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Hello! Take a seat friends because as of 9am this morning,  our holiday gift wrap is finally up for presale! Lots of of you have been patiently waiting and believe me, no one wanted this to be out of production and en route more than I did and it’s on its way!  We are really excited about our gorgeous new styles that have been in the works for quite some time. As we always do we offer you, our Enchanted Home readers “first dibs” via a presale with special pricing.

Think about how nice it will be to know you have one less holiday errand to run, running around looking for gorgeous paper (which in my opinion is not out in abundance hence why I started this line to begin with)! Plus we are offering matching ribbons, tissue and gift toppers. Everything you need to create the perfect holiday gift:)



The gift wrap is due here in a little under 4 weeks, perfect timing for any early birds who like to get a head start on their holiday gift wrapping. We are also getting in a good number of reams per design, they are by far the best deal given the amount of paper you get, and they are about 1/3 of the price of normal reams. So if you really love a pattern, this is a great way to go!  Just a few rules to please read over first-

  • You  must either call or email you order to 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • The only way to order the giftwrap is emailing or calling (it is not yet online)
  • If you email your order- you must include your name, address and phone number in the email order request for us to send an invoice
  • Limited numbers of rolls available for this sale- subject to availability
  • They are approx 20% less than what they will be when they go online
  • This sale is on for three days and will end Thursday evening, Oct. 25th
  • We are getting a small shipment around Oct. 31st and the rest around Nov 30th/early Dec (we will fulfill orders in the order they arrive so some will ship out early Nov but most later Nov)
  • All invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours or they will be canceled
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Orders will ship out on or about Nov. 24th
  • Sold by rolls of 2 only (no mixing and matching)
  • Any order over $500 gets and 10% off
  • International order?  Call us at 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale orders- register for a trade account (stocking dealers/retail stores only) by clicking here

Any purchase over $300 gets two free rolls of their choice!



ITEM 1. NEW STYLE! Our beautiful Christmas trees, love this pattern with three different blue and white patterned Christmas trees adorned with a beautiful red bow.  Talk about a way to wow your gift recipients!  What recipient wouldn’t be thrilled to get a gift wrapped in these beautiful papers.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00

ITEM 2. NEW STYLE! Our beautiful Christmas trees with a big mossy green bow, love this pattern with three differnt blue and white patterned Christmas trees adorned with an elegant mossy green bow. Who wouldn’t  be thrilled to get a gift wrapped in these beautiful papers.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00

ITEM 3. NEW STYLE! Our fabulous new topiary paper featuring two types of boxwoods in gorgeous blue/white planters is going to be a instant classic! What a gorgeous gift this will make!

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00

ITEM 4. NEW STYLE! Our stunning topiary paper featuring two types of boxwoods in gorgeous blue/white planters is going to be a classic! This one comes with the blue and white gingham box. What gift will not be even more beautiful when wrapped up in this fabulous paper.

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00

ITEM 5. NEW STYLE! Our incredible new Staffordshire dog and presents paper is such a beauty,  I can see it all wrapped up with a big mossy green or navy bow and one of the darling toppers.  This is such a fabulous paper, so unique and elegant..perfect for any blue and white lover:)

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00

ITEM 6. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  Bringing back this best selling topiary pattern from last year. Another beautiful addition to your holiday giftgiving, imagine with a big red or navy bow and one of the toppers of course:)

2 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $16.00

4 rolls (30″ x 8 feet)- $30.00

1 ream (30″ x 204 feet)- $120.00


ITEM 7. Tissue paper in EVERY pattern! This year we are offering tissue in every pattern, all tissue packs come with 25 packs of oversized tissues sheets that measure 20″ x 30″.

 Each tissue pack today is $8.00 (will be $10 when they go online) SPECIFY PATTERN WHEN ORDERING

ITEM 7A. Christmas tree with green bows

ITEM 7B Christmas tree with red bows

ITEM 7C Topiaries with blue/white gingham

ITEM 7D Topiaries with red/white gingham ribbon

ITEM 7E  Staffordshire dogs and presents


By popular demand we are now offering  beautiful ribbons that are affordable and the perfect finishing touch for gifts using our papers. Ribbons can only be purchased with the purchase of giftwrap. These are the perfect match for the beautiful papers to create a picture perfect gift! Our gingham ribbon is always a big hit!

8A Blue and white 2″ gingham, this generous sized roll measures 33 yards and is $16.00 today (only with purchase of gift wrap)

8B. Red and white 2″ gingham, this generous sized roll measures 33 yards and is $16.00 today (only with purchase of gift wrap)

ITEM 9 . So happy to introduce to you this year this gorgeous high quality double faced satin ribbon. Such an elegant way to wrap a gift, this beautiful  1.5″ satin ribbon in extra large rolls are the prefect coordinates to all the giftwrap above.

