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Hi friends, hope you are having a great weekend. Hard to believe its the last weekend before Labor Day. Where has this summer gone? I can’t believe I have only been to the beach 2 or 3 times. Then again, this warehouse move has kind of taken over the summer, in the end, it will be well worth it…..but it took a lot out of me. Thankfully I had a wonderful team to help as I could not have done it without them.

We will officially be in the new office next week while continuing to move out the remaining items and then work on organizing the warehouse. Hopefully within 2 weeks we will be all settled in. Fingers crossed on that one:) In the meantime, here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday-



1 BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN PUMPKIN FOR FALL!  It’s hard for to believe we are soon going to be saying goodbye to summer and ushering in fall……my most favorite season of all by a long shot. I love decorating for wall/holidays. One of the easiest things to do is to go in the yard and cut some branches of evergreen, holly or whatever else might make for easy decorating. Fill a few vases with them, add my porcelain pumpkin and voila, you have yourself an instant and elegant holiday arrangement.

Our porcelain pumpkins come in three sizes/styles. I had plans to introduce 2 new ones this fall but with the move and the major prep work involved, it just fell to the wayside, definitely next year will be adding to our beautiful  pumpkin family.

I picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers, gave my new Mimi vase a trial run and added my pumpkins to my front chest. A little bit of summer mixed in with spring:)

All the porcelain pumpkins are 20% off (ends tonight) use code fall. Click here to see.

My mantle from last year, will likely do something very similar this year, why changes a good thing!


2 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAKEPOPS EVER! I found Pop_Pedler on Instagram and became a bit obsessed with this account. I have never seen such artistic and beautiful cake pops ever, so creative and the attention to detail is astounding. Fun account to follow, click here

3 A FEW GOOD DOCUMENTARIES  I rarely watch movies any more as I am so disillusioned with what Hollywood is churning out. I feel like their ship has sailed and its time for smaller independent companies (and of course Amazon and Netflix are proving to be serious powerhouses in the movie industry) There is to me, an opportunity for someone to put their name on quality movies, in the way many European movies are (which is why I gravitate towards them). So, as a result I watch documentaries a lot, always learning something and have seen a a couple of excellent documentations recently.

On that note there was a very interesting article in the NY Times about this very subject, click here to read

I devour documentaries the way some do reality TV. Love them, on almost all subjects, how about you? Her are some that I have seen lately, I told you they cover a very wide spectrum, but all fascinating!

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a pretty round up this weekend, definitely has wander-lusty tones, must mean I really miss traveling:) Mixed in with some beautiful interiors shots. One day, I will get to travel again but in the meantime will live my traveling dreams through Instagram!

5 A GREAT ARTICLE WITH TARA SHAW I have always loved and admired the work of Tara Shaw, and a bonus is that she is from Louisiana:) Such a talented designer and a superb antiquarian who’s name is synonymous with elegant, beautiful European inspired interiors. Loved this article at Flower Magazine about her, her work and how her home came to be. Click here to read.

6 A FAVORITE NEW SHAMPOO FOR BLONDES. If you have blonde hair, natural or highlighted, this purple shampoo from Loreal is fantastic and a quarter of the price of another I was using. I have only used the shampoo but will likely yet the conditioner next time. Click here to purchase.

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Is there a serious paper towel shortage out there? I mean, when the pandemic started I understood that people were in a panic and I became part of that hysteria and lived it. However I really didn’t think almost 7 months later,  we would still be having the shortages. I was well stocked until recently and now am only aware of this.

I have been to my supermarket weekly for the last few months, and there is literally not a SINGLE paper towel roll to be had much less my beloved bounty. When I ask them whats going on, they tell me they get rationed a certain amount and that they sell out immediately.

So I went home and did what we all do, went to Amazon and nearly fell off my chair when I saw my usual pack which is about $14 or $15 going for $47!!!! And that was my only choice. What is going on????

I went into Target the other day, and saw 2 lonely rolls of paper towels rolls and  as I saw a man also walking towards them, I ran for those puppies faster than Florence Griffith Joyner ran in the Olympics. Victory!

I also saw this article from the WSJ, and yes indeed, this is in fact a very wide spread problem. Whats going on with these manufacturers…can’t they step it up. This one truly leaves me scratching my head. So I am curious what things are like in your neck of the woods. Click here to read the article in WSJ


And that’s it for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. We have a beautiful day on tap here and a week of 70’s which I am really looking forward to. Fall is not here yet but I feel it moving in and I am loving it.

We move into our warehouse/offices this week so it will be an exciting week as we begin the settling in period which will mean weeks of organizing, etc…but the worst and hardest work is behind us. So happy to finally be able to say that:)  Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day!

PS Last day to take advantage of the 20% off our porcelain pumpkins, use code fall. Click here to see them

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I was a big fan of Brawny paper towels. I was able to purchase a huge package of Kirkland brand from Costco about 4 weeks into the Pandemic. They are the best paper towels and I love that you can tear off 1/2 a sheet instead of a whole.
Enjoy this beautiful day on Long Island!

Love the post, was wondering if you have a sneek peek at the holiday gift wrap. I am preparing my themes and would love to see what your paper is for this year.

