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Hi and happy Saturday. My dad who is adjusting to an entirely new world without my mom in it,  is doing his best to keep busy, reconnecting with friends that he was unable to see much of since he cared for my mom 24/7.  I am really proud of him as I know how devastating this has been. They will have been married 60 years in May. Quite an achievement. He is planning to do some traveling, is a voracious reader,  and is referred to as a walking encyclopedia as he always has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is a serious World War 2 buff and a master teacher of all things international relations. He really is a fascinating man and I am not boasting, just saying I am really really proud of him. Anyone who knows him can attest to what I have said.

Since my moms passing, I am devoting extra attention to my dad, we speak one to two times a day without fail and he will be coming for a visit next week which we are all really looking forward to. He has a large circle of friends he keeps in touch with who live all over the world/country and they are always sending and sharing all kinds of emails that cover a host of subjects. He forwards many of them to me and I am guilty of often not taking the time to read them.

But you know what? For every time, I have opened one of those emails, every single time, I have been utterly amazed, at what he has sent. And then I feel guilty for letting literally hundreds sit in my mailbox unread. So, I have spurts when I will start going through them one by one, unwrapping each one like a little present, a pearl of wisdom from someone who knows  a lot more than I and who has seen our world in a better place.

So Dad, keep those coming because when I take the time to read them, not only is it giving me a much needed pause in my day but you are enlightening me on so many different subjects,  and sometimes, even giving me a new perspective I didn’t know I needed. I will be making a point to open them regularly and share the ones that I think others would enjoy.  I will post one every Saturday, it will be a quick,  but I think informative and  interesting read.  Today I am posting two, hope you enjoy them.

The second one you will need tissues for, just a little forewarning.

Dad, keep them coming, and I know Mom would approve:)





And then he sent this one to me and I cried like a baby, have a tissue ready-


The first one sure does make you stop and think about our world in a lightning jar.   This should make us  reflect on just lucky we are in relation to the world’s population. Some would argue that if you live in the U.S. that alone means you live in a very fortunate bubble. Either way, it is an interesting perspective when put this way.

And that video. No words. So true and just so emotional. I just loved it, it is so worth sharing.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks Dad:)

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Love you Mom

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Thanks for sharing your Dad’s emails! What a lovely man! I, too, took care of my Daddy after my Mother’s sudden passing in 2010. He was such a joy, a WWII Veteran, who I had the privilege of traveling with on an Honor Flight to Washington, DC, to visit his Memorial in October 2015. He passed away in July 2020 and I miss and think of him every day. So, treasure your Dad, I know you do. Thank you for sharing your parents with us all!

Thank you for posting this and please thank your father for passing it on to you. It’s thought provoking and amazing.

Thank you for sharing your father’s “gifts”. I look forward to reading more…have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for sharing these. Yes, I did tear up on the train ride of life. God bless your father.
I ordered your flowers last year and have enjoyed them ever since. They are remarkably realistic.

Thank you for sharing this. My dad use to introduce me as their caboose, last and youngest offspring.

Thanks, Tina, for the wonderful post and for sharing your precious Dad with us. He is a very special man! You are so blessed to have him in your life! How you need one another as you go through these days without your precious Mom. I know that your Dad appreciates you more than words can ever express.

So happy that your Dad and his friends keep in touch.

We continue to keep you and your dear Dad in our prayers. Bless you, Tina, for being such a precious daughter.

Very Interesting and am totally CURIOUS to know – and HOPE you will share – WHERE oh WHERE did this info. come from – as in the #’s ? Was totally shocked at the the 11% Homosexuals !! Please UPDATE us with the website or whatever. Many Thanks

The first post was fascinating and the second one – lovely. You are so fortunate to have such a thoughtful father still part of your life.

You have a precious dad. Loved the Train of Life! YES, so true! Wouldn’t life be so much better if we realized the short life we have… Keep sharing his emails please.

Tina, I love this post! Thank you for sharing your Dad. Mine passed away in 2015, 5 months after my Mom “ stepped off the train”.

I love this post! Thank you and your father for sharing. Sending you, your father, and your entire family best wishes and sincere condolences. XO

A great post to start a new year. It is a great reminder of how God has blessed us and how much we need to give to others!

Thank you for sharing! Such a sweet thing that he’ll know that you are reading and interested in the things he sends. And we get to benefit too!

Hi Tina
Please share a picture of you and your dad when he comes to visit . Enjoy every moment I wish my dad was still here too!
Dr.Caroline Engelhardt

My mom just passed away last Monday at 94 years old. It has been very difficult for our family. I am an only child and she is the last person left from the older generation. Feel so blessed to have my husband, 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Goodbye Mom you are now with Daddy. She will soon be buried at Arlington with my Dad. 🌹💔🌹

Wow, I have not been on this blog for awhile. I finally had a moment of luxury to sit down with and just backtrack to catch up. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Reading your Father’s emails are like reopening letters from my Father that I got before he passed. Treasure these and thank you for sharing them. Our parents generation went through so much and have so much accumulated wisdom. A big giant hug to you Tina. 🙏

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