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Hello everyone! Hope this finds you well. Over here, busy wedding weekend for my niece. It was spectacular beyond description but my feet are paying the price:) I realized in my 50’s, having 3 consecutaive nights of events is a lot.

So happy this post was planned ahead of time as I will need the day to recuperate! We have a dinner tonight and then it’s back to the work week. I an so happy fall is just about here, I adore fall and embrace the beautiful weather, fall clothes and all that comes along with this glorious season.

OK, onward to my Seven on Sunday…….



1 A GORGEOUS NEW ROSÈ I HAVE RECENTLY DISCOVERED I have to admit I became obsessed with the bottle as its so dressy looking and I immediately thought how it is for a party. I didn’t even consider what it tastes like as the bottle just did it for me, but was confident that since its from Italy, how bad could it be? Well much to my surprise, it’s quite good! I actually made a little spritzer with it and it was delicious. Just adore this bottle! Click here to find out more  (this is where I found the best price)



2 PRETTY FAVORS I am loving the new paper goods that are part of the Carolyne Roehm collection and have been using them quite a bit. Celebrated someones birthday and we held a small lunch, I was in charge of wrapping the favors and I happily took charge, wrapping them half in blue and half in green. Could not possibly pick a favorite! Click here to see this incredible new collection. Part two will be unveiled on Tuesday so be sure to check back!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful roundup with little hints of fall, my favorite season of all.

4 THE PRETTIEST EARRING COLLECTION With 2 weddings coming up, and the first two big group outings I will go to, I wanted a certain type of earring to go with my gowns. Nicola Bathie to the rescue. I am a big fan of her beautiful, ethereal and feminine style. I am in love with these pearl earrings. They look sensational on and her entire collection will knock your socks off. Click here to see it.


Here are the beautiful earrings I got, such a delicate work of art-

And here are a few from her collection-



5 HYDRANGEA GARDEN MELAMINE SAMPLES ARE IN! This was so exciting to see our samples of the new Hydrangea Garden. I am even more in love with it in person! It really is spectacular. I am also contemplating porcelain plates too:) Here is a little sneak peek.

I have decided to do both the blue and the green, as you overwhelmingly voted for that option. Best part is how interchangeable they are. I love them with our pierced chargers, it elevates the look. Made a few minor changes but they are now going into production this week! Normally I introduce the melamine in the spring but in this case we are putting it into production now and hope to have it in about 8 weeks!


Since we got this samples I changed a few details, one is a thinner strip on the salads, its a subtle change but I prefer this slightly thinner stripe as it’s more delicate-

6 A NEW FAVORITE PERFUME I have been a long time fan of Aerin’s fragrance, Rose de Grasse I wear all the time but have a few others I occasionally wear as well. My new favorite is Amber Musk .

The girl who sold it to me said its their #1 fragrance of the Aerin fragrance. Not sure if it was a sales pitch, but no matter, I love it! It is powdery soft, floral and musky, my favorite type of scent. Click here to find out more

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So I am really curious to see the result this poll will yield. In the last two weeks I have noticed an outright shortage on several every day things, the kind of things I take for granted. I have been to  more than one local market to see that my favorite half and half is sold out everywhere. Ditto Bounty paper towels. I went to Amazon and I practically needed to take out a mortgage to buy my monthly supply.

There is no doubt a short supply of every day items, mostly due to the supply chain being brought to its knees by the tremendous backlog in shipping. It’s crazy! I am curious if you are seeing it too?

Today our large cane hurricane is on special. Also makes a fabulous floral vase!

$70 today only

Click here to view (discount comes off at checkout)



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Shortages everywhere due to the government essentially paying workers not to work. Then there is the “I may have
been exposed to Covid” so the need to stay home for 10 days to two weeks. My grandson worked at Cooper Hawk
restaurant this summer and one morning woke up to a scratchy throat. His mother made him take a Covid test which
he passed and brought to work. Their company policy is that he still had to be off work for ten days.

A funny story; I was on the exit ramp of a major highway where a beggar with a printed sign declared he was out of
work and needed donations. Also on the corners were two billboards for different companies asking for factory
workers up to $18.00 per hour.