I love your Sunday post because they are so varied and always have so many interesting topics. Adore the pumpkins and I’m ordering myself a few!

The cake pops are incredible, definitely too pretty to eat!

Here in Santa Barbara there is also a big shortage of paper towels. I have to admit I was one of those that went on Amazon and desperation and paid almost $50 for a package of 12 which normally would cost about 16! I was desperate but agree the paper companies need to crank up production!

Have a great day?

Yes, indeed, your mantle is absolutely perfect and should stay exactly the same as last year. It is so beautiful! Will you by chance be offering the white berries which look stunning in your arrangements. May I ask exactly what they are and are yours fresh or faux. If they are faux, I hope you will be offering them in your collection. Sunday mornings are always a treat to see what Tina has to share with us today. We appreciate your creativity and knowledge and willingness to share your wisdom.

Instead of paper towels use good old fashion fish cloths and Teatowels, easy to wash easy to use, saves the environment too

Hi Tina, I no longer use paper towels because I could not find them back in March. I use flannel cloths about the size of a 1/2 paper towel. I have about 40 of them in a basket by the sink. Then I put the dirty ones in a decorative pot. I end up washing them 2-3 times a week and they have held up well.

Costco has plenty of paper products. Their paper towels and bath tissue are the best quality and last forever.

That Costco comment took me by surprise. I’ve always been able to find paper towels there. Now I need to check. Dish towels and cloths can be used to dry hands, wipe counters and clean up some liquid messes. It’s a way to conserve paper towels for more yucky jobs.

No offense, but why not pick up the two rolls of paper towels and offer
one of them to the gentleman? If we want to be a kinder people, I
believe it starts with small personal steps.

On another note, we were in Sam’s Club and just as we were walking
down an aisle, a forklift came and placed a pallet of Clorox Wipes.
I was just standing there waiting to move past him and casually
picked up one package for my daughter. In an instant, I felt like
I was at a Kmart blue light special. I quickly ducked out of the
way as 20-3o people descended like flies. We laughed; it was
so funny.

Same here no paper towels! Ordered online from staples.

Love those pumpkins, not ready for fall though as I am summer girl!

The cake pops are incredible. How do you eat something that pretty?

I also love Tara Shaw’s work and met her a few years ago. She’s so lovely and has such passion for what she does.

When will the mimi vase become a available? Love it and your display of pumpkins and flowers.

Hard to find paper towels here in CT also, I can occasionally get them at Rite Aid, otherwise order online. Always enjoy your Sunday posts.

On the subject of paper products… is hit or miss in my area. Finding LYSOL is a different matter entirely! Have not seen it anywhere since March 10th!!!!!
Love your posts…get my creative juices flowing…….

I am commenting on the boat at lake como WOW..I don’t have a boat and never wanted one but I want this one!
My 6 yr old grandson would love the flamingo treats, beautiful.

Love your post, as always. When will you be offering the Mimi vase? Hopefully they will will be arriving soon.

A roll of paper towels on for $47? Forget it! But I WILL order the L’Oreal “purple” shampoo for my almost white hair. Thanks for that tip, Tina.

Beautiful post as usual. I’m looking forward to autumn as well. Thx for sharing the documentaries. By the time this pandemic is over, I feel like I will have watched everything out there. (That’s worth seeing.)

Not a Bounty fan myself, prefer Viva but the same problems exist. Stores stocking their own brands vs “favorite” brands. Same situation with toilet papers, “Kleenex”. Generic brands just don’t compare! I’ll spend the extra for the name brand products! Live in AZ so this appears to stretch across the country.

Have been buying the ShopRite Paperbird brand (here in N NJ), they always seem to have that in stock. It’s the surface wipes that have disappeared as apparently the companies like Clorox have had to retool to produce more liquid bleach products for home and industrial (hospital, etc) use. (That’s also why I can’t find my beloved Clorox Ultimate detergent for the past 5 months…)
LOVE the artwork Tara Shaw has collected. Great mix of modern and classic. Buying art is like buying a house in that don’t let something that can be easily changed (like a purple front door) throw you off. If a piece speaks to you but you hate the frame, just re-frame it! Found a great little landscape of Long Is Sound in local thrift store, filthy with cigarette smoke residue and in a horrid cheap wood frame. Paid $200 for it. Cleaned it (you’d never have guessed the color of the sky under all that grime), re-framed it and now that I could read the signature, found out that this artist’s work is selling at auction for 3k! But the newfound value is not the point, there’s a lot of great art student art out there that would wonderful hanging in your home, it not being a listed artist should not make you love it any less.

Ditch the paper towels. You don’t need them. There is a wonderful alternative made of washable bamboo by a company called Shine. They come on a roll like paper towel, and are used exactly like paper towel, but they can be washed and thrown in the washing machine and dryer for dozens of washes. When they get to the point of no return, then use them for jobs that you would then throw them into the bin like polishing silver, mopping up spilled oil, or wiping up vomit! Much better for the budget and the environment. You may not be able to get the Shine reusable bamboo wipes in the USA but I am sure that there are similar products. Beats paying $47.

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