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Hello! First off, want to announce the winner of the Hydrangea Garden melamine giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

Love the greens and blues together!

Please email us at [email protected] to provide your shipping info so your prize can be on the way!

Hope everyone is doing well over there. Having a nice weekend over here, tonight will be heading into the city with my sons to a favorite restaurant.   Look forward to any time spent with my men:) Spring is always a beautiful time to spend in NYC. Though I must admit I have gotten NYC out of my system.

For a long while up until a few years ago I regularly entertained the idea of maybe  one day possibly moving back, but my NYC days are behind me. Sadly I have seen major deterioration in the city, even in the best neighborhoods. Those I know who still live there attest to this daily. Quite sad. Pray that it can get back to what it once was. Mayor Adams has his work cut out for him. That said, it is still an incredible place that has so many amazing restaurants, shopping, Broadway, etc…so there is still much to love about it. Onward….


1 PINK MAGNOLIAS I had such fun the other day playing with both fresh and faux flowers. I had a sudden urge to add spring vibes into my home. So I opened up a box of our pale pink magnolia branches and love the effect of adding them to a large vase, a ginger jar and to an exquisite arrangement. Super versatile, incredibly lifelike and they have real impact! We are down to about our last 20 boxes of these beauties, click here to view (remember everything is 20% off use code Sunday)

Look how beautifully they hold their own next to the fresh flowers!

2 ARABALLA JUNE The queen of monograms in my book is Arabella June. One of the best gifts I gave myself was a custom monogram. Years ago,  she made a custom monogram for me that I treasure so much as it has some of my most favorite things. We worked together and she delivered the monogram of my dreams. It has all that I treasure, my home that holds my family, Teddy, flowers, ginger jars and blue and white! She is such a talent.

The custom monograms can be made into just about anything from stationery to invitations, labels on wine bottles, stickers, cakes,  tote bags, etc….I had stationery and gift stickers done.  Gifting a monogram is also a really beautiful gift idea, so unique and special.  Click here to visit her website and here for her instagram.

A few beautiful ways her monograms have been used besides stationery, sky’s the limit!

And here is a sampling of some of her stationery-

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful and cheery round up this weekend! Enjoy…..

4 AMAZING PRESS I get such a thrill over seeing our name and products in glossy magazines. I was so honored to have been featured in a few fabulous magazines recently and it is the ultimate validation of what I do and why I enjoy doing it so much, truly fulfilling!

This spread in Victoria was simply sensational, you MUST pick up this issue!!! This is just a few of the many pictures, it was a beautiful spread….

And in Lux our beautiful bamboo porcelain wine cooler was included in this fabulous spring roundup with Kelli Delaney

5 A NEW BEAUTIFUL RAFFIA BAG I am in love with this amazing raffia tote I just got from Carrie Forbes. I own her raffia sandals and her entire line is all about effortless chic style. This bag is going to see a lot of mileage this spring/summer. So smart looking! Click here to see the line.

6 AUDREY! So excited this is now on Netflix. On my agenda to watch this today. I mean, who couldn’t love her.  Such a classy and elegant woman who did so much good for the world even in her last few years on earth. A remarkable and inspiring person and her work for Unicef was her crown jewel. Look forward to watching, here’s the trailer-

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this is about the now infamous “slap heard around the world”. Admittedly,  I did not see it in real time but woke up the craziness, first thinking it was a joke. I was dumbfounded to realize it was not. I immediately had very strong feelings on the subject. I was absolutely appealed.

How disrespectful to taint the Oscars that way and to his fellow actors and actresses, to steal their thunder. Mostly disrespectful (and then some) to Chris Rock who I felt handled it like a gentleman, probably too shocked to react in any way. He was quick on his feet but I cannot imagine how he must have felt. What a horrible insult to anyone who has been the victim of any kind of physical attack/assault, for there not to have been some kind of immediate action. So him doing that, and minutes later getting a partial standing ovation and accepting an Oscar was OK? My jaw was on the floor.

