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Hello! Today is part five of our amazing warehouse sale. This is the best of both worlds, not having to leave your house/office and scoring a deal! We have a lot up for grabs and will be doing at least a few more of these as we find things. Today is chock full of all kinds of amazing steals and deals, so take a break and enjoy! Please read over the rules prior to placing an order.

Things go fast, and all are subject to availability. Please read over the rules before placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order. Call us at 800-804-9565 or email us [email protected] (only use this address)
  • IF EMAILING– You must include your name, address, phone number, item number , we will then send you an invoice
  • You must use item number not item description when ordering
  • Please only place an order if you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • Final sale
  • All items shown in stock and ready to ship out
  • Some items available for international shipping
  • Shipping is extra
  • There is very limited availability on nearly all, most are only 1 or 2 of so subject to availability
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9:30-5)


And now for the fun part……………..

ITEM 1 Porcelains! We have a few porcelains that are either discontinued or might have a small defect. Our loss is your gain as these are priced well well below their normal retail selling prices.


1A This fabulous floral antiqued extra large flat top tea jar is a beauty! It is discontinued and this is the last one. Top is wrapped but the jar and lid in perfect condition.

Measures 18″ tall. $145.00



1B Have one of our best selling extra large pheasant ginger jars without a top. Makes a spectacular vessel for a big spray of blossoms, branches, flowers, etc….

Base measures  17″ tall


1C One of our darling top selling bird flat top jars is without a lid.

Measures 8.5″


1D Down to the last of these soft blush pink raised cherry blossoms jars. These are so beautiful with a stunning raised cherry blossom detailng and charming foo dog lid. Perfect condition.

Measures 18″ tall

$140.00 (3 left)

1D We have one left of this very grand pheasant/floral extra large vase. Sadly, there is a chip on one side but if put against a wall, no one needs to know!

This showstopper measures 23.5″ tall


1E We have three of our chunky dragon ginger jars, these are one of our best sellers but each are missing a lid. Perfect for blossoms, branches, flowers, etc…

Measures 17″ tall


ITEM 2 We have a handful of our fabulous wicker breakfast trays! All in good condition, just the last 1 or 2 of each color.

Measures and comes with removable tray

Measures-28″ length 16’5″ wide and height 11″ (opening in center measures 18″)

Pink or green

We have 2 pink


2 green (one more minty green and one more pale celadon) Specify which color when ordering



ITEM 3 We have a handful of these magnificent hand painted chinoiserie small murals. The beauty of these is you can use one, use them as a pair or all four. These are very special, each handpainted on a solid wood frame. Just gorgeous! And about 35% off their usual selling price.

Each mural measures 15″ x 18″

Set of 4 murals (green only) $310.00

Set of 2 murals (one set of pale blue, one set of ivory/blue and three sets of pale green) $165.00

Individual murals (pale blue, pale green and ivory/blue $85.00




ITEM 4 We have four left of this fabulous wood hand painted chinoiserie brackets. They each have a small defect,  but nothing a little DIY couldn’t fix quite easily. These are solid wood and quite substantial.

Measures 14.5″w x 10.5″h x 7″d


ITEM 5 Calling all silver lovers! These always go fast. If you don’t like a little DIY, these are a steal. All silver shown is new but tarnished and needs a good polish. Many of these were used for photography and have been out of the box for a while. A good silver polish and you are good to go!

5A Set of 3 mint julep includes one small embossed, one medium etched and one acorn and leaf


5B Set of three includes on scalloped square medium, one medium Christmas wreath and one small embossed


5C Set of four includes 2 medium scalloped square, one small scalloped square and one small embossed.

Four mint juleps $60.00

5D This fabulous vanity/bar tray only needs a good polish with a little elbow greaser and you have yourself one gorgeous tray! Less than half price!

Measures 16″ x 11″ x 2″


5E Another fabulous pierced detailed tray that just needs a good polish! Love the scalloped pierced edges and beautiful etched face, a beauty!

Measures 17″ x 8″ x 2.5″


5F We have two of these super elegant etched fancy water pitchers in silver, like the others, just needs a good solid silver polish.

Measures 10.5″ tall

$45.00 each

We do not have a picture of the actual pitcher, but its the one below, only tarnished:)

5G One left of this most elegant paneled silver water pitcher with beautiful bow detailing..just needs a great polish!

Stands 12″ tall


ITEM 6 Too soon to think about Christmas? Not over here! These are a steal for you early bird planners! As we slowly make room for our new collection arriving late summer/early fall, we have a few boxes of these beauties all at about half price.

6A Bright colored trees have become “a thing” and quite popular, if that is your jam, these are for you. They were accidentally made in an orange instead of red. These are a steal as they normally retail for $14 EACH!

