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Hello and happy Valentine’s day to you. I want to announce the winner of the wicker pitcher, congratulations goes to-


#77 Kathy Bunge

Favorite items were the colored wicker planters. They are beautiful!

Please email us with your shipping info so it can be on it’s way.


Well, I feel like we live in a frozen tundra with all the snow we have had and super cold temps, everything is frozen in place….spring cannot come soon enough! And we have a few more ice storms on the way so after a very long week being home sick, ready to break out of my cabin fever but looks like I have a. more days to sit tight.

I love a good snow but have had more than my share. Plus when the weather warms up it will allow us to go outside and venture our more and dare I say socialize.…woo hoo!. I am stating to go a little stir crazy:) Thankfully I have many projects keeping me very busy. Here we go with this weeks Seven on Sunday.



 1 RADIO GARDEN My dad told me about this and its astounding! Technology never ceases to amaze. You are taken to a globe where you will see thousands of tiny green dots, where you can click on any of those to be taken to that city/country’s  radio station and tune in to see whats going on. I think it’s just unbelievable and spent a few hours listing to radios from all over the world….fascinating!!

Click here so start radio hopping around the world!!


2 WISH I HAD A PLACE TO WEAR THIS DRESS! I wish one of my boys was getting married, I so love this dreamy ethereal dress. Valentino knocks  it out of the park every time! I like this first because it’s blue and white, but it feels like a throw back to a more civilized time, a more elegant era of ethereal ladylike fashions. Click here for info

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTTEREST Just a beautiful hodgepodge of super inspiring and beautiful instagrams with no rhyme or reason whatsoever….

4.STUNNING SCHMACHER! I have relied on Schumacher for years as a go to source for beautiful fabrics and wallpaper. Their recent collection is really something, so fresh and beautiful. Has me dreaming of spring and summer days (and some redecorating)!! Gorgeous, click here to see the full collection.

5. A GORGEOUS NEW EQUESTRIAN LINE I discovered this line a few months ago and love their style. Bought a few items and then just saw these fabulous  blue/white equestrian themed tabletop items and wow! Too pretty to not share, Ronner Design for all those who appreciate equestrian style done right!  Click here to find out more about this fabulous line.


6 SPRING FLOWERS IN THE WINTER I got the prettiest bouquet of vibrant, intoxicatingly sweet hyacinths delivered from my favorite local florist Scarcellas. They were delivered in a beautiful hatbox which I enjoyed then I took it part and used them to make a bunch of small arrangements with our faux yellow tulips.

Not a combination that would normally be a “go to” for me, I fell in love with the way this came out, such beautiful, vibrant colors in the small blue and white bud vases! Had to share….

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this has to do with Valentine’s Day. Call me a scrooge but I have never really quite understood the hoopla over it. Exceptions would be when it came time to the arduous task of choosing just the right Valentines day cards for my kids and their classmates and when I allow my self to indulge in a little chocolate every V day:)

But going on Instagram,  it almost feels bigger than Christmas! The way houses are decked out, it’s no longer a little countertop being relegated to display V cards but we are talking about full out decorations. Paper heart garlands being strung across mantles, entire rooms filled with heart balloons, outdoor planters getting giant hearts placed on them, table settings that are set for royalty, clothes devoted solely to Valentines Day, even families dressed in matching Valentines Day pjs. V Day brunches that rivaled the brunch we hosted the day after my wedding….those kinds of things.. When did this happen? Is it because of Covid and people are just at their wit’s end and need something to throw their energies into?

Now maybe because I have been sick all week, been cooped inside for 8 days straight, feel claustrophobic by all the now outside my window, I am just being a little more of a scrooge than usual. Afterall, celebrating love is always a good thing:) So curious your thoughts on Valentines Day!


And that my friends is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post. Love hearing from you and wishing everyone a wonderful, sweet Valentine’s  Day and a relaxing Sunday. I know a lot of the country is due to get some bad weather so stay safe. Until next time……

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Ms. Tracey J on

I’ve never understood the calendar telling people when they should give gifts and say I love you. I tell the people in my life I love them often and give gifts whenever I want. Chocolates and flowers should be anytime you want them. So here’s to being loved, cared about and thought about not on a specific day, but everyday. Life is a precious gift🌷

Jan on

I would love to know the brand of the blue and white dishes in the pics of the equestrian items.

Teresa Hatfield on

Happy Valentines Day, Tina!
Great post!

Peggy on

Your Seven on Sunday was so enchanting today! Let’s start with the dress by Valentino. It was gorgeous. I watched the video and it flowed so beautifully when the model walked. One of the Instagram posts showed, what I guess was a wedding dress, in blue and white. It was very pretty too.

Your favorite florist sent a beautiful and aromatic arrangement. They looked pretty paired with the yellow tulips!

Our weather in Illinois is frigid!!! The high is only to be 0 degrees! Weather this cold is great for plants and bulbs we look forward to seeing in the spring. On that note, I wish you a Happy Valentines Day and hope you are feeling better.

Michele Rathbone on

Loved your mention in Traditional Home magazine this month!