I think Hollywood  lost its luster years ago and if they don’t really come down on Will for this, it could be irreversible. The court of public opinion is hard to shrug off. I was also very disappointed in the Academy’s initial lack of response, it took them a full 48 hours to condone. It was, to me, like they only reacted once they saw how the world reacted to save face. All around, I am just disgusted with this entire situation. It is assault and battery no matter how you slice it. Then there was his vulgar verbal tirade after that. Curious where you stand on this?


See you get it all here from monograms and Audrey to flowers and Hollywood drama:) Hope you enjoyed the post. I want to wish everyone a wonderful day. Until next time….

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I think that far too much attention has been paid to Will Smith’s deplorable behavior a the Oscars. There are far more important matters to focus on right now. I do think that time will show that he is suffering from some mental health issues.

Will Smith’s assault was bad enough, but then the entire audience gave him a standing ovation?
Remember that when Hollyweird pontificates and tells us how we should vote and live our lives.

And as a reminder, Alec Baldwin still hasn’t been charged.

The lack of class in American society is disgraceful – how did we allow it to get to this point? I don’t watch any of the big award shows, it is such a display of inflated egos and phony comraderie.

congratulations on that fantastic press, it is well deserved. I love your flower arrangements and those monograms are out of this world! my niece is getting married in the fall and I am thinking that that would make a very nice shower gift.
like so many feel,
I was horrified by Will Smith’s behavior as well as as you pointed out, the academy’s lack of initial response. I think charges for assault should be considered and that he should not be allowed back to the Academy awards. what he did was unprecedented and it is important to send a message that that type of behavior will never be allowed!

Lovely…& I, too, squealed when I received my “VICTORIA” magazine!! Alopecia is quite common. My husband had it, dealt w/it & recovered. My goodness w/bare butts, breasts, etc…all of a sudden bald is bad. Heaven help us!! franki

I love this post. The magnolias are very realistic and pretty. Victoria magazine has always been a favorite of mine; congrats on all the acclamations in the best magazines; it is certainly well deserved. It’s disheartening to hear about NYC’s difficulties, but we’ve seen a decline in the cities we’ve traveled. COVID has affected so much, Prayers that things get better. Prayers for Ukraine.
A Happy April and Sunday to you.

How awesome to see your shop in the press Tina. It’s always a pleasure to see it. The Oscar Slap was disrespectful. Will has been “neutered” by his wife in many ways, multiple times over. He is the definition of whipped. That is one self absorbed family who let the whole world know they had and open marriage. She had an adulterous affair with her son’s friend and you went ballistic over the mildest joke ever? Sleep with my wife that’s fine but don’t make a remark about her bald head. Make it make sense people. I didn’t know she was suffering from a condition and Chris Rock might not have either. Years ago he did a documentary called Good Hair. It’s an in depth look at women and hair. He understands that relationship very well. I see no malice in his joke and the reaction from Smith was telling more about him than the joke. This is typical Hollywood junk. That alternate universe they live in is not for normal people. Again same folks who let Cosby and Harvey and others do their criminial, sinful dirt for who knows how long without any consequences. I’m not surprised at anything that world does. Rock was a true professional.

I did not see The Slap incident as I no longer watch the Academy Awards. Good thing. Nonetheless, I am disgusted over the news media making much ado over the situation. There are more important matters in the world.

I always enjoy your Seven on Sunday blog. You always present to us what is good and beautiful in our world. The Instagram photos are always beautiful and I appreciate the movie and documentary suggestions. Congratulations on being featured in two magazines! It is always nice to receive recognition for work well done. The work by Arabella June is wonderful, especially your monogram.

I’ve been disgusted with Hollywood for a long time. A bunch of low-class people who somehow ended up in the movies. They are embarrassing and an insult to intelligence, ditto for TV.

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