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Good Sunday morning! I want to say thanks to all who made a purchase up until last Tues where 15% of all proceeds were donated to the relief effort in Australia. It felt so good to give towards such a catastrophic event. I say the only two things we can do from this far away are pray and donate. Thank you.

Hope you are doing well and  settling into 2020. So far so good. We have had a nice weekend, was in the city and every time I am there,  I admittedly get a bug to go back and live there. Thankfully its generally temporary and only lasts a few days so by tomorrow, I should be happy that I live in the “burbs” after all:)

Having unusually mild weather this weekend, hitting a whopping 65 degrees today in NY. CRAZY! I even started setting up an alfresco table for photography yesterday OUTSIDE, that is a first, considering its mid January in New York. It is a little scary as signifies the effects of global warming but  have to admit,  not having to lug my big heavy coat, boots and scarf was a nice break:)

Hope you are having a great weekend. Onward to this weeks Seven on Sunday….


1 THE RITZ IN PARIS Paris is on our radar to go to this year.  Its been about 6 or 7 years since we have been, way too long! I am not a good flier, and really avoid flying at all costs but understand its the only way to get me to go where I want to go (far away places that is).

We have had the good fortune to stay in some of the finest hotels in Paris, and I am so eager to try the newly opened Ritz. One look at these incredible guest rooms, and it makes me want to go sooner than later. Stunningly beautiful! Have you been? Click here to begin planning your trip:)

2 CHARCUTERIE BOARDS! These have gained tremendous popularity in recent years and with good reason. They are beautiful, everyone loves them and they are the perfect blend of something not horribly fattening but super satisfying. I love making them when I am entertaining for a small or large group. The book I got below has me wanting to create an excuse to make one, which means I will likely have people over soon:)


A friend gave me a fabulous book on them, it is a must have if you want to step up your charcuterie game or learn how to make them, filled with so many amazing ideas. Click here to order yours, it is fantastic and it has me eager to make one!

Here are some pictures from inside the book, so good!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Back to lots of random beauty, so much to love and admire. Hope you enjoy!

4 NEW PILLOWS FOR MY BENCHES IN PALMETTO BLUFF The PB house is going go be photographed soon so it has to be in tip shape! I needed pillows and after much “playing” online with various combinations came up with what I was envisioning, and have two scenarios.

Soft colors (to go with the soft palette of the exterior and shutters). Think these will be perfect for the benches. Not outdoor pillows but frankly could not find what I wanted in outdoor and was not willing to settle:). So now the question which one to choose.

Would love your opinion, have a favorite?

We will call this one GROUP A

And this one GROUP B


5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK These always make me feel good and in a world of increasing complexity, madness and violence, these types of feel good stories take on an even more profound meaning. Having gone through what we did last year with my niece having to undergo a double lung transplant, this video touched me deeply.There is no greater gift than that of an organ therefore life. It is such a beautiful thing to watch these two people meet.

So worth sharing, love the beautiful raw emotion shown here…the world can be a beautiful place!

6 SURPRISE……..OUR NEWEST MELAMINE! Drumroll please- Might be saving the best for last!!  So excited to unveil the newest spring melamine pattern!

We are putting the finishing touches on it but thrilled to introduce it to you. I love how the four salad/dessert plates each feature a different topiary (you know my obsession with topiaries), this is perfect for alfresco (and indoor) entertaining.

I adore this pattern, the greens and blues work so well and I love anything trellis-y. I literally use my melamine year round…soooo easy! This will be available in spring, and is under manufacturing as we speak.

We may even have a set of mixing bowls with plastic lids, so stay tuned:)

This got me so excited for spring/summer entertaining I did a mock up board featuring the new melamine with our fabulous baseketweave pieces…a big fat yes!



7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So I was having a conversation with a friend about seasons and general happiness/well being. She has a relative who after her describing the symptoms, I said might be feeling down because it’s winter/after Christmas.  It is a fact that many people feel more down in the winter, particularly after Christmas when there is such a fun energy in the air. She thought that wasn’t so much a “thing” but in fact it really is. Cold, dreary, dark gray days could affect even the happiest person!

I am a happy person but even I,  on a cold, icy gray day  where it’s dark at 4:30, feel less happy than I do on a bright, sunny summer day when we can still eat outdoors at 8pm… for some it’s much more compounded.

If you live in a place that experiences the seasons (with a true winter included) do the cold, gray, shorter days affect you? To further support my point that this indeed very real, click here to get some great information on this SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It can affect anyone……


And that is a wrap for this weekend. Anything here excite you?  I always appreciate your feedback and love hearing from you. I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday and a smooth end to your weekend. I am still not used to writing out the numbers, 2020 and still go to my default of 2019……but happy to be starting a new year, new decade. Lots of good will happen this year and after a year of many ups and downs last year, I am optimistic for what this year holds.

