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Hello everyone. Well, we got back last week and am thrilled to say we finally moved in to our beautiful P.Bluff abode. It surpassed my expectations we couldn’t be happier. We had the very basics moved in, beds, dining set, sofa, etc…but the fun “fluffing” stage will be a few weeks out. We didn’t add any accessories for the most part but this will be a work in progress.

Right now I am looking for the perfect pillows for the living/great room, waiting on garden seats for the patios and other odds ends. When you do this remotely it’s a little more involved, and takes a little longer so I just need to be a bit patient. But I would rather it take a bit longer and get it right then rush into things. We plan go get there more in the fall/winter so I imagine will tie things up by fall. Enough of my talking, let me show you around. No narration necessary as the pictures speak for themselves, its a work in progress!


What’s a move in without our provence planters! (stay tuned tomorrow will be a special one day sale on these beauties)

Boxes and boxes

Beautiful patio furniture from Lane Venture getting unwrapped

Of course had to bring one of our beautiful scalloped consoles!

Our huge sectional from Lee industries, when I say huge, I mean huge about 14 feet long!

Pretty piece from Vanguard

Our fun bistro chairs were a necessary choice (in stock) not exactly what i originally planned on but they actually look really good (these are being added to our product line)

Love the dining set from Vanguard and the pale blue is perfect for the palette

Our pretty lanterns waiting to be hung

My office/mudroom is coming along, I love it so far…still a ways to go. The entire room will be painted the same pale blue then its wallpaper time



And after a few busy days this was by far the best seat in the house to put your feet up

Part 2 of the move in  week will be next week, my mind is busy with all kinds of ideas for accessories, I have narrowed down these pillows for the sofa, (which is big) will probably order 5-6 and a few extra for a bench by the front entrance. Now to narrow it down to a few styles:)

My growing list of references-

Click on name to visit their site-

Element Builders who are building our home and doing a fabulous job 


Court Atkins, our very talented architect who we used for the second time (why change a good thing!)


Dan Keefer of Witmore.Jones.Keefer, our fantastic and talented landscape architect

Paint throughout home Simply White by Benjamin Moore


Hilton Head Landscaping, our talented landscaping crew


Paint in office/mudroom- Beacon Gray by Benjamin Moore


All lighting ro0m Visual Comfort


All carpeting from Stanton Carpet


All wallpapers shown- By Danika Henrick

Sectional from Lee Industries

Outdoor furniture from Lane Venture

Bistro bar stools coming to our website tomorrow!

Dining set from Vanguard Furniture


I will post the second part of our move and how things are looking so far next week. So far, so good! Can’t wait to get back there. I am in a different (much more relaxed) state of mind when I am there and its a wonderful place to unwind and decompress. If you want to catch up on past Bluff Diaries, click here.

As always if you have specific questions, ask them in the comments section and I will answer them there as well. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day! Until next time…….








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Tina, the new house looks beautiful! I hope that you enjoy your time your happy place!

I hope Idalia didn’t damage your beautiful home! Thank you for being so generous with your design choices!!

Tina, everything looks just amazing!! Welcome to your. new Bluff home!!! Wondering where you are getting the pillows your showed will go in Bluff diaries couch?? I love them!! [email protected]

It looks incredible!! I love it all! I can’t wait to see what you put in the Provence planters.

Tina, what a lovely new home! I so enjoyed getting “the tour” of the move in event. Looking forward to the second installment!

Congratulations! What a gorgeous, peaceful place. I absolutely love the coffee table with the sectional – can you share the vendor?

Are you kidding me? I’m so excited!!! Bistro bar stools coming to Enchanted Home? I absolutely love those chairs, reminds me of Paris!! Hope you get lots of colors, and I love the white ones you have now. Blue and white, please! I’ve never seen them in the white and they are just gorgeous. Your PB house is so pretty and well done you on all the selections. I think I like this one better than the first one. It seems cozier and quant unlike the big one. It was beautiful but, almost too large to manage long distant Perfect for a quick getaway to relax and enjoy all the changing seasons.

Did you have damage when “Idalia” went through yesterday? My late brother’s family all live in Charleston. I spent much time on phone with several of them.

Congratulations! It is a beautiful home and the property and views are divine. Wishing you and your family gatherings filled with love and bliss. Are your fireplaces gas or wood burning?

Tina your new home is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the interior design finishes. Keep those pictures coming. You should do a video when your done with exterior interior. 💖💖

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