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Every now and then, I come across a photographer whose work really captivates me. I mean REALLY captivates me. There is a certain old world-ness to the work I am featuring today, almost like they were taken from another era….I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era anyway so this is probably why it really appeals to me! These are the kind of pictures that just kind of jump off the page and have that “wow” affect. As often as I look at pictures, its so exciting to find pictures that genuinely excite me so when it happens every now and then, its worth talking about! Well, with me if happens a little more than every now and then because I do look at so very many pictures so I like to take note especially more lately as to who it is behind the lens, who is the genius at making that picture look so darn good.

Behind every beautiful subject is the hands and eyes of a very skilled photographer at creating the very best shot. I truly believe that. I am in awe of Andreas’ work. (Yes we are on a first name basis and no, I don’t know just sounds impressive to call him by his first name) Besides did you see his last name, I am not even going to attempt to spell it again!  His work runs the gamut from food, travel, decor and people to weddings, gardens and motor and water sports. He is very versatile,  travels the globe for his work and has offices based in New York, Chicago and Toronto. I just love looking at his photographs and I think you will too.

Warning and disclaimer…… IF you are hungry, proceed at your own risk, these pictures might induce serious and I do mean serious pangs of hunger! I think this guy is seriously talented..what do you think? I could stare at his photographs all day long…..just fabulous!  Do you have a favorite photographer? Do you have a favorite picture in this post?  Would love to  know which! Click here to see more of this talented photographers work.

Didn’t I say that his work is beautiful? Kind of has the ability to take you away for a minute or two…..I love it, thats the power of pictures. I think he is really good at what he does. Hope you enjoyed and hope you have a wonderful Friday!


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Wow I see what you mean, what beautiful pictures. The food, wedding and decor pictures are over the top. So beautiful. Thank you for the introduction now going back to your post from yesterday to look at your house again!

Fabulous photographs. Something for everyone here………Good way to start the weekend……..

The French Hutch

Such stunning pictures. I am taking a photography course in June and cant’ wait. I love his shots of decor, food and the wedding is incredible. They are very elegant pictures.

You really picked a good one to share, especially for someone like myself seeing it late on a Friday afternoon. What a talent. I think I am more enchanted with the wedding photos than the food! They are all stunning, now I am off to investigate the website.

Sending you a smile for the weekend,

Fabulous! I have such an appreciation for excellent photography, especially after trying out techniques on my own. It is one thing to take beautiful landscape shots but food and interiors is tough!!

Goodness!Andreas Trauttmansdorff perspective in photography is incredible & so very encompassing. People, food & nailing perfectly scale of rooms (that is hard). NOW Mrs. Enchanted
ck out Mary Motley Kalergis (yes she is family but you should see her people pictures & movie set pics) they capture something I can describe, she owns it (like a secret) THEN Francois-Marie Banier. Both are very different & well worth a look!I was blown away when DVF got Francois-Marie in her camp, then Juicy Culture tried a copy cat & ruin for me:) early Banier. Mary all……….
Loved your post!

I have to say his pictures are fabulous and thankfully we’ve just finished dinner but I wouldn’t mind having a taste of that yummy chocolate confection above. The interior shots are amazing! Thank you for introducing us to Andreas. have a wonderful evening!

These photographs are amazing. I’ve only really started to appreciate great photography after starting my blog and realisizing just how difficult it is to take really great photos! Those food pictures are mouthwatering.

Hello Tina and all who have commented here.

Wow. I have never been showered with so much glowing praise in my life. Thank you all. I enjoy photography and am fortunate to have been at the right place at the right time on a number of occasions. I’m also pursuing film making and video production these days.

If I can be of service to anyone please contact me through my web site.



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