy or mossy green ribbon and a little topper added to the top…present perfection!


ORNAMENTS! Many asking about these and yes soooo worth the wait! We will be introducing 7 new ginger jar ornaments, bringing back out best selling styles from last year and introducing 3 new Staffordshire dog ornaments in three colors. This is going to be our best collection yet, you can bet on it!

These are in production and we will hold a presale as we always do on these sometime next week. The first batch will be here around Nov 18th them another one first week of December,  in plenty of time for those of you who are early bird tree decorators! The presale pricing will offer lower pricing than what they will be when they arrive and are sold by the box.

In addition, by popular demand we are bringing back the little 3″ gift toppers in three different styles! A lot of people have asked us if we offer some kind of package or consultation for how many ornaments they would need to decorate an entire tree.

Based upon experience we have begun to be able go guesstimate approx how many ornaments certain size trees can hold to appear full and decorated properly. Some have suggested we sell the ornaments in “packages”. Say for an example, we think 200 ornaments for a 6 foot tree- so we sell a box of 200 assorted ornaments at a discounted price. Thoughts?

PLEATED LAMPSHADES! So thrilled about this new addition to our line based upon my love for pleated custom lampshades so popular in the UK and Europe.  I have loved these for a long long time, and am excited to announce a beautiful carefully curated collection is being manufactured as we speak! I hope to have my first batch here within 3 weeks. So excited about this. There is indeed a really market for these and I decided to just jump in and do it. So stay tuned!!

If you know the prices of these fabric pleated shades, they can easily run $500-750. I would be offering them at a fraction of that price. These are samples (pay no attention to the lamp they are on, this was what I had handy for picture taking)-

To start will offer lampshades in one size (for now) and sconce shades-

I am going to start with a few colors and patterns and build from there. I will offer lampshades (2 sizes) and sconce shades. I will also take special orders and think this will grow and become a very popular category. Yes, I will offer wholesale as well. Cannot wait to get these in here are a few samples that I got last week. Stay tuned:)

LINENS. Just got in a beautiful line of 100% gorgeous linens in napkin, place mats and pretty guest towels. The price point will be very competitive and I would love to know your thoughts on these new patterns?

Got the dinner napkin and guest towel samples back and just love them, super pretty! Best part may be the pricing, for 100% linen these are exceptionally well priced. Great gift ideas too. Your turn to weigh in-

IN DEVELOPMENT So,  there are a number of things being worked on as we speak, while I cannot quite share all of them yet, here are a few I can share-

The super popular basketweave products are now going to also include this fabulous super stylish basketweave flatware set! We have done so well with these basketwave items that I am expanding the line and going to start importing it directly which translates to savings for my customers, it’s a win/win. Would love your 2 cents-

And super excited about these chinoiserie handpainted metal shades (will have sconce and lamp shades)  This is an “in progress” shot-


There are a number of other exciting developments in the works, pillows. a line of wicker hurricanes and flatware which I will share more as things move along. Suffice to say by subscribing, you are an automatic “insider” and the first to find out about things as they happen, so stay posted!

Lots of good things are heading this way. One final poll, and this is your chance to make a suggestion if you have a product category in mind that you think we should consider carrying-


As a thank you for participating in these mini polls, I am offering one winner a choice of 6 giftwrap rolls (of his/her choosing) either from our holiday or everyday giftwrap! How to win?

Just leave a comment on this post telling us the item(s) you are most excited about and your name will be thrown in the hat. Winner to be announced on Thursday.


Phew! After this post, I feel like I need a nap:) Thanks for stopping by and taking part in this fun post/newsletter. As always if you have any questions about any of our products you can always call us at 800-804-9565. Always love and appreciate your feedback and you are the fuel that keeps me going:) Wishing everyone a fantastic day, hope the sun is shining wherever you may be:)

PPS Hot off the presses! As of Wed. the stocking presale is on! We will have these up available for a preorder until Sunday, this is a limited time offer so if you see blue and white stockings in your future, click here

PS A reminder- 10% of all shop sales for The Enchanted Home will be go forwards Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation in honor of it being breast cancer awareness month. A disease sadly that has probably touched our lives all in some way shape or form.