Offered in four colors- red, gold, navy and moss green.

A huge roll of  DOUBLE FACED SATIN ( a very luxurious ribbon) 50 yards is $22.00! (only with giftwrap purchase) Specify color when ordering


ITEM 10. Gift toppers. Back by popular demand. Nothing can finish off a gift quite like these gift toppers. They measure 3″ and the beauty is they are an ornament so once the gift is opened, your recipient has a darling ornament to add to their tree or wherever they desire.  These are the perfect finishing touch to any gift year round. Now offered in 3 fabulous styles!

Here are some gift wrapping ideas using the toppers from last year, love also adding a fresh sprig of boxwood, evergreen…whatever you find in your yard!

Sold in boxes of 4 $24.00

Specify which topper you want (no mixing and matching)

10A  3″ Ginger jar

10B. 3″ Staffordshire dog

10C  3″ Pagoda

Here are some pictures we just got a few days ago of the paper coming hot off the press, literally and figuratively:)

And the gorgeous tissue which  is going to make opening a gift a gift in itself this this holiday season!



One lucky winner will win four rolls of giftwrap (assorted box of current styles either from our every day or holiday collection). Just leave a comment here telling us your favorite patterns and you will be in the running. Will announce a winner on Thursday so be sure to check back!


Well if this doesn’t get you incredibly excited about the holidays, not sure what will! This has me dreaming of all the beautiful gift wrapping possibilities this holiday season…..cannot wait. This, with the ornaments coming in is sure to guarantee  one beautiful holiday and your gift wrapping presentation will be the talk of the town:)  Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day.


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mary on

Pretty…..Pretty….oh so very pretty!

Karen C on

The trees with red ribbon and the the pups of course!❤️??

Maree Sperle on

Absolutely the most beautiful gift wrap I have ever seen! How to choose a favorite? After going back and forth I would choose the Christmas trees with the green bows.

Bettina Woodring on

Personally I love the blue & green topiaries, but I know my family will want the red & green topiaries.

Sandy w on

Love all your new papers. Hard to pick a favorite.

Jayne on

The paper with the Staffordshire dogs is my favorite. As the owner of two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, what other choice could I make! But I love every single design!

Beverly Nichols on

Love the green topiary with red/white gingham ribbon!

Paulette Trenary on

I love every pattern! Love the tissue paper because that will make a gift extra special!

Natalie on

ITEM 7C Topiaries with blue/white gingham is my favorite with the blue and white gingham ribbon! Absolutely LOVE the matching toppers!!!

Margie Winters on

Absolutely beautiful! These take gift wrapping to a whole new level!

barbara m on

I know the red is more “Christmas” but these blues and greens are so attractive, yet still convey the holiday feeling.

Kristen on

The topiary paper is so classic! Love it!

Cindy Hall on

My fav is the Christmas trees with green bows but they’re all delightful!!

Betty Sue Newton on

This is a beautiful line of Christmas papers, tissue, ribbons and toppers. The prettiest I’ve ever seen!

Liz B on

Tina, they are all beautiful but my fav is the topiaries with the red & white gingham. Terrific.

ruth bernhard on

I’m getting ready to order #5 Staffonshire Dogs, saw your beautiful ad in Atlanta Homes!

Jeannie on

Love, love the topiary pattern with the blue and red bows ?❤️

Maggie on

Wow- choosing is a challenge! Well done Tina

Paulette P on

All of your papers, tissue and ribbons are wonderful. However, my first choice would be the topiaries with with the red and white gingham ribbon.

Cristina on

Christmas Chic! That’s what this giftwrap and tissue paper is made of !

Lucy Porter on

I love the blue and green topiaries, but I admit I had to scroll back and forth several times before I could settle on just one favorite!

Marilyn on

Would love to buy a gift for everyone I know just so I could use every pattern! Gorgeous!

Tameka on

#6 is so vibrant. The blues, greens and and reds really pop on the white background.

Susan Webb Rawls on

Item 6 is my favorite due to the use of all colors- red, green, blue and white.

Mary M on

I love love the staffordshire dog paper and matching tissue paper and those adorable toppers!

Marlene on

Loving the toparies with the blue and white checked ribbon. I would have to have the checked blue and white ribbon also. They all are so great especially when an ornament in the ribbon.

Peg on

The assortment , is classy and timeless. Hard to choose!

