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Hi there, I had forgotten to name the winner of the tole planter giveaway on Sunday. So, here it goes, congratulations goes to-


Marsha Natkins on

Everything is so tasteful.

Please email [email protected] with your shipping information and full name so it can be on the way!


This warehouse sale is huge. We are suddenly overflowing, having gotten in a bunch of shipment lately so doing our best to do a big clean up at the same time….no easy feat!! As you might know, these things go fast, so first come. first serve all at incredible prices. Best part, getting to shop from the comfort of your home.

It was the perfect motivator to start going through hundreds and hundreds of products that we ether have only 1 or 2 left of or that are considered seconds. So much to show you, this will be divided into several sales. So this is part one. Please read over the rules prior to placing an order-

  • There are two ways to place an order, call or email- 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9-5 EST Mon- Friday)
  • If emailing an order, we need your name, number, address and item number with quantity (color/design if applicable)
  • Limited numbers of all items shown so subject to availability
  • Only a paid invoice guarantees your order, all invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours
  • We do not hold items
  • Final sale, all items sold as is
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, please contact [email protected] for a ship quote
  • This sale will end on Saturday
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565


ITEM 1.We have some loose Staffordshire porcelain dogs hanging around. A single one looks great on a stack of books and some have even made lamps out of these.

Medium measure $42.00

Large measures $52.00

Black medium (2 same facing)

Pale pink medium (1)

Ivory gold medium and large (1 large and 1 medium)

Orange large (1 large)

ITEM 2 We have 2 of the 33″ tall wicker stools up for grabs in excellent new condition. Makes a fabulous end table, or pedestal to hold a big vase, etc….

$235.00 (2 available)

ITEM 3 Lots of silver. These are pieces out of box that we have used for photography, etc…all they need is some elbow grease and a good solid polish and they will shine up beautifully. Great deals on these, below cost, only one set of each.

3A Medium and large of our beautiful beaded square mint julep $45.00

3B Set of four mint juleps featuring our square beaded etched, a small embossed, medium square beaded and medium etched beaded mint julep


3C Large beaded mint julep, medium and small embossed


3D Stunning scalloped footed wine coaster or planter. I just love this piece so delicate adn elegant. Measures 6″t all


3E A set of two stunning large bowl and garland mint juleps


3F Have 6 gorgeous tall pierced serving forks up for grabs

$10.00 each

3G Have 2 left of this stunning double row pieced silver bowl. Beautiful foe serving candles, bread, dinner rolls, etc…

Measures 12 round


3H Two of our mid sized square pierced vanity trays, these are beautiful Perfect for bathrooms, powder rooms, etc.. a nice little trinket tray

Measures 8.5″ square

$38.00 each

ITEM 4 We have exactly 3 of our exquisite hand painted murals with fretwork frame left. 2 pale green and 1 pale pink, We will be restocked on our murals sometime in March.These beauties are hand painted and simply exquisite. Such a steal, absolutely gorgeous!

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″


2 pale green and 1 pale pink

Pale green-

ITEM 5 WE have several ginger jars with out lids. These are perfect for filling with flowers, branches, cherry blossoms,etc…all are 18″ tall. We only have a few of each design with out lid. These are all antiqued and simply stunning.

Measures 17.5″

$125 any style

specify open field, phoenix or dragon, larger bird or pheasant when ordering

Open field 17″

Dragon 17″

Phoenix 17″

Pheasant 18″

Bird 18″

ITEM 6 We got in some of our pagodas and unfortunately for us some were. not made in the correct colors. So we are selling them as our seconds. They are brand new and in the box and great deals!

If these will work with your color scheme, these are a bargain at about 65% off their usual selling price!

6A This pretty apricot with aqua is a gorgeous combo, the bells were made with apricot and white.

Large measures 13″ x 9″ 9″ $40.00

Medium measures  6″ x 11″  $35.00

Small measures 5″ x 7″  $30.00


ITEM 7 Another pagoda made in wrong color. These were done in a blushy yellow/pink, very light with pink/white bells.

Large  $40.00

Medium $35.00

Small  $30.00


ITEM 8 We have two of our gorgeous lemon and greenery topiaries in our wicker planters for sale. One medium and one large. These are so so pretty “planted” in our popular wicker box planters

. The lemons and greenery is very lifelike and will add a dose of freshness wherever these are used. Our arrangements are light weight enough to take indoors and out so getting to enjoy them in different spots is a perk. One of each available.

Medium measures 28″ tall  $245.00

Large measures  34″ tall  $270.00

ITEM 9  We have one of these fabulous amaryllis planters with faux greenery in our gorgeous square scalloped black/gold cinoiserie planter left. A super elegant arrangement that you will look forward to bring out every season!

Measures 24.5″ tall


ITEM 10  We have tons of glassware and this will require selling it over several warehouse sales but for today these all have very minor flaws, micro chips, maybe a scratch or a small nick. You would have to look for them. The ones that are damaged badly are thrown out. About half of what they sell for so a very sweet deal:)

 12″ open ended hurricane

$45.00 each specify Greek key, Vertical Leaf or Swag and Garland when ordering




ITEM 11 Have a limited number of our  beautiful 12.5″ Greek key centerpiece bowl, again these might have a tiny micro chip or a scratch you would need to look for.

12.5″ round


ITEM 12 We have a few of the 24″ stools where the top row of the wicker has come undone, this is a very easy fix with a glue.

24″ $170.00

ITEM 13 Look what we found more of! These fabulous rattan wrapped drinking glasses are stunning. Offered in two sizes. We had a quality control issue with this vendor and decoded to not go through with them. So we have about 100 of each size. Here is the caveat- the rattan “sleeve” is supposed to come off.

And on many the sleeve does come off but not all. So these are being sold as is. They can easily be washed with the sleeve but you have to be careful in how you do it. I own them and have washed them many times. Just letting you know that some may have the removable rattan sleeve and other will not.

Set of 4 lowball $24.00

Set of 4 highball $28.00

specify cane or open weave (limited numbers of each)

Open weave


ITEM 14 We have a handful of our super popular wicker consoles that are near perfect but might have a small area where the the wicker did not fully wrap around the metal (very hard to see unless you look for it) or the top row of the wicker might have come undone. All very easily fixable. Honestly,  you really have to look for it but that is why these are nearly $200 off.

Measures 44″ x 25″ x 20″

$365.00 (normally $545)

ITEM 15 Thrilled to have about 8 of these rectangular dog beds in wicker offered with either a blue or green ikat cushion. These are the ultimate statement for a medium to large dog. Any bigger I would want to sleep in it! These are just gorgeous. Specify cushion color when ordering.

Measures 44″ x 25″ x 20″

$345.00 (specify blue or green cushion)


ITEM 16 These darling scalloped coasters are done on a type of raffia with embroidered aqua floral deicing. Great for indoor and outdoor entertaining!

4 coasters $14.00 (about 5.5″ across)

ITEM 17 We have a limited number of our beautiful 14″  square wicker planters in a beautiful pale blue or gorgeous soft green. Beautiful for indoor or outdoor use (a friend of mine uses her to store all her magazines)!

Measures 14″ x 14″ square

$85.00 specify color when ordering

Pale green

The light blue-

ITEM 18 Last few sets o the pale green Staffordshire dogs. These are full sets and come in their own Enchanted Home gift box. Perfect and nothing is wrong with them, last few pair.

Measures 6″ x 8″

$75.00 for the pair



See something you love and need to have? Just email or call your order in-


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping by. Told you this was a good one! Wishing everyone a wonderful day, until next time…..



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