It is an honor to support this noble cause. This commitment is  in partnership with Charmajesty Linens. Click here to see the shop.

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JoAnn on

I really love the monogrammed linens…you can never have too many I think…and the xmas giftwrap is perfect for under my tree and would make wrapping a joy this year! Thanks for sharing…

Karen Schaubhut on

Just love your new ideas for upcoming products. Everything you do is well planned and so very beautiful. I would love to see more table linens especially tablecloths that are 70 inches wide. I know with your fabulous taste, my home will be more beautiful with every purchase.

christine on

i love all your new developments. You are so creative and I get so many ideas from you. THANK YOU! I only wish I had a larger house to accommodate all the things I love!

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Good Morning! I am just so excited for the giftwrap and the ornaments! I have some from last year and can not wait to get more for my collection. I am just smitten with the beautiful designs on the ornaments. I will be buying some for gifts too!

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Susan K on

I am most excited about the new mini ginger jar ornaments. They are so adorable!

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Wow… many wonderful treasures!
I would be thrilled to own any one of your items!

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Linens, wicker hurricanes, lampshades and pillows get me excited. Have enjoyed my all occasion gift wrap and looking forward to the holiday wrap. Many thanks.

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Very excited to see the finished chinoiserie hand-painted metal shades. Looks great already!

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They are so many beautiful things contained in this post, that it’s a sensory overload (almost). But, your gift wraps are beautiful and very elegant, guaranteed to elevate even the simplest of gifts. I cannot wait to order my favorites.

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I love all your beautiful wrapping papers and ribbons. Over the last few years I have fallen into the “ stuff it into a cute gift bag with coordinating tissue” easy way out. I really hope to get back into wrapping gifts with more care and thoughtfulness. There’s nothing so cheerful as receiving a beautifully wrapped gift even if what’s inside isn’t that grand.

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I look forward to the staffordshire dog ornaments! There are lots of pretties to entice one for the holidays. You are certainly busy like Santa’s workshop!!!!!

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Enchanted Home, you are bringing the “enchanted” to my home for the holidays with magical blue and white pumpkins, delightful Staffordshire dog ornaments and delightful monogrammed linens. All of these beautiful touches will make my home more magical for the holidays!

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Enchanted Home, you are bringing the “enchanted” to my home for the holidays with magical blue and white pumpkins, delightful Staffordshire dog ornaments and delightful monogrammed linens. All of these beautiful touches will make my home more magical for the holidays!

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Buffalo check table linens definitely caught my eye! i love a beautifully set table with lots of layers!

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Well I have the table lamps and they are wonderful. Hope you will have a Tablescape contest for November of the Thanksgiving tables. It would be delightful to see everyones table.

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I loved this post! Thanks for including us in the choices! Love my mini lamps. Hope I win the gorgeous wrapping paper!!!!

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Thank you,
Deri Terry

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I need to replenish my supply of your gift wrap and am in love with your new designs! The new ornaments (especially the Staffordshire dogs) are so sweet and will definitely be adorning my tree this year!

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Hi Tina,
Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all that you create!!! I can’t wait for your next few containers to arrive! I have already placed my presale orders and excited to receive my new pieces from your beautiful collections….I even have a new Ginger Jar arriving this week from the Enchanted Home!!!

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The wrapping paper is so unique! Linens also extra nice!

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Wow! What a post! Love the new silver mini lamp, and your consideration for a frequent buyers club!

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I am so excited for the new ginger jar and Staffordshire dog ornaments! I’ll need a least a box of each new style!
Also, the new dog beds are quite possibly the cutest things EVER! My pampered pooch is definitely going to need one!

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Love all the new things….A suggestion…..A silk shade would be nice for more formal spaces (dining room, powder rooms, entry halls…etc, and tartans for more masculine rooms….such as a library, study, office. Love everything you are doing…..

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What a fun interesting post!! Love the new pagoda candle lanterns! Tina you must have been tuned into my wish for them!
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Best, Marie

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Holiday ornaments to start my collection!

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LaTricia on

I love that you’re always thinking ahead and curating a collection tailored to your readers!

