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Hi friends, hope this finds you doing well and enjoying a wonderful fall weekend. I first want to announce the winner of our ornament giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

I absolutely LOVE the Staffordshire Dog Ornaments. I’ve never seen anything like them! They will just add that extra touch to my trees! Thanks Tina. They are Brilliant.

Please email [email protected] to provide your name and address so your prize can be on the way.


Temps are starting to dip and we are loving it! We have a super busy weekend, a dinner, a black tie wedding on tap and of course pickle ball Sunday followed by a birthday dinner for my son who will be out of town on his actual birthday. So I will be happy to put up my feet Sunday night 🙂 I am really enjoying pickle ball and we are milking playing outdoors until it gets too cold (hopefully not for a while).

Hope you are also enjoying a wonderful weekend. Onward to my Sunday post….



1 TOUCHES OF FALL AROUND HERE Well, fall is here and I am loving it. Our temps are definitely cooling down and slowly all the summery touches are making way for bits of fall here and there. I received the most beautiful batch of magnolia from the magnolia master Weston Farms (click here to have a look) and had such fun making arrangements for around the house.

I added our new berries which I love and think they look fabulous paired with the magnolia.  I think these pictures are proof of how beautiful blue and white is in the fall, love it paired with the rusts and greens.

I will do a whole post soon our my fall decor but here’s a sneak peek-

Set up a table with loads of blue and white, paired with our fabulous new pumpkins and our big centerpiece bowl filled with magnolia and berries

This arrangement below is HUGE. Stands almost 4 ft tall. I love the way the magnolia and berries look with the blue and white ginger jar. Also our fabulous firework pedestals are coming back, hope to have them sometime around Nov 20th!

And lugged two of our ginormous 24″ pumpkins home the other day! Took up almost half of the back seat! I will share on my fall decor post how I am setting these up by my front door, just love these!

And love our new tole pumpkins, sprinkling them around the hose for a bit of fall cheer……


2 A GREAT DOCUMENTARY I am 58 and this recommendation will most certainly resonate with anyone around my age.  The Supermodels on Apple TV was not admittedly on the top of my list but after a few recommended it,  I decided to give it a whirl. I loved it!! It is as much a throwback to the fabulous 80’s (with equally fabulous music) as it was into the humble beginnings of four of the biggest supermodels to exist. I really enjoyed way more than I expected to and definitely recommend it.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful bounty of fall inspiration…..


4 A FASCINATING PAINTING I am not sure if you have seen this but this brilliant painting by renowned painter, Sergi Cadenas, a Spanish artist shows you human aging as you walk by it. It is a distinctive technique which shifts your perspective using vertical ridges on the canvas which gives rise to two distinct images. Incredible!



5 AN AUCTION TO END ALL AUCTIONS! This is going to be one incredible auction (starting Oct 18th), that of Ann and Gordon Getty. If you are a lover of porcelain, fine English antiques, chinoiserie and classic decorative arts, then just prowling through the lot is exhilarating! Stunning host of items:)

Click here to see more at Christie’s Auction House


6 A GUILT FREE SNACK OK I am not saying this is Häagen Dazs but honestly its not far behind. Halo Top is not nearly as creamy and definitely tastes lighter but it so refreshing and definitely satisfies that sweet tooth craving without the guilt afterwards. I then take this 70 calorie brownie and warm it for about 10-12 seconds, put a healthy scoop of Halo Top (vanilla) on top and enjoy my brownie ala mode for under 200 calories. It most certainly satisfies any sweet tooth and is honestly quite delicious!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I don’t know about you but 2023 has been a tough year, I hear this echoed a lot. While there were certainly some happy and fun times/highlights, there has been lot of of turmoil in our world, chaos in our country and on a personal note, we experienced a few losses of people important to us and in general have had others we are close to experience some difficulties (health, etc…).

When someone you care about whether it be friend or family is suffering, you suffer along with them. So, I am completely fine putting 2023 behind me. The tensions in the world are mounting with no end in sight, troubling to say the least. I always say if I could click my heels and go back 15 or 20 years, would be happy as a clam. Very little technology, our country seemed more stable and it was just a less stressful world. What do you think?


Click here

use code-fall


Thank you for stopping in. Always love hearing from you and if something on this post resonated, love hearing about it. Wishing everyone a beautiful day, until next time…..

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I watched Emma Kok perform Voila and noticed The Enchanted Home “liked” her! Suggest you post that video of her singing it. I think your followers would fall in love with this beautiful young girl and her amazing voice and her battle with gastroparesis. Thanks

So much autumn to enjoy in your post today, Tina. Thank you! Where I am the trees all turn colors at different times, and I used to live in Upstate NY where autumn is so beautiful, so your pics and instagrams full of autumn beauty are just what I needed today. Have a great week. I’m off to buy some magnolia from Weston Farms.

Love decorating for Fall! Everything is complete…except patiently waiting for your pumpkin delivery!
Are you still planning the Summer Love contest? Love seeing the pictures.

Beautiful Sunday post as always. Your fall decor is so beautiful and elegant. Loved the video about the painting, that is amazing. Yes 2023 has been a tough year. I am fearful for what lies ahead, not only for our country but for the world at large the hatred, that people feel increasingly brazen to express is a dangerous path. Thank goodness for the beauty and inspiration that you provide.

I am always so inspired by your posts. I already own some of your Tole pumpkins and just ordered a couple more. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

For some reason I have not been getting the email from Enchanted Home and miss it!

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