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Hello friends, Happy Easter (and Happy Passover to those who celebrate!)  Over here,  the sun is shining  brightly and the sky could not be any bluer. . Certainly a perfect day for all those Easter egg hunt enthusiasts…. brings back such fond memories of dressing my boys up in their little Easter outfits,  carrying baskets sometimes as big as they were…..those sweet little chubby hands reaching in for as many goodies as they could find. Ahhh….the good ol days!

Hope this finds you doing well. Does anyone else feel like this year is going by really quick all of a sudden! I cannot believe its Easter, before we know it, it will be Memorial Day:) Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I hope this joyous day will fill your heart with much joy, laughter and peace. We are going to have a small intimate Easter dinner with my 3 boys and girlfriends. Look forward to a nice relaxing day today…..



1 A BEAUTIFUL WALLPAPER RESOURCE I get caught up daydreaming a lot and though our renovation has not even begun yet, I have been thinking a lot about a wallpaper for my foyer, its very large and I think needs paper to both warm it up and ground the space. I only recently became familiar with a UK based wallpaper company, Soane. Some of their papers are gorgeous and I must say the UK has some of the most beautiful lines of papers/fabrics they do know their textiles!

I think these in particular are so pretty and sophisticated for a foyer. Definitely keeping these on my short list for potential foyer wallpapers! Click here to visit them.


2 MY FAVORITE CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUP Made this the other night as I was feeling a cold coming on and my son was sick. Forgot just how insanely good this is.  Been making this for years and it never ever disappoints. The kicker is the fresh dill and plenty of lemon. Here is the recipe-

  • 2-2.5 lbs chicken breast (skinless and boneless) cut in half
  • 3 Yukon gold potatoes
  • 4-5 turnips
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 3 stalks of celery finely cut
  • 1 large onion
  • Chicken stock or 1 packet of Knorrs Chicken
  • fresh lemon juice (about 1/2-3/4 cup)
  • 1/4 cup fresh or dried dill (fresh is better)
  • A few tbsp of chopped parsley (optional)
  • 1/2 cup orzo

Chop onion and add chicken and onion to boiling salted water. After about 15 min add vegetables, salt pepper, chicken seasoning and dill. Add lemon juice taste. Let cook approx 2 hours on low heat until you can easily shred chicken. I add extra dill at the end. Cook orzo in separate pot until al dente. Set aside. I put a few TBSP of the orzo on bottom of soup bowl then add soup (the al dente orzo will cook a little more with the piping hot soup on top). Top with fresh parsley or a small pinch of fresh dill and enjoy!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST With spring at our doorstep, these instagrams are getting prettier by the week!

4 AMAZING RANUNCULUS OK I officially have a new favorite flower, the incredible almost ever lasting ranunculus!  When I took this picture these were 13 days old. Now, mind you I take care of my flowers like little babies, I put them outside at night when its cool and sometimes even put them in the fridge (if we have the room). It pays off these beauties are still going! They have the delicacy and ethereal quality of a peony with the hardiness and shape of a rose but easily outlast both of them put together!

5 NEW LATTICE PLANTERS Our new lattice aluminum line has been a huge hit. Could seriously not love them more. Now I am very excited to announce the new 8″and 10″ sizes perfect for indoors! Imagine on a console, coffee table, side chest, kitchen island! Filled with orchids, ferns, any type of green or nothing at all. These beauties will be here mid May, stay tuned for a presale very soon. Will come in 2 sizes 8″ and 10″ and 5 finishes! We will hold a presale on these fabulous new planters within the next 2 weeks:)


We just got our shipment on Thursday of a restock on our fabulous large lattice urns and pedestals. I am so in love with these…here are mine at the house,  just brought two more pair to place around this garden.

Click here to see them and the colors they come in.


6 EASTER AROUND HERE So I started to set an Easter table and when we decided we are going out for dinner. The current oven lately is not holding temperature in the last few days and we decided to just make it easy this year. My boys will have their girlfriends and I am kind of looking forward to the little break from cooking and cleaning that all holidays bring. It will feel a little strange and had my dad come, no doubt we would have stayed home. He is coming in next week which I am really looking forward to though. Here is where I left off….

Love these mini kalanchoes on each place setting (these are on the shop and come in a box of 4)

I absolutely love this Easter mantle in the dining room may keep it up this way for awhile!


And love our 24″ eggs in our white lattice footed planters by my front door! These planters are coming in again in about 3 weeks.

Stay tuned we will be having an after Easter sale in the next few days (these eggs included, what is left)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I witnessed not one but two incidences the other day  (within a week of one another)that was to me,  really alarming. Both took place in a retail setting and let’s just say one customer became truly unhinged, in one case with another customer who he thought was cutting in front of him in line, the other with a cashier about a return. To say they elevated the word confrontation is an understatement. I found myself getting really nervous and uncomfortable for fear of a physical escalation. I walked away as to not be near either situation. In general, people seem angrier,  much quicker to lose their temper and there seems to be a total loss of civility out there. Curious if you think the same?



(presale items are exempt)

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Click here to visit shop


And that’s my post for Easter Sunday. I want to wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter spent with those you love. I am looking forward to spending a nice chill day with my family. Thank you for stopping by, until next time……….

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I’m also seeing a lot of kindness, politeness,helpfulness & friendliness! So maybe a lot more people than we think are trying to be kind!!! I hope so!! Happy Easter 🐰🐣🐥🐇

Oh, contraire!! I have had two amazing small experiences lately that have made me feel so good about where I live. First, my postman saw me waiting for him to finish distributing the mail, went to my mailbox and came out to tell me I had no mail. He knew me and was so gracious so I didn’t even have to leave the car!! Second, while I was fumbling for my credit card to buy wine at a concert, the woman ahead of me asked what I was going to order. I told her and next thing I knew, she had purchased the wine for me. $18! No small gesture! I was so surprised, but she was wonderful!! People are so nice around here!!! Small things, but they mean a lot to me.

Today is such a glorious day! Let us reflect on what the significant meaning of Easter truly is! Happy Easter and Passover to all!

Happy Easter!

Such a beautiful post. I love all your flowers, your table and mantle setting. Beautifully done!

I really love the wallpapers you shared, very elegant and perfect for a foyer.

Enjoy your day.

I’ve found people in general are kind and caring. There are (always have been) “those”. I think we and the media need to be more focused on the good than the whack-a-doodles. Enjoy your Easter and let us all remember it’s meaning.

With all the latest news on the tragic school shooting and the unrest at our state capital, it’s wonderful to see my fellow Nashvillians coming together to mourn our loss and express kindness to each other. That said, I think throughout the country there is a general sense of unease, and quickness to feel slighted, resulting in angry confrontations and sometimes violence. People are, simply put, on edge and fearful. There is so much crime and violence that contribute to those feelings, and I don’t know why. It also seems as though violent crimes are being committed by younger and younger kids. It’s so sad to think of their total disregard for others and where their lives are headed.

I am now getting two identical emails from you each day. One is from Mail Chimp and I can’t tell the source of the other one. I don’t know which one is your current server so that I can unsubscribe from the other one.

When our local, state and federal governments allowed the BLM and ANTIFA riots and then Democrat DAs are now allowing people to steal and even attack people with no consequences it was a guarantee that civility would degrade even further than it had previously.

People do not like to see others getting away with looting, property destruction and even murder. EVERYONE needs to be held to a certain standard or the people who would usually behave themselves won’t. Why should they when they could be a victim of criminals protected by Democrats at any moment? Say what you will about Republicans (and there is a lot of negative to be said) but they aren’t releasing violent criminals onto the streets to prey on innocent people just to further their own power base.

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