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Hello and happy Friday. Hope you have had a great week. We finally got into the 50’s and 60’s and words cannot convey how sublime it felt. To not have to walk out with a heavy jacket was a treat! Still feeling the exhaustion from Covid, some days worse than others, I hear this is very common and can linger quite a while from others I know who have had it. So working part time and have added sleeping to my daily routine, haha. Which for anyone who knows me, knows that is not how I roll, I am a high energy person but listening to my body and trust I will be 100% in due time.

My husband has also been sick all week (no Covid, thankfully after 2 tests). He had his first shot, Moderna and its either a very extreme reaction to the shot or he got a virus in the process. So on top of everything else I have been playing nurse Tina:)

Oh and did I add that my son’s 5 month old pup swallowed two avocado seeds whole! So I also turned into an ambulance driver as we rushed him to the vet…..I’ll tell you never a dull moment in this house. Want action? Come here:) Thankfully his amazing vet gave him a shot which induced vomiting and he was able to get them both up……I feel like I aged 10 years in that hour!

Alls well now, but he knows to watch him even more carefully as he is incredibly athletic (there is a reason I have dubbed him Nadia Comaneci, remember the Olympic gymnast)  he can literally get to anything, even knows how to open doors! To top it off I also spilled some red Nyquil on my beautiful bedroom carpet, I used Resolve and mot of it came up (still a work in progress) Never buying liquid Nyquil again!

OK back to my post, nothing crazy as life’s been fairly mundane (aside from being a makeshift nurse, carpet cleaner and ambulance driver) but a little peek into what has been happening here the last week or so mostly having to do with flowers and plants. Here we go-


Went to Whole Foods last week and bought about $100 worth of flowers, tons of tulips, hydrangeas, and some greens. I more than got my money’s worth been playing with them all week, and they are still going strong!

Our entire line of hurricanes makes the most exquisite vases!

The best tip I can offer is to keep them outside at night when its like being in a florists refrigerator (or in garage if too cool) works like a charm!

All flowers shown are 7 days old and going

Also changing the water every other day

Always give a clean cut to your flowers before arranging them and pull off as many leaves as possible

Our new mini which are 8″ are fabulous for small arrangements! Just added to site (click here)

My “holding pen” or cutting room aka my laundry room, I totally need a cutting room!

You know this is my favorite light..the golden hour. Nothing prettier

Friends gave me these  beautiful Mimosa flowers, almost 3 weeks ago, cannot believe they are still going!

Can we talk about how absolutely adorable our mini wicker ginger jars are, they measure 8″ and are so perfect for dining tables, I could see using these as a theme for a party!  I am going to experiment and do a floral in these. Almost sold out but still have a few in stock, click here

I added some faux cherry blossoms that I have to this and love the effect

Flowers in my small blue and white collection getting ready to go on dining mantle, love these colors in blue and white. Actually love every color in blue and white:)

And you know how much i love our wicker planters, we are nearly sold out but getting a huge container first week of April. everything looks good in these!

And loving our new hex 10″ planter, its a beauty , click here to see planter

So proud, I finally learned how to cook the perfect filet mignon! I go back and froth between eating meat but my husband and boys do not waver in their love for a good steak, I will share the simple method on Sunday’s post

LOVE the new square wicker jars, just adore them. They will be part of our arrival sale next Tuesday! Click here to see on shop site, just added yesterday

Speaking of wicker our super popular basket weave salt and peppers finally came back in stock , click here

Went to a favorite local nursery and bought 6 very large white azalea topiaries and potted hydrangeas. White azalea topiaries are one of my most favorite plants.

Didn’t have moss but used our faux kalanchoe as a base filler and think its so pretty

Ta dah, they are perfect in our hex planters, about a week away from coming into full bloom!

The hydrangeas in the 8″ wicker planters (click here)

I absolutely love polishing silver, there is something so fulfilling about watching it go from dull to bright and shiny, anyone else? My favorite is Wright’s silver polish cream

Not bragging but I think we have the prettiest mint julep collection in town! They are so versatile, make perfect bud vases, I use them for nuts and chips when entertaining, they hold makeup brushes, pens, etc…. Click here

And finally thinking of bringing this big tureen back (its about 15″ x 11″) and may even do individual tureens…thoughts? Surprisingly, really big blue and white tureens are not that easy to find.