Jan on

Beyond Beautiful describes the paper, tissue, ribbon and gift toppers. All of these are gifts within themselves…. congratulations on the beautiful designs.


This is the cutest gift wrap ever!!! I can just see a stack of boxes wrapped up under my tree.
Can’t wait to use it!!!

Susan Haidon on


Amy on

Beautiful! I love them all and can’t wait to start wrapping!!!

Mary Claire Salerno on

Love the patterns and the tissue, ribbons and toppers make such a lovely presentation.

Stephanie Gonzalez on

Item number 6 is definitely my favorite, although I’m loving all the new patterns! There’s just something about that classic red and green mixed with blue and white that I love! Thank you once again for hosting another fabulous giveaway! ~Stephanie

Jennifer P. on

I love the new gift wrap and coordinating satin ribbon. didn’t realize you also had the tissue! Love that too!!

Jordan on

All of these are beyond wonderful!! Item 4- The topiary & boxwoods in blue & white planters w/ blue bows is my personal favorite! Absolutely adorable, and am IN LOVE with the tissue paper!!

Lisa C on

#5 the Christmas topiary pattern is my favorite!

Lisa on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new red and blue topiary patterns with gingham ribbons. What a fabulous way to make a statement with your gift giving – especially with the coordinating tissue and ribbon. I am going to be the hit of our family gift exchange this year!

Lynne OBrien on

Love, love love the tissue paper with the blue gingham ribbon! So gorgeous! Thank you for offering!

Joy Searles on

I love the blue and white trees with the green bows…but they are all beautiful!

Brenda on

These are all so beautiful. It’s really hard to choose. My favorites are #3,4,6.

jan on

I adore the Topiaries with the red ribbon but feel I couldn’t go wrong with any of these beautiful papers/tissues. The ribbons are lush!

I am having a tough time trying to decide which ones to purchase…….I’d even like to give them away as gifts to friends that I know would love them.

Susan on

I love the topiaries with all the red accents

Bonnie G. on

That satin ribbon is so special and really adds a sophisticated touch! My favorite pattern is the topiaries with red and white.

Judith Poremba on

I love anything and everything ginger jar!

Judi Smith on

This gift wrap certainly gets me in the mood to start shopping! Can’t wait to to get my order and wrap away!

Ellen on

Love love love the new wrapping paper with the Christmas trees!! It’s so perfect for the holidays, I can’t wait to place an order!

Jeanne on

I especially love the topiaries with the red ribbon. Great idea to have matching tissue

Judy Clark on

It’s impossible to choose a favorite because they are all beautiful. And the coordinating tissue paper would make a gift seem extra special.

Mary Lu Belote on

So happy to see the ribbon!! I will definitely be ordering everything that has a topiary on it! Thanks, Tina!!

Elizabeth on

I love them all! But if I have to pick just one it would be the blue topiary with the blue gingham ribbon.

Janet Allison on

So many beautiful designs. Wish I had a huge family. I would buy all of them!

Kathy on

I simply love the English topiaries with red bows. It says “Merry Christmas” to me in a very stylish way. Beautifully done, Tina! And the ribbon selections- just WOW!

Karen on

My first job, at age 15, was as a holiday gift wrapper at a department store. It was at that point that I became hooked on wrapping and presenting beautiful gifts. Your collection is gorgeous, and I’ve never been more excited about the holidays approaching! I can’t wait to receive my order.

Deborah Fahy on

If I had only seen one pattern, it would be my favorite. But seeing all the new wonderful patterns, they are all my favorite! I love vex the classic beauty of all of them! And I am thrilled that you brought back pattern
#6. The all time favorite!

Maureen O on

All beautiful! Like the staffordshire dog paper! So different and great for dog lovers! Thanks for the giveaway! Very generous!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love Topiary boxwood and the dogs and presents. In blue and white of course!

Marion on

As Elvis sang, I’ll have a Blue Christmas! Can’t wait to sit down and make my order…will be so hard to
choose from so many beautiful possibilities,

Tim F on

The Stanford shire dogs & presents and topiaries w blue gingham are awesome.

Arlene on

Love love love the new pup design

Cecilia Weber on

Beautiful, fun, creative way to start a B&W holiday tradition!

Tim F on

The Staffordshire dogs & presents and topiaries w blue gingham are awesome.

Anne Marie O'Connor on

The gift wrap, Ideally, I like them all. They are really unique. Especially love the fact you also have the tissue paper to match. Beautiful presentation! House warming gifts wrapped in these papers, holiday hostess gifts wrapped in these papers and Santa gifts wrapped in these papers, a lovely display!

