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Hi there and happy Friday night,  I love holding periodic contests as it’s such a fun way to share just how talented my customers are! Let me tell you,  they are talented beyond words. I am always floored when I get in your pictures for the various contests we hold.

So for the first time ever we are holding a contest strictly about table settings- ” Tablescape Love”  and this is all about one of our most favorite subjects! This is your chance to shine, showoff  and showcase your incredible tables and talents! Whether its a dinner party, an al fresco setting or maybe your Easter table, this is your chance.  The 411 on how to enter is below-



Just a few things to keep in mind before sending in your picture-

  • pictures should be minimum 400 x 600
  • Most pictures look best when taken in natural day light
  • Flash photography generally does not make a great photograph and you should be very careful especially with mirrors and/or shiny services
  • If we cannot accept your picture we will let you know and do our best to tell you why
  • Most phones take great pictures, no fancy camera required
  • We are accepting 1-2 pictures sent to (please put the word, CONTEST on the subject line)
  • We are accepting entries now until  April 20th. Once we have 80 pictures we will not be able to accept any more, so don’t wait too long!


One thing I cannot stress enough is the importance of is the quality of pictures, I decided to include some past entries and a several of my own pictures as a reference for what a good quality picture looks like.  These are great examples in terms of lightness, clarity and color.




One lucky winner will win THREE MONTHS OF ENCHANTED HOME GOODIES! We will hold two rounds and a finalist will be chosen (from your votes) from each round, then on the final day of voting we will hold a showdown round.

We look forward to getting your beautiful pictures to (don’t forget to be sure to add the word “contest” on subject line and max 2 per person). If for some reason we are unable to accept your entries, we will state why so hopefully it will give you the chance to reenter.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful evening and great end to your week!


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VALERIE Arnett on

Contest sounds fun. Easter is 4/21, so really pictures of an actual Easter meal would miss the deadline of 4/20 as specified in rule #6. Rule #7 states that the contest begins the week of 4/22…so i

Lorraine on

Love that Golden

Donna Omeara on

Love Teddy in the pool

Anne Marie O'Connor on

Looking forward to seeing the entries. Great idea.

Pam Williams on

PLEASE consider hosting another tablescape contest. I missed the last one. I want to enter and also enjoy a fresh batch of pics from others’. Thanks a bunch.

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