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Hi friends,  the day has come! Hard to believe we are talking holidays but yes our ornaments and gift wrap is here this week and we are ready! I have not been this excited over the holidays in a long time and really over the moon about our newest topiary collection (something I have dreamed about doing for 2 years)!

Partly because 2020 has been such a dismal year and partly because the holidays always put a pep in my step, the joy and magic of the season is undeniable (even if it won’t be what it normally is). At least I will have a beautifully decked out tree and fabulously wrapped gifts:)

We have been so busy with our new warehouse space that we never had the chance to hold our presale so this is our ARRIVAL SALE! These are arriving to the warehouse today or tomorrow:) So it’s instant gratification!

We held our gift wrap sale last week (gift wrap, tissue and ribbon has all now been added to the shop) and now it’s time for the ornaments/gift toppers presale. We are over the moon to introduce our fabulous topiary collection, what a beautiful compliment to our ginger jars and Staffordshire dogs. So many pretties!! This sale is on for 3 days and includes special presale pricing with a few incentives.

I know many of us are grappling with the uncertainty that 2020 has brought to our lives, so I think its for that reason that so many of us are looking forward to putting our energies into something beautiful and uplifting, like the holidays and decorating a tree!I know that’s very much the case for me:)

By demand, we are also introducing large prepacked boxes of 50, 100 and 150 ornaments at special bulk pricing as some have requested this. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

A few rules to read over before ordering-

  • There are two ways to order, call us or email. 1-800-804-9565 (9-5 EST) or email
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER REQUEST- you must submit your order by ITEM NUMBER(S) AND COLOR, along with your full name, shipping address and phone number
  • This sale is on for 3 days after which all items will be on the shop at their regular selling prices
  • Shipping is extra
  • Prices are per ornament or by the box (price per box is for THAT item)
  • Any order over $300 gets an additional 10% off
  • Any order over $400 gets an additional 10% off plus our fabulous new 2021 desktop calendar
  • These are available  to ship internationally, please call or email for a quote
  • These are due to us this week and orders will start shipping out later this week into next
  • Wholesale? Please register by clicking here or contact for more info
  • Questions? Please give us a call 800-804-9565

A few pictures from last year, have not set up a tree yet but cannot wait to give a “test run” to all the fabulous new ornaments!

Here is a guide we had put up last year for a guesstimate of how many ornaments for specific sized trees-


Every ornamnent has an Enchanted Home hangtag, comes in a bubble bag and 4 ornaments to our white Enchanted Home gift boxes.


And here’s a look at the fabulous new topiary collection and new ginger jars-

Our tulipiere ornament is coming in around Nov 8th, but you can preorder this wonderful ornament and the new tulipiere gift toppers online by clicking here (due here first by Nov 8th)

 And here we go with the new ornaments please remember to order using item numbers-


ITEM 1 Here we have the triple ball topiary in a beautiful blue/white planter. This beauty measures 5.5″ and will surely be a shining star on your Christmas tree!

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $ 39.00 (specify color when ordering)

ITEM 2 These fabulous very detailed flat top ginger jar ornaments come in two sizes. Features an elegant paneled design all over. 5″, red, green or blue

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $39.00 (specify color)

ITEM 2A The same beautifully detailed flat top ginger jar in a smaller size, this one is 3.5″. Specify red,blue or green

9.00 each

Box of 4 $34.00 (specify color)


ITEM 3 Love this single oversized topiary ball. on this elegant planter, measures 4.75″ tall

$10.00 each

Box of four $38.00

specify color

ITEM 4 Elegant double topiary with bow in floral potted planter with pretty delicate organza box  6″

$11.00 each

$38.00 for a box of 4

specify color

ITEM 5 Double mossy green topiary in pretty floral  potted planter, 5.25″ tall

$11.00 each

Box of four $39.00

specify color

ITEM 6 OUR NEW TOPIARY GIFT TOPPERS These fabulous new 3.5″ topiary gift toppers come in sets of 4 per color. Can’t get enough of these, perfect for garden lovers!

They make a spectacular gift presentation and can double as a smaller ornament for smaller trees!

