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Hi there, feels good to be back in the saddle after a few days away. Batteries recharged and ready to go. Spring is less than 6 weeks away, it’s already February 2nd so we are well on the way.  ! And though we still have plenty of snow on the ground with more possibly on Friday, I am channeling full on spring vibes indoors. I love bringing out some of my favorite faux florals around this time of year. The beauty of these,  is  that they look so real that you can even  mix and match them with fresh flowers.

You know I love real flowers and buy them regularly but don’t get to the markets as often in the colder months so these faux florals really come in handy.  Best part is no water required and always in bloom! When I do have fresh flowers and they are near the end, I will replenish the flowers that are dead with faux flowers mixed in and honestly, you would never know So these do double duty.

A few times a year we have a floral event, and today features many new arrivals which I am so excited about introducing to you. Almost all are sold by the box unless otherwise noted.Please read over the rules prior to placing an order-

  • There are only two ways to place an order- call us or email us
  • Call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9-5 EST)
  • Email (please only use this address)
  • If emailing- we need your name, address and phone number as well as item number, quantity (and color if applicable)
  • Final sale
  • This sale will end on Friday, Feb 4th
  • All items ready to ship now unless otherwise noted
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some items can be shipped internationally, call or email for a ship quote
  • Any order over $500 will receive an extra 10% off
  • Questions? Feel free to give us a call



Here are some examples of me using faux florals mixed in with real to give you an idea of what I am talking about….

ITEM 1 Everyone needs cherry blossoms for spring and though there is nothing like the real thing, they can be a mess and unfortunately do not last long. This is where these beauties come in. These measure 52″ long and are just gorgeous.  Sold in boxes of 6.

Box of 6 $105.00


ITEM 2  Gorgeous 37.5″ white dogwood branches. Thees are beautiful and perfect for a ginger jar or large vase. What a way to add spring cheer!

Sold in box of 12 $145.00

ITEM 3 Soft touch tulip bunches. These are so much fun to use as they are already bunched together and you can fill containers to your hearts content with these 10″ bunches, sold in boxes of 12 bunches. Best part, no water and they are always in bloom!

Box of 12, 10″ bunches $ 135.00

Specify white, yellow or red (one color per box)

ITEM 4 Extremely realistic tall white cherry blossoms. These are a little more expensive but the highest quality most realize. These are also very tall and dramatic. Perfect for an entry arrangement. 42″ tall

Box of 6 $165.00


ITEM 5  An unbelievable arrangements of pink cherry blossoms that you will anticipate bringing out every spring! Super realistic, and arranged in an elegant simple glass vase. Perfect for an entry table or a foyer console.

Measures 35″ x 30″ x 30″


ITEM 6  So excited about these fabulous new magnolia spray florals!  The perfect way to say hello to spring. These measures 45″ and have a pliable stem to be able to create a beautiful free forming arrangement.

Measures 45″ tall

Box of 6- $115.00

ITEM 7 How pretty are these white hyacinths! Pretty and realistic enough to mix in with fresh flowers. Each stem measures 12.5″. White.

Measures 12.5″

Box of 12- $120.00

ITEM 8 Love delphiniums? Me too and these beauties make quite an impressive arrangement. My favorite way to arrange them is loosely placed in  in  ginger jar, they really are spectacular. Offered in a softer blue tone and a darker purple.

8A These measures 35″ tall

Box of 12 $135.00

8B These purple stems measures 39″

Box of 12- $165.00

ITEM 9  Adore these new cone shaped lifelike Oak leaf hydrangeas, these c0uld easily be mixed in with the real thing. Beautiful soft shade of white. Each stem is 32.5″ and features very realistic foliage/leaves.

Measures 32.5″

Box of 12- $125.00

ITEM 10 These gorgeous lifelike parrot tulips are stunning on their own and can easily be mixed in with real flowers too! Offered in four beautiful colorways. These are sold in boxes of 12 and measure 25″.

Box of 12 $85.00

specify yellow/green,pink, white or orange

ITEM 11 Love these gardenias, super realistic. I have used them with fresh flowers often. Comes in a box of 12. Each stem measures 11″. Best part of all they are always in bloom!

Box of 12 $105.00

ITEM 12 Our super popular mini bunches of kalanchoe which is quite lifelike. Ideal for an indoor planter (or outdoor) when you want zero maintenance but love the look of having real flowers around. These can and have fooled several:)We have the 13.5″ in white and the 10″ in pale pink.

$14.00 per stem white 13.5″ tall

$10.00 per stem light pink 9″

ITEM 13 Love these lilac stems, they make the prettiest arrangements and once again they can be easily mixed in with fresh flowers. Perfect length and super realistic. I love them in a ginger jar (as shown in my pictures examples above)

Measures 26″ tall

Box of 6- $135.00

specify lilac or white

White (the white will ship around Feb 26th)

ITEM 14  One of our best selling florals are these incredible peony bunches. They consist of  cream and blush pink tones. Open and closed buds, so pretty and realistic I have even used them with real blooms! Comes in a box of 6 cluster. Each cluster measures 14″ tall and has about 6 flower stems.

Box of 6 $125.00


Hopefully this added some spring cheer into your morning. Though there is no substitute for real blooms,  these come awfully close and definitely do the trick when I am not able to get out and buy fresh flowers. Want to place an order?  Simply call or email


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Nancy Behrmann on

What a wonderful way to start my day with the looming snow storm. These flowers are so realistic! I can see filling bunches of flowers in my ginger jars. Maybe adding a fragrance diffuser I can totally fool my guest and myself!

Ellen on

Its funny because until about a year ago there is no way I would have bought a fake flower however I ordered your cherry blossoms and peonies and I’m hooked! they are SO realistic! even fooled my husband who tried to water them😊

Nancy Buono on

Good morning…
Any chance you might be getting faux Africian Violets? Not always the easiest to care for. Between blooms can be a month or longer.
Just a thought.
So enjoy your “enchanting” website.
Thank you for your time

Mary from Life at Bella Terra on

Tina, I have your lilacs, peonies and hydrangeas and the quality is fabulous…I am eyeballing those cherry blossoms….!!!!!

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