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Hi there, so excited that March is here, spring is only 19 days away!  it’s been a while since we have had a virtual blue and white meeting for all the incurable blue and white lovers out there but trust me the club is still very much alive:) If you want to see previous posts, click here.

Nothing says devotion to blue and white quite like a beautifully curated vignette. I have many sprinkled around my home and honestly every time I walk into the room and see them, they make me happy.

Something about blue and white always feels right. In so many styles and with literally every color mixed in. So today’s meeting is a focus on creating blue and white vignettes with porcelains. It is always a showstopping look to see a cluster of beautiful porcelains. Let’s get this meeting on the road…….and then want you to chime in your thoughts on blue and white vignettes!


My own mantle which is always a shrine to a pretty blue and white vignette, always changing!

Furlow Gatewood’s impeccable taste and love for blue and white is inspiring!

A simple vignette but easy to change up with the flowers, two ginger jars flanking a large scaled planter in center, my home

Love the idea of the blue and white against these dreamy pink walls, Mary McDonald

Have always loved the look of a small table with a blue and white vignette on a stair landing, so beautiful! Lonny

A favorite picture that has been in my blue and white files for more years than I can count!

My dining room table which is always a prefect place to show my love for blue and white, love clusters of jars in the middle (the bigger ones are taken away when we sit down to eat for those wondering)

A vignette can be on the wall too! LOVE blue and white plates and am determined to do this somewhere!

Blue and white vignettes can be on the floor too, really like the large ginger jars flanking the garden seat, gives me a good idea! HB

A pretty vignette  incorporating lots of fresh greens,  Lonny

Love differnt styles and shades of blue when creating a vignette, to me it makes it much more interesting, Well Appointed House

Adore this!! Domaine Home

Absolutely love a center hall tale filled with blue and white, always so striking! Burnham Deisgns

And sometimes a vignette might be behind doors in a beautiful cabinet, Shannon Gold

This pretty set up reminds me of spring, and proof that blue and white works beautifully with every color of the rainbow, House Beautiful

A stunning vignette by Tobi Fairley

Another vignette on my mantle, I love the ability to change the look with seasonal flowers, so easy and transformative!

This picture which I have had in my files for a while gives me a great idea, to use branches with foliage, I just love the look and it’s something everyone can easily achieve

Don’t forget about blue and white during the fall, it looks fabulous with pinecones and fresh magnolia! (my mantle)

Hydrangeas and blue and white go together like Oreos and milk:)

A stunning vision of blue and white, Carolyne Roehm

Another beautiful example of a vignette including a collection of plates, Cathy Kincaid

Proof that there is no such thing as too much blue and white!

To me, a mantle is perhaps one of the easiest places to use a blue and white vignette and create serious impact. You can change things out to your hearts content or keep things there and just change out flowers for the season.

This is from a patio show house space I did a few years ago, I created a mega blue and white vignette on the pretty console to the left

I incorporate all my blue and white vignettes into the holidays, they look gorgeous next to mixed greens!

Carolyne Roehm is a master at creating all kinds ob beautiful blue and white vignettes!


Has this given you a serious case of incurable blue and white love? It has me wanting to go and do a little tweaking of my own. This should gill your blue and white quota for the day! Seriously, this just never gets old. And part of the fun is being able to easily move pieces around and create and recreate like nobody’s business! Add flowers, fresh greens, magnolia and you have a whole different look. Possibilities are endless!

So tell me if you have a favorite way to create a vignette or a tried and true formula! I am constantly moving things around, so nothing stays the same for too long:) Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for stopping and wishing everyone. a wonderful and safe day! Be well, until next time…..

PS In honor of our blue and white meeting, we have a deal of the day for today only. One of my favorite flat tops is on sale for $110.00!

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Pam Daniels on

Tina, I would like to purchase one of your small tulipieres in blue and white? Do you have any available? Pam

Ms. Tracey J on

Each photo was lovely. My goodness. The blue and white club. So glad I’m a member now lol 🤭💙

Eileen on

I have a blue and white bedroom so love all these photos. It seems as if you are feeling better. Good.

Susan Hayes Long on

Moving around my blue and white is like visiting dear friends, the stories never get old.

Carol P on

Tina, thank you for all of the inspiring blue and white pics. The wheels are spinning and I am thinking of new ways to use my blue and white. Nothing like the beauty of blue and white to start one’s day with a cup of coffee.

Jane on

I like the idea of plates hung on the walls–some of them really high, over doorways etc. I have many on the walls but have never had the guts to put them up high. Curious how others feel about doing that?

Lizabeth on

What a lovely gathering of blue and white. Lots of inspiration!

Susan Bonfield on

Blue and white grabs my attention immediately. Beautiful pictures!

Diane Massanelli on

Your photos are beautiful!

Jo Shafer on

Today is Tuesday, decluttering day, so I’m removing the last of wintry dried things and substituting blue and white silk florals, beginning with the large porcelain planter on the piano, first viewed at the end of the front entrance. Thank you for inspiring me!

Mary Judith O'Malley on

As always, your beautiful ideas inspire me to bring more blue and white in our home! Thanks for all your beautiful ideas! Please stay well and continue to inspire all of your followers!

Betty on

Your pictures are always beautiful and inspiring, especially those of your home. Do you know the name and source of the appliques under your fireplace mantle?

Nancy Behrmann on

I absolutely love blue and white surrounding me. This fall I did something different. I brought all my blue and white pots/planters that are used outside for boxwoods and lemon trees etc. inside to enjoy during the winter months. The plants moved to the greenhouse and all the pots are set in arrangements throughout the house. I too am happy when I walk into a room and have them greet me.

Kelly Villanueva on

On the 18th picture , you show what looks to be a blue and white pedestal bowl. It is beautiful. There you go ! When you start thinking about what item that you can make and that would be a huge seller. And to think, you had that picture in your files right under your nose. Tina it is meant to be. Count me in , I will order four of them !

Ellen Fisher on

Love this, as I am a lover of blue and white. I also love silver with flowers inside.

Susanne on

Could not love this more! Wow so many ideas- we just moved to a new house so I need all the ideas I can get. I am so excited to unpack all the beautiful blue and white jars I have bought from you over the last year!

Emily on

Always lovely! Any idea when you will restock gold leaf quatrefoil planter?

Cecilia Perez on

Gorgeous! Thank you!

Roly on

Each and every photo is stunning!! #blueandwhitegoals

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