Box of 4 $26.00 (one color per box)

Specify color when ordering

ITEM 7  This amazing cherry blossom hexagonal  blossom ginger jar is a stunner. Measures 5.25″

$11.00 each

Box of four $38.00

ITEM 8 Amazing decorative large ball ornaments in two beautiful designs,dragon and village scene. Measures 5″. A beautiful  compliment to the topiaries and jars.

$11.00 each

Box of four $38.00

specify design dragon or village scene

ITEM 9 Now two sizes of our gorgeous cherry blossom jar, the large which measures  6.5″and the small measures 4″.  A regal beauty!

6.5″ SIZE

$12.00 each

A box of four $42.00


$9.00 each

Box of 4 $34.00

ITEM 1o Staffordshire dogs ornaments.  Limited numbers of each color of our best selling doggies,  a fabulous addition to any tree! These are super charming and measure 5″

$11.00 each

Box of four $40.00(for this sale only you can mix colors within a box)

specify color black, ivory, blue, red or green

ITEM 11 A beautiful floral wide bodies flat top jar. This is a favorite and works well with everything. Measures 5.5″ x 4″

$11.00 each

Box of four $40.00

ITEM 12 Two beautiful pagodas, two different designs. Both measure 4.5″. A nice compliment to all the other shapes and sizes.

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $40.00

Specify blue/white or solid navy

ITEM 13 Fabulous floral scene ginger jars, stands 5″ and is a beauty! Mixes in so nicely with all the others!

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $39.00

ITEM 14 Our fabulous silvery/blue/gray 5 balls area  gorgeous way to add an extra layer of beauty to your tree. These are sold by the box only.

Box of 4 $30.00

ITEM 15 Nutcrackers!! These regal beauties re 5″ tall. Offered in a blue/green colorway or a red/navy colorway. Both so striking

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $40.00 (specify style)





ITEM 16 Our gorgeous all over floral ball measures 4″. These are sold as a box of four only. Great size and fabulous pattern!

$10.00 each

Box of 4 $35.00

ITEM 17 Our fabulous flat top pheasant jar ornament, measures 4.35″ tall. Gorgeous floral/pheasant design just like our big jars:)

$11.00 each

Box of 4 $39.00

ITEM  18 STAFFORDSHIRE DOG GIFT TOPPERS  A wonderful very limited number of gift toppers these are the cutest! They measure about 3″ tall and are the perfect finishing touch to any gift. They can also double as ornaments for a smaller tree.

Sold in boxes of four only

Box of four $26.00

for this sale only you can mix and match colors

specify navy, red, ivory, black or pink

ITEM 19 GINGER JAR AND PAGODA GIFT TOPPERS  Our beautiful pagoda and ginger jar toppers are back in stock. A stunning way to give a gift that is sure to wow. Measures  3″ tall and can double as a small ornament. Sold in boxes of four only

Box of four $26.00

(can mix and match jars and pagodas)

ITEM 20  After many requests for this, we finally are offering limited “big boxes”! This is what we call a great big box of holiday happiness. This box will contain a huge assortment of our best selling full size ornaments, balls, pagodas, jars, nutcrackers, topiaries...a little of everything.

These boxes will come prepacked with a beautiful assortment of ornaments ready to decorate your tree! Takes the guesswork out, worth its weight in gold. This is new and something many had asked about us doing. Buying this way is a huge money saver. Buy more and save more! These will come in several of our white Enchanted Home logo boxes (great for storage)

You can specify all blue/white, a mix of colors, all gold/white, all red/white, all green/white.

This is a great way to save and get a beautiful assortment to fast track a beautiful tree!

One set of assorted 50 ornaments $425.00

One set of assorted 100 ornaments $815.00

One set of assorted 150 ornaments $1175.00



One lucky winner will win a box of assorted ornaments! All you need to do is leave a comment telling us your most favorite ornament and why you are looking forward to the holidays. I will announce a winner on Sunday!