Thanks for stopping in, until next time……

Our amazing collection of goodies (in collaboration with Giddy Paperie) featuring our fabulous new tulipere and ginger jar pattern flash sale started today! Click here for sale


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Another beautiful post. You so enrich the lives of your faithful followers!
Love love love the new melamine!! I have a set of one of your patterns but will have to get this too! It looks like they will mix together well. I have to tell you, the large serving bowl is fabulous with the darling topiary design all over the outside. A pet peeve of mine is to find a gorgeous bowl that is only decorated on the inside and the outside is plain. You never fail to do everything right! Love your blog and your products. You’ve made my world a more beautiful place! Thank you Tina!

Very important to stay busy during winter months. Now that I’m working full time, don’t experience sympotms as much. But when I was a stay at home mom, oh … the suffering! Also, take your Vitamin D, C and Iron. Great post, TIna. New melamne is your best thus far!

The new melamine is a home run- can’t wait for it to become available! It is so beautiful
Thanks for the book recommendation, definitely ordering it as I love making boards when we entertain.
We were in Paris last year, the Ritz was sold out (due to fashion on week) but we got a room at Hotel Crillion which was fantastic. I look forward to hearing more about that trip.
Always such a perfect way to start my Sundays- thank you!

Love your blog and have been receiving it since you started. For some reason now that the new year began it is not in my email. Please send it to my email. Thank you.❤️

Beautiful post, When I had to renew my license recently, I signed up to be an organ donor. I have been thinking of doing it for years and finally did.

Hi, As for the charcuterie board spreads above, how does one keep them from becoming a germ-fest? Picture this, in high flu season: someone sneezes into her hand, and then walks over and starts gathering food from the board, as the hand does on the sample board above. Touching the olives, then the crackers, etc., she is bound to make contact with several of the items she leaves on the board. Then everyone is sick. Personally, I just don’t love the idea of eating all those little food items that have to be grabbed at by lots of people.
Love the melamine! Thank you for another great Sunday post!

Possibly 70 degrees in Central Virginia…we’re taking the pontoon boat for a spin!! franki

We also are having a very mild strange winter- DC area I don’t think I like it because I have no idea how I should be dressing day to day!
Anyone who doesn’t think global warming is real take note!
Absolutely love your Sunday post, I try not to miss a single blog that you put out because every one. of them is so beautiful and inspiring.
I can’t tell you how much I love your new melamine. Cannot wait to order!

Happy Sunday, Tina! Great post! I have been to the newly-renovated Ritz in Paris and it is beyond stunning! So beautiful and elegant! I have no doubt you will LOVE it! Paris is one of my favorite places too and I look forward to seeing your post about it whenever you go. Enjoy your week!

Do not care for crowded charcuterie boards. I make mine cleaner looking. Love the Ritz pictures .look forward to your post .

The charcuterie boards are beautiful- ordering that book! I took a class from Sir La Table which was fun on how to make one.
I totally believe in seasonal depression, when we lived in Massachusetts I always felt down on cold winter days, we have relocated to Atlanta and have a house on Kiawah and I never get in those weird moods like I did then,
That melamine is so gorgeous, I cannot wait to order it- when is it coming?
We were at the new restaurant in Paris last year for my 45th birthday and it did not disappoint, possibly one of the most beautiful hotels we’ve ever been!
Love your instagrams and always find so many great new accounts!

Tina, the melamine collection is so pretty, love the colors. Your post always hit the right note of information and beauty. On the pillow contest, set B had a pretty floral pillow , do you know the name of the fabric? Would love to do a round table skirt on that.
Have a great week.

I enjoy reading your Sunday posts.
Re charcuterie boards, I’ve entertained using them many times, but, my boards are never as crowded. To the comment re people having colds and contaminating the food, I would hope that the person who is ill, be more RESPECTFUL of others and NOT attend the party where other people would be subjected to illnesses.

I think the “green” pillows will look great with your beautiful lawn & the topiaries in your planters!

Hi Tina, Asa resident of Australia, I am touched by your thoughtful gesture in making a donation to bushfire relief. I am one of those fortunate enough not to be in a fire zone, but realise that for those who have lost entire communities, the path to recovery will be long and difficult. The thought that others as far away as the US are thinking of them and extending practical help is sure to bring comfort and encouragement to those who need it most right now. Thank you and you readers once again.

Oh Paris is always a good idea as they say. We stayed at The Ritz in December for five days and it was heavenly! You won’t want to leave!
Great job on the melamine- it is just beautiful. Look forward to getting that.
Love the video about the donor and recipient meeting, it is so touching. Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t realize there was a newly opened Ritz in Paris. It’s been a few years for me too, and I would love to make a trip this year as well. Thanks for sharing. Love the pillows and the melamine. But one of the favorite parts of your post is the picture of your pup. Seven on Sunday is one of my favorite posts from you.

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