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Hi everyone. Hope you are having a great week. Here, we have the slightest nip in the air and I am positively loving it! I like to share a few times a year what’s new and upcoming, so consider this a little newsletter. I also have a few polls and to thank you for participating I am offering a fun giveaway.

You will definitely want to take 15 for this one, grab an extra cup of coffee as there is a lot to read and take in here. Onward to whats new and exciting…



PUMPKINS! Our incredible tole pumpkin collection will be here in about a week….we are so excited, just in time to begin your fall decorating. All presales will be the first to ship out. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, don’t wait too long. We are already sold out of some styles/sizes! Click here to see….


OUR INCREDIBLE TULIP DINNERWARE IN COLLABORATION WITH CAROLYNE ROEHM I am seriously obsessed with these plates, they are just so beautiful. I love the shapes, the piercing, the scallops and of course you know I love blue and white! Click here to see them.

The chargers just came out of production and will be offered in plain (so they can also be used with other dinnerware) or with the blue dots. These will be here in approx 6 weeks. We will announce when they are available  to preorder. In the meantime, the dinnerware is here and shipping!


New chargers, plain white or with blue coordintating dot


CABBAGE PLATES We are thrilled about our new cabbage dinnerware collection! The white will be here in about 10 days, the green in about 5 weeks and 2 new colors are on the horizon! The blue was approved and in production.

I actually love the way the new chargers work not only with the new tulip dinnerware but how about with the blue cabbage plates-


Here is the green, will be here in about 6 weeks (will be on next presale)

And we are going to add a pink. So this is the pink sample, I was thinking I wanted it a tad lighter/softer but would love your opinion as to which of the two pinks you prefer? I can see an argument made for either shade, the peachier one (top) has more punch and could set a beautiful table but the soft one just feels so delicate and ethereal. Curious what you think!

ORNAMENTS When I shared a sneak peek on instagram, I was surprised at home many inquired as to when these would be in! I guess sharing them in Sept was not too early afterall:) So the good news is they are on the way and we will hold a presale on them Oct 2nd, so mark your calendars. Couldn’t love this collection more, and they work beautifully with our ginger jar, pagoda and Staffordshire dog ornaments.

Here they are………







CHINOISERIE TOLE One of our ongoing best selling categories, we are anticipating our next container in about 3 weeks. Just some of the beauties coming back. Cannot wait to get back these amazing handpainted murals and our incredible floor planters plus lamps that we have been sold out of months, plus so much more.  Talk about a way to make a statement, these instantly transform a space. Our presale is going on now (ends tonight) on all these items. Click here to see

CHINOISERIE TREES We have a small shipment/restock of our exquisite chinoiserie tole trees. These are so gorgeous on mantles, centers of doing tables, consoles, etc……these go fast as the holidays approach so if you have had your eye on one, don’t wait too long. A little secret- Sept 24th is the first day of fall and we will have a one day site wide sale, so you might want to look out for that:)

Click here to see them (scroll down)


SILVER So I didn’t realize just how beloved our silver was until we announced we are phasing out of it. We are seriously considering bringing back 6 or so of our best sellers for a limited time this fall. Recognizing that silver is especially popular during the festive/holiday season we may offer the following items for a very limited period of time.

Curious what you think?

PORCELAIN We are always restocking and adding new porcelains. We get 1-2 porcelain containers a month and have a few coming in within the next few weeks. Here is a little peek at what’s coming in on our next shipment (in about a week)

And in about 6 weeks we will get these fabulous incredible ormolu tulip ginger jars to match our tulip dinnerware, part of our collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. I can see a few of these tied up with a big red bow for Christmas!

OUR HIGH GLOSS LACQUER TRAYS These beauties are due in within the week. All preorders will be the first to ship out. I cannot wait to get these, the colors, the shine…love it all:) Click here to see them

WICKER We have a lot happening with wicker as this category proves to be a best seller and we look forward to adding so many amazing new wicker products in the spring. We just got in some beautiful colored wicker……

These are all under new arrivals, click here to see


Among many other new items we are developing,  I am so in love with this new floor planter, this beauty will be available in natural and white. I can see a great big palm tree in this.

HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS We are working on adding a few new holiday arrangements. More realistic florals I think you would be hard pressed to find and in our beautiful array of containers, these are quite exceptional. Here are a few we will be bringing back this year



WANT $15 OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE? If you leave us a google review, you will earn $15 off your next purchase. Takes seconds and the $15 applies to any order.

Simply google The Enchanted Home. You will see a box that looks like this below, towards bottom right,  it says write a review. This is where you can leave a review. Once you have left a review, just email i[email protected] and just provide your name and say review left. Easy peasy. We will keep a shop credit on file for you for $15!



