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Hi there, I was originally going to post about my home much sooner than this but then my mother’s situation took a turn for the worse and as you know weeks later, she passed away. I cannot believe its almost 7 weeks. Still feels so raw and surreal. I am definitely going through the ebbs and flows of  grief, the likes of which I have never known but taking it day by day and at my own pace. I am happy today to be able to share something pretty and uplifting with you today.

It was a crazy few weeks when my mom took a turn for the worse, being away for almost 3 weeks while we were supposed to be packing was intense pressure but there was no way for me not to be by my mothers side.  Coming home 5 days after her passing to be met with a battalion of movers and packers was beyond overwhelming.  It all happened so fast, sometimes I have a hard time believing it happened at all. It was such a whirlwind shrouded in deep sadness. The normal excitement one would feel about moving was eclipsed by the devastation I felt by my mom being gone. Fast forward we have been here nearly a month and both my husband and I surprised ourselves by feeling within days of living here, that this felt like “home”. I don’t think either of us expected that so soon so that was a big silver lining.

A little backstory….we bought this house a year ago. It was a house I had long admired from afar and when my husband used to say he would love to buy a house on the water, I would half jokingly say the only way I would move is if that house came on the market (the one we bought) Sure enough a few years later, it comes on the market, we went to look at it more just because we wanted to see it and I kind of fell in love.

Its an old, gracious elegant home that was meticulously kept by a well to do women who raised her family here and had plenty of help in doing so. Being on the water was a huge perk. Greenhouse, another perk. Pool and tennis, doubles the fun. It just felt like a perfect family compound, and while its a large home its not the huge scale of my other house. It feels elegant, old world, grand in a cozy way. We bought it knowing we will have to do some fairly extensive renovating. So much for thinking our last project was behind us. This will happen later in 2023, as we want to enjoy the summer here.

We will keep the primary rooms as they are. But the kitchen side of things will come down where we will build a new kitchen with a new family room, mud room, attached garage and redo all the bathrooms. Everything as I stated has been meticulously maintained but its dated. We are starting to meet with architects now but likely will not  do the work until late summer/early fall of 2023 so we can enjoy the season. I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures on my phone throughout the seasons (all which have their own little magic) and will share a few here with you today. I will introduce you to our house over several posts as there’s lots to share.

And for those curious about my little greenhouse and where it was, well, it was on the property of this house all along, so that mystery is solved. I just wasn’t ready to share the house news quite yet. As far as our previous home, we just sold it about a month ago. It is one we left with many wonderful memories, A great couple bought it who has 4 kids and plans to use it as their family home. They are lovely people and I have no doubt it will serve them well, we left it as a home that was filled with love and trust it will remain that same happy home for them. We are excited to begin this new chapter and I look forward as I have done before to take you along with me, every step. But as I am in the grief process, it is slow going right now. In due time, it will all happen. I will have to think of a fun name to begin this series. In the meantime, come on over…..


My son and husband walking down the driveway the second time we looked at it (at this point I was sure we had to buy it)

What a beautiful front door!

It has such a beautiful presence

Every corner is pretty and charming

There are two beautiful balconies on either end of the house, one off master and the other off small upstairs office, love the Chippendale railing

Back of the house, sitting on those Adirondack chairs is my favorite thing to do…it’s like therapy

Love the front and the back…

The formal side garden

And then, there’s a dock:)

The prettiest place to catch the sunset


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Next week I will take you inside, for the good, the pretty and even the semi ugly. Honestly it’s not so much as ugly as it is  dated. Because its so spotless we have been really comfortable here and yes, even includes showering in a pepto Bismol colored bathroom:) Wishing everyone a wonderful day as the Christmas countdown has officially begun.

Lots to come, so until next time……

Love you mom

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WOW – Beautiful – But, here I was thinking y’all were downsizing with low maintenance – LOL. Jokes on ME 🙂 Blessings and future joyous memories in your new abode !

I’m so excited to watch what you do to this house. I know it will be fabulous. Looking forward to lots of “before” pictures so we can see the true transformation. As to the grief, it will just become a part of you. This will be my 5th Christmas without my mother and it still does not seem real. You move forward because you have no choice, but life will never be the same. Grief is the price of love. That’s the price you and I must pay for having wonderful mothers. Like you, I miss my mom tremendously. We always will. Hugs dear lady.

So sorry for your family’s loss. It is a blessing to have such a close relationship with your mom. Your recent purchase is such a treasure and ready for you to add your own design mark throughout. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

This is my dream house! So so beautiful and elegant and so “you”. That view and the architecture and the property wow!

What a wonderful family compound this will be for you and your family as your boys marry and eventually have grandchildren.

I cannot wait to see the inside!