Additionally, friends of our who own a small brokerage firm, received $800,000+ from the government for Covid relief
even tho they did not request it. Being honest, patriotic Americans, they returned the money.

End of rant. LOL

In Nashville, I am having a terrible time finding canned pumpkin — especially the small cans — that I add to my dog’s food at each meal.

I wonder what will happen around Thanksgiving?

The new plates are simply incredible, I’ also like the idea of doing the same pattern in porcelain.
The earring collection is also very beautiful I love how delicate they are.

Yes, , around here in Lake Forest we are starting to see a big shortage on a lot of our every day basics. Our local market has now put limits on how many of certain types of items you can buy. Definitely seeing a dramatic uptick in shortages!

We need (well, I need at any rate) a SLO-MO video or step-by-step with photos on how you tie your exquisite bows. I can crank out a bow, but never close to as beautiful. Would love to learn your technique! The earrings, wow! Just beautiful.

Re: Shortages: ShopRite stores here in NJ have been experiencing shortages/production issues on 1/2 & 1/2 of all things – are the cows getting unemployment now?? Just a good reminder to start shopping for the holidays NOW.

Nicola Bathie’s earring are stunning and they remind me of the ‘statement earrings’ from the late 1980s. Son is ring shopping, and have thought that gifting my future DIL the earrings for her wedding day might be a nice gesture. Thinking real pearl/diamond earrings, something she can pass down but these are definitely in the running for bridesmaids (or me). Aren’t we all looking forward to getting out of our too-comfy yoga pants and getting back to ladylike dressing? Even if it’s a navy skirt, crisp white shirt and heels?

That new melamine is going to be a home run cannot wait until it’s available!

Got the new gift wrap that you did with Carolyne Roehm and it is just incredible I love the quality of the paper and totes.

yes, here too I cannot find my bounty paper towels which are the only ones I use and funny that you mention that about half-and-half because that’s all my husband drinks and I had to go to three stores until I found a small carton, I don’t understand what’s happening!

I am getting nervous with the cold season coming and the holidays does that mean there’s going to be a huge shortage on the things that we rely upon getting every year?

One of the managers at my local Whole Foods who I know advised that I stock up on paper goods whenever however I can because they are expecting a shortage this holiday season.

would you consider doing a 15 second video on how to wrap gifts you have it down to a science and I need help!

I’m with Suzy and I am also requesting the Slo-Mo Video and/or step by step photos of how you make your exquisite bows as well as your preference in ribbon which I know is of utmost importance!! Another request I have also is when you post one of your delectable recipes, could you please post it so it can be printed and/or copied separate from the main post. Hopefully I’m not the only who doesn’t know how to copy one of your recipes from the main post!! I usually just take a photo and then print…
I have been a follower for many years and I love your exquisite taste.

@Patricia re canned pumpkin for your dog, check baby food aisle. The starter jars are often single ingredient. I have two dogs and wouldn’t be without a supply of pumpkin, it’s our first line of attack for upset stomachs.

Northern New England here. Husband said lumber yard has six-week lead time on many items. It had gotten better for a bit but seems to be backing up again. Through 2020, though, we couldn’t get building supplies for love or money. That’s just when we’d started our garage/workshop build (of course!). Project manager had to order too much of everything because there was no way of knowing if they’d be able to get more if needed. We’re using the extra to build a couple of wood sheds.

Another thing I’ve noticed in short supply in certain quarters is compassion. I’ll leave it at that, shall I?

I just read about someone not finding canned pumpkin, and here in Cincinnati my store is out of so, so many items. It borders on being ridiculous. I’ll be buying some items for Thanksgiving now. And the Starbucks inside the store is closed half the time, because people are being paid to stay at home. Nobody can find workers!
Lovely post today! I need this shot of beauty, and every week you deliver, Tina!! Thank you for that. Have a great Sunday!!

The earrings are stunning.! I just ordered some of the smaller flower pearl studs. Thank you for sharing!

Love Seven on each Sunday! Was there a winner announced for the flat top ginger jar in the giveaway for the new arrival pre-sale?

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