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Hi friends, I am back in town after being at my parents and it was bittersweet coming home. How I wish I lived closer, for anyone who is lucky enough to live near their parents, count your blessings and take advantage of being so near. It is so much harder when you are states apart. Going back and forth every few weeks so there are a lot of balls in the air. Trying to schedule posts ahead of time, which so far is working out fine. I have always said and still mean it, sitting down to work on blog is literally my personal therapy. It is my happy zone.

Coming back there was so much to do and catch up on. We have all kinds of things arriving, from tabletop, wicker to pumpkins and a porcelain shipment. From here until November, it will be a steady flow of exciting goods!

Hope you are enjoying some wonderful fall weather. Here it is ever so slowly cooling down a bit and I am loving it. I see sweaters in my future very soon. Onward to this weekend’s post….



1 WALLPAPER LOVE I am starting to make some decisions for how we will decorate the new PB place. I am just finishing up lightning which was a big task to do from afar but have it under my belt. For some reason got really taken with my powder room and started to imagine all kinds of possibilities. So narrowed it down to four papers and decided to do a pale blue vanity along with the gorgeous marble flooring. I didn’t realize how much I missed a project until I started putting this together!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots of random beauty with a healthy dose of fall thrown in because after all, its at our doorstep:)

4 COMING SOON! You are always the first to know what has come in and what is soon to come!

We could not have been happier to see our tole pumpkins arrived late Friday!! Even more gorgeous in person!  For anyone who placed a preorder, they will be shipped out this week. For anyone else click here to place an order

Many of you have been asking about these boxes. The answer is yes. they are just about out of production and will be up for a presale in the next couple of weeks. Had a few adjustments to make which delayed them a bit. Stay tuned! There is also a beige/white one not pictured.

These are something I am so so excited about! And these fabulous porcelain Christmas trees are in production and cannot arrive a moment too soon! We will have them in early Nov. We will hold a presale in a few weeks. Four sizes and four styles…just  imagine the possibilities!

And you know these exquisite new chargers and dinner plates we will be getting, we now have this gorgeous green in production too! How perfect for the holidays! Will be here early Nov, stay tuned:)

5 THE LAST FROM MY GARDEN As summer winds down, so does my garden. It was bittersweet piking the last of the tomaotes and eggplant. It will go dormant until next summer but the greenhouse in the meantime will soon welcome some new family members:)

6 EASY PEASY FALL ARRANGEMENT I hid this huge jar filled with cherry blossoms but was craving a dose of fall. So went. out to the yard cut some branches, came back and decided it need a little more so cut some of the dried limelight hydrangea branches and it was perfect! Added our new pumpkins and was all set. This is something everyone can do.

Here it is with just the leaves-

Then I cut some of the dried hydrangea-

And then….

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So,  I will be really curious to see where you weigh in on this. I am sure everyone has experienced this. You are at a Starbucks, or a really casual place to eat (lik a deli) where you pick up the food at the counter and you are prompted when signing for your charge to add a tip. I remember the first time that happened I thought it was a little odd but felt funny with the eyes of the person helping me, seeing if I left one or not.

Sure enough, I did  and did it subsequent times as well. But overtime as this has become much more widespread I am not sure I agree with it. Particularly for things like a cup of coffee. I am a generous tipper in general and believe in taking care of our service people but not sure what I think about this increasingly common practice. I still occasionally tip, as I think maybe they are not being paid enough and then I feel bad so do it out of guilt:) Curious what you think?


Don’t forget we have a “welcome to fall” promo on right now, 25% off SITE WIDE! Presales are exempt. Great time to treat your home to a little seasonal spruce up or maybe even start checking off that gift list:)

Click here to visit shop

Use code autumn.

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous fall day, until next time…….

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So, to add to your questioning about tipping at a counter, my husband and I were at a restaurant and found a tip jar at the hostess stand with a sign “tip for the hostess”. Really? What’s next? Tip the bus boy? Tip the person who replaces the tablecloth and silverware? Tip the person who vacuums the floor around where your messy toddler was seated? Where does it end?

Your powder room is going to be beautiful, no matter which wallpaper you select. Love the vanity color and the tile floor is so pretty.
Your garden harvest looks so yummy. We had a lot of tomatoes this year, so I froze many of them. I purchased freezer containers to put the tomatoes in. While a pan of water is boiling, cut out stem and any bad spots. Place tomatoes in boiling water for about 30 seconds, just until skin starts to lift. Remove from the water and peel should come off very easily. Cut the tomato and place in freezer container. I now have tomatoes for chili and soups with no preservatives. Great for fruits too.
Happy fall y’all.🤎🍂

As far as tipping goes – Starbucks, etc. employees make $12-15.00+ per hour
and I don’t feel they should be tipped.
I tip restaurant servers of course, and also tip restaurant carryout order servers because
I know they make minimum wage and depend on tips for their income.

FYI I am usually in Starbucks once a week. Normally I give them a tip about twice a month and its generous. My Frappuccino as of last week was almost $8.00. With a coffee drink at close to $8.00 a pop its getting to the point that its out of hand and although its not the fault of the people who work there we need to start sending a message. At least I do. Normally I do not question prices if its something I want or need but the question here is, When does it stop?

I tip in these situations for outstanding customer service. I myself enjoy working part time in a “luxury” retail outlet store for slightly more than minimum wage, and do my job well, but there are no tips for me!!

Starbucks coffee is already over priced and then having a tip request on top of it is extremely bold. I am not impressed!

Love your post and love all kinds of different things BUT….I saw your pic of Lake Como and what I would love the most is to go to Lake Como and have lunch or dinner (preferably alfresco) with George Clooney.
Is that really too much to ask for in the scheme of things? 🤓

I Hope all is going well. I’m excited to receive the pumpkins. I always think I can’t possibly want another thing and then you offer another fabulous beautiful item to ponder. Both colors in the Pierced chargers are wonderful. And I was very excited to see the green Lilly of the valley glasses that will be coming in!
Sending prayers for you and your mom and family.
Best, Fanny

Dear Tina
I am in the tile and flooring choice of three bathroom remodels. Love Blue and White as you do. In love with the blue and white marble, you have chosen for your powder room for the PB build. Your Poste 9-25-22 ( in this post). Would you mind and please share the name of the marble and the manufacturers? Thank you in advance, and awaiting your reply.

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