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Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe Memorial Day will be here in just a few weeks! First, congratulations to the winner of the wicker votive giveaway-


The scalloped wicker table, such a conversation piece and so stunning!!!

Please email us at [email protected] with your address, so we can get your prize on the way.

I have been fighting the worst allergies along with getting over strep throat, I really never suffer from allergies but this year, hit me like a Mack truck! Hopefully they will clear up soon. So keeping it low key until I feel better and get my energy back….busy week ahead so hopefully that happens in the next 24 hours! Thankfully I had the coronation and the Kentucky Derby to keep me entertained:)  Onward to my post this weekend……


1 PRETTY ALYSSUM I finally decided it was time to replace my giant Easter eggs at the front door and was drawn to the beautiful alyssum  just by the fragrance alone. Then the beautiful white delicate blossoms overflowing and the fact they do we well in full sun sealed the deal. Planted them in my planters by my front door and in the urns/pedestals in the side garden. Will be buying more this week, love this flower!


2 A BEAUTIFUL REDO FOR A 1950’S HOME! I so enjoyed this house tour, the home was built in the 1950’s and was amazed at how they brought it up todays aesthetic while still having it feel classic and old world. I am paying especially close attention to older home renovations since we will embark on one in a few months. I think this was beautifully done. Click here for the full article.

For Atlanta Homes magazine

Photography by Emily Followill


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a fun, pretty and varied round up this weekend……

4 A NEW EPIDEMIC I don’t know if you saw this but it is worth noting. It is actually heartbreaking and disheartening to think that this is so widespread and likely going to get worse. To me, the answer seems to be more interaction and less social media. I think the younger generation in particular needs to get away from the screens and out in the world facing someone in real time. Everywhere I go I see their faces deeply engrossed in their phone or iPad almost unaware of what is going on around them. Of course Covid only exacerbated this huge problem. Very sad, nonetheless.

5 FORGOT HOW GOOD THESE WERE I love watching and rewatching movies I loved from the past. Since I was in a Kentucky Derby state of mind, watching Secretariat seemed like a good choice and I may have even enjoyed it more than I did the first time. What an amazing story! Diane Lane was fantastic and loved her classic wardrobe. Highly recommend!


Saw The Glass Castle twice and again forgot just how good and powerful it is. Brie Larsen, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts were stupendous in their roles. Heartbreaking, entertaining, and uplifting all at once. Another highly recommended film.

6 AN OLD FAVORITE I wore this for years and honestly kind of forgot about it. Then I saw a writeup in a magazine about it and decided to buy it again. If you want to smell just like the perfect blend of the beach, and suntan lotion, this is for you. For me, it brings back memories from when I wear it of living in Hawaii.  It is light, a wonderful soft floral and just so yummy. Just in case you are looking for a new summer fragrance.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK you need to imagine this. I was at a very small bake shop in line and it was quite crowded. The lady next to me was holding a young girl maybe 2 or 3 years old. The girl was coughing literally non stop. A deep hacking cough. Everyone’s reaction was kind of the same but there wasn’t much room to move.

I was stunned to see the mom not once tell her daughter to cover her mouth, or at least she could have done it for her! I was very close to saying something myself, when finally a man steps up and says politely “can you please cover your daughters mouth”, you could feel the collective sigh of relief. She said nothing, gave him a semi dirty look and did proceed to tell her to cover her mouth every time she coughed (which she did). I mean isn’t this common sense? This was not one little cough, it was persistent! Would you have spoken up?


And that is a wrap for this Sundays post. I hope you enjoyed it. Always appreciate you stopping in. I want to wish you all a wonderful day. Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Hoping to get outside and get some fresh air today. Until next time…..

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such a delightful post as always you gave me such a wonderful idea for what to put in my planters on my back patio, the alyssum are beautiful and I’m happy to know they can take full sun.

The mother who you were encountered, was incredibly insensitive to everyone around her, and most definitely I would have piped up very politely, of course, and asked her to cover her daughter’s mouth. Being that wife of an infectious disease doctor, I know how quickly and rapidly things can spread. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

I most definitely would have spoken up. I think it is disgusting what that lady did subjecting everyone around her to her daughters germs.
Secretariat is one of my all-time favorite movies!!
I hope you are on the mend very soon Tina

I would have politely asked the mother if she could cover her daughter’s mouth, since there would be nothing wrong in doing so. In fact it would be a matter of important social hygiene. Nowadays you wonder if some parents are just too preoccupied for their own good.
I read the book, The Glass Castle, and it left a permanent impression on me. I would recommend it in a minute.

Excellent post as usual, I love your blog. I’ve become a huge fan of your Father’s Saturday Post, he has me laughing with his witty humor and his blast from the past.
I’m so glad that someone finally spoke up where that little girl was concerned. What I don’t understand is why it took a stranger to say something before the parent said something to her daughter. In my opinion it should be common practice that if your child is sick, they have the option of staying home, wearing a mask to protect everyone else around them or at the very least covering their mouth so that everyone else isn’t infected around her. I was raised with strict southern values and that’s how I raised my kids. They were not allowed to go out in public if they were sick, nor were they allowed to play with the neighborhood kids or participate in extracurricular activities. If your too sick to attend school, your too sick too participate in anything else! It shortened the time they were sick and they were able to return to normal life without falling behind.

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