Anne Shea on

The wrapping paper is beautiful! The choices this year are amazing.

Regina on

My favorite is the green/blue topiary paper!

Bonnie W on

These are absolutely stunning! I actually wish to buy it for myself!! It’s so lovely …

Julia Crow on

Oh my goodness! So many pretty papers! And the ribbon, toppers and tissue paper! WOW!

Courtney Howell on

I am ordering today! I absolutely love the gift wrap and matching tissue paper!!

Regina on

Love item 3… Two types of boxwood with a touch of holiday red!

madeleine on

Love each and everyone!

Sandra Eubanks on

Love the Christmas Trees with red bows!!!! This would complete my dream under the tree !!! ❤️

Anita. on

You make the presentation so elegant. Since I have the blue gingham ribbon from previous order my favorite paper is the topiaries with that bow. Also love the matching tissue paper.

Lisa on

My favorite pattern is the blue and green topiaries, although ALL of them are gorgeous! You’re putting me in the holiday mood!!

Janet Masterson on

Want one of everything! I especially love the Christmas tree with green bow, boxwood topiaries, and Staffordshire dogs/presents!

Pam W on

#1 & #6 are my favs!

Mary Joy W on

I love it all! I’m going to use the topper on my smaller trees i use in the deep window sills in my dining room!

Meghan Oxenreiter on

Love them all!! I love #1 with the red ribbon!! Amazing

Stephanie on

You’ve outdone yourself with these fantastic new designs … certainly to make any Christmas package, Merry!!! Can’t wait to see them in person!!

Ann M on

I am such a gift wrap junkie, people actually ask me to wrap gifts for them and I’m happy to oblige in order to use up what I have to buy more! I love the topiaries with green ribbons the best, but there’s not a single pattern I wouldn’t want! Fabulous.

Kathy M on

Love the gorgeous topiary wrapping paper, tissue, ribbons, and the cute toppers!

Tina Jackowitz on

OMG these are to die for!! ?

Melissa Parsons on

Love every bit of it!! Can’t wait to create beautiful packages with it for all of my loved ones! The gift toppers + ribbon + paper = perfection!

Annie on

Absolutely beautiful! Love the chinoiserie patterns with the boxwood and the adorable puppies

Elaine McCarty on

❤️ so,so cute! I love the trees with blue gingham ribbon. The tissue is sooooo cute! Thanks for the holiday wrap! Now to shop???

Eileen on

Loving all the new gift wrapping patterns !! Can’t wait to order !

Jill Crews on

bought this for my granddaughter who is in college and majoring in marketing. She loves the blue and white and has started a collection in her dorm room. She will love love love this!

Sherie ford on

Love y’all he trees with green bows!

Becky on

Absolutely love them all! I will buy more gifts just to wrap them!

Susan Jacoli on

It’s a hard decision. After flipping a coin, I’m going with topiaries with red and green bows.

Brenda M on

So hard to pick one …. the topiary with the gingham ribbon is my favorite. The whole collection is exquisite, congrats Tina!

Jackie Wolfe on

Christmas trees with green ribbons!!

Peggy Kahle on

The giftwrap is fabulous,love the topiaries!

Claire Amberson Phillips on


Claire Amberson Phillips on

Topiary!! Those red bows are precious!

Martha Queen on

I love the red ribboned topiary paper and tissue. I have ordered the gift toppers as well! Thank you for bringing us such lovely paper goods.

San on

Too many choices!! Christmas trees with bows are my FAVORITE!!

Lynne M on

Love all of these – hard to pick a favorite. Think #1 is it.

Beth on

I am just in love with the topiary wrapping paper?

Emily Heston on

These are so beautiful, whimsical and unique, Tina! I am stocking up and am so excited to not have to go out searching for something special to wrap our gifts with this year.

I find the topiary and trees with the green ribbon to be most eye catching, but the Staffordshire dogs and gifts has really captured my hearts. LOVE the matching tissue and beautiful double sided ribbon! Thank you Tina!!

Kristen on

They are all wonderful especially the Staffordshire dogs and presents!

Karen McLeod on

The trees with the beautiful red ribbon.❤️

Silicon Valley Blue & White Fanatic on

I would use the topiary with blue ribbon tissue paper year round! All of your ribbon is amazing too. Actually, I am crazy over all of it.

Josie on

Love them all! Just beautiful!

Leslie on

I have two. Item 6, and item 7c. Love both! Happy holidays!

Vickie H. on

These are all so lovely! I’ve picked out my faves! Thank you, Tina!

Sandy K. on

I love the toppers!

Merilynn on

Hi-big person here so of course love your pattern with pups!

