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Hi there! Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend.  First, the winner of our pumpkin contest. Congrats goes to


ANITA says:

Please email us with your name, address and if you want 2 of the 4″ pumpkins or 1 6″ pumpkin and what color (green, red or blue) We will get your prize on the way!


We have plans with friends for two outings and I hope to spend Sunday home catching up on so many things, after pickle ball of course, always a fun way to start any Sunday:)

Days are going by fast and fall and Thanksgiving decorating season is in full swing. Don’t forget our incredible pumpkin sale is (details below) They are flying out of our pumpkin patch fast and furious and gracing all kinds of beautiful spaces and homes. I love that we will get to take them out and enjoy them every year. OK, onward to my post this weekend……


1 OUR INCREDIBLE NEW TULIP ORMOLU GINGER JAR Our fabulous soon to be unveiled ginger jar featuring a tulip with exquisite ormolu is part of our collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. The response when I first shared it was incredible and many are asking how/when they can purchase.

As many have been asking when these will be available, I wanted to update you. There was a production delay but I am pleased to announce they are in production and we hope to have them here right before Christmas. We will keep you posted and of course will offer them via a presale. I assure you, they will be well worth the wait!

2 A BEAUTIFUL ATLANTA BASED HOME Just love everything about this home, plenty of blue and white, elegant and timeless furnishings that feel modern and today. This was done by Heather Dewberry, also one of our customers who dose exquisite design work! Click here to see more over at Atlanta Home Magazine.

Photography by Emily Followill

 The bonus was seeing our wicker urn and pedestal in this beautiful hall….show stopping!




3 INTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a gorgeous roundup, plenty of fall inspiration here!


4 HOW MY FAVORITE CHEESE IS MADE I could watch how things are made all day long, I find the process and backstories of how things are made utterly fascinating. So no wonder that I was captivated watching how parmigiana was made! I find this so interesting, and you will too! I would love to visit one of their factories one day..


5 SOME BEAUTIFUL NEW GOODIES COMING SOON! Here is a sneak peek at some of our beautiful new arrivals coming sometime in December, so many pretty things:)

How pretty are these baskets! Imagine them filled with hydrangeas or ferns. We will also offer them in a square and round!


Here is the round version 8′ and 10″

We have gotten in our stunning lattice sconces and a large number of new fabulous sconce shades that work so beautiful with these.

Click here to see sconce shades 

Click here  for sconce shades (most have been added, have a few left to add) scroll down

We will be getting in a lot more wicker next month, including these fabulous mossy green wicker consoles which sold out almost immediately-

6 A FAVORITE JACKET As temps are dipping I am wearing the first sweaters of the seasons and have been wearing a trench coat, we incidentally have also had a lot of rain. I think trench coats are year round and can make literally any outfit look put together when paired with a trench coat.

I have two which I had had for years but a new one was needed, got this one from Barbour which I love, plus its a great length. Perfect for year round use  Its light and perfect for this transitional time of year. Click here to see


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Crazy  to think that Christmas is a bit more than 8 weeks away! I have been reading lately about in light of what’s happening around the world, that more and more people are planning to put up their holiday decor much earlier than usual to bring in some much needed cheer to their lives and homes. I may have to follow their lead. Curious when you put up your holiday decor and if you too, might start earlier this year?






Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time……..

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Thank you for the information on the beautiful ormolu jar, I was one of the people who have been impatiently waiting for it! I adore it and have reserved a place in my dining room for a pair

I received my pumpkin order on Friday and I’m just delighted, so much that I went and bought a few more this morning they are incredible!

I plan for the holidays starting in August or December, but I don’t actually start decorating until after Halloween, it gives me such joy and holidays and our house are full of parties, dinners, and get together‘s

Only happens once a year so I make it last as long as possible!

I love Thanksgiving and will never “cheat” my family of its beauty. There are many out there who would like to see this beloved American holiday gone for good. The “early” Christmas phenomenon is nothing but a push to eradicate Thanksgiving and for retailers to make more money.

The Floor Square Lattice Planter is Stunning ! 😍

I want Order Maybe Two of Them for my Garden !
I can’t Find That in Your Shop,

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