Does this have you dreaming about Christmas? It sure has me in the mood to crank up some Christmas carols, light a holiday candle and start sifting through my holiday decor. I have a feeling my tree is going up a lot earlier this year! I say with the year we have had to endure, anything goes. Call or email your order in-


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a great day, until next time……

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Tim F. on

I love the blue & white dragon ball ornament. Looking forward to Christmas as a return to normalcy!

Marilyn S. on

The green topiary jar ornament is my favorite.

Ashley on

I love those nutcracker ornaments!! I can’t wait to spend time with my parents and in-laws as well as seeing the never ending excitement of my children during the Holiday season!!

Peggy on

I love the topiaries and the pagodas!!! Just lovely:)

Jennnifer S on

These ornaments are always a winner on packages. I love the new flat top ginger jars! The magic and the meaning of the holiday season will certainly be welcomed this year.

Kathryn on

My faves are still the little gift toppers, and the ginger jars are the cutest!!!

Tahani on

Every think always more beautiful so much Im happy when I received from you this post than you so much

Barbara M on

Impossible to choose a favorite, but I have to say the navy cherry blossom jar is my favorite because it provides such a gorgeous contrast to most all of the other ornaments that have a lighter background. Cannot go wrong with any of these beauties. Love the idea of the mixed box, what a brilliant idea!

Donna on

After attending a Christmas tree display charity event last year, I was inspired to create a blue/white/silver themed 5 ft tree for our master bedroom. I have been on a “quest” to find miniature ginger jar ornaments. The ITEM 19 GINGER JAR AND PAGODA GIFT TOPPERS are just the perfect addition! Now I just need to figure out how many to order!

Kristen Murphy on

I love the all over floral ball ornament! I’m really looking forward to filling my house with Christmas, and hoping it will serve as a joyful escape, even if only for a little while.

Kathy Chandler on

I adore all of the ornaments, but the little nutcrackers are so sweet! I´m looking forward as well to the holidays and choosing a tree from the tree farm here in Vermont with my grandchildren!

Faye Barbian on

I love the pagodas the most. Christmas brings joy to my life as we celebrate the life of Jesus.

Christine on

I love the topiaries! And the nutcrackers are so Christmas! I always look forwards to Christmas, so magical, but this year more than ever, as it’s God’s way of saying Life is GOOD, and life’s been really different and hard lately.

Lisa Lewis on

Item 7: The cherry blossom hexagonal blossom ginger jar is my absolute favorite! Would love to have this on my Christmas tree this year. We just moved into our new home 2 months ago and I would be thrilled to have all new ornaments to show off my home, that’s blue and white themed !!

Karen Carbonello on

My husband has gifted me with a nutcracker every year since we met 44 years ago. Your nutcracker style ornaments are at the tippy top of my wishlist for Christmas this year! They are beautiful!

Deb Harris on

My favorites continue to be the dark blue cherry blossom ornaments in all sizes! The chance to be with family again, in whatever form that takes this year will be treasured this Christmas!

Carmella Tully on

My favorite is the nutcracker, it’s reminiscent of the past while adding a new twist of blue and white:. I have retired my 200 nutcrackers Finally and We now have a fresh new our tree..

Keep Christ in Christmas and make this a time to reflect on all our blessings and spend quality time with family.

Marion Spark on

My favorite ornament is the Staffordshire dog. What could be cuter?

I can’t wait to decorate my mantle with blue and white and silver

Jan Pearson on

The cherry blossom hexagonal ginger jar would be my favorite if I have to pick one! It is classic chinoiserie at it’s best! Every year, I can hardly wait to see Poinsettias in blue and white planters and foot baths. The deep red of the blooms and the contrast of the blue and white is amazing.

Marcia on

Love the idea of the prepackaged ornaments , perfect time to restyle my Christmas tree ! Beautiful ornaments !

Jamie Fain on

The gift toppers are darling. Make great small ornaments for small trees as well.

Eileen on

I have moved to an apartment and have limited space and smaller trees. I had ordered item 19(or ones like them) last year, not for gift toppers but as small ornaments for tiny trees and I just love how they look. Majesty in miniature!!! Thanks so much.

