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Hi everyone, another Saturday sharing some wisdom and humor from my dear dad. He seems to have developed his own little fan club:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, may this start your Saturday off with a smile….


Loved both of these, I don’t know with the direction of our world and the trajectory we are on, I would happily turn life back 20-30 years. Life seemed so much more innocent, more civilized and people overall seemed happier and less conflicted. Right now it feels like a circus that is out of control. Well, in the meantime I will continue to share and spread the perspective of my dad every Saturday for a little “levity”.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day and weekend! Thanks for stopping in. Until next time……



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Tina, love Saturdays with your Dad. I’m old enough to relate to everything posted here today…lol.

At my age (79), everything that was written in the article was true. As a newlywed, the first time my husband and I went grocery shopping, I was shocked he put TV dinners in the shopping cart. My mother made everything from scratch, including bread. Loved the article. Brought back wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.

If it seems as though things were simpler then and more pleasant, it’s because it was. I grew up that way, too, and feel very fond of those days-when the ’60’s entered the picture, that was the beginning of so much destruction in our society. It truly was more respectful of others, more peaceful and more civilized-I didn’t see that until much later in my life because I was too young to understand-it horrifies me now as to what we have become as nation. Your Dad’s contribution touched my heart and soul today-however, I’m not retired! LOL!

LOL! Reality check!

I remember the good old days when it felt safe to play chalk games in the street or watch Saturday morning cartoons with only 3 channels to choose from. Life was simpler.

Thank you for another look and laugh on the past. Your Dad’s post have been a joy to read. Best wishes to him and your family.

Tina, thanks for sharing your precious Dad with us again! He is such a wonderful man!

Love these posts from your dad Tina!
Everything today seems so complicated – there’s a lot to be said for a simple life & being content with less. We need to bring respect, class & civility back to our society, but idk if that will ever happen. I pray for it!

Hi Tina,
I’m definitely in your Dads fan club!! I enjoyed the poem so much !! I look forward to both your Saturday and Sunday posts !! Have a lovely weekend it’s gorgeous outside.,,.,, go for a walk !
Dr. Caroline Engelhardt

Love the first one SO much! You know what dawned on me, though? Will the kids of today say the same things about this time of their lives when they are about to retire and how bad will it be then? YIKES!! I don’t even know what to think about that but the good part is I hope by then I’ll be in a much better place! LOL

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