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Hello and happy Sunday. Hope this finds you enjoying a nice weekend.  Summer is starting to feel like its flying by, considering next weekend is July 4th! I will be getting my second vaccine this week so hoping for the second half of summer to feel “normal”! I am longing for it! On tap this weekend, was supposed to go to a graduation party that has been postponed due to uncertain weather,  dinner plans in NYC, and going out on a friends boat with hopefully some time to hit my favorite farm/flower stand.

We are gearing up for a very busy work week this week with our porcelain and chinoiserie tole containers arriving back to back,  two days in a row, it will be all hands on deck! Very excited to get both these shipments and in looking ahead, things are starting to move again. There are still some delays out of India but it’s improving and we are alas moving in the right direction!

Anyhow moving along to this Sunday’s post, off we go-




1 A DREAMY LAKE  HOUSE How pretty is this lake house! It epitomizes everything I think of when I think of an elegant but inviting lake house. This is a beautiful large welcoming home that loos like it would be such fun to entertain family and friends in. Adore that bunk room! Done by coastal home extraordinaire, Patrick Ahearn, so well done! Click here to visit his website

2 NEW LINENS!! Our new linens are a big hit. I adore them and have enjoyed setting tables with them, must say they really are special and can so easily elevate an ordinary every table setting to give it that extra something. Click here to see the collection, we are out of stock on some items/sizes but more coming in about 12 days!

And a rough sneak peak at two new patterns in the works!!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful summery round up, enjoy!

4 SNEAK PEEK OF OUR EXCLUSIVE FALL DINNERWARE You are the very first to see these! So excited about this collection which I have had alive in mind for about a year or so. I love nothing more than setting a fall table, the rich colors and elements, think magnolia leaves, pine cones, acorns and greenery. I have been so eager to share this porcelain collection with you.

It is autumn inspired (my favorite season of all) and will include a scalloped beaded charger (offered in pure white or with a loden green border) the acorn dinner plate and a group of 4 salad plates each with a different foliage/acorn design. Waiting on my final samples coming this week! If all goes according to plan we will get the first shipment of these beauties in late August. Stay tuned:)

It will also be offered with the beading on the charger to be done in a loden green

5 A FAVORITE EVERYDAY ESPADRILLE I bought these a few weeks ago and they are so comfortable I bought a second pair. As you get older, I think you get more particular and wiser about the shoes you wear. I am no longer willing to suffer just to wear a great looking pair of shoes. I am all for comfort:) I love that they are a neutral and go with everything. Click here for info


6 A PERFECT SUMMER PASTA Want a light pasta that will pair well with just about everything as well as stand on it’s own? Look no further than this delightfully devious summer lemon basil pasta. So good, wonderful flavor yet manages to feel light (at least as light as pastas can feel) I made it twice, once as a main with a small salad and another time as a side dish for a BBQ. Both times it was a home run! I went heavier on the Parmesan because let’s face it everything tastes better with it, and more is more!

  • 1 pound pasta {shown with campanelle} Be sure to cook very al dente!
  • ¼ cup white wine vinegar
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice (I used more)
  • 8 cracks pepper or to taste
  • cup pine nuts
  • 1/2 cup parmesan shavings or grated
  • ¼ cup fresh basil sliced thin


  • In a large pot of salty water, bring noodles to a boil and prepare al dente. Drain and rinse with cold water to shock pasta.
  • Meanwhile, combine white wine vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice in a jar and shake well.
  • In a large bowl toss pasta with dressing and pine nuts. Add fresh cracked pepper, basil and Parmesan flakes.
  • Refrigerate 2+ hours before serving or serve room temperature


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So……..Covid is starting to look like a distant memory. I say goodbye and good riddance. As many of us try to navigate our way back to getting to a sense of normalcy, it seems some are doing a better job than others. I often read and speak to people who are not so fast (or eager in some cases) to “get back” and in some ways I find it relatable.

Amazing how being on a lockdown of sorts for nearly a year can change you! Curious where you stand on this. I vacillate between wanting everything to go back to how it was pre Covid to modifying certain parts of my life. I enjoyed and cherish the “no pressure” to do a lot that Covid ironically gave us.



Our Christmas in July sale is on! This will end on Tuesday night (6/29) Use code early bird. Never too soon to start your holiday planning!