Maureen on

I was a goner once I saw the nutcrackers.
I collect nutcrackers and these are just lovely.
I look forward to putting the nutcrackers I have out each holiday season.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

A Christmas tree would be so lucky to have one of your ornaments adorning it. Beautiful! The ginger jar, cherry blossom is my favourite but it is hard to pick an ornament when they are all equally exquisite. ?

Evelina Snell on

I love the double topiary! The ribbon bow is such a lovely touch!

Susan K on

I so love the triple topiary ornaments. I have the foo dog ornaments from Tina and I think these would look great sitting next to them.

Jenni Toebben on

I am so excited about the new topiaries and the tulipieres. Choosing a favorite is like choosing a favorite child!! Today, it would be the Staffordshire dogs. Tomorrow it will be something else! I am looking forward to celebrating the joy and beauty of Christmas. on

The double mossy topiary in blue and white is my favorite albeit a very difficult choice. Blue and white porcelain and topiary greenery have always been a part of my style. After a forty year career In the fashion industry, living in Hong King for 5 years and 4-6 trips annual prior and thereafter, I admit, blue and white dominates my decor and my clothing. You have made many dreams come true. Thank you!

Martha on

These are wonderful, Tina!! My favorites are the double stacked topiary ornaments and gift toppers. Any of your gift toppers would make gorgeous additions to any wreath!!

Megan on

I love your paper and toppers so much I wouldn’t want to open the gift inside-unless of course it was from your shop!

Daley on

I love the gift toppers. Can’t wait to wrap and show them off.

Kathy M. on

My favorite is the ginger jar gift topper no wait, my favorite is the tulipiere gift topper. I love all the ornaments. Keeping positive and looking forward to the Holidays and praying everyone continues to stay healthy.

Charlene on

My favorite is item # 4! I love this prominently “” nubby “” topiary with it’s
garden-like character for those of us who actually grow them ???

I’m so excited to receive my order and I thank you for creating this assortment of beautiful ornaments!

Lauren on

Love love love every single one! Ready to be enchanted by a beautiful holiday season!

Lisa on

While all your ornaments are gorgeous, the Tulipiere is by far my favorite! Over the years I have purchased 4 from you! Not sure why I have such a ‘thing’ for them but I love them! Right now they are holding mums in fall colors and as we progress toward Christmas they will hold red carnations and holly sprigs.
Thanks for all you do, Tina!

Claudia McCauley on

Oh what fun these are…truly amazing and so very pretty…love them!

Denise Aschmann on

Gorgeous new items! Love the topiaries as we are avid gardeners. You have such unique items … it’s a delightful treat just to peruse your beautiful website. During this difficult time of uncertainty in our lives, it’s a fabulous diversion from reality. Looking forward to the beauty and serenity of the Christmas holidays. Will miss some of the normal traditions, but we will make the best of it while we try to heal in many ways. Thank you so much … and “Merry Christmas”!!

Lin on

The Cherry Blossom Jar ornament #9 is just what I’m hoping Santa will leave under my tree….or on my tree! It brings back so many wonderful memories of travel in the orient.

DarcyLea on

What a beautiful collection. I think the darling little nutcrackers have my heart. I think 2020 needs some whimsy after all the stress and uncertainty we’ve been through. Christmas will be extra special this year as I await the arrival of a grand-niece; our first “grand” and hope that the gift of a new life will reflect with a positive glow on the year to come.

Mimi Witherow on

My favorite ornaments are the Staffordshire dog collection. They remind me of my granddog, Lucy, who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After a very tragic year in my family I am looking forward to the joy of Christmas even more than usual.

Anita. on

Many lovely additions for the holiday. season but my favorite is the tulipiere. I’m looking forward to the holidays because it’s a time of peace, beauty, and goodwill Thank you TEH for all you do to inspire these goals.

Jenny Luken on

Love all of these ornaments but especially drawn to the nutcrackers. I always look forward to the holidays but especially this one. It is good for my mental health to have these days of family get togethers to look forward to. Thanks for contributing to them with your beautiful products.