Merilynn on

Hi-big “dog” person here so of course love your pattern with pups!

Faith Boggio on

My favorite paper is the Topiaries with blue & white gingham. I love them all. What a beautiful collection of gift wrap and toppers!

Pam Mjoseth on

This is by far the most lovely gift wrap I have ever seen. I even give it as a “gift” to some family members who have everything but this!!! LOVE the ribbon this year too!!

Janet on

Fabulous selection and pricing!!!!

MK Repetti on

So beautiful!❤️ Love them all! My eye does go to the topiaries with red and gingham ribbon and of course the dogs. Love all the toppers. Well done, Tina.

Deb on

The tissue paper puts your gift wrap over the top. Well done!

MK Repetti on

Topiaries with red and white ribbon. Of course the dogs. Love all the toppers.

Jennifer on


Donna on

The paper is beautiful-each and every roll❤️

Laurie on

I can’t tell you how much I am in love with the adorable trees and topiaries with ribbons on top! So cute!

Suzanne G on

Beautiful wrapping papers!! My favorites are 3 and 4.

Stephanie Hull on

Most beautiful Christmas wrap I have ever seen!

Janet Cole on

Oh, I can’t wait to wrap some presents with the foo dog paper! Putting my tree up early this year just so I can put beautifully wrapped presents under it…

Barb Moreau on

All lovely but favourite is 7B

Dotti on

Tina, you have really outdone yourself with the addition of more beautiful papers, tissue and ribbons! Loving the topiaries with blue and red checked ribbon. Congratulations!

Deri Terry on

Paper 7c, -the topiaries with blue and white gingham is my favorite! I also love the toppers!
Thank you,

Kathy on

Love all of them but my fave is the topiary with red/white gingham!

Natalie on

These are beautiful! I do love the topiaries with the red ribbon! This wrapping would make every gift look elegant!

Maura White on

They are all simply stunning but the topiaries with with the blue and white ribbon is my favorite, a very tough choice to make!

Katie Gaylord on

Love them all, but 7c and 7d are my new favorites!

Jackie Shelhorse on

Topiaries with blue and white please!!!

Liz on

Thank you Tina! Your brilliance of doing a blue/white/green paper can be used for Hanukkah gifts too!!

Andrea Cariello on

Love the topiary gift wrap – can’t wait to wrap presents!!

Jeanne on

I’ve been a lover of Staffordshire dogs for decades, so my favorite is the dogs paper. (Wish it came with red bows also). And I also love the Christmas trees in both colors!

Donna Scully on

I love the topiary paper and matching tissue!

Deborah Johnson on

I am officially excited about the holidays! Now for the gifts!

Rachael on

Item #3 is by far my favorite.

April on

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Yeah!

Alissa S on

Love the topiaries with the blue gingham bows. Darling cute!!!

Susan on

I can’t wait to receive this gift wrap and have “The Look” under the tree this year.
Every pic of your beloved Teddy makes me tear – our sweet Golden just turned 6 and is my dear companion❤️

Arlyn on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the topiary Christmas paper!!! Such a nice change from the typical choices. Happy Holidays!!!

Donna reynolds on

All are just beautiful!!especially love the topiaries with the blue and red gingham ribbon! So perfect for celeb the season?????

Shellie Buckman on

Omg!! These are all gorgeous! I love each of them. I guess if I had to choose just one, it would be the topiaries with red ribbon. They all just make me so happy!

Sharon on

Thanks you for the lovely choices in gift wrapping.

Peggy on

Love the blue Christmas trees with the red bows!!

Shirley Craine on

These are perfect- they would be delightful to wrap with and would bring such joy to give! (As well as receive!)

Rebecca on

Love them all but the blue and green topiaries is my favorite. Perfect with red ribbon for Christmas and all year round with green or blue gingham ribbon.

Cathy Smith on

This new Topiary paper is gorgeous. So classic !! This will be a Very difficult but fun decision trying to choose the one to order. I may just order several. !!!

Jennifer Reece on

Beautiful! I ordered some earlier because I couldn’t wait for the new designs! I love the blue trees with the red ribbons!

leigh on

The Christmas trees with red bows and love the ribbon!

Jana Rinehart on

I love them all as usual! Not sure which I love more!!! Thanks Tina!!!

Mary on

All styles are fabulous but topiaries with red bows are my favorite!

Kay on

Item 6 the topiaries with the red bows

Carolyn on

Beautiful offering! I love the Christmas tree/Topiary mix!

