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Hi friends! Hope you are having a nice weekend, our wintry weather has returned and a far cry from the high 60’s of last weekend, was kind of nice while it lasted:) Enjoying a nice and very busy weekend, we had back to back dinner plans with friends and today going in to preview the Mario Buatta auction at Sotheby’s.

I  plan on looking and nothing more. It is just fun to “window shop” , I need nothing and am on a self imposed shopping embargo:) With his love of blue and white, I know this promises to be a fabulous treat.

Hope this finds you enjoying a nice and relaxing weekend yourself. Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday….


1 THE MARIO BUATTA AUCTION AT SOTHEBY’S  We are supposed to be going to preview this auction today and I am  excited! This is all the talk of the design world. One of the greats, has a large portion of his personal contents, furnishings and accessories up on the auction block at Sotheby’s. Click here to read all about it or to register to be able to bid.

I will pretend my hands are tied behind my block and do my best to look and leave it at that. I need not a single thing but it’s such fun to see what is up for grabs. Here is a sneak peek-

And thought you might this interesting, this pair of planters caught my eye please check out the estimate price

And here are mine ($225)! True, mine don’t have the history or story telling abilities of Mario’s but that is still quite a savings:)

This is a fun and beautiful video on how he came to be and showcases a number of the fabulous items up for grabs at auction-

2 MY OBSERVATIONS SO FAR ON THE PRODUCTS FOR “GLASS SKIN” So I shared an interesting article from Vogue with you a few weeks ago about achieving glass skin, the now skincare craze born out of Korea. Click here if you missed it.  I bought three of the products, one is back ordered by 3 weeks, but I have been using the other two. And here are my thoughts so far….

I have been using this pineapple serum  (click here) daily for almost a week now, don’t know if its my imagination but it does seem to. make me skin appear dewier/smooth. Apparently unbeknownst to me, pineapple has major healing abilities for the rejuvenation of the skin. Now, one thing I need to mention is the smell. Some like it and some don’t. I am not necessarily a huge fan of the scent of pineapple and this smells pretty potent.

At first I wasn’t thrilled about that but I have gotten used to it. Its thick and my skin seems to really like it and drink it up. Some say you need more than a few drops. Think it depends your skin, I take about 4 drops (I have dry skin) and then apply my moisturizer (la Prairie caviar cream) on top. So far, I have to say I like it (sans the pineapple scent). I love the way it makes me skin feel and really like the obvious dewiness…..something is at work here:)

In a simple sentence, this watermelon sleep on mask is really good (click here). This item famously had an 8000 person waiting list and apparently still is often sold out (read about it here) .  Guess I got lucky, because I went right to Sephora ordered it and had it in a few days.  I have used four times so far. You can either use it as a 10 minute mask or put it on at night (this is it’s original intention) wake up and wash your face. Its quite gooey but in a good way, smells so good. I must say I actually love this product and can see what the fuss is about.

My skin feels so soft in the morning. Because it has hyralunoic acid, in the beginning it is recommended to do this 2-3 times a week but once you skin adjusts, you can do it nightly. It feels very decadent, this too is a keeper so far! I must say, I get what the fuss is about. So I smell like a pineapple during the day and watermelon at night:)




3 NEW GIFT WRAP PREVIEW! So as I have done every spring for the last 3 years, I am introducing new gift wrap! You are getting the first  sneak peek at the beautiful patterns here. I love each and every one. All papers this time are going to be reversible so it’s like getting two for the price of one!

The other exciting thing is we will offer gift wrapping on many of our items in our new signature gift wrap! It will include a gift topper, beautiful paper and an elegant ribbon. Stay tuned:)

Finalizing my paper order which will be going into production in the next few weeks and will be to us sometime later Feb/early March. With the huge quantities required for production I may need to scale back and omit one pattern…problem is I love them all! So hoping you will participate in a few mini polls-

One not shown is this first of two gorgeous papers will be this fabulous giddy print (in collaboration with Giddy Paperie) of this darling reversible paper…love!

The second paper in collaboration with Giddy is this oh too sweet pink Staffordshire dog and ginger jar paper! Love both sides equally…so very pretty!

Then we will have this fabulous topiary paper which is a win, you know. my love for topiaries.

This one I have not made my mind up on and could use your 2 cents if you don’t. mind. A lemon and trellis reversible, yay or nay?

Finally this one below, I am considering bringing back, we blew through the entire shipment of it which means it was a hit. It is a classic, beautiful reversible chinoiserie paper. I like that it could be used for so many occasions. Thoughts on bringing it back?

Your opinion really matters and when I am ordering huge quantities of gift wrap, it’s nice to have some inkling as to what you really love, as I may need to cut one pattern. Also we have offered tissue and tote bags for some patterns. I am curious if you think that’s a good idea and  your personal favorites-



4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Back to the random Instagrams of travel, food, beauty and interiors. I love a hodgepodge when it’s this pretty! Hope you enjoy…

I have to say these might be the prettiest bridesmaids dresses ever!!

5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK. My dad sent this to me and I couldn’t  stop thinking about the message, powerful words and profound lesson here, spoken by the late great Steve Jobs. These words should ring true to everyone of us. Such a powerful read, worth sharing if you ask me. Something I am going to print out and remind myself to read regularly just because this really sums up life and what we should all aspire to.  Love his “six best doctors” amen to that! Thanks Dad:)

6  A PRETTY HOME IN ATLANTA. This home is a beauty love the warm but soft color palette and it’s traditional without feeling tired or stuck in a time warp, feels current and welcoming. Click here to read more about this lovely home.


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I need your opinions. You all loved the new melamine sneak peek last week (thank you).