April on

I think the Nutcrackers ornaments are cute and simply love the Cherry Blossom ornaments too!
Way to go!
Love ❤️

Belle C on

My favorite ornament although you make it so hard to select with all this beauty is the tulipiere ornament. I’m looking forward to Christmas, one, because it’s my favorite holiday and because it’s a represents faith, family, unity, peace and giving and two because I get to deck my home for Christmas starting November 1st, AND I get to enjoy all the beauty, memories and feelings it evokes. ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer M on

I love the staffordshire dog ornaments and gift toppers. Cute, classic and make me smile!

June on

Oh my goodness! I love and want them all! But if I had to choose, I would pick the double mossy green topiary ornament in blue!! I already have the dog and ginger jar ornaments.

Joyce on

Yay!!! Got my order in.
Added to the lovely ornaments that I ordered last year. My tree is going to be even prettier! ? This year the tulipiere ornaments and the topiary ornaments are my favorite. They are all gorgeous! Love!!!

Maureen on

I am partial to the Stanfordshire dog ornaments and toppers! These are so adorable!

Anne on

The dragon ornament is beautiful! Looking forward to decorating and time with family!

Peggy Wilkins on

I adore the ginger jar ornaments. Wait, I really adore the topiary ornaments! Well, but I love the Staffordshire dog ornaments……can I love them all equally? Anything blue and white are my absolute favorites-but they’re all wonderful!!

Maureen Winchell on

The blue ginger jar ornaments are my favorites. They remind me of my mom. Christmas is a time to overwhelm the senses – I love the sights, the sounds and the smells of that season!

Jo Anne Jones on

My favorite is the cherry blossom jar. I have a large collection of vintage blue and white, and these would fit in perfectly!

Susan M. on

The Staffordshire dog ornaments are exceptional! I plan to have our tree up sooner rather than later this year to thoroughly enjoy the season.

Mia D on

I really love the Staffordshire dog ornaments! So classic and perfect with other blue and white ornaments. After the crazy year we have had I am really looking forward to Christmas with our little family being all together tucked in to simple family time with yummy food, fires in the fireplace, movie nights and card games. Being together is what is most important and makes me so happy!

Merrie Loper on

I love all the little topiaries. They are a reminder of Christmas past in my parents home. All beautifully decorated with an enchanted theme of formality, with silver and porcelain, and my mother dressed in heels! I miss those days!

BP on

SO good!!! I love them all but the double and single topiaries are my favorite. I’m definitely going to suggest these to my garden club ,they would flip over these!!
love them all, Such a beautiful
collection Tina. Putting my order together now.

Courtney R on

The blue flowered Staffordshire dog is perfect! For the holidays I’m really looking forward to being home on maternity leave snuggling my babies and spending time with family.

Michele Rathbone on

Oh, the Staffordshire Dogs ornaments are so swoon-worthy!

Karen F. on

Everything is looking especially festive this year! The Staffordshire dogs are my favorite ornament…they bring an instant smile to my face. So looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family, our first get together since March!

Patricia on

I love the topiary ornaments this year! They are fabulous! I ordered the dogs and balls last year and these will be a wonderful addition to my tree! I’m looking so forward to decorating my tree and spending time with the ones I love!

Carolyn K on

So hard to pick a favorite! I think the Cherry Blossom ginger jar wins, though! That blue is just beautiful, and it’s just a sweet shape.

Looking forward to spending time with family for Christmas!

Ann on

They are all so beautiful & yes it makes want to get decorating for Christmas.
My favorite ornament is the hexagonal blossom ginger jar. It is so detailed.

Sarah D on

My favorite ornaments are any of the pagodas! I am looking forward to the holidays because it is something to look forward to and decorating and making things beautiful will be a great way to bring happiness!

Janet Mogensen on

Love them all but the double topiary are my favorite ?????????

Mary M on

I am crazy about the topiary ornaments and toppers! Fabulous

Lois on

Adore the Staffordshire dog ornaments. Your blog is a ray of sunshine particularly during this crazy time!

Dana Munoz on

Oh my gosh….how do you pick one favorite? It’s impossible! But I love the topiary trees!

