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Hi friends, so nice for it to be the weekend after an insanely busy week. We got in our porcelain and melamine and then on Friday our chinoiserie tole arrived…….it was seriously like Christmas in June! Lots going on, but definitely a fun variation of busy.

My husbands birthday was this past week and originally I was planning on doing a big party for him but Covid put a wrinkle in those plans so instead we are had small groups of friends/family over on a few different nights (4-6 of us at a time). It’s like the birthday that doesn’t stop giving:) So Sat night marked round 3 of these small intimate dinners.

On Friday, we were invited to a good friends home for a beautiful dinner, it was so nice to socialize and see good friends again, almost felt “normal”.  Life as we knew it might have changed but we can’t stop looking to find the small things in our life that make us happy, right?  Speaking of which,  have I got  a great Sunday post for you……



1 THE LONG AWAITED MIMI VASE IS IN PRODUCTION! So anytime I featured this elegant vase, I would constantly get emails asking about it. It is English and I have had the pair for many years.  I had vowed to one day create one and finally I did! It surpassed my expectations and I am thrilled to announce I will be offering these in 2 wonderful sizes. Love it so much I am also having a planter done in this design and very well, a ginger jar could follow:)

We will hold a presale on this along with a few other goodies in the next few weeks. Was excited to share these pictures with you. I am affectionately calling this the Mimi vase after my mom, who loves beautiful things. The delicacy, elegance and beauty remind me of my mom:)

Here is the original which I have featured in many many pictures over time-

And say hello to the Mimi vase (they are now in production and will be available as a presale in a few weeks)





2 THE MOST ENCHANTED GARDEN OF THEM ALL My friend Kelli Delaney of KD Hamptons fame has what I would have to call a true storybook garden. Absolute perfection, so luscious and beautiful…….the stuff garden fairytales are made of.

Love how luscious and overflowing it is with such bountiful flowers and magnificent greenery. This is the garden of someone who loves and appreciate nature’s greatest gifts. And for the hydrangea lover, her garden is completely overflowing with them.

Absolutely adore this garden! The fact that it’s in the Hamptons makes it that much more incredible. If you do not follow her amazing blog which covers everything and anything on the Hamptons lifestyle of which she reigns supreme, then you should, click here.

And click here for a visual feast for the eyes to follow her on Instagram


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful round up this weekend that just makes me happy looking at it.  A lot of these depict the best part of summer, such a short season that we need to take full advantage of. Love each and every one of these beautiful instagrams this week-


4 A PERFECT ALFRESCO PASTA FOR SUMMER I featured this on Instagram last week and had many message me for the recipe. The good news is it’s very simple and oh so flavorful. Stands alone as a meal or is a wonderful side with just about anything.

Best part is you can serve it cold, hot or room temp. In summer, I almost always serve it room temp. This is a crowd, family and friend favorite! Gets extra brownie points for being pretty.

1 lb of your favorite pasta

5-6 large garlic cloves

2-3 pints of ripe cherry tomatoes or ripe tomatoes on vine

1 large cluster of fresh basil (chopped into thin ribbons)

Olive oil, salt and pepper

Fresh mozzarella (I use a little less than half of one large one) cut into small cubes

Fresh Parmesan

Saute the olive oil and cloves (thinly sliced). Once well cooked, add tomatoes, put lid on and lower heat. Let cook/stew about 15 minutes until they are soft and bursting. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, add your pasta to boiling salted water. I am very OCD about pasta being al dente so take it off heat even when it seems it might be slightly underdone. Remember because of the heat it cooks at least another 2-3 minutes once you drain it.

Once pasta has cooled for a few minutes pour into your serving bowl. Thinly slice most of the basil, reserving about 4-6 leaves as a garnish. Add cut basil into tomato mixture. Pour evenly over pasta, gently mixing in as you pour. Once it is at room temp, add the diced mozzarella and again gently mix in. Garnish with the remaining chopped basil leaves. Voila…you have yourself one yummy and easy pasta dish!


5 HEAD TO THE BEACH/POOL IN SERIOUS STYLE.  My friend Leslie of Giddy Paperie has got such a beautiful, chic and fun line of products and I always enjoy seeing what she has painted up as of late. I fell in love with her new line of super stylish and fun beach towels. I would bet you would be hard pressed to find anyone with a prettier beach towel, and that is just the beginning. She has all kinds of fabulous products that feature her beautifully and unique painting. So many great gift ideas as well.

The towels are each generally sized at 30″ x 60, super plush and can even be monogrammed for that special finishing touch! Click here to see all the fabulous new arrivals

She has all kinds of other fun products from totes to tumblers, and so much. more. Click here to visit Giddy Paperie

I think I need this immediately-

6 SNEAK PEEK AT A FEW NEW PRODUCTS. I am over the moon excited about these! How beautiful is the green and white tulipiere in three sizes, so fresh!! I could even see them with red flowers at Christmas and soft tones for spring/summer. I cannot wait to take home 2! On the way and due here around July 14th. Limited numbers of each size coming in.


These amazing green tulipieres will be available to preorder as of tonight (click here for preorders, and check back after 7pm)

One of the products that I am most excited about is a new line of etched glassware. I as you might know by now, have a “thing” for etched anything. Beautiful etched glassware is not that easy to find and though I love and own some pieces From William Yeoward it is extremely expensive, the kind that if a guest accidentally breaks, I really do lose sleep over it!

