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Hi and happy Sunday to you. Hope everyone is doing well. I am still dragging, with whatever I was sick with. It has. morphed into a drawn out cough which is at times unrelenting. Feeling better but the cough lingers, but the show must go on. I planned this ahead of time as we will be traveling so hope it posts on time. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is upon us, and less than 6 weeks till Christmas…yikes! I am going to enjoy the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving with our family and extended family and very much look forward to the big feast on Thursday! OK onward to my post this Sunday….



1 A BLUE AND WHITE CHRISTMAS WITH A TOUCH OF RED COMING RIGHT UP So, I never really thought we would have been in our new house this Christmas as we were expecting to have started our renovation project by now but it has been pushed off till spring so here we are! I look forward to being here for the holiday and starting to think about how I will decorate. I think this year I am gong to go very traditional, my trademark blue and with a touch of red.

This tree I did about 5 years ago and still absolutely love it, it was the starting point I needed to see!


I took some photos  recently of our beautiful wine cooler ( a handful left) and it was a great starting point for me to start thinking about how I will decorate hopefully the week after Thanksgiving. I love our blue/white porcelain trees mixed in with the greenery and red berries….perfect visual for what I want to do this year.



2 A BEAUTIFUL HOME ON THE BAYOU I loved this house tour of textile designer, Rebecca Vizards home presented by Homeworthy. Maybe part of it is that its filmed in Louisiana (where I was born) that I think southerners just inherently have extra good taste when it comes to all things home. Her voice reminds me so much of a few aunts I have and it felt very nostalgic watching this video:)

Love how Rebecca seems so warm and friendly and the her home extends that same vibe, a home filled with love, patina and history. Her textiles background makes every inch so interesting and like one big conversation piece. Just a beautifully curated home with lots of layers of warmth. I also love her story about how she came back to her roots and how grateful she is for where she landed, inspiring to say the least. Enjoy!

PS I think I need a gypsy wagon..anyone else?


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beautiful and inspiring instagrams to share!


4  INCREDIBLE DESSERT Don’t read about this on an empty stomach! I found out about these though a friend and oh my word, heavenly good doesn’t begin to describe how good this box of baklava is!! So, this said friend after my raving about it last year, sent us an early box for Thanksgiving. We have vey much enjoyed devouring these scrumptious desserts, this is a great gift idea especially if you have someone far away that you want to ship something to. I can almost guarantee these will be a huge hit!

From Shantila Bakery

You can order from Goldbelly

5 LOVE ROBES? As I pen this post I am sitting here in my favorite Terry robe that is hard to change out of (especially in the colder months).  I have a thing for robes, I must have at least 8-10 that I rotate between. Among my most favorite are those by Heidi Carrey.I have them in the soft cotton and scrumptious terry. They are so good looking, fit beautifully and are a really high quality robe. Great gift idea too. These are some of my favorites. Click here to see her robes.


6 CALLING ALL BLUE AND WHITE LOVERS! Needless to say I am in love with this fabulous collaboration between Cuisinat and. I think they will be responsible for creating a serious uptick in the kitchen of blue and white lovers united! Click here to find out more


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Thanksgiving is just days away. Is it me or do you feel like it crept up on us really fast!! Curious if you are hosting, traveling or going local. Staying home or will be a guest? We will heading back to Palmetto Bluff with some extended family and friends visiting at the same time. So it should be a busy but fun holiday, fingers crossed. Trying to keep everyone healthy around here with so much going around!








And that’s a wrap, Hope you enjoyed the post, always love hearing that you stopped by. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and end to your weekend.


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Enjoying your Post as always. Get well fast so you can really enjoy Thanksgiving. Received my home tray and just love it so much. Happy Thanksgiving lovely lady!

I agree about the Heidi Carey robes! I love mine and your post has inspired me to buy some as holiday gifts. Thanks for the reminder :).

Love reading your Seven on Sunday! Received your lovely ice bucket and plan to use it for the holidays😊🦃🎄

Happy Thanksgiving! I also enjoyed the Homeworthy episode. “Smart is smart Stupid is stupid “!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in years! I need that sign. Hope you feel better soon. jd

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