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Hi there, hope this posts on time as we are heading back to “reality” today, with the rest of the country and I arranged to post this ahead of time. Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Ours was fantastic, spent in Palmetto Bluff with family and visiting friends.

The days consisted of lots of  family time, pickle ball, a bit too much eating, hanging out, games and more. Except for being exhausted  (still getting over that cough that is lingering but improving)  I have to say it was wonderful. Anytime that I have my boys (with significant others) in my little nest,I am very very happy. Palmetto Bluff is a magical place to be during the holidays. Hope yours was the same. OK onward  to my post….



1 WREATHS IN THE WINDOW? I love the look, and have done it a few times, added them to my dining room windows and one year, in the kitchen. Curious about you? Do you like this look? These from Flower Magazine surely make a strong argument for the look!


2 A BEAUTIFULLY DONE COZY COTTAGE/HOME I so enjoyed this house tour. I think it was so well executed, love the layers of colors and fabrics. It is cozy, inviting yet very sophisticated. Beautifully done!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST OK this is the time of year when Instagram really come outs to shine. Just knocks your socks off at every turn. And can be a bit intimidating as well, since I have not even begun to start decorating. Hope to make up for that somewhat this week…..


4 A FEW HIGHLIGHTS FROM PALMETTO BLUFF Always so much beauty to share from PB. Here is a little peek at the holiday decor which starts going up day after Thanksgiving, it’s a magical time to be here.

5 EVERLY WELL A friend of mine swears by Everlywell and says thanks to doing their test, she found out why was waking up every day with watery eyes and a headache. She said find out what she was allergic to has had a profound effect on her improved health. She gave me a great idea as she is giving several of these as Christmas gifts. Now I don’t think it would go over well with a 20 or 30 year old but anyone over say 50, I think would actually really enjoy this gift. Theres an assortment of tests to choose from. Click here to find out more


6 MAGNIFICENT MAGNOLIA I love using magnolia for my holiday decorating and cannot wait to get another shipment of magnolia from Weston Farms. No one does it better, and it ships straight from their farm, freshly cut to you! Click here to find out more.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I love Thanksgiving, I love that there is no focus on gifs but its just about togetherness (and food of course!). I would have to say its my favorite season. Curious about you, you have a favorite holiday?


That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and a merry start to the festive season, with luck I might even put up a tree this week, that’s the goal! Until next time…

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Tina, hope you get rid of that cough soon….remember my suggestion of Oil of Oregano, my friend. Love the photos from Palmetto Bluff. Now that I’ve been there I can certainly imagine all the holiday decorating in my memories. Also I pinned the wreaths in the windows…love that.

I voted “Other” as my favorite season as it’s the whole two-month scenario from November 1st to December 31st. And if I had to choose just one Advent/Christmas decor from your Seven on Sunday, I simply could not do it. It’s ALL of them! I’ll be borrowing from these for my own holiday decor.

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