Catherine J Gershman on

For my husband and I, everyday is Valentine’s Day but I still like receiving the flowers and card on February 14th.

Rose on

Have a lovely garden party and wear the dress.

Marilyn on

So how do I access the recipe using lemons that is on today’s post?

Allie on

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you feel better soon! Love reading through your posts and looking forward to listening to the different radio stations!

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, thank you so much for the feature on your Instagram favorites! Regarding your Valentine’s Day question, in 1998 we started having our only formal sit down dinner party with friends around this holiday. It has become an evening of fun questions, great toasts, friendship and fabulous food. And at the end the feedback is how much everyone loves it even though they may not be fond of Valentine’s Day. We hosted a smaller version of it last night (outside and socially distant) and I’ll be posting pictures and writing a blog post about it this week. Hope you are feeling better. Are you taking your oil of oregano? Love your Seven on Sunday!!!

Theresa on

Every Sunday, I learn something new from you! Thank you for always bringing us such beautiful, interesting and informative ideas! Hope you’re feeling better too!❤️

Ginny Bates on

Love those blue and white dishes on the right side; there is a cup, saucer, bowl (I think) and oval plate. What is the pattern name, please? Thanks for the beautiful and inspiring photos.

Lee V on

Thank you for telling us about radio garden how incredible. My husband is going to have so much fun with this!

The Valentino gown is to die for, buy it and save it for a special occasion!

Just love all of the beautiful flowers… I would never have thought to mix the yellow and purple But looks so pretty!

For Valentine’s Day we have a tradition where we get together with our best friends and we either go out for dinner or host in one of our homes, just the four of us. This year of course we are not going out and in fact we are not going to be together at all because of Covid. I do think Valentine’s Day like just about every other holiday has become overly commercialized because let’s face it it’s an easy way to sell billions in flowers, jewelry, chocolate, Etc…. I don’t quite get the decorating of ones home with Valentine’s Day themed items though, personally I find it a little tacky.

But like you said any day that celebrates love is a good day! Beautiful post!

Victoria L on

That equestrian line is really beautiful, thank you for the introduction. Lovely flowers too, happy Valentine’s Day and hope that you are on the mend!

Ann on

Thank you for the radio garden link. Will definitely make use of it.

Eileen on

Thank you for the I’m listening to some nice smooth jazz right now. I love it.

Mary Ann on

Don’t usually celebrate, but this year having careful friends who have had their second vaccine for cocktails – only 10, but fun to think about being together again!!!! Also, sent out V cards this year instead of Christmas! Fun to plan in this dreary weather!!!

Mary Anne on

Love the post and Radio Garden should be fun! My husband and I treat every day as Valentine’s Day! We treat each other with love and kindness and help each other in every way possible!! 💕

Norina on

I’m having so much fun listening to radio around the world. Thanks for sharing.

Re VALENTINE’S DAY celebrations–what difference does it matter how people choose to express their love.
February 14, as I see it, is a day set aside that prompts us to be more mindful of the meaning of love.
One year, my husband wrote me a love letter, there were no flowers or chocolates, only a simple, beautiful, hand written love letter, and, it was one of the most cherished gifts I have ever received. This is from a non “lovey- mushy”type personality. For all the negative critics out there–think “lovely” thoughts today.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all !

Christine on

Be well,

Leslie B on

Radio garden is amazing I just showed it to my husband and he’s obsessed!

He is a world traveler and desperately misses traveling so you’ve just given him your life ha ha😊

Love the pretty flowers and that spectacular gown!

As far as Valentine’s Day we typically we will go out for a nice dinner Or a boat ride if the weather allows (we are in Cali) just the two of us although not this year due to Covid. I do think it has gotten way too carried away to see some of the outlandish decorating on Instagram is a bit much but as you said, anything that celebrates love and positivity cannot be a bad thing!

Great post.

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Hi, Happy Valentine’s Day. 💕 You were wondering why people kind of go overboard with Valentines Day, here in Canada it is a Special Day. We Celebrate “Family Day” on the 15th of February so it seems like Valentines Day goes hand in hand with our Family Day. Another great day to get together or connect with our loved ones. Cheers, enjoy your day. 💕🥂

Ann B. on

Check out for equestrian tops & skirts – they also just came out w/some wallpaper

michelle l oleary on

Everything in this post is beautiful. The blue and white dress is breathtaking and I have always loved Schumacher. Hope you feel better soon.

Nancy on

I think you’re being scrudge from being sick. No different than a house over done in flowers, or alot accessories like on mantels or anywhere in house. It’s what you LOVE…if you love it, display it. Businesses will always find a way to get you to buy. Glad you are feeling better.

Amanda Catuara on

Oh how I just love, love, love those beautiful colors of yellow and blue together. Those arrangements in those pretty vases look so gorgeous.
I thoroughly enjoyed that garden radio. It made me feel like I was in Italy, France, Ireland, China.
I was going to share it but noticed it didn’t have the padlock and stated it’s an unsecured site. I don’t know if it matters when listening to radio stations. But I am enjoying my time doing so myself.
Thank you for sharing!

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