So this is going to be a continuation of my fabulous new etched bell jars, will start with highball and low ball. Will offer them in three styles, made a few minor tweaks since these pictures but this is the overall idea, what’s your favorite pattern and thoughts on these in general?

Absolutely cannot wait for these amazing wicker ginger jars to be available next month some time, stay tuned!

And speaking of wicker these magnificent wicker box planters are another item I cannot wait to get, I already have all kinds of ideas for them!

Will be offered in 14″, 12″ and 10″ box planters

Then getting in a limited number of 20″ x 20″ coming in (2 automatically going to me:)


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY We were at a friends house for dinner on Friday and it felt so good. So nice to be out and feeling semi normal. I personally do not really feel comfortable in a restaurant yet maybe sitting outside but I am a little on the paranoid side so being at ones home feels perfect. We talked about so much of what is going on, the pandemic, the protests, the election…suffice to say 2020 has been a rough year. Lots of content for “lively conversation”.

We were all guessing when we would feel comfortable planning a trip and actually getting on a plane to travel. One in our group said October, think that’s being super optimistic. For me I said late spring next year. All I know is I really miss the idea of planing a trip, anticipating going somewhere wonderful and getting on a plane to disconnect and recharge our batteries, I feel like it’s going to be a while. Curious what you think?


Well that friends is a wrap for this Sundays post. Hope you enjoyed. Today planning on taking some time to chill…and cannot wait. Best part about having a dinner party are the leftovers and getting to put your feet up:)

Plus it’s superposed to rain so I can now maybe finally find some time to start watching some of the new document airs on Netflix. If anyone likes medical doc/series there is a new one called Lenox Hill. My husband does not at all get what I see in them, but I have always been fascinated. If i was 20 again I would be in med school:)

Resting up for another very busy week ahead. Wishing everyone a great and relaxing day. Until next time….

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I’ve been on a search for etched wine glasses to replace a set I’ve had for years. Would love it if you could offer those as well!

Your posts are my favorite part of my Sundays! What a wonderful post to read.
Love the new Mimi vase and that you are naming it after your mom!
Those gardens are spectacular I have serious garden envy right now?
The beach towels are fun and love all the colors -‘and lastly I am making that pasta today! I already have many cherry tomatoes from my little garden So this recipe is perfect. Have a nice day Tina, your hard work has paid off because all of the new products that just beautiful!

Tina…I cannot wait for the Mimi vases to arrive , they are perfect for a sweet little fresh bouquet ?!

Those etched glasses. And mimi vase- be still my heart!
That Hamptons garden- wow!
Got my porcelain order on Friday and was overjoyed. Everything is even more beautiful in person!

Love the etched glassware. They remind me of my grandmother’s glasses in her cabinet. She referred to one pattern as “June”. Today they would be considered vintage. Lovely! ?

What a fabulous Post?I’m a “Mimi” and I love your new vase? I also love the new monogrammed blue & white beach towel ( I just ordered one.)
The recipe sounds divine and I thank you so much?

Lots of lovelys here. Re: the glassware- I am waiting for a line of polycarbide glasses such a these for outdoor use. Red/white Wine especially. Very hard to find if not impossible. Spark any Ideas? I have your beautiful blue and green melamine plates and platter and bowls but no glasses!

The mini vases are a must have, they would make lovely gifts for the Blue and White girls???

I am so excited about your Mimi vases. They are beautiful, and I need some more vases. And to top off that perfection, you are bringing etched glasses on board! That is truly wonderful. Lovely, gorgeous post, as always!! thx…

Love the Mimi vases and cannot wait to preorder and receive them! What sizes are they?

Ahhh…forgot to mention. ” SOUTHERN HOME” pg 77..loved seeing YOUR home!! franki

The new vases are so elegant. Great job. Here in Australia, we don’t have the option of overseas travel even if we want to. Qantas has put its long-range planes into a deep sleep until July 2021 and even though we can use other carriers, we are only permitted to travel for very good reasons. If we do leave, we have a mandatory two-week quarantine in a hotel under security guard when we return. Even different states in Australia have closed their borders so I can only travel between Victoria and New South Wales for the next few months. Our numbers are very low, only around 30 new cases, but we had been down to single digits for weeks until the BLM protests, and now the community transmission cases amongst the young people are starting to rise so we have gone back into a more strict lockdown with talk of complete lockdown for certain suburbs that have a lot of community transmission. It isn’t clear if the BLM protests are the case of the spread, or if the lack of fining protesters for breaching lockdown and social distancing has just made people more lax and careless but it has been the turning point from almost eliminating it which has happened in all but two states, to now rapidly increasing numbers.

Wow the Mimi vase, the wicker ginger jars, the glasses it is all so beautiful! Thank you for giving me so much to look forward to!
That garden is something else, you can tell she’s very passionate about keeping it that way…. As a novice gardener I can tell you that does not happen by accident! Cute towels too. Always enjoy your Sunday posts. I definitely would not think to get on a plane until there’s a vaccine that has been tested and true which according to my hubs, a physician will be a while. We can only hope!

So excited about the Mimi vases, they are beautiful! I am certainly in need of etched glasses! Love the patterns you chose.

I agree with the last comment about not being able to find any nice poly carbonate glasses for outdoors anywhere! Please consider!

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