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Seven on Sunday
11.22.2020 08:42
Hi friends, can you believe its the weekend before Thanksgiving! We are coming off the heels of what has by far been our busiest week of the year so far. I am resting up because I know we have more ahead....tis the season. Another piece of news is we have just begun the process of developing a ...
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Hello and coming up for air.....
11.21.2020 08:15
Hello! I thought I would check in to say hi and share what a crazy week we have had. We seem to have gone from zero to sixty in just 2 weeks.....our version of Santa's workshop is in full swing and then some. We have been burning the midnight oil from morning to night, and got out more candle, gift ...
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My absolute favorites part 3
11.17.2020 08:26
Hi there! I did a few of these "favorites" posts and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. One part I love about my blog is getting to connect with people from all over and sharing and exchanging out ideas on a whole host of subjects. Hope everyone is doing well. Our warehouse is buzzing like a ...
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Seven on Sunday
11.15.2020 08:34
Good Sunday morning, back home in NY, back to work and back to the frenzy:) We have suddenly had a  cold snap and I am suddenly dreading winter. My limit is 50 degrees:) I really have come to loathe it, give me fall, spring and summer and I am happy.  On a chirpier note if things go my ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
11.12.2020 12:50
Good afternoon, friends.  How are you? Hard to believe we are in the second week of Nov. I had a lovely time in Palmetto Bluff but it ended with the passing of my beloved Grandmother. Always hard to say goodbye to someone who has left such an indelible impression on your life. At 103, she was ...
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