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**** This did not post as it was supposed to and being out of town- just realized this, so better late than never!****

Good Sunday evening (had to edit this from morning)! Hope this finds you well. Can you believe it’s really Memorial Day weekend? Crazy how the start of summer is here! Will be back to NY (begrudgingly) tomorrow, after visiting my niece and after nice stay in Palmetto Bluff. We look forward to a low key Memorial Day with friends and some much needed down time. Hope whatever you are up to is fun, relaxing and safe!

I want to say a special thank you to all who have served and are serving in our armed forces. There is no greater or more noble job on the planet and I thank each and every one of you,as well as my own father who served a very distinguished career in the navy and as my grandfather, a pilot in World Word 2. The job they do is like no other and every American should take a. minute to pause, reflect and give thanks and respect. OK, onward to my Seven on Sunday-


1 MY FAVORITE FILLER FLOWERS. I just placed my order for white calibrachoa. I LOVE these, they are very hardy, can withstand the sun and flower like nobody’s business.  I love them for planters as they get super full, just the way I like them. Highly recommend!


A planter from last summer enjoying the beauty of calibrachoa-



2. 2 DOCUMENTARY YOU WILL WANT TO ADD TO YOUR LIST Have you seen this? I have watched it twice, fascinating, informative and transformative. It might have you rethinking the way you look at healing overall, modern medicine vs holistic healing, the power of the mind and it made me look at acute pain vs chronic pain in a very different light. Very interesting, highly recommend!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST  More beauty this weekend, plus loved discovering a few fabulous new accounts. Hope you enjoy-


4. A MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE This is a beautifully done video, it’s only 2 minutes long but is incredibly moving and I feel it’s our patriotic duty to stop the clock for 2 minutes and watch this in observance of this holiday that we all get to enjoy today.  It is most definitely because of the heroic sacrifices so many have made and to me, feels like an appropriate  way to show respect. Worth sharing and forewarning quite moving.

5 MORE AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS Got another incredible round of beautiful pictures to share with you from more talented customers. I mean, seriously my customers are the most talented, I am convinced!! If you would like to share your pictures, please email them to [email protected]


6 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK You might have seen this as it understandably was featured a lot last week. 400 bright young African American graduate students got the surprise of a lifetime (and their parents). Robert Smith, an alum and billionaire of Morehouse College, stunned the entire class by announcing he had taken care of all their students debt! What a beautiful thing he did and and words were the icing on an already very sweet cake. May other billionaires follow his lead……….


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Wondering how you celebrate the official start to summer, Memorial Day weekend.  Is traveling or hostesssing on your agenda? Or perhaps you are going to be a guest? Maybe attend a parade or do nothing at all! Would love to know what you are up to………


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday.Hope you enjoyed the post, anything here get your attention? Wishing everyone. a very happy Memorial Day weekend, have fun and stay safe and let’s all remember the reason behind this great holiday that we have the luxury to enjoy- honoring those who gave up their lives so heroically for our freedoms and being able to live in the greatest country on earth, yes I am very proud to be an American! Until next time…..

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God Bless our brave and courageous military. We thank them for enabling us to be able to celebrate this special Memorial Day.
Would we be able to enjoy our freedom …….the barbecues, the beaches, the day off etc., etc. etc. if it were not for them? Thank you, soldier!

A note of gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order for us and future generations to live in this wonderful country!

So good to see this post. When I didn’t see it earlier today, I was concerned something serious happened so, Tina, I sent good vibes and a prayer to wherever you were at that time. And also to your niece !!
Thank you for the tribute to our service people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Of course those Instagram posts are inspiring – Got me doing some planning.
Enjoy your downtime and thank you for sharing.

Hi Tina, I was so happy to see your email pop up because I missed you this morning !

Thanks for acknowledging our brave military men and women for whom we would not live the free lives that we do .

Love the flowers that you shared and your customers homes are incredible ! Hope you were enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend

Loved the docu, Heal. Very informative.

The calibrchoa ade beautiful thanks for the tip!

Cheers to our military!

Cindy from Nantucket

What an extraordinary gesture from Robert Smith to pay all of the student debts for that graduating class. If only all of the World’s billionaires were as generous and forward thinking. How beautiful that he sent this as a challenge to other alumni to do the same for next year and beyond. Kindness and generosity paid forward is the fuel that drives our society forward to a better life for all.

What beautiful videos and sentiments. And we see these soldiers that fought against Fascism in 40’s, do we not see it happening here now ?

Memorial Day is for remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our country in previous wars by solemn patriotic events, flying the American flag from my house, singing patriotic hymns and songs, attending a parade, and so forth, not having to sit through an hour of honky-tonk belting and screeching voices that hurt my ears. Times certainly have changed, haven’t they?

I pray that all who are suffering will come to know there is only One who can heal and His name is Jesus. Have a blessed day!

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