One item I am considering ordering is a set of bowls/mixing bowls that will also come with a plastic cover. These will be in the same pattern and will mix and match. It would be a set of six bows, starting at 5″ up to 12.5″. The retail price would be about $32-38 for the set, so very reasonable. To refresh your memory here is the. new pattern coming in March

So, imagine the pattern above on patterned mixing/storage bowls with lids like below (disregard the pattern)!

The bowls will have the design outside like below (something along the line of what we are doing with the salad bowl above)

Would love to know your opinion.  I do not really see things like this out there very often,  unless I am shopping in the wrong places:) And of those I see they are not very pretty and these would be seriously pretty!

As you can imagine, the minimum quantities are very high but I am thinking this could be a good addition, i mean everyone uses bowls and love that they have the tops and would be decorative to boot.


And that, as they say is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a fantastic end to your weekend and thank you for stopping in. Until next time……

Earn $10 off any purchase from us by leaving a review, click here (once on page click on google reviews then upper right it says leave a review) Just email once you have left your review.

PS How fabulous are our new fretwork planters that just came in about a week ago!! I have spring fever imagining the possibilities! Click here for information.


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Nancy M on

The Steve Jobs final essay is a hoax from 2015. However, his sister Mona Simpson remarked on her brother’s final words while delivering his eulogy:

Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times.

Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them.

Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.

Linda Cashman on

I met Mario Buatta years ago when he gave a talk at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama for professional members of IIDA. He gave a presentation of his New York residence and referred to the dog oil paintings as his “ancestor portraits”. That floor screen in your pictures—he said he would excuse himself when meeting with a potential client and hide behind it so he could hear them plotting their exit. He was very funny.

Eve B on

Good morning! Seriously, do you think you will walk away empty-handed from the auction? LOL I am sure, if you do not buy anything, you will come home with some wonderful ideas for your shop. Enjoy!

Katie Clooney on

Good Morning, Tina. Wow. That final essay really pulled at my heartstrings. Thanks to you, and your Dad for posting this. I sent your link to the Mister as well as my girls. What a wonderful way to start off a Sunday. Have a wonderful week.

Donna C on

May the force be with you when you attend Mario Buatta auction! Having even a small treasure (have to love it though) would be a must for me. The pineapple does have nourishing properties. I have been eating fresh pineapple with my breakfast the past three weeks and suddenly noticed a fresh and brighter look to my facial skin. Miracle fruit!

Emily on

Another beautiful post and one reason I look forward to my Sunday mornings! Absolutely love all the gift wrap and would love to know when it will become available, I am chairing the spring fling fundraiser for my kids school in thinking that we could give the favors wrapped up in one of these beautiful papers !
Thank you also for your review on the skin care products I had read that article and was intrigued, going to order the watermelon mask it sounds like heaven !
Your new planters are absolutely beautiful and I plan on getting a few as soon as our patio remodel is done hopefully in April !

Cynthia P on

Tina, after the article I also ordered several of those products. I love the pineapple serum I have been using it for a week, I have extremely dry skin so it feels extremely nourishing.
Now I want to get the watermelon mask! I bet you will have so much fun at the auction, He was a master of his craft. I was lucky to attend a conference that he was one of the panel speakers for in Palm Beach about 10 or 15 years ago , he was so approachable, kind and warm . Not a pretentious bone in his body!
The singer gave me goosebumps, unbelievable that both of those voices are coming from his body!!

Peggy Wilkins on

I do hope you get the melamine blue/white bowls with lids. I would definitely purchase these. I’m always taking food to summer events and these would be fabulous to use and take!

Corinne on

Good luck not bidding in the auction! Fabulous pieces and would be hard to resist. Would understand if you did buy something. Please tell and show us should you buy something.

Dee Van Someren on

I spent the last 1 1/2 hours on this blog! Great great content. 2 things…let us know if you really don’t bid on anything at the auction! (Going through the auction items was at least 45 minutes of my morning. And I didn’t get 1/2 way through it)
And second thank you so much for the Steve Jobs piece. I sent it to all my kids and printed it to keep!
Great Post

Deborah on

Hi Tina: In response to the pineapple, about fifteen years ago, a dental hygienist told me if you were going to have dental surgery, to eat a lot of pineapple for a couple of days ahead of time, and it would keep the swelling down, so maybe there really is something to this. BTW, I LOVE the storage bowl idea and will be first in line to buy them!!

Roxanne on

I love the idea of the serving bowls with covers! It makes it possible to have everything ready in the refrigerator and just pop the tops off and take to the table for serving. And the price is right! Go for it!

Franki on

You have the best “Instagram” photo selections!! Your dad is a blessing. franki

Alice Genzlinger on

I love this post. The thoughts of a dieing man, Steve Jobs, put on paper for those who would chose to want to get life right, are worth framing. They are so true. The life of Mr. Buetta was seen from a different prospective, but beautiful none the less. I was sad when I learned of his death. Oh to be at that auction. Would hold my paddle up until I had one of the dog paintings. Might have to eat ramen noodles for the remains year but it would be worth it. on

Would you consider a mug of some sort for beverages? I cannot find anything that works with your patterns. I have purchased three of your melamine designs and use them singularly and collectively. When someone wants a beverage….
I am at a loss. Help! Suggestions?

Susan rogers on

How fun to attend that auction I can’t wait to hear all about it.
The gift wrap papers are just beautiful and I cannot wait until they are available the topiary is definitely my favorite!
Love the home that you featured except I have no idea what possessed him to put those horrible blue leather barstools in the kitchen it throws off the beautiful serenity of that space!
And the Steve Jobs quote whether it’s a hoax or not it’s beautiful so I think people need to focus on the words instead of who wrote them ha ha!

Susie H on

I’m not getting your posts anymore – tried to sign up again tonight and it wouldn’t complete the process.

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