It will be a good project for you to throw your energy into and I bet your mom will be with you every step of the way🙏🏻

Tina, This is lovely. Looks like you will enjoy the best of both worlds from North to South. Can’t wait for the inside tour.

This home is gorgeous! I am so looking forward to going on this journey with you! My prayers are with you and your family with the loss of your dear Mother.

Tina, Beautiful home. Looks a little like Louisiana to me!! Your beautiful mom will always be with you.

Tina, this home suits you! I know you will make it a warm and welcoming home, as you did your other…can’t wait to follow you along as you work your magic. Although this will be a different Christmas for you, I wish you all the best for you and your family as you celebrate the season in your new home.

Absolutely movie perfect! Right out of a Hallmark classic. I can’t wait to travel with you through the remodel. I already live this house much more than your last. Your southern home will be wonderful but I already think this will be my favorite.
Merry Christmas to you and your boys.
I’m praying for your dad getting through this holiday and I’m sure you both will hold each other in your mothers wonderful memories.

Ah, ya got me! I thought the smaller house in Palmetto Bluff was going to be your main house! Truly, this house is a real charmer…elegant, welcoming, and wonderful. Hopefully, the work you plan to do on the house will keep you busy and help you heal from your grief over the loss of your beloved mother. Thank you for sharing this big surprise!

I see why you made the move, and this place is beautiful, charming, and inviting. What’s not to feel at home quickly?! You can do whatever work inside—you can’t just order this setting……location, location, location……!
The Africans have a saying that you can only travel so far in one day, and then you must stop and allow your soul to catch up. I think of this when you describe your life at the moment. I hope you are catching up with yourself, emotionally in particular.

Oh Tina, you new home is so beautiful! My favorite color of home…white and black. All your blue and white will just add icing to the cake. This home will give you much needed therapy as you redo the things that make you happy. Trust me, I lost my mom 10 years ago and it doesn’t get better you just learn to live with it. Shortly thereafter learned I had breast cancer (an angel’s voice told me to get checked-that was my mom looking over me), our home sold and had to be out in 2 weeks, then our black Lab died. Horrible year but our new home was therapy to me and since your blog has been my therapy. I pray your new home will be therapy to you as well. Just listen for your mom’s voice as she will be there with you every step. Sending you much love and wishes for a Merry Christmas in your new home. Love, Sandy – Dahlonega, GA

Condolences on the loss of your mother. Cherish all of the wonderful memories of your time with her.

Congratulations on your new beautiful home. Looking forward to seeing more. The description you gave your home is lovely. It will be fun to see you make it your own. Enjoy!

Your new home is gorgeous. I am so happy for you! I look forward to following along on your updating projects. Enjoy Christas and the start of many new memories. You were truly blessed with a beautiful Mother.

Grief is not a straight line, many valleys and some hilltops, too. Give yourself grace. Prayers for peace and comfort.

You’ve chosen a wonderful waterfront home for this new stage of your life. Looking forward to seeing all of it and your future plans for it.
Your mom was a beautiful lady. So sorry for this loss. Grief is such a personal journey.without a timetable.

Such a bittersweet post with grief and loss to new beginnings and hope.
Fresh air and soothing waters🙏💙🙏 may it be ever so to your soul!

Takes your breath away, thanks so much for sharing!
Happy Holidays to you and your family!

It’s a beautiful home and I’m sure it will be filled with many wonderful memories. We will be here whenever you are ready to share the excitement. My guess is there will be magnificent displays of Blue & White to enhance this home.

wow! i am in love, this is right out of Great Gatsby😊 I look forward to you sharing more. Congratulations, I think the timing is perfect because this will give you something positive to really sync your teeth and talents into.
May God bless you aa you navigate the grief you are feeling. One step at a time Tina.

What a wonderful home! Beautiful! Looking forward to a “peek” at the interiors ….. creating new memories in such a serene setting.

Your mother is with you and celebrating you on your path forward…..sending hugs.

Tina your new house is beautiful and I have no doubt that you will work your magic and it will be absolutely perfect! I am so sorry for the loss of you mom and I think of you often and always say a prayer for you. As overwhelming at times with the moving right after she left(I lost my dad about 16 years ago and I can’t bring myself to say he passed or he died I always say when he left and I will get to go see him!). As I was saying I know your plate is full but I always say God will help us with whatever it is we need. And how perfect has the timing been with your situation ! As hard as some days are and will be, you have lots of stuff to keep you busy which helps even those bad days that are hard to deal with! Merry Christmas to you and all your family !

This home is classic and stately…..pretty! But I really loved the home you just sold. It was a gorgeous home inside and out to me. The plus to new property is landscape and water. I know you will decorate this home pretty. I’m excited to see the journey. Prayers for you during your loss. I lost my parents 9yrs ago and it still don’t seem real.

