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Good Friday morning! Hope everyone is well. I stared feeling under the weather and got very nervous but thankfully starting to feel better, except for having had the beginnings of a migraine, ugh!  Been very busy over here and all I can say is my business has been a savior in more ways than one. It keeps me incredibly busy and on my toes, it’s always such a nice diversion to be able to look at pretty things especially when the world is hurting so much.

We literally don’t go anywhere (beyond office and market, etc..) and with Covid spreading I don’t see that changing any time soon. I am just remaining positive about down the road and finally getting some semblance of “normal” back into our lives! In the meantime, enjoy doing my blogging as its my form of “therapy” so here we go with random musings from the last week or two-


Had such fun experimenting with our new wicker tulipieres which people have really responded well to and our new size of the 8″ wicker box planters! Love how this came out!

Tulipieres will be here mid to late Feb.

I had fun daydreaming if I was hosting a small lunch how pretty the table would be with these:)

The wicker 8″ planters are on our arrival sale, a few left! Click here to see

I love the flowers in these little 8″ planters!

Woke up to a beautiful light snowfall the other day, keep it coming! If we have to endure winter, I want a few good snowfalls!

Love our nex hex wicker planter in 12″ and 15″ (also on the arrival sale which ends today) click here to see

Meanwhile over at the warehouse all kinds of magnificent things are blooming over here!! Sold out of all garden seats above but have limited numbers of the jars left (more of both coming in March)

Say hello to these incredible jumbo new fishbowls!! I love each and every one, they measure about 22″ x 25″ and will be on our big porcelain sale next week

Adore our new fretwork planters (two sizes) being offered on our arrival sale (click here, today is last day)

And about this magnificent 20″ wicker box planter and urn on pedestal! A few 20″ planters left and urn and pedestal will be on our next shipment mid Feb

Not so prety is my brilliant idea of ripping up my office ceiling. The black was keeping me up at night:) I know it will be woth it when done but irght now its a total mess!

Beautiful sunset from my sons home

And speaking of how cute is Boy! He is getting so big and that face:) Love being a grandma well kind of!

Nothing like coming home with a big load of pretty tulips and stock from my local supermarket!

For all the time I spend at home, you better believe I am going to make it look pretty!

Love these in my little bud vases on my dining room mantle

A few days later filled a large white tulipiere with the tuliperes as they only had a day or two left in them, love how crisp and pretty it fills!

Speaking of tulipieres how pretty is this, Carolyne Roehm filled our large original tuliperes with these beautiful white daisies and carnations. Love this!

My myrtle topiaries are going strong. I am so excited over this little achievement! Key is to always be sure they have moisture, never to let them totally dry out and some sun. Put them in my box planters and cut up some faux kalanchoe and placed them at the base since I didn’t have moss….its a keeper!

And speaking of going strong, these amaryllis will not quit!!! The reds are about to burst open again and these white are unstoppable! They have been blooming but now into smaller multiple blooms. Wow, really got my money’s worth here:)

And speaking of going strong, these amaryllis will not quit!!! The reds are about to burst open again and these white are unstoppable! They have been blooming but now into smaller multiple blooms. Wow, really got my money’s worth here:)

Been making the pasta fagiole soup every Sunday, its just so good and perfect for a cold winter meal!

And we have been watching so. many movies, series, documentaries…..with all that downtime lol

I got the prettiest pair of monogrammed, boots from a friend/customer and these made my day!! How cute are these!! And they came with interchangeable laces. Don’t you love her taste in reversible gift wrap too:)

I LOVE these!!

The message meant so much…..thanks KO!

And speaking of horses, miss this handsome fella way too much. Have been trying to get down there an hope to in the next week or two. Miss him!


And there you have life in the last week or two. Not a lot happening, and surely not going many places but making the best of things and knowing this will eventually go away and we can all get back to hopefully living our best lives.

Hoping to go see my parents (after they have their second vaccine) and down to PB for a little break. In the meantime, staying busy over here dreaming up all kinds of  beautiful new things! Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone. fabulous day!



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that soup looks great..can you share the recipe?
Love all the wicker!!! love this entire post😊❤️

That wicker urn and pedestal are beyond stately in a fresh way, giving us hope for spring. Boy is a cutie, but his face says he has hidden a special surprise somewhere.

Apologies to Maryann. That was Susan’s comment about the urn/pedestal and Boy’s surprise.

Hi! Tina
When you have your porcelain sale next week will there be an option to have holes drilled in the jumbo fish bowls?

HI! You have such beautiful things! I am very interested in the wicker pedestal and vase X 2. When will you be receiving these items?

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