Click here to see our beautiful line of ornaments (on left are subcategories by color)

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So happy we’ve got vaccines and treatments for Covid, but I confess to a deep concern about the Delta variant. Staying as careful as I can for now.

Your fall dinnerware pattern is just adorable. I love the acorns!

I received most of my linen order this week and am in love with them! Absolutely beautiful! I love the idea for the fall plates. Will they be melamine or China?

Tina that autumn dinnerware is beautiful. I think many, if not all have been ready for some time waiting for normalcy to return. I do believe caution must be exercised. When I’m told that the virus is indeed gone, that’s when I can fully relax💕🌷

Just love the new fall porcelain pieces cannot wait until they are available. I love summer but fall is a close second.
got my linen order this week and absolutely love the new linens!

things are starting to feel normal again but I do still wear a mask anywhere I go that is very crowded, the Delta variant has me a little nervous..

Love this post!

Just have to say I am in love with your linens! So happy you are carrying them now!

What you have missed in the poll is the option that the experimental vaxx has changed our lives forever and we will never get back to the way our lives were prior to this experiment on humanity. We have already had friends experience strokes, heart issues, and disabilities from which they will never recover subsequent to receiving the vaxx. My daughter’s under 50 sorority sister died in her sleep two weeks after receiving the vaxx. People must wake up to what we have so readily subjected our population to without first researching how this experiment will affect humanity. We are the experiment.

Cannot wait for the autumn dinnerware! As much as I love my old reliable Spode Woodlands, I’m now ready to give it to one of the kids and start over. Your new table linens are so beautiful. Last summer I snagged a 155” tablecloth that you offered. Will your new line include any longer sizes? This was a great post. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

Congrats on your 2nd shot! I’m ready to ‘get back to normal’ but am being cautious. Keep a mask with me, wear it when requested, will definitely wear it on a plane going forward. Always came prepared to wipe down all surrounding surfaces, anyway, since airlines have long stopped doing even the most basic cleaning sweep between flights.
Loving the new china, have a set of Limoges that features a different forest animal: fox, pheasant, deer, rabbit. Am looking a backsplash tiles and find that I’m drawn to the Pratt & Larson solid-colored botanical relief borders that either look like a twig/branch, pine cones or acorns & oak leaves. Kitchen island is Farrow & Ball’s ‘Breakfast Room Green’, so am not a B&W girl, although I do love your B&W antiqued lidded jars.
Agree whole-heartedly about heel heights! Stilettos are not worth the agony (plus hate having cobblestones chew up the heel leather), love wedge and not too low a kitten heel. In our post-Covid world hope shoe manufacturers remember that there are a LOT of us over, er, 40 who love good design but are not going to suffer for it!
Off to check out your ornament sale!
Happy Sunday All!

If I bring one more set of dinnerware into our home chances are I will be sent to have my head examined as the question will be asked – do we really need this? My answer will be “yes”. Maybe I’ll smuggle it in, & it won’t be noticed & when used for the first time I’ll say “oh, we’ve had this forever”. Tina – your fall creation, scalloped edge with acorns – stop the madness wonderful. I’ll be on standby for when it arrives! My goal – first dibs! Just beyond, beyond FABULOUS.

A beautiful post Tina as usual. Just when I thought I had my china addiction behind me you have to show me a picture of what you’re bringing in for the fall! LOVE it!

I love the shape, the delicate beading, the beautiful soft patterns and the fact that it feels very clean and not too fussy but still traditional. Beautiful job!

Love the house by Patrick Ahearn, I am a big fan of his work as well, he has designed a number of homes near my parents home in Cape Cod.

Lovely post and trying that pasta this week!

Just wondering. Will you and Carolyn Roehmn still be offering the new China? I am very interested.

I think there is pent-up demand to get out and about. Last night we went to four different restaurants and they were all completely booked with reservations. We finally were seated in the lounge/bar area of the last place we checked. It was thankfully pleasant and with the same full menu. Don’t go out without reservations! …….The traffic has increased tremendously in our town and on the highways. At least I hope people are resuming their lives as normally as possible. Hopefully, this won’t impact our world forever. The world has been through worse than this although I do recognize the hardship it has manifested for so many. RE: New fall patterns~very pretty!

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