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Hi friends, hope your are well. Just a quick post to say hello, as I am coming up for air. I have gone down the holiday decor rabbit hole and been busy busy busy trying to get this house in the holiday spirt. It is coming along! I got my tree up and though there are still a few things I need to do for it, it is just about done. I cannot wait to share it next week.

It started off being placed to the left side of the foyer but I really dreamed of it right smack in the middle. Where there’s a will, there is a way and it all worked out. Going to finish my last few touches and then will share it next week. A little late out of the starting gate (compared to Instagram) but early for me:) Today we are working on the front door surround and I am so excited to see it come together. Originally I wanted to hang a wreath in every window but there are frankly a lot of windows and I felt like I was biting off more than I could chew. When our renovation is complete….it will be no holds barred! So, here are few “highlights” of life around here lately”

But where I really wanted it is smack in the middle of our foyer

I went traditional this year, classic blue and white with touches of red and I am loving it!

Adore our papers so much, they make the prettiest gifts!

Speaking of gifts…..I have not bought a single gift and when my adult sons tell me “all I want is money” it drives me bonkers. I want to buy gifts to wrap for under the tree, yes I know, to some of us, our children are still our “kids”. So I will have to think outside the box about a few unique gifts to get them. Ditto husband. My dad is the only person I have ordered things for.

And to be honest, the thought of braving the parking lots, testy people and mega crowds makes me weak at the knees. So I think I will be doing more online than ever before. I really don’t do well with very crowded places so if I can avoid this, I will. So says, the person who is planning to go into NYC tomorrow. (to be determined)

I apologize for our mailer yesterday our mega sale on ornaments and gift wrap, the code had a glitch which has been fixed as of last night. So we are extending it by one day, it will continue today and tomorrow.

GREAT time to buy our exquisite ornaments and fabulous gift wrap. Ships right out!! Code is merry

Click here for blue and white ornaments

Click here for red ornaments

Click here for holiday gift wrap


We are FINALLY in the process of launching our new site!! It will happen likely within the week, it makes me a little nervous to do it right before the holidays but truth is, its so delayed, we just need to press that button and get it going. Of course with the full understanding that there will be kinks to work out as we launch it. We will give you a heads up.  It is much improved and I think all of you will be really happy with it. Here is a little sneak peek-

Yes, we are excited about the new site, so stay tuned, it will be happening very soon!

We are still in a massive clean up mode in my warehouse. Going through 15,000 sq feet of a packed warehouse is a lot of work, and a definite “work in progress”.  We are going to continue on with our warehouse sales and will have one probably have end of next week.

We have found many  surprises but the biggest surprise by far,  was yesterday, finding two big boxes of our exquisite silver dome and platter. This might be my absolute most favorite item from our silver collection. Reminds me of something you would see in Downton Abbey! A perfect and very elegant addition to any holiday table. So today its our deal of the day! We will be holding holiday deals of the day every day until Dec 18th so many goodies coming up…..

$165 (normally $265) Great chance to grab one, and what a beautiful gift this would make too! Here is one on my table-

Click here to see

Also last day of our beautiful porcelain container that just arrived includes our fabulous green cabbage dinnerware collection, to me, the perfect china for a holiday table! Plus a chance for a great giveaway!

Click here to see the sale


Lastly if you want to earn a quick $15 off your next purchase with us, simply leave a google review! Takes under a minute, just email [email protected] and write review done, with your name. We will keep a credit on file for you for one year for $15.00 applicable towards any purchase! Type in Enchanted Home in google, you will be taken to this page below and on left will see this box, click on where it says write a review. That’s it!


And that’s my pop in for this Saturday. Just want to say hello and. hope you are staying calm as the season heats up. I am telling myself over and over, that things have a way of working out and not to stress, it will not change things. My only stress right now is gift buying but today I plan to make some headway and start checking names off my list!

I vowed to send Christmas cards this year but regrettably it fell to the wayside. I feel bad as I so enjoy getting them, but 2024 is a new year and I hope I will have my act a bit more together and get them out next year! A few fun polls just because I am curious where you are in the holiday frenzy-


Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Pace yourself, and trust the process, one way or another it all works itself out. And believe me, I am repeating this mantra to myself as well.

We need to take pauses and enjoy the beauty and magic of the season. The other day I was really stressed and I decided to take 30 minutes and do something for myself. I sat down with a book I was wanting to start, turned off my phone,  lit a favorite candle, put my feet up and that 30 minutes was so cathartic and healing. It was like pressing a little reset button. Sometimes we forget when we say be kind, that means to ourselves as well:) I plan on doing more of that this year! Until next time….

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Fun post, your holiday decor is sublime. LOVE your style. I cannot wait to see more of your tree, bought a bunch of your blue/white ornaments this year and am excited to start decorating our tree at our trim a tree party tomorrow night.
All so lovely Tina.
I am with you about the stress, we all need to cut ourselves some slack. In light of the madness happening on the other side of the world, this all feels trivial. I am embracing the small things we take for granted. Have a super day.

Your tree is beautiful ~ I love the red accents! Can’t wait to see the finished product, and your new home all decked out … thanks for sharing the process!

Perfect advice! Be kind to others, but also to our selves! This time of year can be very stressful, so it’s imperative that we pause and enjoy the magic of the season!

My gift shopping was all done on line and delivered. My gifts are consumables, (so I don’t worry about size or color) or money for the young ones (they prefer it). I don’t hassle with crowds, or finding a parking spot. or carrying shopping bags, or waiting on long lines anymore.
I must admit it’s more fun and enjoyable shopping online. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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