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Adore the lampshades, especially the chinoiserie metal shade. Your creative ideas meet the decorating needs of your followers. Thank you.

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Love, love, love all of your new designs and new products, especially the new wrapping paper, table lamp, and monogrammed linens.

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Wow! Everything looks amazing but I am enchanted with the new table linens. You are really filling a much needed niche!

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I also love the tiny table lamps and the gift wrap is beautiful. So many lovely items.

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Your creativity is amazing. I’m loving the Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments and the lamp shades.

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I like the beige tone lampshades–lamp and sconce sizes.

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Tina, I love everything!!! My favorites right now are the porcelain pumpkins. Too cute!?

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I’m most excited about the charges and silver planters! Timeless, elegant and most importantly – useful!

Kathryn on

Those guest towels are beautiful! And Fido needs the new dog bed.

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I’m not sure how you keep coming up with more and more ideas. You must be surrounded by wonderful people. I can’t wait to see the chinoiserie metal shades. Love the teaser.

Ann M on

I am really excited to see the painted metal lamp shades. I also love your pleated fabric shades and look forward to them. Thank you.

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Gift wrappings, ribbons and tags are an addiction for me …
if I win this contest , I will need to find more storage space !

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Piper B on

Tina, the Staffordshire ornaments made my heart leap! I cannot wait for your presale. These little puppies will make a charming addition to my ginger jar and ball collection! I love the gift wrap too.

Lisa on

Where do I begin? This is like Christmas a few weeks early, what a visual treat! OK the gift wrap and ornaments are holiday perfection. I cannot wait to order.
My sweetie Maltese, Lola has been very good and deserves that pagoda bed in green:-) The silver, porcelains are all beautiful. Love the lampshades, and will be your first order, what a grand idea. My in laws are in London and you are right, it is a very popular look in Europe, one that seems to be catching on thankfully!
Last, the chinoiserie metal lampshades ala Degournay will be a huge hit, what classic beauties they are. Congratulations on creating all of these amazing products, we are so lucky to be the recipient your gifted creativity.

Kristi on

I love the holiday gift wrap!

Patti White on

Love all of the holiday items, especially the Staffordshire dog ornaments! ?

Maria on

Even though our dog died earlier this year, I have to say the dog bed is my favorite. It is fit for a king or queen!

Marilyn the nurse on

I am most excited about the new miniature ornaments, I tried to order some last year and they were all sold out. Hope to get in right away on them this season. Love just about everything you produce!!!!!

Ann on

Love the silver pieces particularly the new mini candle lamps
Pretty much everything you offer is fantastic.
Thanks for the opportunity for the gift wrap giveaway. The designs are lovely.

Courtney Howell on

I am so excited about the new giftwrap!

Loretta Turner on

I am over the moon with all of the new exciting ideas! I have been a proud owner of 3 sets of staffordshire dogs for over 20 years, the idea of ornaments for Christmas decorating has me ready to bring down the tree tomorrow ?


Chinoiserie metal sconce shades are great!

Lee on

Adore the gift wrap and ribbon and package toppers.. You have been a creative busy-bee. Congrats! Luv it all.

Jennifer Reece on

The new ornaments are amazing!

Melissa R on

I love the silver lamps!! And being from the south, one can never have too many monogrammed linens!!! Not to forget the gift wrap! Just beautiful!!

Becky Vice on

I could see my little pooch in those sweet little doggie beds. My little King Charles would be right at home in his royal palace. ???

Judith P on


Peggy Kahle on

love having the chance to weigh in on your product development. You have a great design sense and all of these items will be hugely popular. I really love the giftwrap.

Karen on

Excited about the sweet gift toppers coming back – missed out last year!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love chinoserie hand painted metal shades and will be ordering Christmas wrap to match my ornaments!

Natalie on

I am most excited about the pleated lamp shades!! I desperately need them for my bedroom!!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love to see handpainted lamp shades in solid Color with a Greek key border.

April on

Porcelain and silver still my favorite. The post was a great idea and will help
you decide what all your fans desire.

Yolanda on

Very nice post with so many beautiful offerings. My favorite is the new style mini table lamp, just what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait to order for the holidays.