My goodness this is picture perfect, absolutely stunning my favorite style home- a classic clapboard Georgian, this will stand the test of time forever!! This is a beautiful estate that you will get to enjoy with your family hopefully for decades to come! Cannot wait to get a peek inside. I have no doubt your mother will be by your side and you will feel her presence as she guides you to find the motivation and inspiration to create your new family home. Congratulations on this beautiful and exciting move!

Hi, Tina,
What a Beautiful home, love all of it and the black and white is so elegant love everything about it, you lucky lady, enjoy and looking forward to seeing the inside. Your Mom was a very pretty lady~~~THANK’S FOR SHARING. CHRISTMAS hUG’S~~~
Happy New Year~~~~~

I love all things classic and elegant of which this home is both! Breathtaking! Your mom, in some way, we are yet to understand, is watching over you and smiling as you enjoy this house. She IS with you, still, Tina.

Your new home is beautiful! I’m glad you’re moved and can take things at your own pace now. My heart hurts for you, and I hope this happy new home can offer you moments of beauty and peace. Take care.

W.OW, I love this house. The water is the icing on the cake. I hope you can try and have a Merry Christmas

Absolutely gorgeous the house, the grounds, and the view of the water. Water brings such peace to me when I sit and look at it. I love nothing more than a traditional white house with black accents and Chippendale details! With lots of porches too!

Your new home will be a blessing of peace and tranquility…….Living with a water view and beautiful sunsets will be calming and a retreat…… I do believe this home has come into your life in perfect timing. Divine Intervention.
Blessing to you and your family.🎄🎄

This house is incredible, I’m so excited to see what you do with it. I’m sorry about the loss of your mother – Hope it’s therapeutic to have a new project to focus on.

I thought you couldn’t get any better than your last home, but, wow! I LOVE, everything about this one. Congratulations!

OMG, that house is beautiful and fresh. I can understand how you feel at home and do not miss your previous house. As lovely as the old house was, this is a whole new chapter and the time is right in the right house. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your new home. It is lovely and what a gorgeous view. ♥️ Wishing you much happiness in your beautiful home. ♥️🏠♥️

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. I know it will be just as beautiful as your previous home when you have finished your renovations.

It is gorgeous in every way, I can see how you would feel at home here in days. Your mother would be so happy for you! I look forward to seeing the rest of the house and how you will make it your own. To me, there is nothing more fun that doing just that to a home. You are still in my prayers as you continue the long, grieving process. How blessed you were to have such a close, loving relationship with your mother and have endless happy memories of her.

Wishing you and your family and many friends a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Extending this to your wonderful and dedicated employees. They are wonderful.
House looks amazing from the outside and like a big wrapped gift under a tree you can’t wait to see what the inside holds.

Such an elegant home, yet warm and inviting at the same time. I look forward to seeing more. Please let me share my condolences at the death of your dear mother. As one who has also grieved the death of parents, I can share in this great sense of loss.

I just lost my mother too. I feel so lucky to have had her for so long, she was 93 years old. She lived close to me so I have many cherished moments to remember. There are many times I want to rush to her to share a story and a laugh. It will be the little unexpected moments that will catch you off guard. Hold fast your fond memories and show your family how much you love them so they have those memories to fall back on when they need them. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tina, don’t underestimate for a minute that your mom was not instrumental in your smooth move and letting you plant your feet in this beautiful new home!

It is stunning! My favorite style.
And that view is hypnotizing!

Tina you can’t rush the grieving process it is different for everyone. Some people feel fine after a few months for others it takes many years. You never will fully get over this loss but you will learn to build your life around it. wishing you the best and thank you for the beauty you provide in our world.

What a beautiful elegant home and yes it does have a presence. I feel like I fell into a wonderful old movie! So happy for you.

What an absolutely gorgeous home. Is that the sound? I’m so happy for you and this wonderful move. Prayers for you for continued healing .

Wow it’s lovely! I really love the grounds with the mature trees and shrubs. This home is wonderful, so classic. That dock is awesome and can handle a fairly large boat! You know you are going to see a fantastic home when the entryway is that gorgeous!

Love it!! Please take lots of before and after photos. You have such magnificent and elegance taste, can’t wait to see what you do with this charmer. Your mama is watching you my dear, she will want you to be happy and carefree till you meet again.

Congratulations on your beautiful new home!
I loved Looking at the photos and the grounds.
Enjoy it with your family.

Tina, your new house is just so beautiful and when your’e done, it will be another perfectly done project . i really admire your talent, tastes in everything. I have a few of your large jars on the floor by my grand piano and elsewhere around the formal living room the house .

Can’t wait to see more of your finished project. I was fortunate enough to see the progress in the our Palmetto home. That again is very beautiful. Well done Tina !

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