Box of 4 $16.00

Specify flat top or ginger jar

6B Our 5″ dragon ball is a stunner, in a Kelly green. Way to add punch to your tree!

Box of 4 balls (5″) $24.00

6C Our bright red floral 4″ balls are really pretty and so festive.

Box of 4 balls (4″) $20.00

6D Our pearlized solid balls are a must have for any tree, regardless of your color scheme. They make great “fillers”.

Box of 4 balls (5″) available in pale silvery blue, copper or ivory

Box of 4 $24.00

6E We have the ivory in the 4″ ball size as well.

Box of 4 balls (4″) $20.00

ITEM 7 Have a nice assortment of our fabulous brass footed hurricanes. These have tiny defects that you would need to look for, a micro chip or a small scratch. They are so elegant and work literally everywhere, on dining tables, consoles, coffee tables, indoors and out!

Measures 16′ x 6″


Greek key or Vertical leaf

ITEM8 Have a bunch of assorted glass items for sale. A great chance to grab one of these beauties at a rock bottom price

8A Have a couple of fabulous etched medium sized centerpiece bowls. The etchwork is so gorgeous. Beautiful as is or filled with fruits, candies, flowers,etc….these have a minor scratch or chip which is something you need to look for. Any with very obvious flaws are discarded.

Measures 12.5″ round

$60.00 each



8B We have a few of the medium etched hurricanes which not only make gorgeous hurricanes but stupendous vases as well!

Measures 12.5″ x 6″





8C And a handful of the tall which are so beautiful as hurricane but make showstopping floral vases too.  As with the medium these have a very minor flaw or two.

Measures 15.5″ x 6″




ITEM 9 Found  few more loose Staffordshire dogs, these are perfect to add to an existing vignette, or use atop a stack of coffee table books!

9A Large light blue (3 same direction)

 6″ x 11″ tall


9B Medium light blue (1 same direction)

5″x 8″ tall


 9C These cutie is the last of our minis. Just one!  Perfect little piece to finish off a vignette or use on top of coffee table books

Measures 4″x  6″


9D Have two of our cherry blossom dogs (same facing direction)

Measures 6″ x 8″


9F One medium ivory/gold dog

Measures 6″ x 8″


ITEM 10 We found one of our best selling wicker stools, this one has part of the braiding on top that has come undone. Easily repaired with a bit of wood or crazy glue.

Only one 

Measures 24″


ITEM 11 Was so happy to find two of these fabulous handpainted tole metal planters, with a gorgeous brass leaf pierced trim and four delicate feet. This could be used to elevate a beautiful potted plant, floral, fern and looks amazing with potted orchids. No defects.

 Measures 9″ x 10″ x 10″

$85.00 each (2 available)

ITEM 12 We have a handful of our beautiful handpainted chinoiserie lamps that are so so pretty. We have only 1 or 2 of each left. We are including one of our beautiful brass pagoda finals!

12A One of our best selling patterns in our tole lamps, we have two  left of this beauty. We offer this in a few greens, this one is more of a kelly green.

Base measures 17.5″

$145 each

12B Have 2 left of this exquisite rusty red/gold chinoiserie lamp. Such a beauty, wish I had a spot for them.

Base measures 18″

$135.00 each

12C One left of this incredible lamp, in the prettiest shades of blues and greens….makes me want to do over one of my rooms! We will get these back in stock later in the summer.

Base measures 18″


ITEM 13 Have a few left of these discontinued flatware sets. These are enameled with 18/8 stainless steel. They sure do set a gorgeous table!

Green pagoda flatware (6 available)

$20.00 per place setting

$110.00 for all six

Blue/white cherry blossom flatware

$20.00 per setting

two available

ITEM 14 We have a handful of our gorgeous embroidered masks left. Thought there are many no longer wearing them, there are still there are many who are (myself included to many places). These are half price!

Limited numbers of pale blue and navy/white


Specify color when ordering

ITEM 15 Calling all DIY’ers! We have a batch of our beautiful Isabella wicker scalloped mirrors that arrived broken so we have the darling frames. These are perfect to either have glass put it to restore as a mirror OR makes a perfect bulletin/pin board!

We have a few of these colors (not all colors shown)-  navy, cornflower blue (not shown), natural (not shown), pale pink and white

These measures 42″ across


ITEM 16  Have a couple of these pink floral scalloped tole wastepaper baskets that have have very minor defects (like the gold might be slightly rubbed off on the trim which is easily repairable) that you would really need to look for. Otherwise its perfect!

Measures 13.5″ tall



Something catch your eye? Then call or email your order in, and don’t wait too long as these things tend to go quickly!


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time…..

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