Brenda M on

Looking forward to the pleated lampshades, quite special and classic!

Karen Terrell on

I am most excited about the blue and white porcelain!

Gretchen on

Always amazing choices, I just need to prioritize my ?

Fran W. on

Love the blue and white pumpkins! So great to mix in with other blue and white items!

Lexi on

I can not wait for your Staffordshire dog ornaments to be offered and will be adding more of your ginger jar ornaments to my collection!

Linda Myers on

Love almost everything in blue and white. Love true blue and cobalt blue especially! Love pagodas! Would really like some unbreakable blue and white Christmas ornaments.

Karen on

I love all of your ideas and those pleated lamp shades are amazing!

Helen on

I think that fabulous metal lampshade has my name on it!

Meg A on

Love the metal shades!! Would love to see candle cup shades in your line too.

Sharon on

I am always most excited to see the beautiful porcelains!

[email protected] on

Super excited about ornaments and wrap and linens! Fantastic job!
Thank you!

Linda on

The pleated lampshades are beautiful and I just love them. Everything in your shop is so tasteful and perfect for gifts.

Sharon on

Love the wastebasket and tissue holders. I’m also looking forward to seeing the finished metal lampshade. Would like to see more products with reds and deep yellow (such as ochre).
Thank you!!

Kate E on

I am most excited about the dog ornaments!! My grandmother and mother had Staffordshire dogs (about a foot tall) in their homes, and I want to get a set for myself and for my sisters for our trees. They will bring back such fond memories!

Ayesha on

The pleated lampshades and chinoiserie handpainted metal shades are my personal favorites. They are classic timeless pieces!

Janet on

Tina- so many great ideas, but I have to admit I’m a blue and white fan all the way and always most excited to see what porcelains you are selling.
Best regards!

Barb Austin on

Please sell yr ornaments in sets of 12, boxed. I know that I am going to need many this year since i am doing a white chinoiserie tree! Thanks

Sandy K. on

I love the ginger jar and bamboo monogrammed linens. Looking forward to adding the bamboo quest towel to my powder room.

Marcie on

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! that chinoiserie painted lampshade. Please tell me these will be fullsized shades. I will buy them for my embarrassingly large collection of alabaster lamps. When will they be available? Hopefully before Christmas so I can splurge and call that my big present and have them installed for Christmas entertaining.

Jeri Katzer on

Love all your ornaments! I can think of many ways I would use them!

Vivian walker on

I give every member of my family a special ornament for Christmas , so will be ordering soon

Anne Dewees on

This was a really fun post to read! Loved the new possibilities

Karenann S. on

I just love your new porcelain pumpkins. They are so beautiful and festive, and I know they would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s autumn decor!!

Sarah on

I am always so inspired by your designs to create more beauty in my home.
Many Thanks

Karen Simpson on

Those chargers!

Rebecca on

Love them all ……so really hard to chose…….I love all your blue and white porcelain but if I had to chose your planters are my favorite. I have really enjoyed your gift wrap as well and looked forward to additional choices with the gift toppers.

Emily on

Love the pumpkins! My favorite thing!

Debra on

Love the linens,metal tins,pumpkins and of course gift wrap all so beautiful

Leslie Polatty on

Oh I’d love to have your holiday gift wrap ?

Linda Ebright on

Love the adorable ornaments. Hope a blue/white tree is in my future. Maybe a little at a time…

Margaret on

I LOVE the staffordshire dog ornaments ~ the monogrammed table linens ~ the dog bed ~ and the painted metal lampshades!! All winners!

Mary Elizabeth Dunlap on

LOVE the hand painted lampshade…….so chic and classic!

Peggy on

OMG, this was a very long and fun post to read! So many new things to choose from. I especially love the smaller, silver planter and would love to put an orchid in it. I also love the new gift wrap with the dogs and presents. Everything I love all “rolled” up into one paper! So glad that you’re carrying blue and white gingham ribbon; it’s impossible to find! Will the edges be wired? I hope so, wired ribbon makes the best bows. I also love the new fabrics, can you make pillows with them?

Carolyn on

I love all your well thought out and beautifully crafted products- so many choices but have to say the ginger jars top my list!