Alissa S on

I think there are too many beautiful ornaments for me to pick a favorite. Any that are blue and white are at the top of my list. I’m excited to celebrate Christmas with my family —just spending time with the people I love!

Marilyn loftus on

May favorite are the topiary gift toppers to go with the wrapping paper I ordered.

Joan on

I love the nutcracker ornaments. I have a nutcracker collection and these ornaments are unique and different from the others I have.

Sharon Foster on

The topiary ornaments are incredible! I am going to try to make this an extra special Christmas for my family. After such a dreadful year we deserve a celebration.

The Velvet Pug on

OMG! There’s not an ornament here I don’t love but if I must name a favorite, I’d say the blue pagoda. So beautiful. As for Christmas, my husband is doubly susceptible in that he’s, um, older plus he’s a doctor so we will not be celebrating Christmas with family but I’m looking forward to a quiet holiday with lots of relaxing near the fireplace with our lazy pug Henry and our sweet terrier rescue Rudy. Plus I get my hubby all to myself! Thank you for designing and selling such beautiful merchandise.

LeeAnne on

I love the Staffordshire dogs….especially the gift topper pink one! Will be cute on new granddaughter’s Christmas pajamas gift and then on her nursery Christmas tree! She has 2 fur siblings that are Cavaliers! Perfect!

Jess on

Blue and white pagodas!!?Seeing smiling faces of those I love. Feeling safe and warm. Nostalgic Christmas tunes playing while sitting by the fire.

Tracey on

My favorite ornament is the cherry blossom hexagonal because it reminds me of the hexagonal jars I have on my mantel. I can’t wait for the holidays this year because of what everyone has had to endure with Covid…we’ve all lost something wether it’s a friend or family member to this horrible virus, or lost time with someone special. I haven’t been able to see or spend time with my friend who is recovering from breast cancer.

Jess N on

All are beautiful but the cherry blossom jar is my favorite.

ReneP. on

I immediately fell in love with the silvery blue/gray large ball ornaments. They are just gorgeous, my favorite shade of blue! All your ornaments are so pretty, but those blue/gray ornaments have my name written all over them! I cherish celebrating Christmas with my family and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Deb on

I do believe I will never take my tree down when I decorate it with these beauties!! Especially love the cherry blossom hexagonal blossom ginger jar!!

Stephanie on

I love the Staffordshire dogs. They remind me of my two precious pups that provide so much joy. I am looking forward to Christmas and spending time with cherished friends and beloved family and making more wonderful memories.

Jackie C. on

Oh number 7, you used the correct adjective… STUNNER!
They all are so beautiful. I would love to see a tree just filled with all the beautiful ornaments, in all the assorted colors!

Nancy on

Wow! My new favorite for this year is your tulipiere ornament. Love the color & detailing. Looks just like the big guys!

Suzanne K Moss on

Doggies. Gotta be the doggies. I have a very British Christmas tree for my living room with ornaments collected from all over Britain. We did not see Staffordshire Dog ornaments anywhere! When I saw yours I went bonkers! I ordered some last year and now need to collect some of the ginger jars, too. I’m a blue and white collector, you can never have enough. Never.

P.S. I miss Teddy and his happy little face, too.

Elizabeth Smith on

Holly and berries and snowflakes a flutter, candles glistening and holiday scents, Friends and family and memories to be made – these are most dear to me at Christmas. — And I can hear it now -“such beautiful presents, where did you get those gorgeous wrappings!!” These ornaments will look so charming topping your beautiful holiday papers. My favorites are the topiaries – simply elegant!

Susan Haidon on

Great Christmas ornaments and paper. I love the dark green with satin ribbon. Beautiful Wrappings!!!!

Stormie on

This Selection of ornament makes me feel like a little child at a toy store! I would say the topiary tree in green, but I could change my mind any minute! Just wonderful, any one of them!

Nancy on

The cherry blossom jars are one of my favorites but I do love them all. I’m looking forward to decorating, wrapping gifts and baking for my family this Christmas. Have a new much bigger appreciation for the simple things and the people I love!!