OUR NEW SITE  IS HAPPENING !! It really is happening, you didn’t just imagine I told you we were getting a new site. Its’ been drawn out like you cannot imagine. We had to part ways with the first group we had hired  and started with another group to develop our new site about 3 months ago. Thankfully this second company is doing a fabulous job.

We are in the final stages (doing a happy dance like you cannot imagine) and expect to launch it, fingers crossed, in about a month!!! You will find it much more user friendly, easier to navigate.  I am the first to admit our current site is very outdated and this is desperately needed. A few sneak peeks……



OK here is the last mini poll-



To thank you for participating and always being such a fantastic focus group, we are sending a  box of Enchanted Home goodies to a lucky reader. It may include porcelain, silver, gift wrap, wicker….promise it will be great! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item we talked about today and we will announce a winner Sunday morning.


Told you there was a lot to share! There is much more and we will continue to share as we always do, so you are always the first to know. Always appreciate you stopping in, and thank you again for helping us to continue to strive to be even better, your feedback means so much!

Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..


One of my all-time favorite planters is our deal of the day. Fabulous for orchids, holiday florals, trees, etc… One day only. No code necessary, discount comes off at checkout

Click here to see

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Congratulations on the new website, I cannot wait to see it! My favorite piece is the ormolu tulip ginger jar. I love the brass accent, makes it so unique!

Loving the ornaments and CANNOT WAIT for the new website. It looks spectacular already. So exciting!

The new Christmas ornaments will be such a lovely addition to this years Christmas decor!

A favorite?Impossible…….I am drooling over all of it!!

Love all the plates the new ornaments are so beautiful, the trays, the wicker…i need it ALL!

Every piece I have bought from you is even more beautiful in person. You are amazing!

Thanks for offering the prettiest home accessories at such terrific prices!

I can not wait to order the tulip jar! I have so many uses planned! Also, the cabbage plates and new chargers are divine, and excellent gifts for so many occasions.

Love the new tulip ginger jars. So elegant! Looking forward to your new website. Hope you have a link to your fabulous recipes!

Love the white chargers with the blue accent dot. Just lovely, especially with the blue cabbage plates.

Looking forward to the new web site.
My favorite items are the blue cabbage plates and the white chargers with the blue dots – looks beautiful together.

My favorite is the tulip dinnerware especially the pierced plates. Can’t wait for your new website!

Anything porcelain has my name on it! I must say I was shopping in Montecito, California this past summer, saw your RL vase, and I said to myself, Tina has that for sale and a better price! Looking forward to seeing your new website…Happy Fall everyone!

My favorite piece today was the blue and white chinoiserie Christmas arrangement With the red floral! Everything is so lovely!

I can hardly wait for your tulip ginger jars to come in. I’ve wanted one since the first time you shared them on your site. Fingers crossed that you have ordered enough for everyone that wants one.

I love the new tulip ginger jars! So elegant!
And… the pierced chargers! So classic and fresh!

Love the pumpkins and the Christmas ornaments. They make my holiday seasonal anticipation grow !!!

So much fun discussed today it is hard to pick one! I love the holiday floral arrangements and excited thinking about the season ahead.

Excited to see the lovely Chinoiserie murals in my home ! Love the look of the new website, it will be so much easier to navigate !

Congrats on the new website…I’m all about shopping with ease. Love the ornament selection this year, and very excited about the green hurricane & lacquered trays arriving!

Lots of exciting news.

I can’t wait for the new website! Honestly, I look for your email/instagram post first thing in the morning to see the deal of the day or what is coming down the pike!! You have my attention!!

So many beautiful things to look forward to as usual. I like both of the pink options in the cabbage plates, but I prefer the lighter shade for my decorating purposes.

Good news blog. Just an idea but I would like to see the offerings arrive sooner especially holiday, like pumpkins, Christmas decor, papers, ribbons etc. thanks. You always have unusual merchandise and fun surprises.

Oooh! I LOVE the blue cabbage plates. I have never seen these anywhere and they would go so well with all my blue and white.

I adore the Chinoiserie tole framed pictures. They are so beautiful and the gold frames are perfect!
Also, your Christmas arrangements are outstanding! I ordered one last year for my sister and she loved it!
Your items are exquisite!

So many beautiful things! I’m particularly drawn to the white cabbage plates and the blue and white tulip plates, but your porcelains are always winners. Your additions to your shop just keep getting better and better!

The new website looks spectacular!!! Can’t wait to spend hours on it….
Love the new Christmas ornaments!