Ashley Zaumseil on

Great post! So nice to see your interest in customer feedback. I’m dying to get my hands on some ornaments this year and love the wrapping paper!

Catherine Foran on

LOVE The blue and white pumpkins. Their are quite a few “copies” out there, but none appear as exquisite as yours.

PS. Breast cancer thriver and metastatic melanoma surviver in remission..

Fran Burnside on

Feel like a “kid in a candy store” looking at this post. You have such insight and talent to put together all these wonderful items. Picking one is so hard BUT have a need for wrapping paper for a charity luncheon I am chairing where the centerpieces are wrapped gifts so-o-o Christmas wrapping paper would be my choice.
Thanks for making my morning today!

K on

The crystal candlestick lamps are stunning!

Lisa H. on

I love the metal painted lampshade that is “in progress”. Can’t wait to see the collection!

Ccchintz on

What a test ..what I like or what I love. I love your toile ware. Not easy to find. I am thinking of a Christmas gift to myself

Carol on

I hop

Carol on

I’m loving the possibility of pleated lamp shades!

Melissa S on

Of course I love the wrapping paper but I really like the silver chargers and serving pieces. Thinking about the up coming holidays.

Arell on

So many beautiful things! I love the pumpkins! They are very charming. Also the basket ware is adorable. All you new items are fun to hear about.

Mary on

Could not be more interested in the pleated shades. Such a wonderful, classic look that I have always loved. I will look forward to seeing the fabric selections. I also love the painted metal shades. Tina, I would wish to see more pillows in your shop. Have purchased a few and like them very much. The idea of a frequent porcelain buyers club is spot on. Do it! I will be purchasing some of the mini lamps in the near future. Think they are elegant and special.

Jill on

Blue and white new items!

Kristin on

The dog beds and staffordshire ornaments are adorable.

Deane on

The new dining table lamp is very appealing; as well as the pretty wrapping paper and gift toppers.

Jackie Shelhorse on

Pagoda dog beds give me life!!!! My adorable mini doxie needs one!

Patty on


Mimi B. on

I really like the newest addition to your Christmas wrap. Love, love, love the green ribbon.

Madeline on

I have been waiting for the lovely Christmas wrapping. I have a smile knowing, Christmas is coming soon.

Marilyn on

I love the monogrammed linens. The holiday wrap is lovely.

Catherine H on

Love the lamp shades!! So hard to find good ones!

Megan on

A lot of exciting new things on the horizon…that hand painted shade is stunning! But I have to say that your giftwrap is my favorite. So very elegant! The Provence planters are also my favorite! And then there’s the blue and white porcelain…

leigh on

I LOVE the blue and white pumpkins!!

Ananda Gilmore on

I just ordered two more ginger jars but can’t wait for the new shipments!

Debbie G on

Your pumpkin designs are amazing and will add a classic fall look to any home.

Janice on

Favorites have to be the shades…so hard to find unique, elegant shades of all sizes.
Bring them on, Tina!

Jennifer Garren on

I’m highly interested in seeing the painted metal shades and sconces, they are a gorgeous idea. Will look wonderful especially on antique lamps.

Jennifer on

I am most excited for the new moss green wastepaper basket,, hoping for a matching tissue holder

Laura H on

Really like the new gift wrap!! (Love everything!)

Nancy Griffiths on

Love so much…how to pick? Looking forward to ordering some wrapping paper and ribbon for Christmas gifts and topping them off with a porcelain gift topper!

Catherine B. on

The pagoda dog beds are adorable!! I also like the pleated lampshades. As always, thank you for offering a generous giveaway.

Trudi on

I love the pleated shades in blue and white of course!

Bettina Woodring on

Can’t wait for the Staffordshire dog ornaments & monogram napkins.

Terry P. on

Wow! You’ve been a very busy chick!

Tammy Ringeisen on

Lots of beautiful items! Can’t wait for the lampshades. Thank you. ~ Tammy

cheryl on

Cant wait for the new style of the mini silver lamp! And I love the lampshade for sconces/chandeliers!

Donna on

Monogrammed bedding sounds interesting, especially if they are the super big ones that are sometimes done on European shams. The new porcelains, ornaments and gift wrap sound interesting.

