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Hi there, hope this finds you doing well. Is it really already Friday! So full disclosure- I am a bonafide “grazer”. I could live on appetizers, small plates, tapas, whatever you want to call it. I could skip over every meal if I was given a platter of yummy and assorted appetizers instead. My most favorite way to eat.

When we have people over whether for cocktails or for dinner,  I almost always start with a charcuterie/cheese platter or board. I love putting them together and its one of those things that are as pretty as they are delicious. So this is a simple and short post on one I did recently and how I did it…its so much easier than many think!

I like to start with either a wood board, or a big platter of some sort. We were in PB here so my white Italian porcelain rectangular platter was perfect.

I start with 3-4 cheeses, I always include a soft cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano is a MUST, always some kind of super sharp English cheddar, maybe a Gouda or some other variety and I like to include a soft cheese, some kind of herbed soft cheese tend to be really delicious and pair well with other cheeses.

For crackers I love again, an assortment- seeded and non seeded crackers, bread sticks, and a recent discovery which pairs so deliciously was some amazingly yummy raisin/apricot flatbreads. I take my crackers very seriously and have included some regulars in my cracker repertoire below.

Then there are the little extra finish touches, not necessary but to me, they just complete the platter. Things like dried apricots, grapes, pear and apples slices are perfect. I also like using clusters of nuts or fresh figs (if I can find them). The great thing is there is no one right, it’s actually a lot of fun to experiment and try something different each time. Here is a recent one I put together


A nice assortment of cheeses (four), four different types of crackers and grapes did the trick!

I like pre cutting several neat little wedges of cheese and displaying them in front of their respective wedge

I always leave soft cheese whole

I normally put the cheese on first, then fill in with crackers and any “gaps” are filled with grapes or some kind  of little extra

It was so nice to use my basketweave cheese set! We are very low on them but as of this post still have a few sets left (click here)

Above is. before grapes and after is with grapes

I was serving cocktails so had four hearty appetizers, a big tray of brushetta, a big shrimp cocktail, fruit and the cheese board…favorite kind of dinner:)

Some of my favorite crackers, unfortunately me and most of these crackers are very much on a first name basis:)


I am suddenly very hungry and know what I am having for dinner tonight:) Nothing as satisfying in my opinion as a delectable array of cheese and crackers…..yum! Do you like making cheese boards also or is this maybe going to inspire you to try your hand at one? Part of the fun for me is experimenting and doing things a little differently each time.

Have any favorite combinations? I would love to hear about them…open to new ideas always! Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day and a smooth end to your week. Until next time……

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The tray looks beautiful. What are the crackers in the lower right corner? They look delicious.

I sometimes put a little fig jam on my platter. Yours looks delicious, I must say! Enjoy your weekend…and I am expecting my new EH blue and white dragon bowl to be delivered today! Can’t wait!

Thanks so much for showing your beautiful cheese platter. I have been wanting to make one, but didn’t have the confidence. Now I will definitely try one.

OMG…this ALL looks FAB!! We luv to take this kind of treat on our sunset pontoon boat excursions..don’t forget the “San Sebastián Port!!” franki

What a fun post! I am a grazer as well. You and I are totally on the same wave length with your favorite crackers!! You do have a few that I haven’t tried so I am going to have to give them a shot. I freeze crackers so I won’t eat them! Lovely, upbeat post!

I love this post Tina! Do you get most of your crackers from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? What about your cheeses? Grocery store or speciality store?
Thank you!!!

Tina, I do a ton of Charcuterie boards/cheese boards for weddings /parties. I always include a cranberry cheese, hard and soft cheeses etc. I also add rosemary to my boards its a great touch of green. It is soooo easy to grow too. I love nuts on it as well. You did a beautiful Job on your board. YUM !

Lovely cheese platters… I often make them and also little individual ones as well. I just have to be cognizant if crackers because we have nut allergies in my family, but you can find wonderfully tasty crackers without nuts.?

We love to do this kind of platter too. We usually include olives and smoked salmon or smoked trout.

Such inspiration! I made a similar cheese tray with all vegan (plant-based) cheeses. There are so many options available now if anyone is lactose intolerant, or wants to get away from animal products. Miyokos has a wonderful (soft) cheese, with numerous flavors (all made from cashews); Follow Your Heart, Kite Hill, Daiya. Same concept, just free from animal products. 🙂

Gorgeous and I am sure delicious! I loved your comment about being on. “First name basis”! Will you be adding this chapter to your upcoming book?
(We can hope!). Many thanks, Tina!

I too love cheese etc platters…our European friends were at first shocked by these as hors d’ oeuvres/drinks starters —as they think of cheese to be served post dinner With salad and before dessert…I have now converted many of them !

I adore the topiary melamine plates! Might be the prettiest ones yet! You hit this one out of the ballpark!
When is the blue/white art grouping going to be available?

This is my favorite kind of dinner! My dinner plate usually includes slices of a cheddar and a smoked gouda, Triscuit crackers (but looks like I need to expand my cracker horizons), a few olives (black and/or queen-size green are favs), maybe mini pickles, cherry tomatoes or grapes, and a few radishes and carrot slices or whatever vegetables I have on hand. If I have a salami or summer sausage I’ll add a slice or two. I never thought of using a ParmReg or soft cheese, guess I need to give them a try. Thanks for the ideas.

I would love to know what the round waffle crackers are, please . They look delish. Soft cheese down in the spaces. Yum!

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