Always a pleasure to sit down with my coffee in hand and read up on all the new products. I particularly love the new Chargers and the Cabbage plates. They will definitely look fantastic at my next luncheon I will be Hosting. Beautiful! 🌸

The cabbage plates are very classy and whimsical. Adding new colors is a great idea. I love the new chinoiserie waste paper cans.

I LOVE the new cabbage plates. Trying to figure out where I could hang them in my kitchen.

Thank you for updating us on all that is going on at The Enchanted Home. The new lacquered trays are gorgeous. Adding that to my wishlist.

Can’t wait to get the tulip ginger jar. It’s gorgeous! I’ve made lamps with some of your pieces and this would make another gorgeous lamp!
Of course I’d need another jar with lid for elsewhere in the house!

Last year I swore I wouldn’t buy anymore Christmas ornaments but the blue nutcracker ornament with the cape is irresistible! So much for my vow.

So many temptations but my heart belongs to the basketweave salt and pepper shaker. They would feel right at home in my modest abode.

I’m excited for the new website 🙂 I also can’t wait to see the Ormolu Tulip Ginger Jars. They are just beautiful and may need to grab a pair to flank both ends of my mantle.

Favorite item is the Roehm Tulip Ginger Jar with Brass accents. You are going to sell out! I also love the new Christmas ornaments. I put a slender tree in my dining room. These will be perfect.

LOL, I’ve already said too many times how excited I am about the new Christmas ornaments. That said again—the last item, the wicker planter is perfection, and it will look great on my porch with a huge fern. I think the poll is super smart also! Best. FL

I love, love, love the tole pumpkins. I recently ordered a set of three as a housewarming gift. What a treat!

Congratulations on the new website!

So many beautiful things! Love the blue dot chargers! Ornaments are beautiful and different!

I love that you included other colors. Even though I am a blue and white girl, I love the cabbage plates in the different colors especially the light pink.

Thank you Tina!

I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my white cabbage dinnerware, and now you’re tempting me with the pale pink ones! How delightful!

I am super excited about the new cabbage plates you are going to offer!! I have already ordered a pre-sale of the white cabbage plates. Incredible price!! Thank you!

It’s very hard to choose one thing to like, but I like the chinoiserie trees and the floral Xmas arrangements.

I just love the scalloped trays! All the colors are fabulous, and they could be used for so many things!

Looking forward to experiencing your new website. I have enjoyed all my many purchases. Your blue and white porcelain products were my #1 favorites and now your Easter egg collection holds that spot. Now I am seriously considering starting a new pumpkin collection.

Thank you for the cabbage ware in all 3 colors. I already have a wonderful collection a cannot wait to add more at your fabulous prices. Thank you, thank you!

Hi Tina, I love the beautiful new holiday florals, and am considering adding something to my holiday collection. Thanks so much for always pushing the industry forward with your creative ideas! Blessings to you!

Can’t wait for my lacquered tray to arrive! Think it’s a great idea to bring back some special silver AND love the looks for your new website!!! Can’t wait for it to be up and running!

Love Love Love the high gloss lacquer trays! I haven’t decided on a color yet because I wish I could buy one of each.

The new website looks amazing and so updated! As a blue and white lover, can’t wait for the new chargers to be available! It will be a hard decision between the all white and the white with tiny blue accents

I always look forward to something exciting from Enchanted Home in my inbox. I love everything I have previously purchased as it always enhances my home and adds to my blue and white obsession.

I love the blue chinoiserie pumpkin. And I also love the holiday arrangements – red or white amaryllis – can’t decide which I like better!

My favorite piece is the ormolu tulip ginger jars. It is delicate and exquisite with the gold details. Tina, I always enjoy reading your posts and I am looking forward to your new website.

As always the new items are fabulous. I ordered some pumpkin ornaments which are perfect for my tablescape. And the holiday Christmas Pix Cake ornaments. I’ll look forward to when the Holiday Arrangements will be available as they are beautiful. My favorite is the blue and white vase with the white amaryllis and the green bulb ornaments. I shall look forward to the new website as it will be my favorite place to dream. thanks.

Fantastic, fabulous and super excited to see all the beautiful thing to choose from! Christmas can’t come soon enough! Our homes will be dressed with the finest ornaments to beautiful table settings. Thanks for giving us a piece of joy to enjoy in this crazy world!

Great pricing, pumpkins, amazing quality and the holiday ornaments are fabulous! My favorite is the tulip jar and the new blue cabbage plates! Love the pale pink too. Looking forward to making a purchase soon!!! Excited to see the new website.

I love the lacquered scalloped trays. I can see so many uses in so many rooms of my house.
Now i just have to decide on which great color to choose!

The holiday arrangements are beautiful for so many ares in our home. Lovely and classic. Great job!

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