Yep that’s life lately, lots of flowers and plants:) I am so looking forward to life starting to get back to a semblance of normal, granted it will take a while but we are on the cusp. I cannot wait to be able to go out for dinner again and eat outdoors as the weather is getting nicer, just spending more time outside.

The year we have all endured has been a test like no other and I know so many of use have so many things we have missed and want to do. In due time! Thanks for stopping in, hoping everyone has a great day and smooth end to your week! Until next time….


Our newest melamine, Spring Garden has been a huge hit, take advantage of special arrival pricing and throw your name in the hat for a special giveaway , click here to see the sale.

Spring Garden is now in stock and will start shipping today!

Also we were over the moon and jumping for joy that we got more porcelain bunnies just in time for spring!! We now have mama, papa and baby bunny! Today only we have the trio on a special deal for $135.00 (limited supplies) No code necessary, special price will come up at check out! Click here

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E.B.L. on

Try Folex on the stained carpet, it is a miracle worker! You can find at Bed Bath and Beyond or via Amazon, etc.

Lori on

Yes! Please bring the big tureen back. I love it and can see lots of uses for it!

Paulette P. on

Your faux kalanchoes added such a special touch to the azalea topiaries in your hex planters. You always give us such inspiration. Looking forward to your special way for preparing filet mignon.

Dale on

Please bring the tureen back. I cN thin of lots of ways I would use it.

Susan Kayden on

What a week you’ve had! As my mother would say, next year you will look back on this time and laugh. Cheers to laughter and to all of your pretty creations!

Bonnie White on

My go to cleaner mix. Dawn dishwashing soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It will not damage but it will get out stains. Make it into a semi runny paste. Saturate spot. Let set. Clean water rinse and reapply again if needed.

For garments it’s a miracle worker. You can see it’s results on Pinterest too.

Lizzie on

Love your white azalea topiaries!

Anne Marie O’Connor on

Yes, the tureen is a MUST! Bring it back. It’s a lovely shape and can be used for many purposes. Also, a beautiful “statement piece” on any table, shelf, sideboard, counter. Love to order one! Wrap it up. 🌸

Michele L Hendricks on

If your boys love filet, ask your butcher for “hanger steak” . It’s a long thin piece of meat surrounding the filet and is the same super tender meat at a fraction the cost.

Jayne on

Tina.. you deserve a restful and peaceful weekend, I hope u r feeling better very soon… I find flowers and blue and white a healing combination with Vit C., Zinc, and tart cherry juice for inflammation. Love my blue and white I have ordered from you and reading your posts puts me in a happy mood, Feel better soon and thank you for all you create!

Judith Foltz on

Would love one of those large blue and white tureens!

Franki Parde on


Tahani on

So beautiful I love this

Kathryn on

Those tulip and hydrangea arrangements are your most beautiful ever. Have you ever tried Wenol silver polish?

Sherry B on

Oh the wicker ginger jars!! Summer tables!! I love the large blue and white tureen. I would use it as a centerpiece or as way to display a grouping of orchids.

BJ on

Hi Tina,

I love your blog! A request — would you please do a segment on the classic framed artwork that you have. From botanicals and subdued landscapes to everything in between. In particular, tips on how to mix & match sets of of these whether displayed in pairs, threes, fours or more. Thank you!

Kimberly Wells on

Your posts are beyond beautiful. I just bought some gorgeous tulips this morning. Flowers are a necessity and definitely not a luxury especially this time of year. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of your silver pieces. I also feel a sense of satisfaction and appreciation after polishing my silver..

Jo Shafer on

You sound so upbeat today, Tina. I say “yes” on the large tureen and “of course” on Wright’s silver polish. Out here in Central Washington state, daytimes are in 50s and approaching 60s, but nights remain cold, sometimes below freezing. I can hardly wait to pull out my cobalt blue cushions and pillows for the courtyard, but the sun doesn’t yet reach around that side.

michelle l oleary on

Love the wicker ginger jars.

B. Woodring on

Cheers to a speedy recovery.

Sally Cain on

The big tureen is beautiful and smaller ones would great. I can see serving individual French onion soup in them! Yum!

Ms. Tracey J on

Tina have you tried good old OxyClean Powder on that Nyquil stain? Powder full strength on the spot. Made a diluted solution to squirt on the spot. Soak and blot. If not a good steam cleaner with strong suction should do the trick!

Esther on

Absolutely Beautiful, thank you for sharing😻

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