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The grand finale of our epic etched glass post!!!
04.17.2024 01:40
****Since I am out of town. I do not believe that this was sent out yesterday so trying again,  I hope it’s received***** Hello and welcome to the grand finale o our epic and I do mean epic etched glass sale. We have finally  gone through every single box (hundreds) and today. present the ...
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Seven on Sunday
04.14.2024 07:55
Hi there, hope this finds you well and enjoying a lovely spring weekend! Been busy over here, doing some photography, seeing friends and may try to fit in a game of pickle ball. Finally our weather has calmed down, we had hurricane like winds with rain and it was not pretty. Today,  the sun is ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
04.13.2024 07:46
Hi there and happy Saturday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here the wind has been howling like crazy, hoping it will die down and the rain will go away with it, we are due for some nice weather. We got lucky and had the most beautiful string of gorgeous, perfect weather in PB so coming ...
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Our incredible wicker/tabletop presale starts now!
04.10.2024 04:54
Hi there, today is an amazing sale on our upcoming wicker (mostly) container. The best part about these presales is getting all thats new and exciting at a special lower price (and of course guaranteeing that you will get something that may well sell out) ...
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Seven on Sunday
04.07.2024 07:36
Hi there...hope you are doing well. Away for a few days so hope this posts on time! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Spring is in full swing with plenty of rainy days. Of course, the upside being that everything is starting to look very green and blooming, such a beautiful time of ...
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