Anne on

I love the ones with the topiaries and especially the blue and green. The os something about the scale that continually draws my eye back to it

Amanda R. on

Items 3, 4, and 6 are my favorites! Thanks for the pre-sale!

Jana Rinehart on

Ok… I have to have the staffordshire dog and gifts! Love that pattern!

Peggy on

It’s all beautiful, but my favorite is the green topiaries and mini-trees in the blue and white pots. The colors are so bright and make me want to get wrapping!

Katherine Y on

Love your new topiaries with the red bows! And all of them really… can’t pick just one!

Whitney Weigel on

Topiaries with red & white ribbon is my absolute favorite!!

Linda C on

I really like the topiary pattern with red gingham ribbon but they are all pretty and unique

Jennifer S on

Love Everything!!!! One is just as fabulous as the next one!

dale on

Blue trees with red ribbon!

Mary Alice Taylor on

You are inspiring me with Christmas spirit! Luv Item 3 , 5 who wouldn’t want to squeeze the lil pups?

Irene on

My favorites are 3, 4 and 6! Love your blog!

Penny Allen on

For a lover of all things blue and white it is hard to choose!! I love the topiary with the blue bow to use year round. But I think I must have the Christmas tree with red bow also! Love!! ???

Kristi on

Item 6 and 1oB-love the puppy!

Diane R. on

The topiary patterns are all exquisite!

Janice Fincher on

Love, love, love all the designs – makes it hard to narrow down my choices!

Mary Baker on

Wow, love all the wrap and tissue. I especially like the stacked gift boxes with green ribbon and all the tissue paper. What lucky recipients to receive gifts wrapped in these beautiful papers and tissue. Too pretty to open.

Cindy on

The topiary paper with red gingham ribbon is my favorite!!!

Chris on

Love them all!! Absolutely beautiful!

Jennifer on

Items 3,4 and 6 are my favorites❣️Beautiful❣️

Susan on

The papers, ribbon, tissue and toppers are all fabulous! My favorite paper is the topiaries with red checked
Ribbon! Perfect under the tree!

Marilyn on

I love all the wrapping paper,but if I have to choose one, it would be the trees with the red bows. Thank You for the giveaway.

Rebecca on

Topiaries with red and white gingham wins my ❤️ Love all of them!

Katherine on

These are so beautiful. Maybe I should have some sent to my family so they can wrap my presents with it! :). I think my favorite is the boxwood print.

Carolyn on

Love the blue trees with green ribbon!

Eve on

They are all beautiful. If I had to choose 1 it would be 7C.

Nancy Griffiths on

Ordering rolls of the green and navy trees…just love them!! And of course have to get the matching tissue paper to go with them!!

Linda Beth on

Love the Staffordshire dogs and presents. Adorable!

Marsha on

I love, love, love the luxe wrapping paper with the blue planters and two kinds of green topiaries. I can see it with the matching tissues and the beautiful green ribbon. Of course adding the decorative ornaments is the final touch. Just beautiful!

Lynn on

They are all beautiful! My favorite is the topiaries with the red and white ribbon.

Elizabeth Tipton on

It is all beautiful, but the pups. I really love them.

Vivian on

All are gorgeous, but the paper with the Staffordshire dogs is incredible! It grabs my attention every single time!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love the gift wrapping paper with the topiaries topped with the red and blue gingham ribbon. I can just imagine presents ? wrapped with it!

Ellen on

Topiary paper is the best! Timeless and classy

Maureen Winchell on

Love the blue trees with the red bows!

Barb on

Topiaries with the red ribbon, matching tissue ( love!!❤️), and a topper… perfection. So lovely and just classic. SO nice to see!

Karen Johnson on

All so beautiful! Love love the topiary paper with red and white gingham ribbon❤️

pBradyB on

Love them all, yet I always go back to the topiary as my most favorite… especially the one with the navy gingham bows.

Debra on

What beautiful paper almost as lovely as the gifts they will wrap!

Susan in Marietta, Georgia on

So much to love! I will definitely be ordering a few reams to go with the rolls of ivory, pink and blue chinoiserie I already have. The ribbons are such a fabulous offering, and are an incredible deal, to boot.

Foy mcgowin on

Love them all??❤️

Wehaf on

Such gorgeous papers! My favorites are the topiary ones, especially the ones with the blue gingham ribbons.

Mary on

I love the blue trees with the green bows!

Denice Bowen on

I adore paper #4, the topiaries with the blue gingham! I will use it all year!