Del on

I find the gift toppers delightful! The wrappings add yet another level of excitement and enhances the surprise inside.

Elizabeth on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the ornaments, but my favorite are the topiary and the pagoda. I am so looking forward to the holidays, I am hoping to be able to see my parents, and the rest of my family.

Mary Joy Webster on

I love all your ornaments, however, I look forward to the new toppers. I used them to decorate my two 3 foot trees that I place in the deep windowsills of my dining room. I have already ordered the topiaries in all the different colors!!

Tammy Powell on

Hands down…pagodas.

Emma Lee Welker on

We like the dog ornaments because it reminds us of our two dogs who died of old age and buried in our back yard next to
flowering bushes. We see them and hear them thru out our home even though they are gone. The dog ornaments look
like our departed pets, I really ment to say they were our “kids”. It will be a MERRY CHRISTMAS for us with those lovely
ornaments who look like our “Daisy” and “Cricket”.

Marilyn on

It is hard to choose a favorite. They all are so pretty.

Joan on

The Staffordshire gift toppers I purchased last year were a huge hit, have to say that the topiary ornaments & toppers are inspired! Looking forward to Christmas this year as our family has so much to be grateful for. Even though it will be a very small gathering around the dinner table, I have no intention of making it any less special.

Laura Koning on

I love the topiary ornaments with a blue pot. All the ornaments make me ready to decorate for Christmas.

Juawanna Schuller on

The green Staffordshire dog looks like he is waiting for Santa! So happy. I’m looking forward to the traditions of the holidays to celebrate the past, enjoy the present and give hope for the future.

Jeana Ball on

I love the Staffordshire Dog ornaments!!! They have been my favorite since I first saw them. I am attempting to approach the holidays with intention. It seems like I’m in a whirlwind during that time, but I want to really make an effort to breathe it all in and savor as much as possible.

Mickey H on

My favorite ornament design is the cherry blossom ginger jar. Looking forward to having my children home for the holiday.

susan on

My favorite ornament is the STAFFORDSHIRE DOG GIFT TOPPER. Looking forward to meeting my first grandson from across country in person since we have been unable to visit.

Arell on

So much fabulousness! I absolutely love the double ball topiary ornaments! They are so precious in every color.

Nicole S. on

I love the blue/white pagodas. So cute. I’m looking forward to the holidays to see family & spread some joy. We all could use some joy right now.

Cindy G on

Love, love, love the topiaries!! Have been anxiously waiting for these this year!! Great job Tina with All of your lovely ornaments!!

Kay on

I am unable to choose which one ornament is my favorite…I love them all. Wishing everyone a blessed fall.

Sue Bonfield on

I really don’t have a favorite. They are all spectacular on my blue and white tree.

Susan on

I just adore all of the staffordshire dog ornaments and gift toppers. Even though it’s Ben a difficult year, I am looking forward to the holidays to celebrate all of our many blessings.

Maya on

All of them are so gorgeous! It’s difficult to pick just one but I think my favorite is the tulipiere.. I may be biased though because I am anxiously awaiting my classic blue tulipiere any day now!

Sandy Woodley on

They all look beautiful but really like the cherry blossom hexagonal ginger jar. And Christmas this year will most likely only be with family.

Ginybel on

I love them all!!! I wish I win the box of ornaments and that sure would be a welcome gift for the holidays!

Carolyn on

I love the ginger jar and pagoda ornaments! ? A wonderfully decorated tree is the perfect way to say “goodby” to 2020 and “welcome” to 2021. Happy New Year everyone and a happy and healthy year to all!

Julia F. on

Love all of these, but gift toppers are my favorites. I am looking forward to spending time with my granddaughter who I have too seldom during this Pandemic!

Jennifer Pisani on

I Love them all but the flat top pheasant jar is a beauty! I am looking forward to the holidays b/c it brings me Joy to shop and cook for my family and friends as well this year to 2020 being over! Starting Fresh 2021 with hopes and dreams!

Carol Mann on

As always I love them all but the gift toppers seem to call my name. This is our first year to be without our kids. I am not looking forward to it. But we feel like it is too dangerous to travel. I will enjoy my tree even more this year.

