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Hello friends!! iHope this finds you doing well and enjoying your Labor Day weekend. I don’t know about you but the second half of summer just flew by entirely too fast. I even saw scented pine cones in my market the other day,  I am finally getting over seeing the Halloween candy aisles but pine cones??? NO! The days are flying by and the next season is upon us:)

If all goes according to plan we will be enjoying a much needed “slow down”. Hope it all works out as we have planned it. Planned this post ahead of time so here it goes…..


1 THESE ARE TOO GORGEOUS TO NOT GIVE YOU A SNEAK PEEK OF! This collaboration with Bauble Stockings is one I have been so ecstatic about. Our Bauble stocking samples arrived and I could not have been happier, almost cried tears of joy, they are soooo beautiful and so special. Knowing these were done with the love and handiwork of single moms in Haiti makes these that much more meaningful.

A true win/win. I love the idea of starting a beautiful tradition of collecting some of these every Christmas and eventually passing them on to my sons and their families. We will have a special early bird presale on these beauties this coming week,  so mark your calendars…..


2 THE LAST OF MY GARDEN I was able to salvage one last pick from my garden. I will never boast again about how many tomatoes I will have because as soon as I did, in one fell swoop a band of deer came and totally ravaged my garden. I was in tears as I really tended to this garden with an abundance of  TLC all summer long. Next year, it will be deer proof! Here is the last of it…..on a brighter note, I love how these pictures came out:)


This was my last “basketful” of cherry tomatoes and basil…such a treat. If you have not experienced the joy of picking your own tomatoes off the vine, you are missing out. You can even grow them in a small container…food for thought for next year!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a beautiful round up of gorgeous pictures, hope you enjoy……

4 ANOTHER GREAT LATE SUMMER APPETIZER RECIPE! This is honestly easy and so so flavorful and pretty! These are pesto tomato bits and are heavenly good. A perfect appetizer to celebrate the height of tomato and basil season! I promise they will be a hit. They are very easy to make and always a hit. Here are the details-

Pesto Tomato bites-

  • 2-3 sheets of puff pastry dough
  • flour
  • Pesto (can be homemade or store bought)
  • 1 carton very ripe cherry tomatoes
  • A cluster of fresh basil
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Freshly grated Parmigiana
  • Balsamic reduction (optional)

Get your puff pastry and let thaw for about 20 min. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly roll puff pastry out with a little flour. Cut each rectangular section into thee square approx 3.5″-4″. Gently take about 1 TBSP of pesto and place in center of dough and spread out, trying to avoid the edges.

Then add about 1 TBSP of the chopped tomatoes and basil on top of pesto (no need to add salt and pepper as the parmigiana has salt). Sprinkle liberally with Parmigiana Place parchment paper on baking sheet and slide into preheated oven for about 12-15 minutes until golden brown and flaky.

When they come out, add chopped basil on top and drizzle balsamic reduction if you wish. Server right away… good!


5 WHERE HAS THIS TEXTILE RESOURCE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? I just discovered Charlotte Gaisford and I am smitten with a capital S! I absolutely love her aesthetic and gorgeous wallpaper and fabric offerings. Had to share, I love these for Palmetto Bluff. So crisp fresh and pretty. Definitely inspiring me and letting my imagination run wild with all kinds of new ideas for a few redo’s:) Click here for more.


6 COMING THIS WAY SOON! You are always the first to see all that is new and upcoming. We are adding a few new styles to our gorgeous French wire collection. Just loving these new shapes…

This is a new round which I love……

And say hello to our new square!


For your eyes only, a sneak peek at our new flared Chinoiserie Christmas trees, these will be available in ivory, mossy green, red and navy! We will hold a presale on these in a few weeks.

And we will be soon adding these fabulous chic wicker pumpkins to our pumpkin collection, how wonderful are these! They are as of yesterday available to preorder! Click here (the Labor Day sale does not apply to presale items)

And another sneak peek at our nearly completed four styles of porcelain Christmas trees!! I am so in love with these, they will come in four sizes. Mix and match to your hearts content! We are still putting the finishing touches on one pattern but this is the general idea. Stay tuned….

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY This is easy peasy. I realize some people favor brass over silver and I am considering adding some brass items to our line. Would love to know your thought on the matter, click which best applies.

These look very orange but are in fact an antiqued brass….


Today through Monday in celebration of Labor Day, our ENTIRE SITE is 22% off! (presale items are exempt)

Click here to visit site (all categories and subcategories are on the left)

And there you have this weeks Seven on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, and sorry in advance if it made you hungry:) Always appreciate you stopping in and of course, love to hear from you too.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Until next time………

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So much to love here-

The Christmas trees and stockings be still my heart!

also adore the wicker pumpkins. Look forward to all of them. that appetizer looks so tasty, will enjoy trying that soon!

Enjoy the holiday weekend and wherever you are headed😊

Thanks for sharing your newfound source for fabrics. The colors and motifs are lovely.
I’m thrilled about you’re venture in Haiti. It’s a great feeling To help women everywhere that’s needed. The stockings are beautiful and they will be wonderful gifts at Christmas. I’m a bit sad about summer, but then there’s so much to look forward to.
I also wanted to mention that I agree with you: people should take pride in their appearance, especially for themselves. I learned that you only have one chance at a good impression. So make it a good one. I hope you’ve stirred the pot a little (it really needs it) and get people thinking and doing. Best, FL


I tried your receipt for Shrimp Scampi, it was so easy and the best I ever had. I will make this once a week until I get sick of it.
Ha Ha I don’t think that will happen. Thank you .

Hello Tina! Just wanted to comment on the deer situation, I live on a farm in Virginia and have a rose garden and veggie garden as well. After several years of the deer demolishing everything we had built a 6 foot black aluminum fence that looks like wrought iron all around the garden. The deer stand and look in but can’t get to the veggies in raised beds or my roses. My only problem as been squirrels sometimes like to take a bite of the tomatoes🥴

Loved the Christmas stockings, they look beautiful! The appetizer looks so easy and delicious.
Thank you for the inspiration!

Definitely use those new textiles you found! I love them and would love to see how you use them!

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