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Hi there…hope you are doing well. Away for a few days so hope this posts on time! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Spring is in full swing with plenty of rainy days. Of course, the upside being that everything is starting to look very green and blooming, such a beautiful time of year.

I was not in NY for the earthquake but is it me or does the world feel like its unraveling? I mean…. an earthquake in New York?  Glad there appears to be no damage as most of our tunnels and bridges are very very old. For the outrageous NY taxes, the infrastructure is a national disgrace. As much as I love NYC, I have to say lately, its looking tattered and in sore need of major TLC.

I feel like they are forever working on it, but little seems to have changed. OK, onto happier subjects, my Seven on Sunday:) Onward we go…..




These beautiful red white and blue flatware sets with matching salt and peppers and salad servers will be here within the month! How festive and fun these are. Perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day or any day you need a dose of red, white and blue. Adore them with our blue and white pagoda melamine!

Our beautiful trellis rattan planters have been a big hit. Would love to know your thoughts not these longer planters? The ones shown are between 16-22″ long.  I think I am in love:)


And here are a few things that arrived to Palmetto Bluff, you get a first sneak peek at our fabulous lattice famed art! I looked high and low for beautiful lattice frames and could never find them, so I crated them. They will be offered in three gorgoues colors and we will offer them with or without beautiful floral/botanical art (coming in May)


2 A BEAUTIFUL VISIT TO AMSTERDAM Really looking forward to my trip to finally  visit the infamous Keukenhof gardens and I plan on taking you with me:) This video highlights the magnificence of these iconic gardens and flowers…


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever a shortage of magnificent instagram inspiration to share with you…



4 EASY AND OH SO DELICIOUS CHEESE BOARD! These are a few of my favorite ingredients to use on a cheese board. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s near us but I happened to have been somewhere, that was close to one,  so stopped in.  Everything purchased there was so good!  I have bought the Fromage Pavè cheese before which is amazing, it’s worth the trip just for that cheese. No two cheese boards are ever the same, but thats part of the fun….


Just arrange on any pretty tray and top with a sprinkle of the micro greens for a pretty effect. I fill in the “gaps”with any kind of fruit, could be fresh like berries or figs (when I can find them) but I also used dried fruit like apricots and peaches.


5 ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL STATIONER I found this company on Instagram and oh my, how gorgeous are these from My Lady Dye. You might know by now, I have a bit of an obsession with beautiful custom stationery.  Absolutely exquisite…click here to find out more


6 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS I so love getting your beautiful pictures showcasing our products. You are the best advertisement there is!

And can we talk about how incredible gorgeous this spread is from Victoria Magazine featuring our pink urn and pink flatware! By the way, we are getting in wicker hot air balloons early May! They will be part of our presale starting later this week…


7 SEVEN ON SUNDAY Do you think self checkout lines make things more efficient or no? Is this an easy way out for a company or an effort for them to try and make things speedier for their customers? Not sure if its just around here, but I have seen a shift in more and more self checkout lines, often with not a human in sight of a cash register.

Not sure how much of this is based upon an inability to properly staff said business or what, but I am not so sure its making things any faster. It seems 50% of the time (my casual observance and I could be off) they end up needing assistance from someone. I mean, it feels faster but not so sure thats the case and of course if there’s a line its highly dependent on the efficiency of the customer before before you. What do you think?



Don’t forget all silver and all linens are 50% off! We are discontinuing both of these categories and these deals are hard to beat!

Click here for shop (all categories are on the left)


And thats a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed my post, I want to thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! Until next time….

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Thank you for the photos of your lovely cheese board. You always choose the nicest foods. I will grab some of these
from Trader Joe’s for our next gathering. I’ve learned so much from you Tina! And of course our home is filled with
beautiful items from your great shop! Thanks for all the hard work and commitment you put into your blog and shop.
You are appreciated more than you will ever know!

Thank you for the lovely link to the Keukenhof gardens. It has been years since I have visited the site. I would also recommend the Aalsmeer flower auction site too. I have never forgotten the experience of seeing how the world gets the most beautiful blooms from this auction site.

If I have a few items, I will go to the self-checkout lane. But, sometimes these can have long lines too. If I make a longer list, shop for said items, and put them on the conveyor belt, they can at least check the items and bag them. I long for the days when they would put the groceries in the car too.

Just returned home from a trip to the Keukenhof Gardens. You will not be disappointed; they are absolutely breathtaking!
Also, the fields of tulips and hyacinths surrounding the gardens are beautiful.

If grocery stores offer a discount on my bill for doing self-checkout, I’d use it more often. Right now, I’ll only use it if I have less than 10 items. For larger orders, I will not use self-checkout. I do not work for the grocery store!

“BOURSIN,” how do I ❤️ thee, Let me count the ways…I add to “almost” everything…except desserts!! Soups, sauces, egg dishes, potatoes, salads & the usual…crackers, dips…franki

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