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Good Saturday morning! As I do every Saturday I share with you an email or two that my dad has sent. I enjoy his perspective as he is from a different generation and often open my eyes to things. We don’t agree on every single subject but as I get older, I find myself understanding and often agreeing with much of his point of view and it seems like he’s developed his own little fan club over here:)

He is a very wise, worldly and intelligent man who I refer to as a personal Google as he seems to literally something about everything:)



So here is this Saturdays share with my Dad…..

A wise man indeed! Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

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Thank you for sharing your dad, i really miss mine! We NEED Churchill’s voice and brilliance today more than ever!

I love your Dad’s insights! He is a wise man! Thanks for sharing him with your readers.

Love the quotes …
Paraphrasing Churchill …”History will be kind to me since I will be the one writing it”
Woman to Churchill “Winston if you were my husband I would poison your coffee”
Churchill’s response “If you were my wife I would probably drink it”

As a retired college educator with an earned doctorate from a major U.S. university, these concepts should be taught continuously in all formats as adapted for all ages within schools/colleges & re-emphasized throughout life…

Love the Churchill quotes and look forward to Saturdays with
Your Dad. Thanks for sharing his wisdom with us. Blessings

Tina, your dear Dad is such a special man! Thanks, so much, for sharing him with us! We love him and want to adopt him! I lost my dear and precious Dad years ago and when I read these Saturday posts with your Dad, he reminds me, so much, of my Dad. I just miss my Dad so much! Hope you and your hubby have a nice weekend.

Your dad is a man of wisdom……reminds me of my dad.
He shares with you the same values I want for my children and grandchildren…

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