Sandy R. on

Such beautiful giftwrap! I love the topiary with the blue and white gingham ribbon for everyday, the topiary with the red and white gingham ribbon (my absolute favorite), the new Staffordshire dogs in the blue/white/green and the Christmas trees in the green and blue colors. I am totally nuts over the printed tissue paper, which I is such a gorgeous surprise when you open a box. The ribbons and tie ons you are offering this year are stunning accents! Bravo!!!

Karen F. on

What fun to see the newest Staffordshire dogs and presents paper~~classic combo!

Jill on

I can’t pick a favorite!!!! Love them all!!

Sandee on

I’m a topiary girl at heart! I love both!

Blair on

Love the topiaries!!

Kathy on

The Staffordshire Dog Wrap is just beautiful, so unique, can’t wait to use on special gifts!

Catherine on

Love the new stuff!

Patty on

It’s impossible to pick a favorite- Love them all!

Karen on

Love the topiaries with red gingham ribbon!!!! ❤️

Darlene phillips on

I love the topiary and tree mix! Everything is gorgeous hard to pick just one ?

Sherry Myers on

I absolutely love the gift wrap and the gift toppers! Leave it to The Enchanted Home to come up with such unique accessories to make gift giving a joy for the giver and the receiver! Thanks, Tina and team!

Wendy on

Love the blue & white trees with red ribbon & the topiaries with red gingham ribbons! Have to include a bit of Christmas red in there!

Jenny on

Love them all!!!

Tess McKaig on

I am interested in placing a gift wrap order. I love all 4 designs. I especially enjoy your Instagram site and Blue and White!!! ?

Cas Putnam on

I love love them all especially the staffordshire dogs ??

Brianne on

The most elegant and stylish Christmas wrapping around! Loving the new topiaries with red bows and the Staffordshire dogs!

Shawn Kuzel Smith on

Ribbons, papers and joy ~ oh my!!!?

Jessi's Design on

AH! These are absolutely ah-mazing! The blue ribbon topiary is my new favorite (item 4) but honestly I’ll take them all! This gets me overly excited to start gift giving – bring on the holidays! xo

Karly Moss on

Love all of these!!! My favorite has to be the staffordshire dog wrapping!!! So cute 🙂

Claravel Criste on

Need to order these too to match my ornaments! Simply divine! thank you!

Leslie on

I’m crazy over all the selections of paper, but especially love the potted trees with red check bows!! I LOVE WRAPPING PAPER AND RIBBON!! I love wrapping Christmas gifts and have passed that on to my daughters. My friend Rachael and I agree, not everyone is wrapping paper worthy of certain special papers or ribbon. We laugh as we decide if a certain person is worthy, and will appreciate…. your papers definitely would warrant severe scrutiny of any recipient. ?

Anna on

Beautiful wrapping paper!!! Love it all!!

Tricia Folger on

Love, Love , Love Items 3, 4 and 6. Also as the owner of 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I love Item 5 with the Staffordshire dogs. Can’t wait to order them all

Robin on

My favorite (which was quite hard to choose!) is 7c Topiaries with blue/white gingham, because you can use it for every occasion, then put a pretty red ribbon on it and it’s Christmas wrap! That tissue paper is pretty cool also 🙂

Sterling on

The staffordshire dogs and topiaries are so cute!

Gina DiGiovanni on

I love the new Staffirdshire dogs! And I can’t wait to get out the ornaments and gift wrap I ordered last year!

Madalyn KC on

I need two of everything ? You all have knocked it out of the park!!

Abby Lanzl on

Such beautiful paper! The mixed topiaries with the blue gingham bows is my favorite, and I love that you are offering coordinating ribbon!

Susan M. on

This was hard but I’m really liking your new design – topiary paper featuring two types of boxwoods in gorgeous blue/white planters. This paper with your blue & white gingham ribbon makes my heart sing!

Lisa on

Dreaming of a gorgeous Christmas with gifts wrapped in beautiful blue and white!

Niki on

I like the Christmas tree papers.

Sarah on

My gift wrapping will be kicked up a notch. Love the topiaries with red/white gingham.

Terri on

All the gift wrap is simply beautiful!!!

Kelli on

Love them all!!

Emily on

The topiaries with the red gingham is my favorite ❤️

Kacy on

I love the topiary wrapping paper with the red ribbon. It is so classy and elegant. You have made me truly fall in LOVE with blue and white EVERYTHING!

Katie Coultress on

The #6 topiaries with the red ribbon are incredible!!

Kathryn on

‘Always enjoy your choice of charm and beauty.

Barbara Morris on

My favorite, but oh so very hard to say just one, is the topiary with red bows. All are so pretty and the ribbon is the icing on the cake!

Catherine Fagan on

The Staffordshire dogs are so lovely, definitely my favorite.

