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Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a wonderful a very merry Christmas. It was a tough one for me and though we certainly made the most of it, and it was so nice to be with my immediate family, I am happy it’s over. My mom was missed so much.

Feels like a really long time since I have done a random musings post. But I am slowly trying to get back to a semi normal blogging schedule. It’s good for me and I enjoy it. I also realized it is very much something my mother would want me to do and expect me to do. So Mom, I am continuing on knowing how much you enjoyed my blog and were my very first fan/reader! I will never ever forget that.

So here is  a look back at the last week or so with pictures taken from my iPhone.


It was a blue and white Christmas dinner table here just with my immediate family

A few pics to recap a very intimate small Christmas gathering with a place set for my beautiful mom

Made her delicious rice dressing in her honor which is so so good (will share recipe soon!)

At first I didn’t want to wrap any gifts, I felt super apathetic but once I took out all my papers I went on a little wrapping marathon Christmas Eve, better late than never

No Christmas is complete with out a visit to my favorite Young’s Farm for the most delicious pies!

Christmas Eve champagne toast with. my sons and husband

Birthday flowers 13 days old!

A friend stopped by  for coffee, I have done so little socializing, it was a nice break have enjoyed brief afternoon visits from friends

Paperwhites still going strong, love them in our new containers

Added our village garden seat next to a living room chair

Left the house at the crack of dawn and caught a beautiful sunrise over NYC

And a glimpse of some of the Christmas decor

I received many condolence gifts, but this one was one of the most thoughtful gifts, the gift of prayerful intention at iconic St. Patricks Cathedral in honor of my mom

The entrance took my breath away

I got there early (zoomed into the city) and very much enjoyed the peace and reflection this beautiful church allowed me to experience that morning

Something about being there that early when almost no one was there was a very sacred moment for me

Walked out and enjoyed getting a full glimpse of the Rockefeller Christmas tree with barely a soul in sight!

Driving out, enjoyed as always getting to see the beautiful and elegant Ralph Lauren flagship store all decked out

Madly in love with our newest pierced embossed chargers! They are truly spectacular (click here)

Driving home catching pretty late day sun

Did a little silver polishing, very cathartic!


And that is a wrap on the last few weeks. It was solemn, and honestly for me,  sad but there were moments of joy spent with my family. I channeled my mom by making a few of the dishes that I grew up with for Christmas dinner. I know the grieving process is a long one and very individual. For me, it still feels incredibly raw and I am still emotionally just a mess. I basically go to my office and home, not interested in socializing unless a friend/friends stops by,  I actually have enjoyed the brief visits from friends who have been very supportive of what I am going though and make it OK when I need to cry or express myself. I am giving myself the time I need and know in due time, things will get better. I really appreciate all the support, kind words, emails and messages from so many of you who sadly, know the pain of which I speak. Losing a parent is unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

I want to end this on a high note and not always be so glum, I am slowly getting back to my blogging schedule, and we are working on sone beautiful collections of all kinds of new things coming in for spring/summer. And as crazy as it might sound, we are soon going to begin working on holiday 2023! I kid you not. If I have learned one thing, it is to always bank on things taking doubly as long as what we are told…especially in today’s world where things like the flu and Covid are still wreaking havoc around the world. I am very happy when I get to create (in fact am my happiest in that space)  and I am definitely throwing my energies into creating lately which is a good sign:) Stay warm and stay safe, thank for stopping by. Until next time………

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Love you Mom

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For the first time in years I did not make it into St Patrick’s Cathedral this year Thank you for sharing a beautiful & intimate moment

Such absolutely beautiful pictures and what a beautiful moment you were able to share during your grief over the Christmas holidays to honor your beautiful mom. it is not an easy process- , take your time and don’t let anyone tell you when you should start feeling better! it is such an individual journey and no two are the same.

The glimpses of your new home are exquisite, so elegant and so in keeping with your beautiful style. Love that exterior shot, the approach is beautiful.

Your table settings always take my breath away👏🏻 Thank you for sharing the beauty with us it is much appreciated!

So glad you “escaped” to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a holy respite alone. Truly cathartic for the soul. I’ve always loved sitting in the quietness of a church for a personal spiritual retreat.

It was wonderful to see your beautiful pictures again. As always, breathtaking. Be healthy & happy. 💚💚💚

Beautiful capture of the holiday feels. It’s ages since I’ve been to NYC but your post put me right there! It’s so sad to say goodbye to our loves but maybe it helps to imagine what her first Christmas in Heaven was like ❤️. Can you even imagine? Praying your 2023 is filled with love and joy!

I am so sorry for your loss. It must be a very hard time for you. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos of NYC. Most appreciated!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

What beautiful photos you take. I’ll never know how you can drive in NYC and take some pics! I’d be far too worried about my driving, so thank you!! I miss visiting NYC, and your pics show me I’m overdue. Thank you for sharing. And Happy Birthday. I wish you had your mom with you, and I hope your dad is doing okay. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. We’re the same age, but I haven’t lost a parent yet. My husband’s are both gone, but it’s not the same. God bless you, Tina.

You are lovely, kind and your heart is huge…….I know your pain…..mine is hard and if I give into it I will never recover……just keep on hanging on.

Absolutely loved the Susan Boyle/train rendition of Auld lang sine. Thank you so much for sharing! Having lost both my parents in the span of 14 months, I share in your pain, yet look forward to the photos of your beautiful new home as it transports me elsewhere! Take your time; we will all be here…

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