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Hello everyone, and happy 2023! Hard to believe we have said goodbye to 2022 (was happy to close that door) and are now in 2023. The first day of the year, was relaxing and an unusual 60 degrees over here, so my husband and I went for a long walk, and spent the day at home, reading, watching movies,etc…it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Hopefully with this new year upon us, many exciting things lie ahead.

I am looking forward to sharing more on our new home, and continue to keep you in the loop on PB. Lots of beautiful new things coming in and new collections will soon be introduced. So thats the upside. I will continue to do my best to navigate a new world without my mom in it, but will work hard to honor living my best life as I know that is what she would be insisting I do. Moving along….. I haven’t done a PB update in a few months so here is a quickie.

Things are chugging along and I am loving the way this little house is coming along. We are starting to make design/decor decisions now and that to me, is always where the really exciting part commences. This is a great project for me to sink my teeth into while I am grieving for me mom as anything creative is always a very good distraction for me.

First a few pictures from recent updates. Then a few design decisions with a few polls if you care to weigh in!



So our cabinetry is in production, we already choose marble slabs and I am just about done with all decisions for the 2 full baths. We are already ordering furniture as it takes so long to get these days. Now,  we are  working on the powder room. Would love to know your take as I am truly torn by what I have narrowed these decisions down to …love them all! I know I am close:)

So now you get to help. me make some decisions!

First, which vanity? Vanity 1 is white, vanity 2 is a pale gray , vanity 3 is white as well (different pattern) and vanity 4 is a pedestal sink (different altogether)

Wallpaper! I love all of these, which herein lies my problem. Of the five shown, which are your two faves?

Lighting, down to two, that’s progress:)  Would love to know your take-

And lastly marble  tile, it’s down to three options. Need to know your fave-


A special thank you to  (click on each name for information)-


Element Builders who are building our home and doing a fabulous job

Court Atkins, our very talented architect who we used for the second time (why change a good thing!)


I will share more resources and start building this list  as we start approaching the finishing stages!



It was fun visiting our architect’s website and seeing our old house here! Click here if you want to step inside, we are going for a similiar vibe with this new ouse, light and airy.


I just want to make these decisions, get them ordered and check this off my list. Leaning towards a few choices here so it will be interesting to see  how you weigh in.  I look forward to seeing the results.  Thank you for your input, as always I greatly value your opinion. Wishing everyone a wonderful second day of 2023. Until next time….

Our deal of the day is below, today only!


Love you Mom

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Beautiful. Where are the gas lanterns from your old house from?
Happy New Year! Hoping for best on living life in great love of your beloved Mom!

Beautiful home! Where is it located? Love all your design choices! You will always miss your Mom, but it does get better. I lost my Mother in 2010 and I still miss her every day. Blessings.

And oh, my, WOW! on the Palmetto Bluffs house on your Architect’s website!! Breathtaking!

I just remolded a powder room and used the almost exact pedestal sink. I love it and have had many complements on it. The bathroom is small so it keeps it open and airy. Can’t wait to see some of your design choices.

Was wondering if you had any thoughts to share about what you would do or wouldn’t do again w/1st Bluffton house vs the new one?
Wishing you peace in your time of sorrow – “Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

I just bought another home. It is 122 years old and I know it will be a project! Enjoying seeing your design ideas.

Tina… as you probably remember, I started following you when you began to build your NY house. Now I am grateful that you will be sharing the journey of this beautiful house. I can’t wait to see all your signature touches. I wish you healing, health, and happiness in the new year.l

So exciting all your choices!
Looking forward to the final reveal!
Wishing you Peace.

I am a South Carolinian and very familiar with Palmetto Bluff. It is lovely, relaxing place. Your home is beautiful but I wish you had shown your floor plan. I would like to see how you decided to lay out your rooms.

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