Betty Crow on

I would love to see monogrammed bath towels like you had in one of your bathroom pictures at your new home. Blue stitching on white towels. I would like any design really if it is blue on a white towel.

Bev on

Still dreaming about mini lamps being offered in brass or gold color.

Holly on

SO many pretty things!!! But I really, really love the monogrammed linens!

Susan Seymour on

I can’t wait to get the staffordshire dogs to add to my tree this year. Absolutely love them!!!

Donna Scully on

The Christmas ornaments are my favorite items! Love the decorations for packages and all the new choices….the sample packaging is stunning!

Susan K too on

Those little silver lamps – so great!!! I also really love the Holiday giftwrap!

Jeanne on

Love, love, love the pleated shades and the monogrammed linens. Cant’ wait for their arrival!

Mickey on

It’s all fabulous but my favorites are the new ginger jar Christmas ornaments.

Deborah Johnson on

So looking forward to the new gift wraps and pumpkins!

Angie Thornton on

Amazing creativity. The pleated fabric lamp shades are perfect to update lamps. Keep up the great design Tina. So glad I found this site years ago.

Susan on

Really excited about all your new items. Love the lamp shades.

Sky on

I love the new linen towels! And will be super excited about the bedding to come!

Cheryl on

The ginger jar ornaments! I stalked them last year but never pulled the trigger. This year they are mine! Also saving up for a pair of those gorgeous porcelain fishbowls for my front stoop! I have the faux boxwood topiaries already picked out! Love all of your products. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Carol on

I love the ornament gift toppers!

AnnKay La on

I’m most excited about the porcelain pumpkins because I’ve never seen anything like it on the market before! Plus, I’m a huge fan of blue & white!

michelle l oleary on

Most excited about metal tole hand painted sconce shades

Kathy on

Tina, all the items are beautiful and it is obvious that great care and passion went into the development of every single one. We, your fans, deeply appreciate that! I must confess my favorites (for the moment!) are the gorgeous silver chargers in both styles, the wrapping papers and ribbon selections, and the silver candlestick lamps. Those chargers are just so stunning. Anyone fortunate enough to own them can certainly set a dazzling table that guests will not soon forget.

Joan Jure on

Really love the new lampshades and sconce shades. They would certainly be a definite decor statement! Also love the wrapping paper with the topiary with the red berries!

Arlyn on

Hi Tina,

Freaking out over the new metal hand painted sconce shades. I think they are fabulous. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I think they are divine!! Can ‘t wait to get my village bowl in soon! Keep up the good work!!!!!

Stephanie C on

For me it is the dog bed! Just perfect for my sweet little love!

Lisa on

Love the stockings and the staffordhire ornaments!!

Leslie Daniel Rainer on

Love especially the embroidered towels, the ornaments and the gift wraps! Thank you for this informstive post!

Leslie Daniel Rainer on

Love especially the embroidered towels, the ornaments and the gift wraps! Thank you for this informative post.

Marie on

I love the mini ornaments. I purchased one set last year and look forward to adding to my collection. I also like the mini table lamps.

Sandra Leonard on

I especially love the gift wrap. I like to develop I signature style and these would work so very well. The nice part, too, is that they don’t require multiple colors of coordinating ribbon. My second faves are the pleated shades. Look forward to more sizes. Well done!

Joanie Maxwell on

Definitely the new gift wrap and the staffordshire dog ornaments, SO excited for those!!!

Wehaf on

Those pumpkins are adorable, and I love the gift wrap designs!

Kay N Duran on

Porcelains are always my very favorite items and the pumpkins are a great addition that you don’t find very often. Love wrapping paper for all occasions, not necessarly theme related except for Christmas, so the Christmas wrap is a hit with me. Keep up your creative work,it is appreciated so very much by so many of us readers.

Shannon Crouse on

So excited about the gift wrap and linens… may have to update my wish list for several ornaments too!,

Arlene on

I am so excited to see the new ornaments. The Staffordshire dog is wonderful

Jane Morrow on

i am really loving the trash cans with the scalloped top.!!!! may very well order!!

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