Susan A Howard on

I am in love with this gift wrap! It is so different and my friends are going to be delighted to receive a gift
wrapped up in these papers!
I can’t wait to receive them.

Caroline Engelhardt on

Hi my favorite goes to item number three 3 !! Caroline Engelhardt

Marie on

I like the gift wrap with topiaries with gingham bows, both red and blue. Your gift wrap collection is both beautiful and unique. I would love to win wrap to add to my pretty impressive collection. After all, shouldn’t every gift under the tree have its own unique look? MM

Rachel on

Love all of these!

Sabrina on

By far the most beautiful best thing on the holiday market! Dreamy beyond. I need them ALL!

Vera on

I adore Item 3 – Blue and White topiaroes with Red Ribbon is my favorite and I can’t wait to order!

Beth H on

I love the green and blue topiary print with the red bows. It is so merry!!

Margaret O. on

Item 5 Love those Staffordshire Dogs

Caroline on

These are the cutest gift wrap papers I’ve ever seen ???

Leanne on

Love the two types of topiaries with the red gingham ribbon and the gift toppers!

Jane Luppi on

Hello Tina,
Just started following you at the suggestion of my darling daughter. . Absolutely lovely!! (taught her well) Can I only select ONE favorite pattern to win? ?ok.. toparies with red gingham bows! Your new devoted fan Jane Luppi

Ashley Wall on

Love the beautiful paper!

Ashley Wall on

Love the Blue and Green for Christmas!

Tara Moter on

So hard to pick but my favorite is the topiaries with the red/white gingham ribbon. Although my FAVORITE thing about this post was sweet Teddy’s picture❤️

Sandra Hurlbutt on

It was a hard decision but the topiaries with blue gingham ribbon
is a winner.

Sylvia Kitto on

Just love the beautiful colors and content of your papers and products. Just makes me happy!!

Kesha on

Oh these gift wraps are so pretty. My favorite are #2 and #6.

Mary W , Houston, Tx on

This is the MOST charming gift wrap ever! Can’t wait to start wrapping !


Good Morning Tina,
Although I feel your paper is the most beautiful I have ever seen anywhere, I must say number 5 is my favorite. I love the Staffordshire dogs… just so so elegant….

Lori on

Item 3 is my favorite. The beautiful boxwoods with the red gingham bow – what a fabulous way to top of the perfect gift!

Carol Graves Holladay on

I see great looking packages going out to family and friends this year!!!! Thank you once again for great products!

Carol Graves Holladay on

Love the papers, but the tissue packs with the trees and red bows will be so fun for those small special gifts in clear bags with the bows!

Thank you for such fun products to reflect our love of blue and white!

Bev Braun on

Beautiful papers & ribbons!

Sonnia on

My gifts would look fabulous wrapped in this gorgeous paper!

Amy on

LOVE the topiary with gingham bow, but they are all adorable!

Denise Nassif on

This Is truly the most beautiful Christmas gift wrapping I’ve ever seen in my life! Thank you so much for offering it, and for your Instagram page and shop that I am in love with!!

Nancy on

All the gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbon and gift toppers are wonderful.
I bought gift toppers last year and they were a big hit !!!!!!!!!!!
I will have to buy more this year !!!!!!!!!!!

Sue M. on

Love them all but the red gingham topiary print is beautiful!

Tammy H. on

These are all lovely, so hard to pick a favorite!

Debbie on

Still adore the topiary with red ribbons. Love a classic red at Christmas!

Joy Jensen on

Gorgeous design and color. Inspires me to wrap early so I can enjoy the gift before giving away or the mad rush on Christmas morning to see what’s inside.

Linda Shuster on

I am a recent reader on your post. I love all of your items. Everything is just so beautiful but the blue ribbon topiary planters are very special to me. My family celebrates Hanukkah and I find it very hard to find special paper that makes gifts looks original but still gives it the holiday feel I am trying to achieve for our season. Thank you for the blue

Linda Shuster on

Everything is just so beautiful but the blue ribbon topiary planters are very special to me. My family celebrates Hanukkah and I find it very hard to find special paper that makes gifts looks original but still gives it the holiday feel I am trying to achieve for our season. Thank you for the blue

kate williams on

This is the cutest gift wrap I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to get wrapping

Debbie White on

Oh my goodness!! This will be my first year using my new blue and white collection to decorate with this year. The gift wrap is fabulous and will pull everything together!!! Hope to win but still ordering one of each!!?

Cindy MacDonald on

Love the blue trees with red bows!!! ?❤️

Sheila Prawl on

Simply Beautiful!

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