Samantha on

I can’t pick a favorite ornament! I love them all and I can’t wait to decorate my enchanted Christmas tree with all the new ornaments I just ordered! ❤️❤️

Debbie McLendon on

Hi my name is Debbie,I live in Maryville Tn.My favorite ornaments are Item #7 ! Im looking forward to the holidays because in July My Daughter,a college student,My Husband who was at the time waiting to get on the List for a Double Lung Transplant ,and myself all contracted Covid 19 . My husband spent roughly 50 days in the hospital while my daughter and myself recovered here at home. Since then my Daughter have been at to go back to college . Thank God but I have not been able to go back to work because my Husband is still very sick. Im the type of person that celebrate Christmas in my Spirit every day! Always buying and receiving gifts for and from people all through out the year! I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas! To bring a since of Joy and Hope to our house!! I have been reading your blog every since you were in your first house and started building your new house the one that you are in now! You have been a Huge inspiration to me and im very grateful for you !! Merry Christmas!!

B. Woodring on

The tulipiere is my very favorite! I have been collecting blue/wht ornaments from you for a while. Hopefully soon, I can do my entire tree.

Nancy Behrmann on

I am so excited! I love Tina that you have designed such beautiful reversible wrapping paper with lush velvet ribbons and exquisite hand painted toppers. The attention to detail will make my friends feel so special! Our friendships and love for one another has been so important this year! Thank you!

Patti Miller on

My favorite ornament is the blue pagoda dog. I have 2 small rescue dogs. I am an operating room nurse and with the year we have had it’s a joy to come home to two sweet girls that love and comfort me no matter what.

Meredith B on

Gorgeous ornaments – per usual! I want to do a secondary Christmas tree this year in blue and white, and I can’t think of better “starter” ornaments for this new tree than the #8 dragon ball ornament and the #17 pheasant jar ornament. Can’t wait to start this new tradition. Gives me joy just thinking about it! Thank you, Tina!

Kim Gay on

I love the new elegant double topiary! I am looking forward to Christmas this year because my son will be home from the army after having been in South Korea!

Peggy Mae on

My favorite is the flat top pheasant ginger jar. We are hoping to have our son and his family with us for the holidays. Christmas is brighter when grandchildren are here to remind you of of the true meaning of Christmas.

Marguerite on

My favorite ornament is the double ball topiary. I just LOVE topiaries! Looking forward to the holidays so that we can all mark the end of the year and look forward to new things and spring to come.

Brenda on

I look forward to getting some of your ornaments every year to add to my tree. I feel like Christmas when I get one of your boxes. My favorites are the gift toppers and especially the new tulipieres. They look beautiful on my tree. I can’t wait to get the new tulipiere ornaments. They’re so unique. This Christmas will be more special because we are making a very long road trip to be with our little granddaughters who we haven’t seen for a very long time.

Carol Weart on

Can’t wait to place my yearly order of ornaments Tina. Your gorgeous ornaments bring happiness and beauty and make our tree so stunning! Love the new additions you’ve added this year, but especially anything in blue and white.

Linda on

The green topiaries are a sure winner….love them. Looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Gina Howell on

Oh my goodness!! They are all so beautiful that it’s hard to choose just one favorite! But I guess my very favorite is the flat top pheasant jar. They are all divine!! I can’t wait for Christmas!! ??

Beth Aldrich on

I love the nutcrackers. They bring back
memories of the times we took the boys (yes, boys) to see the Nutcracker each year. They are now 35, 38 and 40 and still talk about going to the Nutcracker.

Debbie Epp on

I love so much…….the dragon ball ornament, the staffordshire dogs, nutcrackers!!! Beautiful!

Judy Nelson on

I love the new Tulipiere Ornament. I am looking forward to the holidays to spend some time with family and friends.

CArmen on

I love the blue and white dragon ball

Vickie Burch on

Do you sell the wrapping paper?

Erica McLain on

My favorite are the nutcracker ornaments. I collect nutcrackers and can’t wait to add those to my tree. I’m so looking forward to spending time with family.

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