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Hello friends, hope you are having a nice weekend. We have enjoyed a beautiful summer weekend, with the most spectacular weather (finally) low 70’s and no humidity, very unusual for this time of summer but ew will take it!  Enjoyed dinner with friends on their lovely boat, dinner plans and possibly getting together with friends later today(weather permitting).

I cannot believe we are in August, I swear feels like we just celebrated Memorial Day! I am even starting to see that dreaded signal that summer’s end is not too far away. You guessed it, back to school supplies:(  Too soon if you ask me.  Let’s get rolling with this Sunday’s post……..



1 WHITE FLOWERS You know my love of flowers, particularly white flowers. We had a photo shoot this past week and it was the perfect opportunity to go out and pick up some gorgeous white flowers. Never have to twist my arm:) I love flowers of all colors but something about white in blue and white porcelain makes my heart pitter patter:) Will be doing a  post on this fun day in the coming weeks….

2 PREVIEW OF NEW BUNNIES AND PUMPKINS AND OTHER EXCITING PRODUCT HAPPENINGS. When we ordered (and reordered) our pumpkins and bunnies, we ordered them in quantities that frankly I thought we would have for years. Once we started wholesale we suddenly got a quick lesson in “scaling up” and. infarct are still learning! So we have a huge shipment of bunnies, pumpkins and our best selling pastel Staffordshire dogs coming back, as well as our cherry blossom dogs and ginger jar salt and peppers. Cannot wait!


How precious are our bunnies! We tweaked the design of the two bigger bunnies with a new design for mama and added a new design for baby bunny!

Loving them in our new green as well!


And we changed the blues on our pumpkins added one big pumpkin and added two new designs-

Our ornaments just came out of production, so excited to get them back. Also introducing some new color ways and a few new styles!

Our looooooong awaited pagoda dog beds are due here in a week! FINALLY! For anyone who has been waiting, you will be contacted as soon as they are here. For anyone who has wanted to order one, we will have a limited number available either from this shipment or the one end of August.

Another dog bed we are considering, here is the sample- thoughts?


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such beauty, think its no accident that this weekend there are some beautiful  travel related pictures…..I definitely am missing travel in a big way!

4 MY FAVORITE AND VERY EASY SUMMER SALAD. This is so easy but the best part is that its super flovorful and really pretty! It also goes so well with fish, chicken, steak or shrimp. A perfect summer side salad.

To feed four here is what I did-

  • 2 medium bellpeppers (one yellow and one green)
  • 3 medium very ripe tomatoes or 2 cartons of mixed small campari or egg tomoatos
  • 2 good sized English cucumbers or 6-8 Kirby cucumbers
  • 1/2 of a small red onion
  • 1/2 small chunk of feta cheese
  • oregano (fresh or dry)
  • sea salt and pepper
  • fresh lemon juice
  • olive oil

Cut all vegetables small and of equal size. Mix together, season with oregano (generously) sea salt and pepper. Add lemon juice and olive oil right before serving. If adding feta cheese you can do this up to a few hours ahead of time. I prefer serving this room temp but this can be refrigerated for a few hours (more than that, it could be a little soft/mushy)

It is so tasty and fresh, feels like the best of summer:)


5 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKIES I HAVE EVER SEEN OK, tell me if you have ever seen prettier cookies! Nearly fell off my chair when a customer of mine (thanks Brooke B) sent these to me, inspired by many of our products she had these cookies created by uber cookie master Cowtan Cookie Co.

I simply could not get over how magnificent these are!!!! Her work is off the charts and next time I have a shin dig, I know just who will fulfill my cookie dreams. Just mesmerized by the attention to detail. Click here to fauvist her instagram and prepare to be wowed.

6 AN INSPIRING STORY This is a beautiful yet heartbreaking story, bittersweet and poignant. This short video tells the story and it is so touching, and heartwarming. Hope you enjoy…..


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY As many of us start to resume normal lives, part of that normalcy involves travel. I am personally not ready to get on a plane, and believe me I love to travel. We were invited to go to South of France with friends in a week but I am not quite there, as temping as it was. My husband wasn’t happy about it as he is feeling a bit more comfortable about getting on a plane than I am. To me, having to wear a mask in all public places and being on factional don’t belong in the same sentence. So I would rather go when things are back to normal (or really close)

However that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about where I will want to go when I am ready. How about you? If you could jump on a plane, Covid was a non issue, where would you want to go?


And there you have my post for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed it, anything particularly resonate? Always love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day wherever you might be. Until next time….

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Amanda on

there is a lot to comment on so I’m sure I’m going to forget something. Love all the new products so excited about the green and white bunnies and pumpkins. Your salad looks scrumptious I may even try that today.

we actually just came back from Italy we were visiting my daughter and we had a really wonderful time however I agree that having to wear the masks definitely takes away from the vacation vibe.

your dog houses are so beautiful I hope to buy one!

Susan C. on

Your salad looks delicious but the picture shows what looks like cucumbers in the recipe. Are there cucumbers in the recipe but not listed?

Vicki on

Maybe it’s just me, but putting the instagrams side by side ruined them. Too much work to make each larger to view.
That was one of my favorite parts of Seven on Sunday.

Marguerite on

On the wicker dog bed, yes its adorabe, BUT……my dog doesnt chew but many do. I think the wicker pagoda beds are in danger of being chewed by dogs (or also scratched by cats in the household). The metal ones are safest and look terrific….. Also to consider, whilst your current dog may now chew, the next one might. Making such an investment in a piece, that is why I chose the metal one.

Deanna on

We flew out to Philly to visit my parents, and we just wore our masks the whole time. I’m at the point where I don’t know when things will go back to normal, so I’m going to travel through the US until more of Europe opens back up. I do have immune issues. By the way, what a beautiful post this morning, Tina. You find so much beauty in this world that it amazes me!! Love your flowers. Can’t wait to read about the photo shoot!!!

Beth A. Christoff on

Both of the dog beds could be put to such cute use! I’d use the wicker one poolside, holding extra sunscreen, towels, etc. or how about in a bathroom, holding extra towels or toiletries, or on a shady corner of my patio, holding my daughters’ succulents.. I just love them! My pooch is too large and old (he’s almost 14!), but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy those “dog beds”!

Rose on

That salad looks delicious. I’ve already made my grocery list and plan the have it for dinner tonight with so broiled salmon. Thank you for sharing it.

Rose on

That salad is delicious! I put a little too much olive oil on it, but I’ll know better next time. Thanks for sharing!!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

Happy Sunday Tina! I love the cookies, they are very pretty. And I have to be honest, I am ready for Fall!

DD on

I just read David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. One of the characters had a very spoiled little dog for whom she bought a pagoda dog bed/house. It had little bells at the corners of the roof so that one could hear when he was jumping in or out of it. I had to laugh, this book was published in 1850, apparently pagoda dog beds have been an object d’affection for a very long time.

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